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  1. Definitely not worth it. Mostly abandoned and the developer is notorious for not being able to fix bugs. It’s also ugly, sounds bad and has bad performance. And Aerosoft couldn’t care less about P3D
  2. It’s just fascinating this happens at all because it must be related to how the images are inserted with them just showing as spacer.png on some phones. But don’t let that keep you from writing passive-aggressive replies. 😉
  3. The price seems fine in the current market when I look at recent P3D and XP addons. I can't wait to be honest.
  4. I guess they got tired of people asking about the missing KSUN fix they promised like a year ago but that never happened no matter how often you ask, despite it being listed and sold as compatible with P3D5.
  5. But that's the thing. Communication is messy because he changes what he says all the time. There's no need for you to make excuses for his marketing spin. He says whatever will sound good to customers at the time of posting. When he was trying to sell the 200ER, he told people the virtual cockpit update is incoming soon-ish. Then suddenly it all depends on the MSFS development when originally he states only the full next version of the 777 is dependent on MSFS development, not the cockpit. I'm amazed people still fall for Randazzo's posts. Randazzo and Aerosoft's big Kok are infamous for their long posts that look like they're being transparent when in reality it's all just marketing drivel. They're the worst guys in the flight sim scene when it comes to that.
  6. I remember FlyTampa stated that devs set lower prices for MSFS compared to P3D because they expected much bigger sales numbers but that it didn’t turn out that way. Now they’re stuck with the low pricing model but the sales aren’t actually fantastic.
  7. That's a bit disheartening. All I see there are areas the NGXu is better at: engine spool times and ground friction in the iFly won't see a fix because they refuse to work outside the sim logic, and there's no rain effects. The only positive I found is the sound but I've got the sound pack for the NGXu so I doubt I'll see an improvement.
  8. This amazes me as well. The community can be so nitpicky about the smallest things when it comes to systems accuracy and then when it comes to MSFS and the FBW they're just... okay with it. I'm used to the FSLabs. I've tried the FBW a few times. There's just no way I can live with its shortcomings. I appreciate the effort they put in but oh god... some of the basics are just so poor.
  9. I've never spent more money on P3D addons than I did in 2021. Broad brushes and so on.
  10. Exactly. Which is why I always find it bizarre when people on this forum act as spokespersons or spin doctors for Randazzo.
  11. Randazzo on 9 Jan 2021: "We are planning a full virtual cockpit replacement and work on that is underway but will take half the year to accomplish." No mention of it being connected to any MSFS work. On 25 Dec 2020 he mentioned that a completely NEW version replacing the current P3D 777 product will be worked on when they get around to working on the MSFS product. This had nothing to do with improving the current P3D 777 cockpit. This was about an entirely new version of the 777 built from the ground up. Get your facts straight at least.
  12. Oh, I must not have gotten the memo when I invested in two of your products recently. Wish I'd known that earlier that I was supposed to move on and not buy any of your P3D stuff since you won't be working on them anymore. Fun fact: I own your RAAS, 777, Mad Dog, NGXu, 747 individually, and now the "All P3D stuff" products. That's also the last money you'll ever have seen from me since you're telling me "the world has moved on". 🙂 I will remember that should I ever actually move on to MSFS which isn't unlikely at some point.
  13. For the people who own both the iFly and the NGXu: What do you think each product does better than the other? I’m happy to get rid of PMDG and was gonna get the iFly once a Max is released but maybe I’ll switch earlier if there’s a good reason.
  14. I don’t know how many times Randazzo has now said the LNAV update is now been given to testers and if it’s good, they’ll release it after. I have read this first quite a few months ago. I would treat Randazzo’s promises as what they are. Pure marketing. He’s been talking about this update coming “soon” for more than a year. And remember the 777 cockpit update that’s coming in 2021… oh wait… never.
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