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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think we both use GMAIL.
  2. I was a beta tester back in 2020. I purchased MSFS from Microsoft Store. Much later, I found that I had to install Xbox to remove or install MSFS. Why did that change from me uninstalling or installing from Microsoft Store to now using Xbox? Can I remove Xbox from my system and still be able to install MSFS from MS store?
  3. I purchased a new computer and sold my old one. I removed MSFS 2020 before I sold the machine. Now when I install MSFS on my new computer it also installs it on my old machine. How do I tell the owner of the old machine to remove it? I imagine it has to do with the registry on the old machine? Thanks in advance.
  4. The difference must be windows 11. Years ago I installed the default B737-800 from FSX into P3d. It has worked fine for P3DV3, V4.5 and V5.4. The aircraft shows up fine but the elevators and ailerons don't work. Throttle and rudder and buttons work fine. I tried the PMDG 700NG but I didn't care for it. Most developers are not working on things for P3D like they are MSFS. I also have MSFS and I use the Bredok B737-800 MAX for that sim. I sure wish there was a work around to make the elevators and ailerons work in W11.
  5. Thanks. I did that, no change. I noticed that it's only some aircraft that have the problem. Perhaps do a fresh install may work.
  6. Thanks for the reply, but there is no power management in the properties on that tab.
  7. Buttons work fine. Throttle and rudder axis work fine. Just the elevators and ailerons barely move.
  8. I have tried MS Sidewinder Pro and Thrustmaster 1600. Calibrated using using P3D control calibration. Problem is with all aircraft. All worked fine with W10.
  9. Yesterday I installed P3DV5.4 on a new machine running Windows 11. After setting up my joystick and calibrating, none of my control surfaces work except the axis for the rudder. I tried another joystick, same issue. Any ideas? Bob G.
  10. I am using it for V5.4 and it does raise my viewpoint higher for landings etc.
  11. From the old FSX days I use "control+q" to raise the eye point and "control+shift+q" to lower it. Works great. Bob G.
  12. When you say COPY the following, I assume you mean to remove the existing and replace with new that you show. Or do you mean to COPY the new lines below the existing lines?
  13. I copied the link you have listed and it takes me to a web page. I am confused. Is there some where in the MSFS files I should be looking to find that? Ok. Found where to find it. I deleted the original and entered the new lines and I still don't have my VS displayed on the autopilot.
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