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  1. Alright, thanks for your replies, everyone! If it goes on sale any time soon, I will pick it up for P3D then! Kind regards, Viggo
  2. Hi everyone! Just wondering if owners of the Leonardo Maddog for P3D receive a discount on the Leonardo Maddog for MSFS 2020? Kind regards, Viggo.
  3. I'm also slightly confused about how the prices are displayed, however, I believe that those are sale prices; IIRC, their P3D airports are usually priced at 16 bucks, now they are priced at 11,50 Kind regards, Viggo
  4. Oh, ya, you are completely right about the application of taxes at Orbx. For my part, the VAT was applied only after I logged in to my account. Cheers! Surprised that Keflavik only costs 10 euros for you at Simmarket, cool! Yep, Simmarket's already got them included. Agreed about the orbs, however, orbs can be combined with real money in purchases, saw a post about that in their forums recently. On a side note, I'm also quite disappointed that, as a loyal Orbx customer of whom I've made many purchases, I only received 120 orbs; as every other Orbx customer. Kind regards, Viggo.
  5. Hello! Is it possible to get this fantastic mod to work in Prepar3D v4.5 HF 3 with the free version of FSUIPC? Kind regards, Viggo.
  6. Drzewiecki Design are hosting a sale at Orbx and simMarket, with up to 40 % off their products: https://orbxdirect.com/partner/drzewiecki-design and https://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design.mhtml The prices are slightly lower at Orbx. The sale ends in 15 hours and 13 hours, respectively. Kind regards, Viggo.
  7. LatinVFR are hosting a sale, with about 60 % off several of their products at their webstore! : https://latinvfr.com/ Can't find info about the end date of the sale. Kind regards, Viggo.
  8. Hey all! As the title says, Flightbeam Studios are hosting a sale: https://shop.flightbeam.net/ However, I can't seem to find info about the end date of it. Kind regards, Viggo.
  9. Note that the prices are much lower at Orbx: https://orbxdirect.com/partner/mk-studios An example: Keflavik costs 17 euros at Simmarket whilst it only costs 8 euros over at Orbx. And on a side note, Orbx is also offering 2x orbs on purchases at their site until "03 October 2022 at 01:00Z". Kind regards, Viggo.
  10. On their webshop: https://latinvfr.com/. They are also hosting a sale on Simmarket, although a much smaller one; only 30% off their products over there. /Viggo
  11. 12 hours only, today (21st of December) from 09:00Z to 21:00Z! https://www.captainsim.com/
  12. I hope I'm not too late with my reply by now, but I'd highly recommend checking out MatthiasKNU at fsxforum.de. He has created photoreal scenery + autogen covering the entire Africa- for free. Viggo
  13. Sorry for the late reply, rmeier😅 I'll be keeping an eye out for the sale!🍻 I actually picked up their 757 base pack during their christmas sale a couple of years ago, when it was priced at 15 bucks. Hopefully they'll have a similar discount this christmas! IIRC, they planned to release an update for their 757 after the release of their 767 freighter, but I might be wrong. Agreed, smh at their latest releases🤧 Viggo
  14. I actually bought the QW 757 a while back, but unfortunately, I had to ask for a refund since the functionality was too simplistic for me. I don't have X-Plane at the moment, but who knows what the future holds ;)
  15. I had an issue much alike this one in earlier versions of Prepar3D. Adjusting the mesh resolution solved it for me. Viggo
  16. Thanks for the replies, everyone! I'll pass the buy and I'll keep my eyes out for another freighter😊 Regards, Viggo.
  17. Hey guys! I'm on the verge of buying the Captain Sim 757 Freighter Essential, but apparantly, only the PF version with PW2037 engines comes with it. So my question is: Are liveries made for the SF and PCF versions with both PW2037s and 2040s compatible with it?
  18. Just realized that I wrote "activate" instead of "enable"🙈 So, what happens is that whenever I change settings within Envdir/Envtex and start Prepar3D, I get a pop-up window asking me to enable Active Sky. Wish I had spotted the mistake earlier, now it's too late to edit the post😝
  19. Hello! I did a clean re-install of Prepar3D a few weeks ago and proceeded to download Envtex. All components seemed to be downloaded flawlessly and the installation was carried out without incident. However, everytime I change settings in Envdir/Envtex and fire up Prepar3D, I get a pop-up window asking me if I want to activate Active Sky. Anyone else who is experiencing this or has a solution? Regards, Viggo.
  20. Ah, maybe it's normal then👍 Thanks for the reply!
  21. Hello there! I'm just wondering... When I press shift+1 while in the Aerosoft DC-8, I thought a 2D version of the main panel would pop up, but instead, the view tilts upwards. Does this happen to anyone else too? Viggo
  22. Sorry for the late reply!😅 Could have been one indeed. but I checked the page today and it loaded just fine and there were no warnings at all👍 Thanks for the reply!🍻
  23. Hello! When I try to enter the HiFi website (hifisimtech.com), Firefox warns that someone is trying to mimic the website and that the website's certificate isn't reliable. Does ayone else get this warning too? Viggo
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