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  1. Just realized that I wrote "activate" instead of "enable"🙈 So, what happens is that whenever I change settings within Envdir/Envtex and start Prepar3D, I get a pop-up window asking me to enable Active Sky. Wish I had spotted the mistake earlier, now it's too late to edit the post😝
  2. Hello! I did a clean re-install of Prepar3D a few weeks ago and proceeded to download Envtex. All components seemed to be downloaded flawlessly and the installation was carried out without incident. However, everytime I change settings in Envdir/Envtex and fire up Prepar3D, I get a pop-up window asking me if I want to activate Active Sky. Anyone else who is experiencing this or has a solution? Regards, Viggo.
  3. Ah, maybe it's normal then👍 Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hello there! I'm just wondering... When I press shift+1 while in the Aerosoft DC-8, I thought a 2D version of the main panel would pop up, but instead, the view tilts upwards. Does this happen to anyone else too? Viggo
  5. Sorry for the late reply!😅 Could have been one indeed. but I checked the page today and it loaded just fine and there were no warnings at all👍 Thanks for the reply!🍻
  6. Hello! When I try to enter the HiFi website (hifisimtech.com), Firefox warns that someone is trying to mimic the website and that the website's certificate isn't reliable. Does ayone else get this warning too? Viggo
  7. Oh, really? Where did you read this, couldn't find it in the product description?🍻 Understand why haha😆 Yeah, will take some time to think and decide which one to buy👍 Thanks for the input?
  8. Ah, understand! There are quite some liveries available today though, in the Avsim library, TOGA Projects have a few and the Flight1 library too. Yeah, I'm very tempted to buy the PMDG haha, but the cost isn't very appealing😅 Thanks for your reply! Yeah, leaning more towards the PMDG then, but the cost is the problem hehe😝 I actually looked at the CS 777 before, but the interior texturing just isn't holding up to today's standards imo, and the systems aren't very well modelled from what I've heard. I agree on the exterior texturing though, wow!😍 The 787 is a bit too modern for my liking tbh, but the visuals are stunning and the price tag is great!🔥 Thanks for the reply!
  9. Yeah, gotya guys! This is a tough decision haha!😆 Thanks for the feedback!🍻
  10. Good evening! Lately I have been keeping my eyes on the iFly B747, however I have a question: How is the external texturing and modelling of the different models and variants? I have read a few reviews on Avsim and Flightsim.com giving positive feedback on the systems depth and the internal texturing and modelling. But how is the external texturing and modelling? Based on pictures and videos the texturing seems a bit so-so, but I can't really comment on the modelling work. Would really appreciate if you could share your opinons and thoughts on this aspect!🍻 Some screenies would also be appreciated! Regards, Viggo
  11. My bad, it was actually working haha😅
  12. Hello! Recently bought the Captain Sim 737, quite happy with it, but I don't seem to use the ACE properly. As suggested, this is how I use it: 1) Fire up Prepar3D. 2) Open the ACE, change the pax and cargo load, press the save button and close the ACE. 3) Select the 737. 4) Load a flight. But when I check the fuel and payload menu in Prepar3D the load is still the default one🤔 What am I doing wrong? Kind regards, Viggo.
  13. No worries✌️ That would be fantastic! Understand that it must take some time to upload the files😅 Best regards, Viggo.
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