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  1. For last 2 days Avsim front page only loads the heading banner and subsection menu bar. with no content below that. Others are reporting problems with Avsim library. Prior to this the website has been slower to load than usual. This has happened at various times for a few weeks.
  2. The first important factor is the quality of the PSU. A good one delivers its power more efficiently and will provide more stable voltages under load, right up to the full power rating. A cheaper PSU will often be well short of the claimed output. Considering your other hardware choices I assume you are likely to go for a high end PSU. In that case a quality brand of PSU rated at 1000W would cover the demands of your hardware under load. However a second factor is that a PSU delivers its power most efficiently when not fully loaded. The efficiency factors quoted for any PSU usually show the peak efficiency at around two thirds of total rated power output. Users may choose a higher rated PSU than is needed for power demand, to achieve lower overall usage of expensive electricity. The downside is that bigger capacity PSUs are notably more expensive to buy.
  3. Matthias, you seem to have produced some super results with your work. Certainly the best I have seen so far. Can you please clarify some points. Your post above refers to creating photo sceneries with autogen, but the website highlights several times that the packages available are autogen packs which require existing photo scenery. In that case, it would be helpful to know which photo sceneries have proved best for the various areas, when used in conjunction with your autogen. Please correct me if I have misunderstood.
  4. It's about the bottom line in their accounts. They throttle their services to limit their bandwidth requirements, because extra bandwidth costs them money. They do this selectively, while ensuring speed test sites will always show close to the full line speeds. Any other downloads are likely to be at much lower speeds. Using a VPN confuses the throttling system at the moment, but I am sure the ISPs will try to find ways of dealing with that. Most ISP's deny throttling, especially where it's illegal, but they get away with it because it's difficult to prove. Certainly sufficiently for any legal proceedings.
  5. It's unlikely that SU12 itself is the cause. Probably just that it coincided with acknowledged server problems. Still unsatisfactory, and probably made worse in the UK by most ISPs using the BT network, parts of which are still antiquated, so it struggles to cope with increasing demand. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that because of the structural limitations, real life services are being throttled, in a way that excludes the main speedtest sites, which the ISPs use as proof of service speeds. Where I live, the best available speed at the moment is 68 to 70 Mbs. The Speedtest.net and BT Wholsale speed tests always show the full rated speed, at any time of day, but I have never seen better than 20% of this from any other server, at any time. Of course, my ISP denies throttling goes on, while the regulators close their eyes to such issues, because it would be embarrassing to admit our telecoms systems are inadequate.
  6. There is clearly something wrong with the graphics in the P3D test using the 7800X3D. Particularly in the first of the 2 images which appears to show 21fps. The second image showing 33 fps is only slightly better. Perhaps shaders were not cleared, but whatever the cause, it must be creating an unrealistic load to give those results and could not be considered a valid comparison. It's doubtful this is down to the different CPU.
  7. Others have given lots of good advice and all I would add is in the latter stages of the approach, don't get too fixated on the touchdown point. Look up a bit as you get closer to the runway, so that you can see the whole length of it, because that will give a better idea of your lineup with the centreline. Don't worry about being offset in the cockpit. In the 738 or similar, your view centreline is only 2 feet from the aircraft centreline and is barely noticeable.
  8. The OP was asking about View Groups in P3D v5.3. The process is not too difficult in practice, but it is difficult to describe here. For advice, I would suggest using the 'View Frustrum' method described in the P3D instructions. Note that screen numbering is from left to right. Check each of your screens is shown with a correct ID number. From memory, each screen shows the default ID as 1 and the centre and right screens need to be changed to 2 and 3 when setting them up. It sounds like you may have left all your screens as number 1. I suggest labelling the 3 view frustrums within the View Group as left, centre and right. Each screen should have a horizontal view angle of something like 50 degrees, (this will vary a bit with viewing distances etc). The centre screen horizontal view frustrum would then be set as -25 (on the left)and +25 on the right). The left screen view frustrum would the be set as -75 to -25 and the right view screen would be set as +25 and +75. These values can be varied later to correct for screen edges etc. Obviously there are other settings required, but have a look at these first.
  9. I have just posted the following to another user with the same issue. - "I gave up using the app some time ago, although I believe they have improved it since then. Just sign in to SimMarket and click on Purchase History. Select the item you want to download.and this takes you to the downloads page. Download as required. I tried it a few moments ago and all working normally. Of course, it may be there is a specific problem with certain products in which case you should message SimMarket." Hope this helps..
  10. I gave up using the app some time ago, although I believe they have improved it since then. Just sign in to SimMarket and click on Purchase History. Select the item you want to download.and this takes you to the downloads page. Download as required. I tried it a few moments ago and all working normally. Of course, it may be there is a specific problem with certain products in which case you should message SimMarket..
  11. Biggles2010


    It sounds like the sub contractor. Unfortunately when things go wrong most companies will only deal with the original sender when returns are involved, because that is where the contract is. Novatech are very hot on customer service so I'm sure they will follow it up, although Easter will delay that process. I've found in this area the DPD service is generally better than the other delivery companies, I haven't used them for collections, but they have been particularly good in communicating about delivery times.
  12. Agreed. In fact I did read all the supporting posts you linked to and found them interesting. Your original post was about speed variation after landing and the claim that the PMDG 747 and 777 bounce on landing. I now understand that your first point was referring to the speed trend indicator. The speed shown on the ASI in your videos behaved exactly as I would have expected. Speed trend is obviously important on the approach, but I'm curious how much the indicator is used after touchdown in real life? I never flew anything that had one, but I see it being useful with high landing weight or systems failures affecting deceleration. Regarding the landing bounce, from the various reports, it's something that seems to affect some and not others. Those differences between users seem to be a feature of most addons and all flight sims. There may be some specific feature of PMDG programming involved, but there are also some issues with the air to ground transition in P3D which can cause the aircraft to jump slightly as it's about to touch down.
  13. I have re read all your posts and watched your videos several times. They do not seem to demonstrate the points you are wanting to make. The second video in your original post looks perfectly normal for an autoland. The first video of a manual overweight landing shows some yo yo control movements immediately followed by a large backward yoke movement just before touchdown, rather than a smooth flare. This would invite a bounce or a heavy landing. As I said earlier, this is probably due in part to the flattened perspective given to the outside view by zooming out. The speed reduction on and after landing is entirely consistent with a large aircraft at a very heavy weight and high landing speed. I do not see evidence of speed increasing after landing.
  14. It was not meant as criticism. It was an observation. I notice many Youtube videos show a view which makes the approach look flatter than it looks in real life. It only matters with aircraft which create a realistic simulation of landing behaviour, because it means their behaviour may not correspond exactly to the messages your eyes are getting from the screen. There are some situations in P3D 5.3 and to a lesser extent in P3D 4.5 where the zoom value can change, without it being obvious until on the approach. It is mostly related to multi screen setups using view groups and is triggered by other inputs like certain menu selections. I have had several conversations about this on the P3D forums. I do not use Chaseplane so I cannot say if that has any effect.
  15. The first video in your initial post.
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