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  1. Before we get a MSFS vs, Everything else battle.For those who don’t read, this is talking about commercial and training simulators like LEVEL D simulators. .
  2. I feel like so much was given into the 40XX cards. Yet for the 30XX cards we barely saw improvements. I went and got the 3090 when it first came out. Only to see that they barely gave us any updates to that chip.
  3. I’ll be flying the wings off the blue bird 757 all over the Atlantic when it gets released. Dominican Republic , SXM, Antilles, South America, Central America (Tegucigalpa primarily), all over the UK, Lisbon from EWR. Glasgow, all of the of the Reykjavik to NAM routes. The list just keeps going and going. Bluebird needs to make me a beta tester because I’ll fly the wings off that thing and find the bugs.
  4. The 757/767 are the loves of my aviation life. It’s truly a testament to their success that they are just continued to be used and their versatility never ceases to amaze me. Even today we ask our selves what the replacement worthy of its name will be as we look at the A320XLR and MAX10 we just say to each other, it’s not a suitable 757 replacement So again, I’m excited for a developer to finally pick it up, I’m just hoping it lives up to the real planes legacy and that Bluebird is respectful of that name
  5. Well. The 767 was naturally a project to port over. The question is will it be a project that will be released or will they build upon it. I personally would love an upgraded ND/EFIS 757/767 to match what most operators are doing in the cockpit with the 767-400/777 style instruments. Or the FEDEX version of the aircraft displays. Until now QW was the only one that did something like that for the 757. No one has done it for the 767.
  6. I contacted them about the issue with trees coming through the airport with Photogrammetry off in ATL, and someone responded. But it wasn't of any help, sadly.
  7. I am in the same boat. I have a smooth experience now. No sense paying that much more at this moment for just seeing a higher FPS and equally smooth experience. My 3090 is doing great. So I’ll see Nvidia in the 50’s.
  8. At this point this is more a thread of whether you should ignore others or not vs the original topic. So how about them 10,000,000 users?
  9. Why do people not see the positivity of this? 1st - There hasn’t been any other iteration of Flight Simulator by Microsoft (Gamepass, Digital Download, Steam) that has brought anything close to 10,000,000 in 2 years. None of them have. People who never have been part of the what i would call Flight Simulator scene would come up to me and start a conversation about it, telling me “wow have you seen that new simulator! I want to try it”. That is a success, to have that Rea h that organically people who would in the past honestly question my choice of career that started as a hobby actually get enthused to explore the simulator and get a taste of flight will only open the doors to a whole new generation. That is happening all over the world, and that’s a big deal for us. I see it every day, in VATSIM I hear more accents than ever before. The other night flying out of Austin, for the first time in 15 years I had a female voice over the radio. So, it’s reaching s new audience that is a very big deal. 2nd- That new fresh market share will bring creativity into the platform, new ways of interacting , new developers, new modes that will attract new individuals, a new dynamic world. For a long time I’ve wondered what would happen if Microsoft would create flight simulator as a platform for them to build a whole simulation world around it. For example, we already know that it could be a prime candidate for a Ship simulator, or a train simulator, or even a third person avatar simulator. They already have the entire planet built into it. Imagine if they combine multiple functions into the platform, then allow cross platform multiplayer modes. Where you can see people actually controlling their ships, vehicles, avatars in a multiplayer environment. That would bring our hobby into an interactive world where we could interact with different elements we previously simply did not have. 3rd- Say what you want, the other simulator in development is already feeling the pressure to evolve. You’ve already seen that our good friend Austin is picking up his advertising campaign to explain things in detail, copying from the discovery series. He is doing it in his quirky way, it’s his style, i would have approached in a different manner but okay. MSFS is forcing competitors to be more communicative, to push the envelope, to build platforms that work with the technology of today. Tell me, when did you ever thing your could have and simulator in the high 100 FPS? Yet out of the box MSFS worked with the newest GPUs taking advantage of that technology. That’s something that will push other platforms to get the best technology into the platform, brining their simulators to new standards, or they die. I clearly remember the last 10 years of my life where we were stuck in this 2004 graphics world as the rest of the interactive gaming world got new technology. I personally paid thousands of dollars just to get better scenery, clouds. I spent my time tinkering for hours and days. Neither one of the platforms did anything to improve it other than small bandaid fixes. Now MSFS has lit the fire for platforms to evolve or die. So, sure criticize the 10,000,000 but I’d argue that you’re missing the picture. It’s not the 10,000,000 that matters, it’s that we are in the highest growth period of this platform that we have ever seen. Thanks to the efforts of Jorg, Asobo Team. Like it or not everyone else is playing catch-up.
  10. Melting buildings is not a BlackShark AI, it’s the photogrammetry. When I use the other simulator and leave photogrammetry off it’s nice genéreles 3D models overlayed the data lite data with OSM data, Blackshark AI basically then uses its algorithms to accurately match the color, type and placement of the building, ensuring that all of the roads, forest are not randomly populated with houses like we had in FS9/FSX/P3D.
  11. That A350 has to be the most deiced plane in the world.
  12. Only thing that was missing was for it be covered in American cheese and then it would be full American galore.
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