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  1. Yes correct, My previous problem solved also, when I reduced Null Zone from 36,to 26 ,Rudder of plane centered,
  2. Kevin, Good news. 1-Switched to "No" 2- Increase the Null Zone, 26 I did not received any AP problem during landing at KSAT, Heavy turbulence, 600 ceiling. Thanks again
  3. Hi Kevin, I switched to "no". I will take a test flight Thanks Hi Ryan, Is there any hardware deflection signal protection in AP software? Thanks
  4. Hi, Kevin Ch Yoke: Alierons Axis :64 Sensitive Null Zone 36 Elevator Axis: 64 Sensitive Null Zone:36 CH pro Pedal: Ruder Axis: 64 Null Zone :26 "PMDG simulator settings in the FMC and set it, so the controls don't disengage the autopilot." FMC Simulation 2/18 is the page I should make the changes? If yes what value I should put in? Thanks
  5. In my last three flight A/P during decent in solid IFR condition disconnected. Weather Condition: Solid IFR visibility Zero. Turbulent/ moderate/ severe. Two flights was in 7000Ft and 1500 lost A/P Last flight less then 500ft ,auto land mode. Go around initiated , and circle landed with out incident with out A/P My findings: A/P connection over sensitive and need to calibrate for firm connection .
  6. Dan. I open the programs with " administration right" Old habit. "Are you running PFPX with "as admin" rights?" Yes In last post I said my problem solved. Then it started again. In mean time I am giving more attention to admin rights. Hopefully I am on the right track. As always, thanks for your help
  7. Michael, Finally I managed "When the flight is over I delete that route from the 777 Folder. I keep nothing in PMDG Flightplans." I think that was my problem. I kept Flight plans in PMDG Flightplans files. That must be causing problems. I cleaned up, will make a flight from start one. Will inform. Thanks for you help
  8. I told problem solved,unfortunately it is is BACK again. Here is my PFPX screen. Will you please check, what am I doing wrong. 1-P3D v3,4 2-KEWR-BIKF
  9. Micheal, Thanks
  10. Problem solved. Thanks for your help Dan, Yes , I selected wrong location and installed P3D into Program Files (x86). Will I reinstall P3D from C:\ Drive and Install to D:\ ?
  11. Michael Hi, I have PMDG P3D 777,747 and 737 I can save the Flight Plan in "Export" .pln will go to P3D v3.4 Documents,then to ASN But no connection with FMC Attach picture, 3 selected .rte file shows error cannot be saved Peter Hi, When I clicked Route Request on FMC only route available is " LOWIEGLL001.(PMDG default FPL)". I didn't have any luck after reinstalled Windows 10 to store any flight plan yet to 777,747 747 . I utilized PFPX several years with out any problem. I must be missing some thing.
  12. Tony, Thanks for your reply. 'Make sure your Export folder points to the correct Add-On path on your hard drive' 1- PFPX generated KEWR-KEFD flight plan and I clicked "Export" FP transferred to PFPX -Route Export" screen. I clicked the " Save " on "Route Export" . PFPX conformation screen appeared and confirmed the " KEWRKEFD01.pln Saved". 2-I opened the" P3D Document "file and KEWRKEFD01 listed there. Up to this point Flight plan path was correct and ready to load to FMC. When I clicked on the"FMC Route Select " invalid Entry" warning appeared. There I got stuck. What I am doing wrong?
  13. After windows 10 reinstalled I am having problem Export flight plan to FMC . If you have PFPX and managed to export flight plans to FMC. Will you please advise me.
  14. Good news. I solved the problem, after spending many hours. (Actually it was simple, after stabilizing all controls). Open Settings>controls change "Control Type" to Rudder Pedals> Rudder Axis and at Null Zone reduce value from 36 to 1.
  15. Dan, Mark Problem solved