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  1. Window key + G will bring up the info if you have XBox game bar installed with a bunch of other info.
  2. I had the same after the update. KRSW sunny with scattered clouds but all kinds of lightning.
  3. What would be the best upgrade to my current GTX-1080? Of course it would have to be compatible with my MB that I have now. Bob G.
  4. I fly for a virtual airline that for them to grade your landing as optimal you have to touch down between 100 and 300 FPM and within a certain distance from the threshold. I fly the 737-800 and on approach the localizer it will show I am too low and so will the VASI or PAPI lights. Should try to land just past the piano keys to be around 1200 feet at touchdown?
  5. Go to their place on Discord for all information. https://discordapp.com/channels/381504571136147465/458732999471661072
  6. Thanks for the help. I just went back to the static jetways for now.
  7. It's in the Imagiesim folder and in Program Data in the Sode folder. What are static jetways? I had to Sode jetways checked in the operations gui.
  8. I have Googled and searched forums and can't find an answer. Suddenly the jet ways for my Imaginesim version for P3DV4.5 have disappeared. I have the updated version. Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks in advance..
  9. Sad news. Jim was always there to assist when needed. Deepest sympathy to family and friend.
  10. Build 0228 is the latest build of SF.
  11. Hi Mike. Yes, I did download the latest driver and the manual came with the joystick in PDF form. I searched their website FAQ and couldn't find any help there. Like I said, it will go to full throttle but only retard them to about half way when moving the slider all the way back.
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