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  1. I downloaded and installed without any incidents. Made a quick settings and here are the results: My base airport KEWR one of the worst VAS location. I do not have any Addons Airport in my P3D I have all default airports. You can see how REX changed the default KEWR to perfect Second airport is KALB. I gave FIVE STARS to REX World Wide Airports-HD. .
  2. REX Team, It is wonderful. Many thanks for your on going contribution to our SimWorld.
  3. Thanks for all info. This is a winter project . :smile:
  4. Dave,that is perfect. "..and the other monitors for other programs you use for your flight =- such as Charts, Aviliasoft Electronic Flight Back, VATSPY, and, well, the list is really unlimited." How I shall open Charts program for 2nd monitor and 3th monitor for AEFB program ? Thanks
  5. That is a good news . How can I do , main 31" monitor for cockpit view at middle and two monitors each side for windows view?. What size monitor do I need for each side.? How to connect these three monitors?( I have two GPU) Thanks
  6. Wow, Perfect
  7. Yes I confirm there is no excessive Blue any more. Question: Can I make setting changes on PTA tool during the flight? If yes, my changes will appear immediately?
  8. Yuri, Thanks Here is the first picture. How does it look?
  9. OK... I will try to install PTA 1.61 again and scream later Where was the 1.61 download file?
  10. Yuri Hi, Please look at below screenshot. These blue lakes around Runways and Taxiways,might happen at any airport. I checked my three preferred airports KEWR-KALB-KVPS, default airports. (I dont have addons Airport.) I completed reinstall P3D,Orbix Base and Open NA and made a test flight with out any incident, Every thing looks perfect. Now I am wondering will I try to install 1.61 or just 1,60? or give up.
  11. Bob, I wish I have your knowledge to make these steps. Yesterday night after I installed 1.61 and tried to make some adjustment to PTA P3D airports fields scenery all turned blue lakes. I tried to correct situation. NO success. I uninstalled P3D an reinstalled. Blue airport fileds corrected. Addition to what ever mess I did it, I needed to uninstall ORBIX Global base and Orbix NA . Thanks to Richard provided his PTA settings. Now I am working on ORBIX NA.
  12. I still cannot believe if I am looking real life video or Sim. IF it is sim, it is wonderful. I wish all my sim airports were like that . I wish them, many success and thanks for their contribution to SIM World.
  13. Yes, I use Soft Clouds. PTA 1.60 was OK.but problem for me started with V1.61
  14. How can reduce ground blue color?