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  1. I found this if it's any help.
  2. The manual is located in the REXTD folder.
  3. Vineguy

    Pauses Finally Cured?

    If you have FSUIPC installed make sure you don't have "autosave" enabled. It will cause a pause while it enters the save.
  4. Vineguy

    P3D ILS Tower approache procs missing

    L&M didn't add new runways etc. to the default airports in the sim from what FSX had. I:E runway 10/28 for KATL don't exist in P3D and nor does there ILS frequency or heading.
  5. Vineguy

    ILS heading for KATL runway 28/10.

    There is a file in the library that includes runway 10/28 and the proper information that works. I also was surprised that P3D didn't include them.
  6. Vineguy

    ILS heading for KATL runway 28/10.

    The sim has the wrong heading. It should be 275 not 273 and for runway 10 it should be 95 not 093. The charts are correct, the sim is wrong.
  7. Vineguy

    ILS heading for KATL runway 28/10.

    Tried it again with the same results. Nav radio is tuned to 111.75 course heading set to 273.
  8. Vineguy

    ILS heading for KATL runway 28/10.

    Thanks for the reply. So, you are saying I should use the heading that is in the sim? I did that yesterday and I never captured the ILS on approach using 273 for rw 28. Maybe just a fluke.
  9. I have purchased Imaginsim KATL for FSX and also for P3DV4.3. If I look at the charts for runways 28/10 they are listed as 275 for RW28 and 95 for RW10. When I check the info for those runways in either sim using Imaginsim it lists them as 273 and 93. Which is correct? Thanks in advance.
  10. Vineguy

    Ap will not engage

    You really should read the manuals and the tutorials that come with the aircraft.
  11. Vineguy

    Update Prepar3dv4 4.3.29

    I thought the default install was c:\ProgramFiles/LockheedMartin/Prepar3DV4?
  12. Vineguy

    Incompatible P3D v4.3 addons

    Yes, no problems that I can see.
  13. Vineguy

    ATC not working

    Do a Google search and you will find a way to fix it until they come out with 4.3.
  14. Vineguy

    Can't download existing order.

    Thanks for the reply. Didn't see another page but was able to download it with Google instead of IE11.
  15. I have tried to download and existing order for a reinstall and when I click on download it will not start to download. Order number 211848. Any help would be appreciated. Bob Getterz