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  1. ​ ​I believe this post should be pinned. Great tutorial with visuals to help many of us install UT2 into P3D!
  2. I used this bridge fix. Scroll down a bit to the Munich Livestream post... http://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/
  3. Folks I really need help installing UT2 into P3Dv3. I re-downloaded and installed UT2 using a "fake" FSX and install was successful. I hear the UT2 initialized intro when starting up P3Dv3 however I still get this Program Error about loading aircraft assignments and invalid arguments. I have edited the simobjects.cfg and utsettings.cfg files but have not made any edits to the prepar3d.cfg / "fake" fsx.cfg file. There must be something buggered up with the applicable cfg files. Be nice if someone who has UT2 in P3Dv3 working can post their cfg files for my reference. Thanks
  4. Set up the fake FSX and managed to install UT2 into P3Dv3. However, when I start up P3Dv3, I get the UT2 initialized song but I immediatey get a message to "Please register this product before you try to use it!" If I start up UT2 using the desktop shortcut, I get a Program Error something like "Error loading aircraft assignments" and "Invalid Argument" followed by "License Check Invalid". UT2 then shuts down when I click Close. Any ideas what may have gone wrong for me?
  5. Vernon I was wondering how the aspect ratio would affect the look inside the VC? You would think a 21:9 aspect ratio would 'stretch' and distort the view of the VC but maybe not? Seems your very happy with it. I am also considering this type monitor.
  6. No issues with displaying P3D in 21:9 aspect ratio with this monitor ?
  7. Graham thanks for the link but that process to make a dummy FSX seems cumbersome for me anyway....may have to jump ship to MT6 provided it has a P3dv3 compliant installer.
  8. I do not have FSX installed just a clean version of P3Dv3. I try to run the UT2 installer by adding a dummy FSX.exe file in main sim folder C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 and then pointing the installer accordingly but I get an error message saying the path is invalid. Is it possible to get UT2 installed without FSX and the migration tool?
  9. Thinking about getting this bird for P3Dv2. Can anyone confirm successful integration of the Flight1 GTN750 into the VC? Thanks!
  10. I am contemplating getting this scenery but want to be sure there is indeed a fix for the elevation issues. Seems like your solution would be the simplest one just not sure what you mean by Full Terrain installed (do you mean FTX Global?)
  11. Thanks for your help Jeroen. All entries are accounted for in the scenery.cfg file. I installed Oslo v2 on top of Norway and it works fine. No need to deactivate anything.
  12. Ok just remembered that AoN_Ground scenery area was added from previous freeware stuff but now that I have updated all the scenery files in the Addon Scenery folder, AoN_Ground is no longer needed so I just deleted it from the Scenery Library. Still confused why all my addon sceneries (lots of payware airports plus the Norway entries) do not show up in my scenery.cfg file with their own [Area.xxx] ??
  13. Not sure why but my P3Dv2 Scenery Library has AoN_Ground at Priority 157 but when I open scenery.cfg there is no [Area.157] entry??? In fact the scenery.cfg only lists the default scenery areas from [Area.001] upto Addon Scenery [Area.127] and there are no further entries for all my addon scenery after that in scenery.cfg. Is there another location where addon scenery is stored in a scenery.cfg file?
  14. I have installed all the files in their respective folders and added the scenery into the P3Dv2 Scenery Library. When I launch P3Dv2 I get this message: Any ideas what may be missing in Scenery Area 157?
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