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  1. I like to slowly upgrade. Last year I upgrade mother board and cpu. Year prior the GPU. This year new curved monitor. Slow and steady makes the progress.
  2. That never works for me. I've cleaned the shaders and on the very next flight it happens to me.
  3. Forget all the “we need” I need them to optimize their airports they've already published. Take the JFK version. Compared to the Drzweicki EWR airport I get. 30% decrease in performance. Compared to other major hubs such as LatinVFR Miami its the same performance drop and stuttering mess. This is on a RTX4080 with FG and a AMD7900X3D.
  4. I like how an issue for MSFS 2020 ontbr DX12 Beta is now being shown as fixed for MSFS2024? Like what? What does that mean? Good luck to us in MSFS2020?
  5. Obviously. They're the superior species of all of us.
  6. I fixed my tearing with FG by locking the FPS to 3 FPS below the refresh rate.
  7. This is the thing with inibuilds in house scenery. So word not allowed heavy in performance. No matter how much one removes their extra eye candy. I compare KJFK to KEWR by Drzweicki. Night and day performance even tho they are literally in the same area. Even with Photogrammetry off and low traffic the latency is pretty bad at KJFK.
  8. From their 2024 Roadmap email. It is with great pleasure we announce the iniBuids, no-so-secret project, the iniBuilds A350 Airliner. With launch expected in 2024, we have a truly exciting year ahead! The abvove is a highly WIP preview, but we wanted to show you something rather than just words! (please do not over analyze the image We plan to have both the -900 and -1000 variants available, with both winglet types on the -900. https://d3k81ch9hvuctc.cloudfront.net/company/RAJcpk/images/c834135d-64d6-4d23-b89c-07561adb753d.png
  9. Also use caution when setting sharpening to zero if using DX12. It will cause your screen to flicker.
  10. Well yeah! I don’t understand these forums sometimes. You start a new thread and some will say “use search before you post. You may find an answer.” Now it’s why are you bumping and old thread that relates to what I am inquiring.
  11. I upgraded to an Odyssey ARK from a 49-inch LG CX TV. While I am enjoying the better refresh rate, the appearance of the blobs of light as stars have become highly apparent. I’m unsure why, but it’s pretty evident that this image has been stretched. It used to be an extraordinary night sky to look at. I am going to continue playing with some settings to see what I can do to remediate it.
  12. Wasn’t there big controversy about them faking a lot of the repos? Thought some owners came forth saying producers made it seem like it was sensationalist and used their planes in exchange for a small usage fee. .
  13. Agreed seems unfair. I have sometimes 8-12 hour sessions and haven;t had a CTD in ages at this point.
  14. Thank you. That’s what I figured. Just wanted which ones to focus on.
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