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  1. Agreed, and with anticipated numbers, that distribution will probably remain the case and this outbreak should be controlled eventually. But the 100 million deaths case you used as an example would be very extraordinary. If things increased to that level there might be a very different distribution, with concentrations in areas of denser population. It tended to happen with 50 million flu deaths in 1918. Not a nice thought.
  2. This is true, but the problem is you can't always control the distribution. Suppose 50% of that 100 million were in the USA, the picture would not look so good.
  3. Bear in mind that the death rates are where they are because most affected countries have taken action to control spread, even though a bit late in some cases. Without that action, the rate among more at risk groups would be substantially higher, and all groups would probably see a much higher death rate from repeated exposure to the virus, due to a larger infected sector of the population. The death rate among younger health care workers illustrates this.
  4. I was meaning that the EU beaurocrats in Brussels, have just woken up to the fact that their European dream is under threat. Certainly not much evidence of them showing any leadership, or co-ordinating any relief efforts, other than printing money. Difficult to say too much without getting political.
  5. The EU, as an organisation, has been notable by it's almost total absence throughout the Corona problem, until a couple of days ago. Now they have just woken up, but only because they are concerned about member countries doing their own thing and closing borders to protect their citizens.
  6. It fits with what I had heard previously about Germany classifying Corona deaths in a particular way. I don't know if this is accurate, but the story was that elderly patients with serious existing medical conditions and a poor prognosis who test positive for Corona and then die, would not necessarily be counted as a Corona death. Medically this would be perfectly sound logic because patients in those situations are actually dying from an accumulation and combination of factors, not simply from the Corona virus.
  7. Testing, or rather lack of it, is a very sore point in the UK. Every day for the last two weeks we have been told it's a priority and the authorities are determined to ramp it up. Just like the supply, or lack of it, of protective equipment for health workers. Just listened to todays government broadcast. Same old story. - 'We are ramping up supply'. Problem is government departments only work at one speed, and what they are beginning to do now, should have been completed two weeks ago.
  8. Staying away from the politics, comparisons between countries at different stages can be misleading for a variety of reasons. Each government has had to make judgements about the best time to start a lockdown. There has been a common view that it's an important control factor, but the best time to start is less obvious. The lockdown will probably be needed for longer than some of the public think. The longer the total time, the greater the possibility of public refusal to comply. Starting a few days earlier could have been ideal for several countries, but with increased risk of non compliance later, when the spread is at a much higher level.
  9. I'm not familiar with Skalarki units, other than hearing that they are quite good. I would guess they and the radio panel are treated like additional keypads, and coded so they remain discrete.
  10. Such sad news. He was always the voice of common sense, and so helpful to so many over the years.
  11. Yes, that is how I visualised it. Mine appeared in sequence when set up by FSUIPC. In operation I don't think the order makes any difference. Just housekeeping really, making it tidy. It's not an isue in most cases, but is more relevant if you have a long list of controls, which quickly happens in a home cockpit. There are multiple interface cards, each covering more than one control, so after a couple of years, when a fault appears, you can't remember which wires go where, and everything is hidden away. So as I discovered, it's best to be methodical, label things, keep some notes, and maintain a logical approach with everything, including configuration files.
  12. For some reason the order is a bit mixed up, but the essentials are there. You can reorder it by simply cutting and pasting, but take a copy of this section first, in case anything is deleted by accident. Arrange them so that lines A to D are in sequence at the top, with the guid for each one on the line below the control it refers to. This is important. Then rearrange the numbered list from 0 to 3, each with it's own guid, so they are below all the lettered items. You can leave a line space between the letter list and number list if you wish, but it's not necessary.
  13. Yes - change autoassign to =yes. I no longer use Saitek units, but from memory the throttle unit which comes with the quadrant, plugs into the base of that unit and shows as HID in FSUIPC, The throttle quadrant which Saitek sold as a seperate item uses a usb connection and shows as a usb.device. My sim controls are manufactured by me, using Bodnar interface cards, so my FSUIPC .ini file entries will be different. I just checked the file on my sim pc and there is just a single entry for each of my interface cards. If you have a single throttle quadrant you could try cancelling out one of the file entries - just put a double slash in front of the one which seems inappropriate, and see what happens. Then it's easy to reinstate it if needed. It may just be a feature of the Saitek interface to always show both.
  14. It's a good point because it's often missed. Users do not seem to realise that devices left idle for a while, will be powered down if they don't do as you suggest. Regarding the type of hub, it really depends what is being connecting. If there are a number of inputs connected to a single unpowered hub it can sometimes cause a slight lag or inconsistency. It usually shows up if several inputs are in use at the same time, For example joystick, throttle and rudder. But otherwise it will often be OK. Where controls with a number of led lights are used, the power requirement will increase, and these may be better in a powered hub.
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