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    Former rampie, airport planner, air traffic control candidate, aviation program analyst, and applications/technology trainer. Now a contractor by day, PMDG by night, and flying around here and there.

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  1. Three Months Silence... PMDG, what's going on?

    haha - you sound like me...
  2. Autopilot dis-engages

    Sounds a lot like you might have a button to switch views assigned to your hardware, and that, when you press that button, the sim also looks for any other commands from your hardware, to include an out-of-position axis, tripping the AP off. Have a look at your calibration, and set a null zone. You will also want to check to ensure that you don't have any axes assigned to anything odd (any USB device that you plug in can get assigned axes - my USB push to talk will occasionally get an axis assigned to it...makes no sense, but the sim will try).
  3. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    Wow...that's quite the throwback... Thanks for that - haha.
  4. You're being a little overly sensitive about it...what baffles me is that you weren't even part of the exchange you're seemingly offended by. Getting offended on someone else's behalf and attempting to use that position to lecture someone for being arrogant is kind of...well...arrogant. He noted a disagreement, and used a smiley face. There's no need to read more into that than what's right there.
  5. When Landing Gear Retracts Displays Freeze

    Please avoid cross posting. When you post in three different topics, how is anyone supposed to know which one to respond to, particularly when you're providing no extra information? Locking this one. Please use the one that you started.
  6. Display freeze while retracting landing gear

    Please avoid cross posting. When you post in three different topics, how is anyone supposed to know which one to respond to, particularly when you're providing no extra information? Locking this one. Please use the one that you started.
  7. PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    Might, but I'm not sure anyone will do too much. LM has already confirmed the issues on their end - no need for either us, or them to make adjustments in our code when the next update to P3D will fix the issue.
  8. Three Months Silence... PMDG, what's going on?

    Gents, As much as it might seem that way, we really aren't in the business of teasing things. Heck, if anyone is, the closest person to doing that is me, but that's because I'm on a project I literally cannot talk about, despite really, really, really wanting to show it off, so I drop the occasional mysterious comment from time to time. Keep in mind that we show things off because we're excited about it, too. Think back to how many times you've seen a bunch of early untextured model images from a random sim startup. Why show a project show early in the design process? They're excited about the work they've done so far. If news gets posted with some vague idea of the way forward, and that doesn't end up happening, there's a reason for it. Some of those reasons are simply business decisions that you won't have visibility into. Once we've gotten to another point where we can share something, we will, like we did when we figured out how to capitalize on the P3D rain effects (and no, it hasn't just been that function we've been working on since we showed you the earlier images - we've kept rolling into other tasks and projects). As far as announcements go, though, this thread shows why it's so difficult. Just look at the responses. The OP is asking why we haven't updated people. Some of the others are saying hold off. So, it isn't a matter of right or wrong. Unless the two groups want to come to a consensus, our choice is: irritate one group, or irritate the other group. One of those options, however, does require a lot less effort.
  9. RWY N/A issues with PMDG 737

    The NGX doesn't use this like the 777 and 747 do, I don't believe. Moreover, this isn't an issue of that file getting out of sync. The OP stated that he modified the files himself, which means that the error is a result of his own actions. It's not really a problem, as much as it's not knowing how to properly edit the files you've edited. See here: NOTE: Full names - first and last - are required here in the forum.
  10. Navigraph Nav Data out of Date

    This is why the nav data tool couldn't find our product. You have a much larger issue than manually updating the navigraph manager, in that my bet is that you have a corrupted registry.
  11. Touchdown front wheel sound on a loop

    I strongly recommend against this. Uninstall/reinstall is rarely the actual answer.
  12. Eurocontrol Descent Rates

    For what it's worth, I would've been one of those OTS hires with no'd be in that group of apparently clueless lackies you're referring to. I'd avoid painting with broad brushes. I know plenty of people on both sides who ended up washing out at various points. ...and it doesn't matter what they look like if you're radar-only, honestly. As long as you know the wake sep, you're fine.
  13. Can I Remove Sounds From The Cockpit?

    Yeah. Walked out for my commercial multi check and the examiner was like “that’s the new Lufthansa 748 to Munich!” I knew that was wrong before I even looked (the 748 goes to FRA; 330 or 346 to MUC lately), but looked up anyway. Definitely a KAL 77W. I just said “yeah, beautiful plane.” Didn’t want to correct him before the check and end up on his bad side.
  14. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    haha - a couple pages back, I think. It was a GIF of the Superintendent from Halo ODST. (*pushes up nerd glasses*)