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  1. Do you have CH Eclipse yoke?
  2. Dave, thanks for your reply.
  3. If you have PFPX and already you can export FP to 747-400 FCM, will you please review below PFPX "Route Export" 1-Did I select right folders in Top-level 2-Which PMDG or Prepar3d I should select for EXPORT? Thanks
  4. I was away from the sim for awhile. Here is the location: C:Program files>Lockheed Martin>Prepar3D v4>PMDG>FLIGHTPLANS Regards
  5. Finally I located.
  6. Where is located in P3Dv4. I searched every folders .I cannot find it?
  7. I tried to locate, but no success. Where is PMDG 747-400 P3Dv4 Flight Plan folder located? Thanks
  8. ORBX sceneries are installed. Smooth flight. FPS around 45 and no any problems. KVPS-KBUF
  9. 1+
  10. May 23th I downloaded P3d v4 from LM my account page . I am wondering which version P3D is now downloading today?
  11. Just completed KEWR- PANC 7:03 Hr flight with PMDG 747-400 I went back from 382,05 to 381.89 At KEWR on the RWY Available VAS 417 MB. During Cruise reached to 587 Mb at the PANC arrival gate available VAS 318 MB then increased to 417MB. Almost all my setting were close to MAX Finally I managed to made a perfect flight
  12. Steve and Mike, Thanks
  13. Steve, Hi I have i7-5960X CPU@3GHZ, 8 Cores with 16 processors. What will be the best performance settings for P3D. AM setting: 21844 HT On Thanks
  14. Thanks, I misunderstood.
  15. I utilize PFPX or other Tools for Fuel calculation. Open FMS >FS Actions>Fuel Page and type the amount of fuel calculated in to Fuel line,it will change to the amount you did input.