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  1. Fully uninstall and the new reinstall via the new installer.
  2. A glitch isn’t theft, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to get this resolved calmly. No need to jump to irrational conclusions (if you’re purchasing the expansion, clearly we’ve provided you with an actual product before, so it’s reasonable to expect it this time). We’ll get back to you via the ticket. In the future, that’s the first place to go for situations like this.
  3. 737NGX 1.20.8465

    I'm having trouble figuring out what the issue is. Is there a way that you could perhaps state this more clearly? Also: Full names in the forum please - first and last.
  4. That's been something to avoid since FS9 days, honestly.
  5. As I mentioned before (and Kevin mentioned as well), we are working internally to make it more robust. The fix is simple enough on the user's end to create a temporary solution until we both make it more robust, and release a fix. Releasing an update for the panel states (which is actually a relatively involved process), doing all of the work to make it more robust, and then releasing a new update with the new states would not only create a bit of confusion, it would be a good bit of effort that would distract us all from our current tasks. To be honest, we could have just as easily shipped it with the default engines running state, and no saved states (relying on you all to create your own, as you please), and I don't think anyone would really be upset by it. We added a few in there to be helpful, and now that they have a minor issue, it seems as if we're the Great Evil. Granted, yes, it should be (and will be) fixed, since we gave you the panel states, and they should work...but I think people should also keep it in the perspective of the fact that you have a function that can just as easily (and quicker than it takes to load up the forum and complain about it) create a new, functional, panel state.
  6. If it's automatically doing it, I'd look for some sort of "automatic" setting in an options panel. We have that option as well in our menus, just so people don't have to worry about it. It is, in fact, a manual task for the crew, however.
  7. Correct. Start > All Programs > PMDG Simulations > NGX > Intro Manual ...or Start > All Programs > PMDG Simulations > Operations Center > Find the NGX in the OC > Documentation Tab > Intro Manual ...or via Win Explorer: <sim folder>\PMDG\NGX\Documentation\Intro Manual This explains the same thing, too, so that'll do!
  8. I've never flown into Miami with weather less than ILS CAT I mins. There may be a rare day, but to be honest, you pay for that type of equipage and monitoring. If it isn't high-frequency, it's not worth the expense. BOS? ORD? DEN? SEA? Sure. MIA? I can't tell you the last time I saw low ceilings/vis meriting CAT III there.
  9. Thanks! ...and I'm not sure what our plans are for that.
  10. Gents, Before some of you run off chasing your own tail, please do realize that this thread, recently, has been related to an issue in the sim, caused by an add-on, injecting effects that are unrealistic, and cause the plane to behave improperly. The real world references are great, but not quite relevant to the recent discussion, as the recent discussion was caused by another program, and not flight dynamics or aircraft behavior.
  11. You have to have a data set that includes the gate numbers. Navigraph doesn't really do this. The function is antiquated anyway, as you simply select the GPS position, as illustrated in the tutorial. The function was originally in there because GPS wasn't available, and a gate function provided a nice, known initial position.
  12. No activation window could simply mean your earlier activation is still valid. The Start Menu issue is a Win10 issue. The OC as it stands currently, has no recognition of, or location to enter, any passwords. Can you explain this in greater detail? whom? ...input field, where? ...what illegal text for aforementioned field? ...and if this was from a support ticket, does that render the thread title inaccurate? All in all, I'm still confused as to what the actual issue is, here. You may not be getting an activation window, but is there anything leading you to believe that the aircraft is behaving improperly? For the OC (an unrelated issue, actually), is it showing that the aircraft that you installed is not installed? If so, are you sure you're selecting P3DvX, and not P3DvY or FSX:SE? Are you using any migration tools to force vX scenery into vY?
  13. Why are you disabling the license? If you're only reinstalling P3D, or the aircraft, removing the license is not necessary. You only need to return the license when changing comps, changing hardware, or reinstalling your entire OS. If you're doing any of that because P3D isn't opening, I'd suggest doing a little troubleshooting first. It's likely to be something simple. Full names in the forum, please - first and last.
  14. The NGX hasn't gotten the updated ground contact model that the 744 and 777s have, but temp is modeled. The issue is that Autobrake is tuned for certain decel rates in the real plane. Our plane matches this, but the sim's friction model is set so high that simply having the plane on the ground provides quite a lot of decel force (even without applying the brakes). As such, with less brake used, less heat accumulates versus the real plane. Definitely modeled, though. It'll be updated to the new standard in the future.
  15. Shameless plug for reading that pesky Intro Manual...