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  1. asanal


    Problem solved by its self. No idea how happened. Now I have DC6 A and B has GTN650 on panel.🙂
  2. asanal


    DC6-B Panel GTN 650 is not turning ON. Pop-UP GTN 650 is turning ON. What am I doing wrong? DC6-A GtN 650 installed panel and Pop-up 650 are Turning ON.
  3. asanal


    Dan I have now 750-650. I have to learn how to install over DC-6 Garmin. Then fun will start. Lo Enroute charts to navigate is the way to go...
  4. asanal


    Dan, Yes, you are right, screen is big. I wish I purchased 430/650. Thanks for your reply.
  5. asanal


    Is it possible to install GTN750 into DC-6 Cloud master? Thanks
  6. I solved the problem.
  7. I am receiving warning from Microsoft Windows 10, that my" One Drive storage" is full (5GB). They are asking 67$ yearly storage fee.I utilize my PC only for Flight Simulator. My PC Hard Drive (g) has available 1000GB free storage. 1-How can I utulize my PC Hard Drive storage, instead of Microsoft OneDrive? Thanks
  8. asanal

    FS2Crew lost audio

    I found the problem. After NV Driver 397.93 installed audio lost . I changed Speaker to previous speaker setting . All OK now
  9. asanal

    FS2Crew lost audio

    After installing New GPU Driver 397.93 FS2Crew audio lost. I reinstalled FS2Crew P3D V4. but no audio. Please advise. Thanks
  10. asanal

    777 A/P disconnects around 7000 and 30000 FT

    Kyle, thanks. I will try
  11. This is ongoing problem with my 777. After loading 777 and proper trim settings. When Plane reaches around 7000ft A/P suddenly dis connects and starts to nose dive. Same situations happens around 30, 000 Ft. I am suspicion with Trim Setting. I don't think . during the climb, trim is not collaborating with airplane C/G and causing onbalance pressure buildings on A/P, then sudden disconnects. Is it possible? I am out of ideas.
  12. asanal

    Autopilot problems

    Try this : Change the Yoke and Ruder Pedals USB cables connection to different USB Ports.
  13. asanal


    FSUIPC is an excellent program
  14. Ray Hi, I am looking to replace my old CH Eclipse yoke. It is time I will follow your post. When it is ready I will purchase it. Thanks
  15. asanal


    Bob, thank you very much. Correct Version 5121b solved the problem. I realized some reason I was using BETA free version. That caused all these problems. Wow... Thanks to every one who helped. Now have to study FSUIPC