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  1. This is the problem.
  3. Glad we could help!
  4. Three position light: Steady OFF Flash Intentional, and as the aircraft properly functions. Just because it's unexpected doesn't make it incorrect.
  5. Download their FMS Data Manager program, let that program search for your aircraft, and then have it update everything. If you need support on that program, make sure to reach out to them.
  6. I understand the panic that's associated with making a mistake in a large purchase, but if you're looking to get our attention, you did the right thing by submitting a ticket. I've already started to work on it.
  7. What AV do you run?
  8. Welcome!
  9. For things that should wind up on our PMDG desks, it's best to submit a ticket, but I passed it along to our web guy so he could have a look. No need to submit a ticket now. Thanks for reporting it! EDIT: Fixed. Thanks again! (If it still looks the same, hit CTRL+F5 to force a browser cache refresh.)
  10. This might be the issue. Please install SP1 and 2.
  11. K. That's enough. Back to the course line, please.
  12. My thought is that your anti-virus program updated its definitions, which the OC is now getting caught up in. The OC is showing a failure when it tries to download. Manually testing the download link works, so it's not a file/server issue. Something is stepping in between the OC and our server.
  13. Uninstall, no...try this: Can you make absolutely certain for us that you have either FSX SP2 or FSX Acceleration installed? To do this, go to your FSX folder in Explorer, right click the FSX.exe file and go to the details tab - look at the "Product Version" field - if it does not contain "sp2" or "xpack", then you're using the original version of FSX or the SP1 version. If this is the case, you need to download SP1 and SP2 and install them, or install Acceleration from a disc. FSX SP1: FSX SP2:
  14. Have a ticket number? Shouldn't take that long. Something is preventing the download that isn't the OC. Antivirus, firewall, or something else on your comp. Running the OC as admin?
  15. I'm really not sure. Something is interfering with our installer, and it's not something that we created. I'm shooting in the dark here. It's all going to come down to what you have installed on your computer.