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  1. Matt Webb

    Shutting down P3D V4.4 causes CTD

    Are you getting a "??? is not responding" screen? I've had this a few times shutting down the sim (4.3). Try clicking on "Wait for the program to respond.:" and let it do its thing.
  2. Matt Webb

    New VR User

    Nvida's 3D Vision glasses don't seem to work in P3Dv4. Talking about the shutter glasses. The discover glasses (red/blue, etc) seem to work.
  3. Matt Webb

    Performance hit 747

    Hi, Not sure yet. Might be a combination in NVidia/Prepar3d settings. For not I've had to go back to using internal frame rate limiters or set it to unlimited. Thanks, Matt.
  4. Matt Webb

    Performance hit 747

    Are you using an external framerate limiter? Try setting it to unlimited, just to see if that's the issue.
  5. Matt Webb

    Top end hardware - poor results

    Open up task manager and see what the current bottleneck is. Are CPU cores at 100% or the GPU or neither?
  6. Matt Webb

    Where Did You Start At?

    My first flight sim was Flight Simulator II on an Atari XL but I didn't really get into it until Flight Simulator II on an Atari ST - still got the manual for it - great dogfighting!!
  7. Same result with default aircraft?
  8. See if turning off any external frame rate limiters (NVidia Inspector, etc) helps. It fixed a similar issue for me.
  9. Matt Webb

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    I already feel sorry for the poor bugger who will have the plane after me. 🤩
  10. Matt Webb

    setting affinity for addon programs

    This will do that: Cheers, Matt.
  11. Matt Webb

    i7-8700 System Stutter Still, Setting needed

    Are you using the paste that came with the cooler? I would recommend getting a high quality 3rd party paste. I did that and the temps went down quite dramatically, similar setup to this. HT off for me if the way to go with the 8600k and P3Dv4. With it on, the main FS process takes 100% of it's first logical processor for the core and only a small % spills into the second logical processor for that core. With it off, the main FS process doesn't take the whole core. Interested to hear if others have different results.
  12. Matt Webb

    Saving main and undocked windows: possible ?

    Have a look here. Make sure you undock your windows before loading saved positions.
  13. Matt Webb

    PMDG/Operations Center not visible in start menu

    (deleted - answered above) :)
  14. Matt Webb

    Takeoff from intersection

    Happens all the time at YMML rwy 34. Quite often 737/A320 and lighter a/c enter the runway at the Juliet taxiway whilst the heavies enter at Kilo at the end of the runway.
  15. Matt Webb

    FSLabs A320

    I think he's referring to the PMDG Operations Centre, Orbx's FTX Central, etc where you find, click and install. But at least we are not editing CFG files, placing files in Effects folders, creating texture folders, etc like the old days!!