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  1. There was an identical topic posted a few weeks ago. It seems to affect a limited number of users, often those accessing Avsim using their phones. The solution, as suggested, is to use an ad blocker or change to a different browser. I only access Avsim on the pc and using Firefox I see none of these ads appearing.
  2. It's not clear if you already have 32Gb RAM and are considering more, or if you have less than that and are asking about boosting it up to 32Gb. If you have 32Gb Ram at present there is little benefit in increasing it. Also, why would you want to be using MS Office at the same time you are using MSFS? If Office is just loaded in the background and not actually in use, it would have only a very small claim on available memory,
  3. Could it be a problem with the card you have designated for use with Paypal. Perhaps Paypal are not happy with it. There is no mention of SimMarket in the message you have quoted, or any general reference to a retailer. I have always used Paypal for my transactions with SimMarket, including recent ones. Of course, it's possible something has changed in the last few days. There was a brief period a few years ago when SimMarket stopped accepting Paypal as a means of paying. I think that was a dispute about the charges Paypal makes for each transaction. The matter was resolved and everything went back to normal. I recall an old thread about one particular user who claimed to consistently have problems with SimMarket, but it seemed like it was specific to that user. In this case it comes across as more like a Paypal issue. I suggest contacting them.
  4. The different ranges you experienced appears to be down to the sim, but the VOR ranges stated in navigation documents are the maximum range you should expect, providing you are at a sufficient altitude. The VOR signal is best regarded as a line of sight signal. although there are various factors which can affect this to some extent, creating a minimal ability to follow the curvature of the earth. This cannot be relied on and the theories of atmospheric signal distortion get quite complicated. From a quick google search, the maximum line of sight range, with your aircraft at 5500 feet and a beacon at 700 feet would be 136 Km.or about 74 Nm. Real life ranges vary considerably from beacon to beacon, so do not expect to always achieve even the max theoretical range.
  5. It seemed fairly clear from the video that the 'dust' was in fact smoke from the wheels and brakes. However it did also sound like the engines were at more than idle speed, which could fit the theory of the crew falsely believing they were applying reverse thrust, but having the opposite effect. With suspect hydraulics or control systems, they may well have elected to land at a slightly higher speed than normal, even after allowing for a high landing weight, and a heavy aircraft takes a lot of stopping. The brakes on both sides were obviously overheating, and If the port brakes burnt out before the starboard ones, that would account for the slew to the right. The full facts should come out eventually.
  6. The unfortunate reality is that most retail outlets no longer care about what typical Avsim members think. The market changed with the launch of MSFS, and while most of us were happy to download from established reliable old style websites, the retailers are now chasing the uninformed masses. For them, if someone doesn't have a pretty looking app, claiming to do everything for them, it would be considered too 'old fashioned' for the trendy new generations of software buyers to spend money. Previous attempts at 'having one tool' were not all user friendly. Of the current systems, I would say that Orbx works best. I dislike the company attitude, but their products are good and for me the purchase, installation and update system is faultless. The Flight1 wrapper may add to their software security, but has always been a pain to use, often leading the user round in circles. The current Aerosoft app I am not familiar with, but previously they had the 'Aerosoft Launcher' which was a required installation, supposed to link all Aerosoft products and deal with authentication and updating. I found it clunky, unintuitive and often useless at identifying installed software and picking up available updates. The SimMarket app is a mixed bag. It looks pretty and shows available updates, but It has a number of irritating bugs and still downloads at half the speed of the main website. Why was it launched without proper testing? As for its benefits, I have not identified any.
  7. Version 3 is now an old version, but it was usually reliable. What are you running it on and what graphics card is being used? Do you have any additional scenery or other addons installed since you first installed P3D? Have you checked the integrity of your download using the checksum provided by LM. If there is a checksum error you will need to download again from LM. Did you follow the P3D installation guide? Try uninstalling 'Prepar3d scenery' in Control Panel / Programs and Features, then reinstall that part as administrator.
  8. I don't think this is quite the case. You can still download your purchased products, but the process may be different for those products with Siminstaller if the app must now be used for those. There are still questions though, in view of contradictory responses from SimMarket support. Can anyone say at what point in the purchase process you are told that the product has Siminstaller technology and the app must be used. I could not see any reference on any pre purchase product pages. My recent purchases were older software and were not affected by this, so I am curious.
  9. The SimMarket app situation gets more confused. Last week, no exceptions were mentioned when they told me their products could be downloaded without using the app. Since others have found this not to be the case I asked them about the Boeing 247D as an example. following is my ticket request and their reply. John B Date: 04/03/2022 Status: Open Boeing 247D MSFS Wing42 Forum posts indicate this product can only be downloaded from the new app. Is this correct. I was told by SimMarket support that downloads from the main website had been reinstated. Are some products excluded from this? Jorge - Support Date: 04/03/2022 Status: Closed You can download that product from the website too. regards Make of that what you will. The Siminstaller technology might account for a product needing the new app, but there doesn't seem to be any indication on the product pages to show if products incorporate that technology, or have I missed something..
  10. I think you will find it difficult to source rectangular pushbuttons of the correct size and shape, although there is a good variety of square ones, between 9mm and 12mm square. When i built my own cockpit a few years ago I wanted similar buttons for the flight guidance panel (Embraer 195) but ended up using square ones. I did find a few rectangular buttons which would have been a good replica of the real thing, but they would have cost as much as buying them from Embraer as aircraft parts. Most rectangular pushbuttons are too large and the wrong shape. Costwise, the buttons which mount through a circular hole in the facia are cheap, but not realistic in appearance because the button surround is bulky and visible. Tactile miniature push buttons are readily available in Europe through Ebay. I bought some recently through an Ebay seller called 'gadgetskingdom'. They were 12mm square and cost less than £4 for 20. They are decent quality with a good tactile effect, and available in several button colours. Constructionally, the problem is that tactile miniature pushbuttons need a lot of work creating the square or rectangular cutouts in the facia plate, because the buttons are usually made for mounting flat on a pcb. They then project about 8mm from the pcb and need the facia fitted over it. If you have access to a cnc machine that will help a lot. Hope this helps.
  11. Ed, can you tell us what product this is. When I installed the app, I had quite a few products notified for updating. I have just checked all of those and in every case the website downloads page has all the updates available, exactly as in the app. I realise developers may chose to push updates exclusively through the app, if SimMarket allows that, or perhaps SimMarket are backtracking again. Edit Looks like SimMarket can't decide what services should be available for their customers.
  12. Not here. I've tried already Edited just now by edpatino I posted in Hangar Chat a few days ago that the old style website downloads had been reinstated, but it didn't seem to get much attention. I had previously raised several tickets with SimMarket about issues with the app and the slow download speeds. At the time I was getting no more than 1MB/s through the app and about 2.1MB/s through their website. SimMarket acknowledged they were looking into the download speeds. I also pointed out that when using the app, there were recurring problems highlighting things like the product keycode, which made copy/pasting difficult. SimMarket did not recognise this and claimed it was working correctly. On testing just now the speeds were 2.2MB/s through the app and 3.9MB/s through the website, for the same product. I have always found their downloads rather slow, typically about 4MB/s, but they have been reliable. I don't know why the app downloads should be so much slower.
  13. As the title. I had been exchanging notes with them about various issues with their new app and I was advised that they were going to allow downloads again,from the website, as well as the app. I assume In response to various comments. I can confirm it has happened and all products can now be downloaded as originally, without installing the new app.
  14. Thanks for notifying us Vic. It's very sad news. I suspect there are many current forum users who will not be familiar with Nick's contribution to flight simulation, particularly with the graphics improvements which he introduced with the Ground Environment series. There was notable collaboration with Steve Halpern and the Ultimate Terrain team, to make their products compatible and complimentary, so they became essential addons for most of us veteran simmers. The difference those products made to earlier FS versions was as striking as going from FSX to MSFS. Nick's work prompted the drive towards the kind of graphics we expect and take for granted today, He provided a great service to the whole flight sim community.
  15. Interesting reading all the above comments on the app, because I have been using SimMarket regularly for many years and have always been happy with what was a simple reliable system. I installed the app recently, but had not used it unti today. I downloaded a mix of new products and updates. What a disappointment. I could not get downloads to automatically load to any folder, not even to the downloads folder. Every download had to have a destination confirmed before it would start. Then the download progress indicator was totally hit and miss, requiring the downloads to be restarted several times before it showed. Also, within the app, on the downloads page, there is an option to show the product keycode. Bizarrely, this can only be observed, but not copied and pasted, which is essential with some complex keys. Fortunately, for the moment at least, the keycodes can still be accessed from the old style downloads web page. Then the final frustration was the download speeds were very much slower than I had ever experienced before, never exceeding 1.08 MB/s on a 36 MB/s line. Previously, SimMarket downloads were usually around 4MB/s, not fast, but nothing like today. Of course, the speeds may be unconnected with the new app, but I was not very impressed. I've sent details to SimMarket so I'll await their response.
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