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  1. Panel floods and MCP floods which work ok with Real Light disabled in the Dispatcher. No effects from TrueGlass either.
  2. BUT they do not work in P3Dv4.5 after a complete re-install of v1.4. Maybe because of this xml in the RealLight folder... <!-- P3Dv5 specific --> <Configuration> <Settings> <Setting Name="FileType" Value="bmp"/> </Settings> <Lights> <Light Name="GlareshieldFlood" Variable="GlareshieldFlood" VariableMinimum="0" VariableMaximum="6"/> <Light Name="GlareshieldText" Variable="GlareshieldText" VariableMinimum="0" VariableMaximum="1"/> <Light Name="MainPanelFlood" Variable="MainPanelFlood" VariableMinimum="0" VariableMaximum="6"/> <Light Name="MainPanelText" Variable="MainPanelText" VariableMinimum="0" VariableMaximum="1"/> <Light Name="PedestalText" Variable="PedestalText" VariableMinimum="0" VariableMaximum="1"/> <Light Name="Annunciators" Variable="power_avail" VariableMinimum="0" VariableMaximum="1"/> <!-- Exterior Model Textures (only for P3Dv4.3 and lower) --> <Light Name="Beacon" Variable="qw_bcn_splash" VariableMinimum="0" VariableMaximum="1"/> <Light Name="Wings" Variable="QW_OH_LIGHT_WING_Counter" VariableMinimum="17" VariableMaximum="18"/> </Lights> </Configuration> Note: P3dv5 specific.
  3. Running the 64 bit version causes a simconnect exception. Error 95. 32 bit version runs Ok. Previous 64 bit versions were OK. Is this correct? Norm
  4. Fixed also and many thanks Nico for the rapid response Norm
  5. I recently added some new liveries and had to update AILG to the latest version and after running cargo="false" is noted for every livery collected. This is despite many models having correct atc_parking_types=cargo in their respective aircraft.cfg's. My last AILG version was 5.0 which was also a mandatory update and had no problems. Norm
  6. A belated thanks Nico. Working perfectly Norm
  7. Any possibility of adding Beechcraft Duke Be60 and the turbine version B60T to the aircraft database? Wingspan for both is 12m. Thanks in advance Norm
  8. Thanks Nico but I'm sure it was there in earlier versions because I used it many times to add missing liveries into my ai aircraft folders
  9. Quick response Nico 🙂 Oops yes missing liveries.Here's the end of a log file from yesterday *************************************** live traffic livery matching summary *************************************** Tue Apr 16 21:44:24 2019 (utc) 63 liveries needed 73% (46) were completely matched, of which 8% (4) upon registration code (r) =s= 2 liveries for airline and similar type generated =x= 13 random liveries for type =X= 1 random livery for similar type =d= 1 default livery generated The similar liveries were for the following airlines and type codes: IBE A332 A333 OMA B789 B788 ******************************************************************************************************************** Similar liveries fine but no list for the 13 random liveries for type
  10. In previous versions the log file included a section for missing aircraft textures which was very useful. Is there are reason this section no longer exist?
  11. Done and scope heading now matches aircraft heading. Great support and thanks
  12. Excellent news and yes I use it a lot. Flying at the moment but will ownload later and report back Edit: Nah I'll do it now 🙂
  13. Yes I did and he did state : the "UP" position of the radar traffic display is the current heading of your aircraft, unless stationary. If stationary (or moving very very slowly) the display can revert to north up. Very strange this as no probs with v11.9. Is there a possible simmconect problem especially with the simconnect error messages for a flightplan??
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