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  1. Matthew James de Bohun

    Cloud base/ scaling

    Ok not sure where to post this as it concerns multiple platforms and addons! Something I've noticed whilst using FSX with Active Sky Next and REX texture direct on my old system out here in Hungary is that the cloud base/ scaling feels quite realistic in that it gives you a good sense of altitude. However on my new system back in the UK with Active Sky for P3D and REX skyforce the cloud base and scaling often leave it feeling like i am only just skimming the cloud tops. Has anyone else noticed this and is there a reason for it?
  2. Matthew James de Bohun

    Loading a Flightplan in v4.3

    Yes i noticed that but i use pro ATC so not a problem.
  3. Matthew James de Bohun


    With regards to the search aspect of things i often find that unhelpful. Usually end up with a multi page thread where the conversation quickly goes off on a tangent leaving the answer you are looking for buried away somewhere! Or if you do reply then further conversation is cut off as the thread is locked as a necro. At least that's my experience of forums in general! Anyway back on topic and for version 5 I'd like them to basically start from scratch and rewrite the engine. Feature wise I'd like to see contoured runways, realistic cloud scaling and vastly improves night lighting. Also would be nice to have some user friendly airport editing tools. So yeah not a big wish list then!
  4. Matthew James de Bohun

    Wacky views at altitude

    Totally agree. The cloud scaling is something that really needs addressing because it really kills the immersion for me.
  5. Matthew James de Bohun

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I used to have a pause when flying into Gatwick. Once I disabled SODE for it then it stopped the pause!
  6. Matthew James de Bohun

    South South America

    I've had this exact same problem when flying to Quito from Amsterdam. I tries the route twice and both times the sim freezes as i got near the IPI waypoint. I have Orbx south America as well and was flying the PMDG 777 I have a thread open on the P3D forum You might want to post your situation there. Onr thing i noticed is the sim uses the old ICAO for Quito and the FMC uses the new ICAO. Not sure if that could be causing a conflict.
  7. Matthew James de Bohun

    Night lighting brightness

    Is there any way to increase the brightness and bloom of just the street lighting without it effecting the lights in the cockpit etc?
  8. Matthew James de Bohun

    GSX V2 Announced- SODE Jetways and Animated Passengers

    I like how everyone is gently strolling towards the plane instead of the mad dash to get to the steps first that you tend to get in reality!!
  9. Matthew James de Bohun

    Repeat CTDs on apprach to SEQM

    Just tried the same flight again and have had exactly the same happen. As soon as I approach the IPI waypoint it just freezes up. I can still hear the engines and pro atc x but the sim is frozen and goes not responding!
  10. Matthew James de Bohun

    Please suggest a good add on for a UK international aiprort

    As others have said Manchester is good. If you like the 737 then you could always go for Stansted as well as Ryanair have a wide selection of destinations from there.
  11. Matthew James de Bohun

    Repeat CTDs on apprach to SEQM

    I just have the Orbx South America LC and vector for there. I'm guessing it may be an issue elsewhere. I've tried the suggestion from Dylan so hopefully that will work out when I retry that flight at some point. Fortunately I'd been using time acceleration. I think I'd have lost my mind if I'd sat there for 12 hours to have that happen at the end!! 😄
  12. Matthew James de Bohun

    Repeat CTDs on apprach to SEQM

    Flying from EHAM to SEQM in the PMDG 777. Other addons include orbx South America LC. Rex skyforce. Active sky, pro atc x, PTA. No error message it just freezes followed by a not responding. Tried setting it up again from the same location. Plane flew for 5 more mins and then the same freeze again. Not experienced anything like this anywhere else. anyone else experienced problems flying in this region?
  13. Matthew James de Bohun

    PRO-ATC after recent patches

    It's reasonable enough and works well most of the time. The only issues I have are that some of the chatter profiles I created seem active in areas where I did not set them to be. ie hearing Budapest ATC chatter in America!! Oh and despite the latest update that poor guy in Swiss air still keeps on diverting to Marseille!!! 😄
  14. Matthew James de Bohun

    FTX Europe regions for Q400

    If you want to have some "fun" there then try taking the Dash into London City airport!
  15. Matthew James de Bohun

    Is this shimmer normal

    The only way to reduce shimmering to an acceptable level is to use 8xSSAA I have found. Which does come at an FPS cost. Either that or get a 4k monitor apparently. Anything less than that and I get distant light and object shimmer and the runway edges at low angles just look terrible! 😞