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  1. Just completed KEWR- PANC 7:03 Hr flight with PMDG 747-400 I went back from 382,05 to 381.89 At KEWR on the RWY Available VAS 417 MB. During Cruise reached to 587 Mb at the PANC arrival gate available VAS 318 MB then increased to 417MB. Almost all my setting were close to MAX Finally I managed to made a perfect flight
  2. Steve and Mike, Thanks
  3. Steve, Hi I have i7-5960X CPU@3GHZ, 8 Cores with 16 processors. What will be the best performance settings for P3D. AM setting: 21844 HT On Thanks
  4. Thanks, I misunderstood.
  5. I utilize PFPX or other Tools for Fuel calculation. Open FMS >FS Actions>Fuel Page and type the amount of fuel calculated in to Fuel line,it will change to the amount you did input.
  6. Yes correct, My previous problem solved also, when I reduced Null Zone from 36,to 26 ,Rudder of plane centered,
  7. Kevin, Good news. 1-Switched to "No" 2- Increase the Null Zone, 26 I did not received any AP problem during landing at KSAT, Heavy turbulence, 600 ceiling. Thanks again
  8. Hi Kevin, I switched to "no". I will take a test flight Thanks Hi Ryan, Is there any hardware deflection signal protection in AP software? Thanks
  9. Hi, Kevin Ch Yoke: Alierons Axis :64 Sensitive Null Zone 36 Elevator Axis: 64 Sensitive Null Zone:36 CH pro Pedal: Ruder Axis: 64 Null Zone :26 "PMDG simulator settings in the FMC and set it, so the controls don't disengage the autopilot." FMC Simulation 2/18 is the page I should make the changes? If yes what value I should put in? Thanks
  10. In my last three flight A/P during decent in solid IFR condition disconnected. Weather Condition: Solid IFR visibility Zero. Turbulent/ moderate/ severe. Two flights was in 7000Ft and 1500 lost A/P Last flight less then 500ft ,auto land mode. Go around initiated , and circle landed with out incident with out A/P My findings: A/P connection over sensitive and need to calibrate for firm connection .
  11. Dan. I open the programs with " administration right" Old habit. "Are you running PFPX with "as admin" rights?" Yes In last post I said my problem solved. Then it started again. In mean time I am giving more attention to admin rights. Hopefully I am on the right track. As always, thanks for your help
  12. Michael, Finally I managed "When the flight is over I delete that route from the 777 Folder. I keep nothing in PMDG Flightplans." I think that was my problem. I kept Flight plans in PMDG Flightplans files. That must be causing problems. I cleaned up, will make a flight from start one. Will inform. Thanks for you help
  13. I told problem solved,unfortunately it is is BACK again. Here is my PFPX screen. Will you please check, what am I doing wrong. 1-P3D v3,4 2-KEWR-BIKF
  14. Micheal, Thanks
  15. Problem solved. Thanks for your help Dan, Yes , I selected wrong location and installed P3D into Program Files (x86). Will I reinstall P3D from C:\ Drive and Install to D:\ ?