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  1. I tried to find If I am doing some thing wrong. IT looks OK. May be I should re install OC, but some member can verify me, if they have the documents in their OC. Thanks
  2. Documents& Manuals are no longer in Operation Center. Where are they?
  3. Kyle, Thanks for PFPX files. It did work perfect.
  4. Dan,thanks
  5. It is OK, It happens.Have a nice day.
  6. Chris, I was showing off how excellent aircraft is PMDG 747 Queen . (I was giving high Credit to PMDG developer team ) . I have no idea about "active sky turbulence effect" settings or any other companies turbulence effects. I have REX weather And Active SKY weather engine. I appreciate if you tell me how to determine real turbulence effect settings and how I can put this setting into Active Sky. Regards
  7. Thanks , I opened with WinZip. Where shall I insert your PTA profile file?
  8. PMDG 747 Queen fighting with heavy turbulence.
  9. Thanks to PMDG Team for giving us DC-6.
  10. Gerard, Thanks, If this is the correct link saldo-Vis 125.rar I tried to opened with Note Pad. Contents were all scrambled. I must did some thing wrong.
  11. I don't have much experience with PTA. Both of you have perfect settings. Will you please share your settings. It can be a guidance for me. Thanks
  12. Bundee, Thank you. I downloaded and installed the newest version PTA 2.52.Server problem solved and activated
  13. I cannot re-active PTA.I put my activation code, receiving "Server Error". Will you please check it. Thanks
  14. I made a test flight. Before take-off AFE verified Pressurizing "Set" but he didn't. I set the pressurizing and reached 20,000ft with out incident. "Between you and me no more beer to him"
  15. Jim. Thank you, that is interesting. Pressurization was setup before the take-off by AFE. I will make a test flight .