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  1. I just loaded 2.60, will you please advise how can I make base clouds brighter . Thanks
  2. Thanks to ALL, 747 Queen's problem solved. CH Control Manager calibration saved the Tires and Heat. When I landed at CYWG,, Company Management was waiting me, instead of pink slip, they gave me an award."Full year supply of Peanut bags" Wow.. I was so happy.
  3. Chris, thanks for your info, I will try to use CH Control Manager. Lets see what will happen.
  4. Kevin. thanks for your info. I never used FSUPIC . I installed and left alone. if I can managed how to use FSUPIC, I will test it.
  5. Kyle, thanks for your quick response. I will check CH Pro-pedals axis and calibration. I just check them: Brake (Left Axis)127 Reverse Box checked Brake(Right Axis)127 Reverse Box checked Null Zone: Brake(Left) was 1 increased to 3 Brake(Right) was 1 increased to 3 Are they correct?
  6. I receive "tire failure/Brake Temp " warning on almost every flight with 747-Queen. I went through FMC Aircraft Failures pages and initiated "No Active failure". But It comes back. How can I stop failures. "I dont even touch the brake pedals"
  7. Bryan,I reinstalled PMDG 747 Queen and problem solved. ( Trick is here do not uninstall , just reinstalled and data will fill the blanks) .
  8. Dan, thanks for your help
  9. I just purchased and installed 747 for P3Dv4 with out any incident. Then , I opened P3Dv4 I received the following "Warning" : "Cannot get product version-data-string not found" I clicked "OK" then all was normal. Fs2Crew performed with out any problem. What is this "Warning" How can I fix it. Thanks
  10. Thanks to All, I made a test flight KEWR-KDEN with out any incident. I will make two additional Test Flight, then I will close the case, WOW
  11. Marc, I turned down all sliders 20-30%. Enhanced Turbulence box is not checked. I calibrated all controls. Now I will make a test flight. Thanks
  12. Dan, I didn't ignored, I appreciated your effort trying to give me guidence. As I said before. My problems are nothing to do with Turbulence. 99% A/P disconnect flights were turbulence free. I will try to fix it. If i cannot.then will open PMDG Support ticket Thanks
  13. Dan, That is time first time I opened AS wind settings. They are all default settings. I will read Pg92 and will check zone settings. Majority of my 777 with good weather and no turbulence. Today only I encounter with heavy turbulence over KORD and A/P disconnected. That was the turbulence effect. Rest of my all disconnected flights happened during beautiful weather and no turbulence. 777 P3D V4 I didnt read yet, but I will read it. Thanks for the info
  14. I am going to check each items. Will inform 1-I am wondering if there is a problem with some hardware or controller,causing a spike. Will it not be influence to other airplanes (747,737, DC-6 and others. THey are all OK) 2-What kind problem can effect only to 777? Thanks
  15. Lars, Thanks for your response.. "Also, go to the key commands section via the CDU and check which commands are mapped to A/P " How shall I do via the CDU?