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  1. Sadly I have to agree. Envshade is useless if you’re using EA at night. And it doesn’t look like that’s changing.
  2. It works for me, and I didn't do anything special about it (with ORBX). Lights extending into the distance has greatly increased my immersion during night flying. I still think it's a little expensive but I'm okay with it.
  3. I don't quite understand what this does. It adds lights to autogen and roads? But doesn't ORBX night lighting and ORBX Vector basically provide something similar? What would this add if I already have ORBX Base and Vector installed?
  4. Is that anywhere close to being released and not a year off?
  5. I can't get over the ridiculously low-resolution textures of the Justflight L-1011. When you can't even read the switch labels in the FE panel, it's worrying.
  6. Is this something that seems like a proper release of a product that'll be finished or does this seem like them trying to at least cash in on some work they've done before moving to MSFS?
  7. You get what you pay for.
  8. This. Good luck! Very happy with my 2080Ti, but if it breaks I'm doomed. 😛
  9. Does the cockpit shadow setting work for you guys? I find cockpits in P5D way too dark but I don’t see much of a difference with Envshade. And the way the setting is worded I’m not even sure if you need to move the slider to the left or to the right to have a brighter cockpit.
  10. Check out this... beauttiful... landing. Starts at 2:51:41.
  11. This is just absolutely ridiculous behavior by Aerosoft... wow. Hans has been released multiple iterations of this plane and it's STILL so word not allowed buggy. It's a disgrace, really. And then they treat customers like that...
  12. For what it’s worth I haven’t seen anything like this in three flights since the update. Worked just fine for me.
  13. Has been there since the Pro X was released.
  14. Same but that version I’ll probably not watching in videos for a laugh and certainly not spend any money on.
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