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  1. Try this. It's free and works very well without any unwanted extras being loaded. https://www.youtubedownloaderhd.com/ I've been using it in various versions for years with Win7 and Win 10. No issues of any kind. Just keep it up to date, you get a reminder when new versions are released.
  2. Over the many years that FSUIPC has been in use, a small number of users have made similar suggestions, usually based on invalid 'tests'. Many users do not seem to see these issues. In P3D5 some report stutters while others claim very smooth results, but it's not always clear if FSUIPC is being used or not. Either way, if you are going to test for any effect you need to do it much more objectively. For any route you try without FSUIPC, you need to refly it, in identical weather conditions, using the same aircraft at the same time of day, with every setting the same, while using FSUIPC. Otherwise you have nothing to compare with. Tests also need to be repeated several times to see if they form any pattern. Even things like ambient temperature for each test need to be considered, because that affects cooling of the pc, which definitely can affect performance. Unless all these parameters are met then it's just a subjective view rather than a test.
  3. I think you are missing the point, made earlier by several posters. You have a problem with your cpu cooling system. Regardless of what loads MSFS may be creating, your cpu temps should not be that high. You should check the things suggested earlier - thermal paste on the water block and correct pump operation, as well as the actual mounting of the water block. Most cpus under stress testing will hit mid to high 80s. Not the temps you described.
  4. Fair comment, and not surprising because it's something relatively new, and there are some amazing visual experiences in MSFS. The question is how long will they stay if updates continue to cause problems. I think many MSFS users will not be as dedicated as the Avsim community.
  5. That could well start happening with MSFS users as more of them get fed up with troublesome updates. Bear in mind the people posting here are in general the ones most used to flight simming and its long history of teething troubles. When a lot of teeny boppers find their X Box installations being screwed up every few weeks how long will their interest last.
  6. I hope that it is more suited to MSFS than it appears to be in P3D. I have put off buying it for P3D because the forums are full of reports of very poor performance, even on high end systems. The post above by rmeier is fairly typical of the issues being experienced.
  7. You seem to have forgotten that they already had a way to display many more trees - right back in the pre release versions. The subsequent updates have destroyed this.
  8. As you already have P3D 4 it costs nothing to upgrade to 4.5 HF3 which has some improvements. However, P3D5 does give somewhat smoother performance and is worth it if you can find the aircraft and scenery addons that you might want. General advice is to use only addons published as fully v5 compatible. Others may work, but some can cause random issues. Even in the past few days, after months of inactivity, there has been a number of new releases for P3D5. It looks like at least some developers are keeping their options open. It's apparent from Avsim posts that many previously keen MSFS users are starting to get irritated by the update process continuing to cause problems. There also seems to be more awareness that the direction of development is being influenced by the need to appeal to the largest market, which is not the members of Avsim.
  9. The update process does seem to be very heavy on bandwidth, but the system would be dictated by MS. They probably assume that most users can download at 300Mb/s plus, because the main mass gaming markets are the USA, Japan and South Korea, which all have very high speeds available. Much of Europe and other parts of the world can only dream of speeds like that, but are less significant to MS. Where I think MS may have an upcoming problem is when the 'masses' get fed up with the hassle of running MSFS, after they realise that the regular updates can be a nuisance. The forum here is filled with posts of new failures, bugs, and workarounds after every update, quite apart from the messy system of downloads. Many people here on Avsim are relatively experienced with simulation and computers, and can discuss and deal with these things, but they are a tiny proportion of those who have purchased MSFS. Many users, without past experience, will enjoy the novelty until the recurring problems outweigh the enjoyment. Then they will air their views on social media, which can turn a marketing success into a disaster very quickly. That would certainly impact further development.
  10. It is a birthday, but the 80th was actually 5 years ago. How time flies. The prototype Spitfire flew in March 1936, and the production models were rolled out, for squadron service, from June 1938. It's a sobering reminder of getting older, that I can remember, as a young child, watching Seafires, the naval version of the Spitfire, flying from Tangmere a few years after the war. Spitfires had already given way to Gloster Meteors and the Seafires were soon replaced with Hawker Sea Hawks.
  11. When did this problem first show? Have you added any other software recently which might affect scenery, even in a different location. Did you notice any problems before installing any of the Orbx products? Which release of P3D5 are you using? Is everything updated. You obviously have something corrupting your setup in that area, but have you checked other locations? Suggest you try uninstalling the Orbx addons one by one, starting with Vector, and check after each one. If problem still there with basic P3D scenery, then uninstall and reinstall the P3D scenery folder.
  12. You designate the primary monitor in Nvidia control panel, under multi monitor setup. However, your graphics card may not recognise this, depending on which type of monitor cable is connected to which card outlet. You may have to juggle the cable connections on the card to get everything appearing as you want it, on your primary monitor. I have 5 monitors on 2 cards and have had to do this. There seems to be a priority order for the various types of connectors on the back of the graphics card, which has been discussed before on Avsim. And of course monitors also use different connectors, so for instance, an express port to HDMI cable will have a different priority to a HDMI to HDMI cable etc. Unfortunately it does not seem to be clearly documented anywhere, so it's a case of trial and error finding which card output gives priority to the screen you use as the main monitor. Hope this makes sense.
  13. Very nicely done. You've caught the 'atmosphere' of the place very accurately. We made regular visits there for low level training during the cold war period, and like all the RAF airfields in Germany at the time, it had a sinister appearance, with everything camouflaged and everyone on a high state of alert. It's difficult to comprehend now just how tense things were in those days.
  14. The very old FS9/FSX trick to avoid this issue was to always start the sim with the default scenario, and from there load the addon aircraft and location of choice. From habit I still always start P3D this way, then load one of a number of saved scenarios with addon aircraft and locations. The problem was said to be dealt with in later versions of P3D, but I have found it to still occur on occasions when I have tried going directly from splash screen to an addon aircraft, resulting in P3D running, but with a black screen. It's quite possible that this is particular to certain addons and others will load without issue..
  15. As polosim said. But it will also be a case of what you can find, because all higher end graphics cards are in desperately short supply. In fact most are non existant and the few that appear are at extortionate prices.
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