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  1. Matthew James de Bohun

    Stutters / Pause every 13 seconds over London

    I had a pausing issue a while back over London. Turned out to be a SODE issue. When i disabled it for my Gatwick UK2000 scenery it stopped the problem.
  2. Matthew James de Bohun

    Aerosoft CRJ

    It's ok and has certainly improved. I still prefere the Tfdi 717 by a mile though.
  3. Matthew James de Bohun

    4.4 performance drop puzzles

    I've also experienced a notable performance drop. Stutters worse than ever as well. I've tried turning down shadows and aliasing settings but it made little to no difference at all!
  4. Matthew James de Bohun

    Is this shimmer normal

    Yeah i think it's reached the point where night lighting needs a major overhaul in P3D. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's really on their radar of things to do. If i want a good night time expereince then i just use X plane now and even that suffers from popping though but on the whole it's far better.
  5. Matthew James de Bohun

    [P3D v4] Instant replay issue

    On the fmc there is a page where you can load panel states. Such as cold and dark, engines running etc. It's under pmdg settings or options something like that. I forget the precise name sorry! From this page as well as loading a panel state you can also save one. So when you are on final approach for example just go to this page and click save. Give it a name like landing for example Then when you are parked up at the gate and want to replay go to this fmc page again and load the state you just saved. When you then replay you will see the flaps out. Spoilers and reversers deploy etc.
  6. Matthew James de Bohun

    [P3D v4] Instant replay issue

    You won't. Get Chaseplane as it has a replay mode. Then when you want to replay say a landing you need to configure the plane in landing profile. Quickest way to do this is to save a panel state as you are coming in to land. When you watch the replay then your spoilers and reversers should work.
  7. Matthew James de Bohun

    One of the elephants in the room with P3D

    Can't say i really notice the scenery popping and giant trees etc. What really still gets me is the atrocious night lighting. I love night flying but the state of it in P3D just kills it for me. Xplane is much better in some respects although it suffers from popping which ruin things as well.
  8. Matthew James de Bohun

    Help getting started p3dv4.3 noobie

    Orbx is pretty much a must. You'll need global base first amd then pick up the regions you like to fly in. Orbx vector will massively improve your coastlines and more. All that orbx stuff will seem pricey but they often have sales with 50% off etc. As for aircraft For the 737 go PMDG. The majestic Dash is also a lot of fun as is the TFDI 717. As far as Airbus goes I have the flightsim labs A320. It's extremely pricey however so you might want to look at Aerosofts offering which although i haven't tried on P3D I had it for FSX and it was reasonable enough. Weather wise i run active sky for the weather engine which you will probably get a unanimous agreement on that it is a must. For clouds i use skyforce 3D from REX. Ultimate traffic live does a good job of bringing a bit of life to those empty looking airports as well.
  9. Matthew James de Bohun

    SIDs and STARs: yes or no

    I usually fly the SIDs as often or not they are relatively straight forward. I find alot of STARs make no sense so in those instances i manually adjust my route to something more believable. Having asked a pilot about this it turns out the STARs are often terminated early and radar vectors given. I assume the same applies for SIDs
  10. Matthew James de Bohun

    Speeding sim rate up/down

    To add to this if you use x8 you will also want to disable all road and boat traffic otherwise you will get reloading pauses.
  11. Matthew James de Bohun

    Cloud base/ scaling

    Ok not sure where to post this as it concerns multiple platforms and addons! Something I've noticed whilst using FSX with Active Sky Next and REX texture direct on my old system out here in Hungary is that the cloud base/ scaling feels quite realistic in that it gives you a good sense of altitude. However on my new system back in the UK with Active Sky for P3D and REX skyforce the cloud base and scaling often leave it feeling like i am only just skimming the cloud tops. Has anyone else noticed this and is there a reason for it?
  12. Matthew James de Bohun

    Loading a Flightplan in v4.3

    Yes i noticed that but i use pro ATC so not a problem.
  13. Matthew James de Bohun


    With regards to the search aspect of things i often find that unhelpful. Usually end up with a multi page thread where the conversation quickly goes off on a tangent leaving the answer you are looking for buried away somewhere! Or if you do reply then further conversation is cut off as the thread is locked as a necro. At least that's my experience of forums in general! Anyway back on topic and for version 5 I'd like them to basically start from scratch and rewrite the engine. Feature wise I'd like to see contoured runways, realistic cloud scaling and vastly improves night lighting. Also would be nice to have some user friendly airport editing tools. So yeah not a big wish list then!
  14. Matthew James de Bohun

    Wacky views at altitude

    Totally agree. The cloud scaling is something that really needs addressing because it really kills the immersion for me.
  15. Matthew James de Bohun

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I used to have a pause when flying into Gatwick. Once I disabled SODE for it then it stopped the pause!