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  1. I posted this question in PMDG Forum. I think 747 is priority. I am wondering if you advise to solve this basic problem 747-400 FMC has its own mind It is not asking me any more , FMC, now using KG, not LBS. How can I switch back to LBS😉 THX I found the reason why unit calculation switched to KILO. I selected " AirAtlanta Icelandic liveries" , FMC Fuel unit weight calculations was programed based on European unit standard KILO . So I was keep getting Kilo.. 🙂
  2. Majestic Dash 8 Q400.
  3. Do you know when BRAVO THROTTLE QUADRANT will be available? THX🙂
  4. Wayne, THX. I have to wait until REX,PMDG,AS,GTX, (ORBX already installed for V5) Then I can know where is the problem located.
  5. micstatic OK..I installed 146. THX
  6. Dave, Thanks for your info.
  7. Thanks. Newark Airport in the "worse airports category" . I never approached Newark above 7-9FPS.
  8. Is it possible if you start v5 at KEWR Gate 68. Can you check FPS in VC and Outside view. It will very helpful
  9. Suchw, Are you running P3Dv5?
  10. I managed, It is working now. I will make test flight to understand how much FPS will left, to install REX, PMDG,GTX ,AS and Ultimate Traffic, ORBX, some addons also. MY base AP is Newark Airport in NJ. I don't think P3Dv5 after all addons installed, forget the flying ,we will be lucky if we can taxi the plane. I have TWO Titan X GPU. After QW146 installed , GPU's was generating 20 FPS, Takeoff was between 19-23FPS. Future , doesn't look bright with P3DV5 , unless we all start to flying VFR . May be FS2020 will save us
  11. I purchased 146 Quality Wings. It does not allow to install V5. So I will wait until developers are ready. Thanks all your help
  12. Darem, I checked QSim web page/forum. I dont see any 757 for V5
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