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  1. I'm, having loads of issues with the Dash since P3D v5. They revolve around disabling the autopilot. Firstly I noticed If I did it with a key rather than click on the AP switch it would plunge me into the ground. I now have another issue where I disable the autopilot and the plane will not roll. The column will not even move for a roll, pitch and yaw,everything else is fine but no roll. Getting a bit miffed with it now to be honest!
  2. Maybe it is an over flare. I must admit I'm a bit out of practice having not flown it much recently. I'll look into the fuel as well. Usually I take what simbrief suggests.
  3. So I'm running P3Dv5.2, with active sky and Rex Skyforce. For some reason my PMDG has become a brick! I check the approach speed is right, I flare, use the right level of flaps etc but I just drops like a brick! I remember it always used to be quite floaty. Did the ground effect stop working or something? Really not sure what is up with it. I have the latest version of it installed as well! I've watched YouTube videos of others to see what's going on and they are landing fine I can't see that I am doing anything different. Really at a loss as to what is amiss, maybe an Active Sky setting? But I've not changed anything in that for ages!
  4. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of or blend better the ugly white band that is very noticeable on the horizon at low altitudes? I'm Using P3D v5.1 with Active Sky.
  5. So I finally got my alpha invite. However when I follow the instructions and try to download the xbox insider hub on my pc it doesn't let me and reckons I already own it! How can I get round this problem?
  6. I get as far as the screen where you choose v4 or v5 and then it just dissapears. I'll have a look when I can with your suggestions and see if that helps. Thanks!
  7. Sure I get that. If I had an issue with the clouds or occasional CTDs then fine. The fact I can't even launch the program when loads of others can suggests the issue may well be system specific. So some support to ensure that I had installed it correctly would have been appreciated. As it happens having installed this third version I still have the same issue. Seeing as it doesn't seem to be widely reported I doubt it's top of their fix list either. I've had issues with beta software in the past where the developers have been a lot more engaging in working with me towards a solution.
  8. Does it fix the issue of the program not even launching? I raised a ticket which ended up with me getting told to post on their forum for them to "monitor the issue". Things never progressed from there. Pretty poor really!!
  9. Similar happened to me but only after I had installed the hotfix. Had you changed anything or did it just happen?
  10. Only orbx. The airports are all default.
  11. I've seen grass on taxiways at various airports.
  12. I'm enjoying v5 for the most part. My only real complaints are HF1 hammered my fps for some reason. I posted about it on the P3D official forums hoping for some insight but haven't got anywhere. My only other issue being that active sky just will not launch. Again I've had a ticket open on that one for a while now with no solution so getting a bit frustrated. On the whole though I'm pleased with it. Just waiting for an fslabs update but all my other planes work.
  13. I like truesky but it definitely looks like something for the future. Once Rex make their stuff V5 compatible I'll probably switch back until truesky evolves to its potential.
  14. I'll have it load up but most of the options ghosted out. I then have to exit the sim reinstall it and it says it's fixed a corrupt configuration. Then it will work for a few flights at most before rinse and repeat!
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