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  1. Agree with the previous 2 replies. Among other things, Microsoft has rather overdone the weathervane effect from prevailing wind, when applied to jet aircraft, and this produces unrealistic responses to directional control in the last stages of an approach. MS seemed to think a medium sized jet should react like a small Cessna. In the real world the important thing is to set up a stable approach down the centreline, and apply corrections to maintain. But in the simulator, as you have found, a stable approach does not assure you of touching down on the centreline, whatever corrections you may apply. But lots of practice will help.
  2. Some nice shots of an interesting aircraft. Like you, I enjoyed using Davids fine product in FS9 and FSX. As you say, the Trident was very advanced for its time. Its thin wing was designed for high cruising speed. I think it was the fastest passenger aircraft in regular service in those days. The problem was that the wing did not generate much lift at lower speeds. And in the sixties most runways were a lot shorter than they are now. I was flying from RAF Luqa, Malta, when BEA introduced a Trident service from the UK. The longer runway at that time was 06/24 which was barely 2000 metres. Our Canberra PR9s required consideraby less than that, but watching the Tridents was interesting. More accurately, in the summer, it was horrifying. They were very noisy, like David Maltby's version, but they had very poor acceleration. The crash barrier at the end of the runway had to be lowered, and the Tridents wheels seemed to be barely off the ground with a hundred metres to go. I doubt if the Trident could have met current certification standards, unless it flew empty. For take off and climbout, the trident relied heavily on its leading edge slats, which were a relatively new idea at the time. And in June 1972 a BEA trident crashed after take off from Heathrow, when the slats appeared to have been retracted much too soon. As a result, operating procedures were changed and various warnings were built in, to reduce the risk. Like so many procedures we take for granted now, which are the result of past accidents.
  3. Ray, The duplicated GUID problem may be related to plugging both the usb quadrants into the yoke. Have you tried plugging one. or both of them, directly into your pc. Secondly, what happens if you generate a new GUID, using an online GUID generator, and substitute that for the duplicate, in the FSUIPC config file. Edit: Just seen you've now tried one directly in your pc. What happens if both are plugged directly in your pc.
  4. It's included as part of the package, but does not install automatically. Look in your original Ejets folder that you downloaded, or have on the DVD. (Not the Ejets folder in the simulator). As well as the main Ejets application, there should be a second application labelled McPhat liveries. Click on this to start the install process. They require installation in addition to the main Ejets installation.
  5. Biggles2010

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    It's remarkable that we have 6 pages of strongly held opinions about the QW787, and nearly all of them are from people who do not own the product, and have not tried it. The most strongly held views on any subject always seem to come from those with the least knowledge. And those views are then picked up and repeated, over and over, as though they are fact. I do not own the QW787 and therefore cannot comment on its performance. But the few posts from genuine users of the QW787 are reasonably positive, while also mentioning a couple of issues which need attention. Hardly surprising for a complex product. There is little to suggest that this is faulty or broken product, as some non users have claimed. Regarding the price, that is a matter of choice. If you don't like the price, you do not have to buy the product.
  6. Biggles2010

    Another Window Broken

    It looks rather like it was the inner panel of the window, with its surrounding trim, which detached. I suspect there may be an outer panel, still in place.
  7. I suspect the OP may have been referring to the usb driver issues when installing Win 7 on boards with the 170 or newer chipset, where a usb mouse or keyboard will not work for the install. If that is the case, it's not a great problem. If you are using an Asus board the necessary information is on the Asus website, but involves creating a new install disk incorporating the necessary drivers. If you do not yet have the board, then a much simpler installation is available with the mid to high end MSI boards. These have an entry available in the BIOS which allows the usb mouse and keyboard to be recognised. I can confirm that Win 7 installation is very straightforward on the MSI boards.
  8. I agree with that feeling about the LM forums.They never were great, and now feel very dated. The forum layout has never been very logical or user friendly. The search system has always been hopeless, and any information released by LM on workarounds or fixes has never been organised into any kind of indexed reference system that could be easily accessed. It feels like LM made the assumption that all P3D users would be computer and flight sim experts, requiring minimal information, support or guidance. If it were not for a number of very helpful expert users like 'Poppet' and Rob, more people would be struggling. And it's very noticeable that the interaction from LM has declined significantly compared to the early days. I didn't intend this to be a rant, but I have become increasingly disappointed.
  9. I don't use SLI but I certainly agree with the lack of involvement on the P3D forums. One thing that has struck me though, is that while many people seem to post here about issues with P3D, few of those post on the LM P3D forums. Reading through those forums seems to reflect a falsely low number of people having issues. Maybe why LM often seem less concerned than we would like them to be.
  10. There is actually no problem with saving any E-Jet situation, certainly in P3D up to 3.2.3. which I use. I currently have about 30 different E-195 startup situations saved. However you may need to do a simple edit of the saved config file for each flight situation that you save. The files are found in My Documents, P3D files. Ignore the WX weather files. I originally found out, back in P3Dv2 that when saving a situation, it would not load successfully. I could see the saved E-Jet config files were much bigger than equivalent default files. When opened in notepad it was obvious that the first half of the saved E-Jet file was correct, but then there were hundreds of unwanted lines relating, I think, to the E145. These were causing the problem. I just deleted these additional lines back to the entry <simbase document> and resaved the file. End of problem.
  11. Thanks Scott and Denco. Soon after posting about not being able to install these voices, I realised what the problem was. I had been using Internet Explorer 11 which I don't always use. I had forgotten that Microsoft, with their bizarre logic, had programmed IE 11 to delete file extensions from downloaded files. So I had the correct files, but they were missing the dot exe on the end. I Simply had to rename them to add dot exe and problem solved. Anyway, I mention this in case it applies to others.
  12. Following the tip off here I just purchased 4 of these voices, but there seems to be a problem. The keycodes are supplied by email and state they should be inserted during the installation process. But there is no installation process, and the file types are unrecognised. Looking at properties for each voice download shows them as 'cereproc executable for MSI bundles'. Strange. Can anyone explain how and where you installed these voices. There is no information on their website. I'm on Win7 64bit. I already use TextAloud for text to voice applications and the AT&T voices I use with that were very simple to install.
  13. Biggles2010

    Is X-Plane 11 Beta Throttled?

    Why the unnecessary sarcasm? This was a sensible discussion about users observations.
  14. Biggles2010

    Updated Feelthere Ejets V3? Show your support.

    I completely agree with you. I look at product quality first and then consider if the price is acceptable, with the expectation that higher quality will usually mean a higher price. Unfortunately, whenever a premium product is launched there seems to be a flood of complaints about the price, from people who have little appreciation of the work involved.
  15. Biggles2010

    P3D crashes when trying to save a scenario

    Can I make a suggestion which I had previously posted in response to a similar topic. If you find a saved flight causes problems when trying to reload it, the place to look for clues is the save config file. This will be in Documents / P3D files. Each saved flight will have 2 files. One is the weather WX file and the other is the save config file. Open the config file in Notepad and compare it with the config file for the P3D default flight. It should have a similar size and content. If it has any additional information then that is something to investigate. It should end with the line SIMBASE DOCUMENT. Any script after this should not be there and will probably cause a problem. If you find it, try deleting it. This solved the issue for me. In my case it was specific to a particular aircraft. As a guide, after deleting the unwanted entries, all my saved flight configs are around 47Kb, same as default.