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  1. This won't help. It's best to avoid this action unless it's specifically called for, particularly by someone who is experienced in supporting the product. Uninstalls/reinstalls can cause more damage than what you're trying to solve. What version of the sim are you using? Can you access the PMDG site? Full names - first and last - in your posts, please.
  2. Thanks! We have a registry mechanic that can do all of that for you, or you can do it through regedit (FSX should be in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator; and FSX:SE in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator - Steam Edition; make sure the APPPATH points to the proper location for each).
  3. Yes, if you're right up on the window.
  4. There's nothing wrong with the post here, per se. It's clearly not in violation of the rules. My point was that you have two options: Coming to us through the official avenue and guaranteeing that your issue is seen by one of us; or Posting here and hoping one of us happens by it. It's akin to being at an airport and having feedback for an airline. Do you: Start discussing it with the passengers around you in the boarding area, and hope someone from the company happens to walk by and inquire; or Go directly to the desk meant to handle customer issues and feedback? This isn't an issue of "this isn't allowed in the forum." This is an issue of doing the most logical thing for the issue at hand. The very quote you've included here specifically mentions that we may not even happen across something. The most logical option for reporting something to us is the queue. It goes directly to us, it's guaranteed to be seen, and it's the official way to get in contact with us. I could stand in front of the US Capitol later today and shout at the top of my lungs about an issue I care passionately about. It's right down the street. Is that the most logical and effective choice, however? No.
  5. It'll hit ground effect and react accordingly, yes. No. Where'd you get that idea?
  6. Uninstall the aircraft. When you go to re-install, you will have a prompt to select one, both, or the other. If you do not, then you might have a registry error, and it assumed you only had one of the sims. (Also, be sure you're using the installer for the 747v3. Sounds like a dumb point, but you'd be surprised. A good number of people have downloaded and installed the wrong one.)
  7. Letting us know via the community support forum that is specifically for user-to-user, unofficial support? ...and not the official avenue?
  8. Sounds a lot like your sound settings in Windows are incorrect. Make sure they're set to your speaker configuration. If it's set to something like "surround sound" and you only have a headset, or two speakers, your sounds are getting routed to speakers that don't exist.
  9. I'd have to have something to check - like you mentioning your settings, or showing your settings - in order to do so, so, if you want help, be forthcoming with info, or deal with guesses until we get said info. You submitted a ticket about it, right?
  10. Flying the plane into the ground and autolanding are completely separate functions.
  11. I can imagine. Good on you for keeping up. You're welcome. Absolutely.
  12. Willing to bet this is due to your HDR or add-on shader settings. No. This is a result of the lighting trick we needed to use in order to get the lights to properly dim when the gear is raised.
  13. Really glad to hear it. Enjoy!
  14. The sentence immediately before the CTRL + F reference was referring to the manual, and not the sim. CTRL + F is the common "find" function in just about any program. This browser is an example. If you hit CTRL + F while using the browser you're reading this message with, you'll note that you can begin typing something, which the browser will then find. Similarly, the PDF reader you use to read the Intro Manual will also have this function.
  15. This isn't the one that I was referring to (though I'm less helpful because I don't have the plane available to me to give you the specific setting). The Intro Manual contains the language that you'd be looking for, honestly. It specifically calls out hardware issues. Please give the Intro a read any time you find you're having troubles like this. A quick CTRL + F would have you sorted a lot faster than waiting around here for answers, unless it's particularly complex. This is more of a calibration issue at its core. Open a calibration window (either via the sim, or the control panel - it'll route you to the same spot). Watch the crosshair icon (+) on the screen. It's likely going to be out of center, requiring calibration to recenter it; or it will likely be shaking, which is either bad buildup of static in the port (unplug/replug occasionally to clear), or bad potentiometers (old hardware / low quality hardware). The 747 is not the 777.