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  1. some differences besides the slightly other layout in some aspects: -no speed- and altitude-."tape" - but trend indicators with small arrows: Just optical -speed indicating only in knots, no mach indication -quite badly: no pointers for for VORs and NDBs and only one DME 1 or 2 at the same time This is version 1.0 so hoping for some improvements over the next months. The developer has a lot of ideas, as he says... BTW: Manual is downloadable pre-purchase at its homepage
  2. 4FlightSims - SkyElite MSFS 25% off that is 5€ discount at aerosoft until Feb,28th as a support for this new product. 10min demo before registration. Aerosoft: Skyelite 15€ + VAT Youtube Bought it for having G1000-style PFD/Map on older notebook
  3. hi thinking of purchase PBE. Question: With aircraft like stock A20N or B78X parked on an apron but not on a parking spot because MS has not created one does pushback or groundcrew operations like airstairs are available with PBE ? Example: Airbus A20N (Fedex) at KMKE Milwaukee, Wisc Cargo Apron with only small GA parking spots (86-92) without any stock ground services. With PBE will there be ground services available ??? (see picture below) Thanks in advance Stefan
  4. MSFS2020 Marketplace offers up to 50% since yesterday until January 4th 2021 includes Carenado Mooney M20R and Piper PA-44 Seminole -40% ! Think I can not resist... Regards Stefan
  5. Pcaviator sale ended. Best price offer now 14,95€ at https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/products/FS2Crew%3A-Flight-Crew-A320-%28Button-Control%29.html Special 2 Week Only Early Adopter Promo - 5 Euros Off! Offer ends September 15, 2020. So act now!
  6. Think the "where?" is missing: pcaviator.com Direct link: FS2Crew: Flight Crew A320: https://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=22131&cat=1213&page=1
  7. various FS2Crew: Flight Crew titels offered with different discounts. Best offer: FS2Crew: Flight Crew A320 one of the first addons for new MSFS! and as standalone program outside the sim also for FSX&P3D for USD 7,48$ watch out for frequent additional discounts like 10% at some weekends or 10% ervery Tuesday Not sure for how long theese offers are - it is called LABOR DAY DEALS! Regards Stefan
  8. Anybody tried to install into fsx and port over to p3d4 ? Would be interested in their Lancair!
  9. Hmm, just bought the Mustang V2.1 and made some testflying in ORBX Australia V2 today with no performance issues at all. To those with performance problems: Are you sure to have updated to V2? Maybe that´s why... Nice aircraft! Perfect RNAV+VNAV approach into Leinster, WA, Australia - VLST Rwy10
  10. 30% off both: Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang V2 and Flight1 Beech King Air 200
  11. Lanseria/South Africa at Simmarket ICAO: FALA forP3D v4 by Gaffer Simulation free 6th April
  12. For p3d v4, too regarding their HP: https://m.facebook.com/magmexs
  13. At pcaviator.com FSDreamTeam sceneries with interesting discounts KORD 9.95$ 58% off KDFW 15.95$ 45% off LSGG 15.95$ 33% off PHNL 15.95$ 33% off and many more For P3Dv4 too! And on Tuesdays 10% off everything - additionallly
  14. For Fsx Kmsy New Orleans is made by Fsimstudios: https://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=20738&cat=0&page=1 Tuesdays it is 10% off there
  15. Are you serious? when you pay your individual tax on a 50% reduced price the result is 50% also. full price: 16€ + 20% VAT = 19,20€ now reduced: 8€ + 20% VAT = 9,600€ Mathematics...
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