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  1. Anybody tried to install into fsx and port over to p3d4 ? Would be interested in their Lancair!
  2. Hmm, just bought the Mustang V2.1 and made some testflying in ORBX Australia V2 today with no performance issues at all. To those with performance problems: Are you sure to have updated to V2? Maybe that´s why... Nice aircraft! Perfect RNAV+VNAV approach into Leinster, WA, Australia - VLST Rwy10
  3. 30% off both: Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang V2 and Flight1 Beech King Air 200
  4. Lanseria/South Africa at Simmarket ICAO: FALA forP3D v4 by Gaffer Simulation free 6th April
  5. For p3d v4, too regarding their HP: https://m.facebook.com/magmexs
  6. At pcaviator.com FSDreamTeam sceneries with interesting discounts KORD 9.95$ 58% off KDFW 15.95$ 45% off LSGG 15.95$ 33% off PHNL 15.95$ 33% off and many more For P3Dv4 too! And on Tuesdays 10% off everything - additionallly
  7. For Fsx Kmsy New Orleans is made by Fsimstudios: https://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=20738&cat=0&page=1 Tuesdays it is 10% off there
  8. Are you serious? when you pay your individual tax on a 50% reduced price the result is 50% also. full price: 16€ + 20% VAT = 19,20€ now reduced: 8€ + 20% VAT = 9,600€ Mathematics...
  9. Reduced to 8.00 € + VAT https://lhsimulations.com/webshop/ It is for p3dv4 too. No hint how long this offer is...
  10. could be the reason to change to p3d ? Or give it to a user with p3d if it is possible? have you tried to get a refund - worth a try...
  11. All Drzewiecki Design 30% off ends Sept. 1st incl. Chicago, NY, Seattle at aerosoft.com At simmarket also 30% off FLYTAMPA - BOSTON REBOOTED P3D4 25% off ends Sept. 4th at simmarket
  12. 30% off all of Alabeo's twin-engined aircraft alabeo twin engine sale ends 11 august 2019 See here: https://www.pcaviator.com/store/home.php?cat=1190 Additional 10% off today (every Tuesday´s discount) Get the C421 c441 c310R PA31-350 PA23 Aztec C404 PA44 DA-42 for FDX/P3D/Xplane
  13. at pcaviator 44,95 USD = 40,50€ -10% on Tuesdays = 36,86 €
  14. wonder if some of theese mentioned ones will be their next after the ifly fsx 747 sale ends 31.July Hoping they will not prolongue this sale once more. it should have ended July 15th. Plz make a QW 787 P3D sale !!! or Carenado Atr42...
  15. the Tuesday discount 10%. Every Tuesday...
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