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  1. Done and scope heading now matches aircraft heading. Great support and thanks
  2. Excellent news and yes I use it a lot. Flying at the moment but will ownload later and report back Edit: Nah I'll do it now 🙂
  3. Yes I did and he did state : the "UP" position of the radar traffic display is the current heading of your aircraft, unless stationary. If stationary (or moving very very slowly) the display can revert to north up. Very strange this as no probs with v11.9. Is there a possible simmconect problem especially with the simconnect error messages for a flightplan??
  4. Updated to 12.4 and the option add from/to does work in suppressing the simconnect message. I have found another bug though regarding the radar scope on Real Traffic. It's permanently stuck on a North heading. Tested it by monitoring landing traffic on 23R at Man-- landing traffic was correctly shown on a heading of 233 on the scope but not directly at my position at the side of 23. Did a test flight following a KLM from MAN to AMS with the same result. I was behind the KLM visually but not on the scope. I confirmed this by rolling PXST to version 11.9 and everything was back to normal.
  5. Hi Nico, I usually only have flight number and a/c type on but did try flight plan and nothing appeared. Next time I run, probably tomorrow I will update to 12.3 Thanks for the super fast support Nom
  6. Here's an example from the log from a flight today ENY3981 E75L M N254NN YUL->DFW === VPA_RAI_E75L_ENY-Envoy 11:43:45 Simconnect load flightplan exception WEN3543 DH8D M C-FKWE YUL->YYZ === VPA_TFS_Dash8-400_WEN-Encore 11:44:36 Simconnect load flightplan exception SKV7630 E75S M C-FEJY YUL->LGA === VPA_RAI_E75S_SKV-Sky 11:44:49 Simconnect load flightplan exception ACA607 A321 M C-GIUB YHZ->YYZ === FAIB_A321CFM_ACA-Air Canada NC 11:45:21 Simconnect load flightplan exception TSC384 A310 H C-GLAT YUL->MBJ =x= random airline ACA for type A310, VPA_TFS_A310_300_GE_TSC-Air Transat NC RPA3561 E170 M N636RW YUL->EWR === VPA_RAI_E170_RPA-Republic DAL 11:47:32 Simconnect load flightplan exception
  7. I've been using this software for a couple of years now and I'm extremely pleased with the results after many many hours of work gathering the correct repaints, registrations and ai aircraft so much that most flights have upwards of 80% sucess rate. Since v12 I have noticed the subject message for every ai aircraft generated and although no bad effects are seen the log is twice as long as it should be. Ny reason as to why? Using P3Dv4.3 and PSXSeeconTraffic on a networked laptop. Norm
  8. I purchased the 737/777 pack via App store on 2nd April and was initialy very impressed. Had a bit of a problem with the keys being unresponsive on the iPad (connected to a/c FMC OK) so I deleted the app but on trying to download again I discover that the app is no longer available nor any other VA products. So it's looking like you guys waiting for support answers ain't going to get any! I've requested a refund from Apple who are 'looking' into the matter Norm
  9. Knoblet

    Scenery config error

    Search for SceneryConfigEditor v1.1.2 and your woes could possibly be over :smile: Norm