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  1. asanal

    AUTOPILOT DISC message when established on ILS

    Unfortunately I cannot complete the flight at 37000ft A/P suddenly disconnected. I cancelled the flight. I am going to replace my yoke.
  2. asanal

    AUTOPILOT DISC message when established on ILS

    I have sudden A/P discount problem.No solution found yet. Possible hardware problem. I am going to fly same route let me see what will happen
  3. asanal

    I need Help (II)

    Marc, I have CH Eclipse yoke/ pedals. I think it is 10 years old. Heavily used. I really cannot do the repair, I never open the CH Yoke case. Thank you.
  4. asanal

    I need Help (II)

    Dan, I think there is a misunderstanding. That is what I was trying to say "move the yoke or trim and A/P disconnects" When plane on A/P, if you move yoke it will disconnect the A/P. IN my case I don'nt move yoke or trim A/P disconnect it self with out any input. ( turbulence etc) This was my third option in above post SIM Yoke calibration."or you can select an option where moving the yoke does not disconnect the autopilot." today cost environment I prefer to select this option then YOKE. Thanks
  5. asanal

    I need Help (II)

    Alan. I am just making a test flight. I take off climbed 1000Ft engaged A/P climbed 4000Ft put sim in pause pull the YOKE USB cable then un pause the sim A/P still engaged. Climbed 240FL with A/P engaged, clicked Pause and disconnected YOKE cable then unpause A/P still A/P remains engaged. I just realized after I installed USB cable,777 is flying but YOKE remains DISCONNECTED (?) I think it is time buy a new YOKE. How can select an option where moving the yoke does not disconnect the autopilot ? Thanks
  6. asanal

    I need Help (II)

    Kyle, Thanks for your response. I was advised look at 747 FMC - PMDG SETUP> <OPTIONS <SIMULATION page 2/10 CTL INPUT WITH AP ON if disabled select Enable. I selected "Enable" problem solved. Alan, Thanks for advise I will make a test flight "It's easy to test to see if this is the problem too. Simply take off, engage the autopilot, hit pause and unplug your yoke, then unpause the sim. If the autopilot stays on when it would otherwise have disconnected, it was your yoke sending a spurious signal which was the problem." Jude, You are right, Some times I see the line on VNAV. Now I know what is happening. Thanks for your advise. Thanks again to all
  7. asanal

    I need Help (II)

    Wilhelm, Thanks for your response. The problem is before move the yoke A/P disconnects it self.
  8. asanal

    I need Help (II)

    My first request for Help was for PMDG 747 . I recived help and problem solved (It was so simple) That is my second Help request for PMDG 777 A/P: Last three months on and off I am trying to search solution for 777 for the following problem: A/P has habit after take-off, over 1000 ft area when I engage the A/P, couple of second with out any reason A/P disconnects and I manually climb to cruise LV, I connect the A/P . Before TOD A/P decides to disconnect its self and dives to almost to hit the ground before I recover it. Many times I uninstall/reinstall PMDG 777 and P3D with cleaning off all left over files and documents. Then I install Add-ons. That is the end. Do you have any advice to solve this problem.
  9. I tried to use REX SF but it didn't work with 777/747 Weather Radar. Did you managed? IF yes will you please advice how can I do it? THX
  10. asanal

    I need Help

    Ciaran, Thank you very much, "Then go into your FMC - PMDG SETUP> <OPTIONS <SIMULATION page 2/10 CTL INPUT WITH AP ON if disabled select Enable then test from there" I selected "Enable" problem solved.
  11. Last three months on and off I have problems with PMDG 747 P3D. I am having major problem with A/P almost every departure when I engage A/P, it disconnects. I try to connect A/P again it disconnects. IF with luck I make the cruise flight I am already tired at 380FL . it works for about an hour then A/P disconnects and dives the 747 to almost to ground .( VS 8500 Immediately after A/P disconnects) I tried to find reason why A/P disconnects . Several times I uninstalled P3D and clean the files from system. No success. Several times I uninstall/reinstall PMDG 747. No success. I went through "Controls" calibration/axis no success. I deleted my CH Eclipse yoke/pedals software and installed new one . No success Recently I purchased REX Sky Force Weather Engine no success. Today I took PMDG 777 to test. During climb A/P disconnects. During cruise flight SkyForce inject sudden turbulence A/P disconnect. That is the END. Will you please advise what I should do? Is it possible My CH Yoke and Rudder pedals need replacement? Thanks
  12. asanal


    Problem solved by its self. No idea how happened. Now I have DC6 A and B has GTN650 on panel.🙂
  13. asanal


    DC6-B Panel GTN 650 is not turning ON. Pop-UP GTN 650 is turning ON. What am I doing wrong? DC6-A GtN 650 installed panel and Pop-up 650 are Turning ON.
  14. asanal


    Dan I have now 750-650. I have to learn how to install over DC-6 Garmin. Then fun will start. Lo Enroute charts to navigate is the way to go...
  15. asanal


    Dan, Yes, you are right, screen is big. I wish I purchased 430/650. Thanks for your reply.