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  1. Having this issue as well now. The lights worked every time at first and now suddenly they almost never work. Haven't changed a thing about the installation. It's rather frustrating. 😕
  2. I don't think there is a way to just change them all at once. Wouldn't hurt for them to add a cruise level setting, huh? One thing I do wonder is: Do you have to change them to your actual Cruise Level to see a Top of Descent? I've never seen one and I wouldn't even know where to look.
  3. It's definitely just Reshade. Uninstalling Reshade fixed it. Sorry for wasting your time! 😉
  4. I've just never used it before in any other plane. The files are there and now I'm thinking it might be an issue with ReShade. (not surprising, I know :p)
  5. Just got the Falcon and I'm really happy with it. Only issue I have is I can't get the kneeboard to work. See image. All I get is an empty frame, no matter which of the options at the top I click. Anybody got an idea how I can fix that?
  6. Crazy how fast this plane turned into a meme already. It's absolutely rubbish it seems. Watching Youtubers deal with the incredibly buggy FMC has been quite amusing. Sadly I own an SSG product (the E-Jets) and I think the FMC is just the same under the hood because it's these very same bugs that have been around for years. SSG just can't do it. At this point I'm convinced they just lack the skills to get either coding or graphics right. It's an embarrassment that this kind of product is even sold on the org store. But hey, if they don't like the criticism of it in the forums, they just delete posts and ban posters.
  7. The first time I bought it, I asked for a refund and returned it. With the update, I've decided to re-purchase it and give it another shot. And I have zero regrets, I am absolutely loving it. I feel like I can now really trust FMC and autopilot to do what it's supposed to be doing. The VNAV is more reliable, the speedbrakes work as expected, FPS performance is improved on my system, stability not an issue anymore. There are still a few issues (why do engines not always go to idle when i'm above the vnav path? My engines once shut down mid-flight due to some super-bizarre bug that apparently happens when a Carenado model is loaded on vatsim?), but all things considered it's become a rather fantastic product. The attention to detail is lovely and the developers appear to be making an effort to keep improving it while engaging with the customers.
  8. To be perfectly honest, it's your posts that come across as overly defensive. The poster you are addressing has provided his reasoning and whether or not you agree with said reasoning, it's pretty dismissive (and frankly a rhetorical cheap shot) to belittle the reasoning as "emotional" in an attempt to make his point appear irrelevant without actually addressing any of them. I don't really have strong feelings here, I've bought PMDG products and I am currently using them but your behavior in public certainly has an influence on future purchase decisions. Regarding the pricing... it's ultimately your choice. I don't criticize companies for the pricing decisions they make. You're perfectly entitled to go with the pricing you think makes sense for your products while I'm perfectly entitled to not buy the product if I have a different view. The reasoning for having to pay the full price for the 747 again certainly left a bitter taste in my mouth because the P3D version is not a completely new development and the added costs of having to provide support for future versions of P3D is something all other developers are dealing with as well. I did end up buying it. Will I do it for other products? Unlikely because again... I'm perfectly entitled to decide when I've had enough of a specific pricing policy. Whether or not it works out for you, that's not for me to decide.
  9. I'd love to know this as well because it drove me nuts. It's like the speed brakes never had the desired effect, even slowing the descent rate instead of the speed. Engine idle descent also didn't seem to work correctly in general. This and the stability issues got me to get a refund from the vendor. I really did enjoy hand-flying it, though, and it's a pretty bird so I'd absolutely consider buying it again when/if it's in a better state.
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