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  1. Each time I logout of FSX I get this error message and it keeps coming back even after pressing Run Now. I have Windows 10 Creator's Update (the first one) running FSX with Acceleration, and I am logged in as the administrator. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AiZXGlIfeoh8isBw0_60l_-2UdqTgQ
  2. This is a new FSX install and Windows 10. I have Win 10 Creator's Update running FSX with Acceleration, several plane addons, and that's it. Everytime I exit FSX I get this notification. I've right clicked on the Properties of the FSX Shortcut and adjusted the compatibility mode (I tried Win 7 and Vista) but I still get this notification after I exit FSX everytime. Any idea how to get rid of this notification? Thanks.
  3. Obviously a newbie question: Using XP11 and the Logitech wireless gamepad which works great in FSX, I am unable to control the default Cessna. On taxi, it wants to go left even though I've set right trim using ']'. On flight, the aircraft yo-yo's and rolls continuously, even after applying the pitch and roll trim controls (1,2,8,9,0). I also set the keys for auto-wing level and altitude hold to no effect. Finally, is there a way to display the auto-pilot status on screen and a method to slew in chase mode (please don't mention map mode - I know.). I never had this problem in FSX. Please advice. Thank you. P.S. A first impression: I like the way XP renders the roads. Much better than FSX.
  4. I tried using the Dropbox site for the image. But it was a no-go. And I tried several times. First as a jpg and secondly as a png image file. I also googled and read-up on Avsim and uploading images but the icons they refer to does not work for me or I can't find them in my browser. I'm using Windows 10 and Chrome. Shouldn't Dropbox work here too? How did you get the 'images upload' link above? I just bought the Lorby-SI's AITracker X program on the basis of how well WAMA worked. I have not read up on AITX yet but I suspect that it will need to run in the background too. There are other programs which run in background (like a weather program). It'd be nice if the the WAMA database or portions of it can be converted or compiled to a bgl file or something similar so that it does not need to run as a background program in order to display items in the simobjects folder as static objects.
  5. What's the point of owning a lot of aircraft if you can't view them all at once? To borrow a quote: " a picture is worth a thousand words". The latest program upgrade, v1.02 will let you easily display static objects. The picture below includes two static objects: a Boeing 777 from the WOAI traffic program and a destroyer. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovtbucu9slcs52s/Wama.png?dl=0 I can't recommend this gem of a program highly enough. P.S. How does one post actual images (not just links) in this forum?
  6. Balancing between simple instructions vs. too detailed is an art so you have my best wishes. For me, I like the kiss principle (simple but complete ie..as in the 3 c's ...complete, concise, and clear). Talking about the kiss principle, what is the '-SI' in Lorby-SI? Why not just keep it to a simple 'Lorby'? Nothing wrong with it. :-)
  7. Hi, thank you for the quick reply. Yes, I read the manual. And yes, it was unclear to me but your reply above "if you want to access the WAMA window, you have to put FSX into windowed mode or Alt&Tab to the WAMA window when using P3D" now makes it clear. With regards to your question about what to expect -- I was expecting to see some kind of fpositive eedback documented in the manual (like the color will change or the 'Connect' will change to 'Connected'). With regards to a misunderstanding -- no I understood 'what' WAMA is supposed to do but not the 'how'. However, I was able to follow the bullet points you listed above and those bullet points clarified the 'how' part. I think future users will appreciate a change that you said will be made in the manual. Lastly, if I had another question, should I ask them here or on the website? I am unclear as to how to differentiate between a question that should be asked here that might benefit the WAMA community in general as a opposed to a question that should be asked in private as a tech support question that belongs in the website. I would think the former option is less work for tech support since that method would help avoid answering the same question over and over again by tech support. Again, I really appreciate the quick reply.
  8. I'm a newbie to WAMA. I quickly read the WAMA manual and have a lot of questions. This manual is version 1.01, dated Feb 2017 and came with the download. WAMA is not as intuitive as it probably could have been. For example, nowhere in the manual does it make clear that the flight simulator (sim) and WAMA have to run concurrently in separate windows (ie. the sim has to be in windowed mode). 1. On a guess, I launched the sim and then WAMA. So now I have both running in separate windows. I select a default aircraft in the sim, select an airport, and the sim takes the aircraft I selected to the active runaway of the airport. Now what? I press 'Connect' in WAMA as instructed in the manual (fourth bulleted item in page 7) but nothing happens. 2. Also in the manual in page 7 (the next bulleted item), it says "import your saved flights". What saved flights? I don't have any saved flights. Does this mean that I need to create a saved flight first for each plane that I want to import? Any saved flight? Can I used a saved flight from another SIM (ie. FSX or P3D or FSE)? I didn't want to proceed and play the guessing game so I thought I'd post here instead. I hope someone provides some kind of step-by-step tutorial or walk-through, and take away the frustration. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Nice pictures! How long did it take you to compose and grab the first picture? Would you be able to go back and say change one or two planes fin the picture for other planes in WAMA?
  10. Can someone show a sample picture showing aircraft on display parked side by side? For example, a picture showing all the default planes in FSX parked alongside each other like in a museum? Perhaps, a line of large commercial jets parked somewhere. I'd love to be able to see a size comparison of these planes as well as the ones I have. Also, is there a limit to how many of the planes in the simobjects folder that can be displayed alongside each other. By the way, I took a look at SimMarket. I indicated that I'm in the US but the site still displayed prices in Euros (I'm new to the site. Shouldn't it show US dollars instead)? Thanks.
  11. Is there a list of planes available that have been tested to work with WAMA? I think a list of compatible planes will make the buying decision easier. I'm hoping the planes from the following developers can be displayed without issues or at most little modifications: 1. A2A planes 2. Carenado and Alabeo planes 3. RealAir Thank you.
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