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  1. Ray, 1-I use NVCleanstall . I tried to install from GURU, DDU., I was'nt successful. GURU with DDU combine many advertisment dowloaded, I cannot clean them. When I start FS, screen begins to full with adverstiment. 2-I never open Regitry before, I tried to make changes according your instruction, I made some mistakes. Today I made KEWR-CYYR flight with out any incident. (??]
  2. Ray, Hi Today after two hours flight, just started to decent DXGI appeared again.😞
  3. David, Fix did help. But later on, it started all over again. I think my original Sound card has problems. I purchased new sound card and will install it next week. Thanks
  4. As soon as ATC stars, sound of P3D goes down to minimum. What is causing this problem? or how can I stop the ATC?
  5. John and David, I installed new Navdia 516.94, problem solved Thanks
  6. I don't know what happened, all blinking box lights suddenly appeared. How can I solve this problem? Thanks
  7. David. How do you calibrate throttle controller? I have Honeycomb "Throttle Set".
  8. Yes, PMDG 747 I just completed flight and used its own pushback without any incident. High idle thrust also causing the problem. Thanks
  9. I assigned Bush Back button to "Shift+P" combination. Airplane goes back, when I click Shift+P , stops, then stars to go forward. How can I correct it? Thanks
  10. Thanks. That is a logical explanation.
  11. All missing JETWAYS are back. I didn't do anything it just happens.
  12. Frank, thanks for reply. I reinstalled and registered. No change. I also noticed airport bldgs. color changed to white with out Jetways. I don't know how did happened. Will you please check KALB airport Gate B11. Lets see if its OK
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