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  1. If the way you conduct yourself on Twitch is the same as over here, color me totally unsurprised by the fact you got banned.
  2. Isn't this thread about the 32-bit Concorde and not some trip reports in previous planes?
  3. Edit: Nevermind, will try some more first
  4. I'm trying to create Streamdeck button or script for the various ground handling options like opening the main door and connecting the GPU. And even though I can see the LVAR (L:HJET_EXIT_OPEN) in AAO, I just can't seem to figure out how to actually use it. I've been trying in various ways. Like just having an event like L:HJET_EXIT_OPEN with the value 1. But also tried creating a script like (L:HJET_EXIT_OPEN,·Number)1(>L:HJET_EXIT_OPEN,·Number). Or stuff like: 1 (L:HJET_EXIT_OPEN, Number) - (>L:HJET_EXIT_OPEN, Number). Tried Bool as well but nothing works.
  5. Changing the port fixed it. Thanks a lot. The script works as well.
  6. Looks like that's the issue. I've added incoming and outgoing rules for the ports in use and restarted the PC but that hasn't helped. I'll see what I can do.
  7. I did, yeah. No luck, sadly. Restarted Stream Deck and AAO since then as well (admin mode).
  8. There was a typo in one of the two for the last test but it was correct before and is correct now... I think?
  9. You're right of course. I'm afraid the call from the Stream Deck software still doesn't work even after fixing that aspect. Looks like I'm still doing something wrong with the call. The script itself works.
  10. I'm afraid I'm still learning and struggling. I've created the script in AAO and it works just fine when testing it in AAO. Trying to call the script in the Stream Deck plugin on the other hand keeps failing. Using an S: event with the entire script didn't work for me either. I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong.
  11. I’ll try that later, thanks for the great support!
  12. I only just bought AAO for my new Stream Deck Plus and despite researching I just can’t seem to get how LVAR manipulating works for the rotaries in the AAO SD plug-in. I’m trying to assign one rotary dial to change the altitude knob that only has an associated LVAR (L:HJET_AP_ALT_VAR). Nothing I do seems to do the trick. So far I’ve tried to create events for counter-clockwise and clockwise turns, assigned those to “L:HJET_AP_ALT_VAR, Number” with a value of 100 but apparently that’s just totally wrong and I’m a noob. Help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve spent hours looking for an answer.
  13. The A310 with its tiny wings might not be a great glider but it climbed like a rocket with those overpowered engines.
  14. They've now got everybody working on the 737 line for MSFS. After that they'll probably focus on getting the next plane out for MSFS. It's possible they'd theoretically like the update to make it to P3D but their priorities lie elsewhere and I don't see them diverting developer attention away from their MSFS line of products in the next 2-3 years. They'll be very busy getting the other planes ready and fixing bugs.
  15. Even if many people end up complaining on PMDG's forum, what'll happen is that they'll get more of Randazzo's vague promises but nothing will happen. After all, he's been promising the update for years now and there's even less willingness to actually get it done now. I also bought the 737 and 777 in 2020 thinking they're not great but the LNAV and 777 VC update are on the way "soon", and now they're not coming at all. I do feel misled as a customer. Randazzo can compare himself to Michelangelo in all his grandeur (comparing the NG3 to the Sistine Chapel, sheesh...), but I'm simply done doing any business with PMDG. Their products aren't even top of the line anymore anyway. They're several steps below FSLabs, Leonardo and Majestic in P3D and the 737-700 (that I got for "free" with my NGXu credit) flies like a little Cessna, it's bad. Much prefer the NGXu over the MSFS version in many aspects. The Fenix feels a heck of a lot better. PMDG isn't even remotely close to the standard of quality you get from toto in the Hot Start Challenger for example, an addon that blew my mind after many years of flightsimming.
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