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  1. @JasonPC @qqwertzde @Mace @thibodba57 @Reader Thank you so much guys! I feel more than convinced to buy the Aerosoft DC-8 now! Great to hear your experiences with the aircraft- both the Aerosoft and the Just Flight model. Also great to know what to expect from Aerosoft's DC-8 and the plane's systems!👍 Regards, Viggo.
  2. Howdy! I have lately been tempted to buy the DC-8 for Prepar3D v4. But I can't decide whether I should buy the Just Flight or the Aerosoft DC-8. I have combined feelings for both dev's aircraft. The Aerosoft DC-8 doesn't have a fully functional cockpit with non-functional buttons. And the "button action" sounds seem to be "Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V" from the Airbus. Maybe not a biggie for the most, but I consider it to have a great impact on the immersion. The textures are fabulous though! But not enough to convince me to buy their DC-8. I have read through the "Aerosoft DC-8 vs Just Flight DC-8" topic, where Aerosoft seemed to be far superior over Just Flight's buggy model. This was discussed more than a year ago, so have Just Flight taken action and "fixed" their DC-8 for Prepar3D v4 under this period? Another cone are the cockpit textures- have they been enhanced or even reworked for Prepar3D v4? I have only come across FSX videos showcasing the Just Flight model except for two which showcase the aircraft in Prepar3D. Sadly, the tutorial flight shows that the cockpit textures haven't been improved. But the video is from 2017, so I am uncertain if the cockpit has remained unimproved since. But the other video seems promising though. The cockpit looks stunning with Tomato Shade during dusk/sunset! But I also want to see the cockpit with Tomato Shade during day-time! All opinions and thoughts are appreciated! Regards, Viggo.
  3. I have uploaded some screenies as per your request, sir.😏
  4. Screenies: https://imgur.com/tLkf2Sr https://imgur.com/9GoY2eo https://imgur.com/aV7WhEX
  5. I'll upload a couple when I come home.😉
  6. Hi there! Since there isn't a reflection profile available for the latest update, I decided to make a custom reflection profile, with some inspiration from iniBuild's SkySpirit 767 reflection profiles, for the PW20XX model. Reflection profile for the 4-door-model to follow! Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7o0fjuu8teg3d83/CS757 PW20XX.profile?dl=0 Enjoy! Viggo
  7. I will just leave this project and focus on Captain Sim instead then.😄
  8. - Change values in the FMC to make it as accurate as possible for the exterior model. Hmm... I'll get in touch with Captain Sim and PMDG and ask them for permission if anyone comes up with a software recommendation. Thank you, I didn't know that this could potentially be illegal.😅
  9. Hello! So I have been working on 2 aircraft merges for Prepar3D v4- SkySpirit 767 model merged with the Captain SIm 757 cockpit and Boeing 737-300 model merged with the PMDG 737 cockpit. The real challenge for me is to somehow program the FMC with proper weights, fuel comsumption, V-speeds, etc for respective aircraft. Is there a freeware software for this type of "project" ? Do you have any tips and tricks when programming an FMC? Regards, Viggo.
  10. *Topic Solved* There was a setting in Chaseplane "Pause Motion Effects (Scroll)" which was ticked.
  11. Hello! I noticed a strange bug with Chaseplane & the Captain Sim 757 today. I flew from Stockholm to New York when Chaseplane suddenly froze when I turned the heading knob. I also turned the course knob and the same thing happened. I am experiencing the same bug now during the return flight. I de-activated the experimental version option, but with no help. I realized that when I turned down the wind effect, the problem was gone.🤔 Is there an easy solution to this? I really don't want to re-install the application since it has taken time to configure views & motion effects. P.S. This bug only occurs with the 757. Thanks in advance! Viggo
  12. Hi! I discovered today that the UK is missing dynamic vegetation when I flew from Innsbruck to London: https://imgur.com/a/XcUME9w But the dynamic vegetation works okay in Innsbruck: https://imgur.com/a/1yrWTIM Is there a way to fix this issue? And one more thing: - Why is the autogen green when there should be winter textured autogen? I have TreesX to get HD trees in Prepar3D. Thanks in advance! Viggo
  13. Hello! I have been experiencing an issue where default autogen buildings are spawned onto the airport area and in the terminal to the left of RWY 31. I compared the aiport with the Demo one, which didn't have this issue, and it seems that the KLGA_LIB file is the cause. I have had this issue since I first installed the scenery back in July and I posted the issue in the DD Support Forum, but Stanislaw didn't know what was causing the weird spawning of the autogen. Can this be fixed with ADE? Screenie of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/gbYAK2G Regards Viggo
  14. Hi @leghorn! Your sky textures look incredible! May you share the link again? Regards! Viggo
  15. This is how it looks like: https://imgur.com/a/RbksL1K https://imgur.com/a/3bhqpOn https://imgur.com/a/bSbzQOr You can really see the layers if you zoom in on the image.🤔
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