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  1. Any issue that needs to be corrected - particularly those that are minor/small - is perfect for a micro-updater, such as the one we've deployed. Your comment that it's "easy" to fix, however, makes me wonder about your credentials for making such an assertion. I don't recall it being present in the 777. Let it slide and move on, please. I don't understand why the comment was made, but it wasn't necessary and you did nothing wrong.
  2. That could be it. Glad to hear it. And for the record, I wasn't accusing you of anything - it's simply a common cause of issues in the community.
  3. ^ This is also referred to as 'activating.' This will depend on your system, graphics card, and drivers. You may want to post in another part of this forum where more people use TH2G. They may have recommendations.
  4. Sounds like your throttle axis isn't properly configured. You can't just plug the hardware in and expect the sim to know exactly what to do with it, unfortunately. Go into your hardware settings and configure the left throttle to engine 1 and the right to engine 2.
  5. We have? The major SPs for the NGX and 777 didn't get out to anyone for quite some time after the original release (I think it was about a year for each of them). I know you're hung up on your issue, which makes this all the worse for you, but...look up and out (and not obsessively at the EICAS), and let's drop the fire and brimstone.
  6. Have you activated the aircraft? In other words, when you first selected the aircraft in the simulator, were you prompted to activate it? Additionally, did you provide the license key sent to you in your purchase email?
  7. Glad to hear it. Enjoy!
  8. The cabin décor is a bit questionable, but it's definitely a pretty plane.
  9. It's definitely in there. The video you've linked to shows more of a 'beat' than the GE hum. Anything out of sync in frequency will throw out a beat pattern, which is more of what you're hearing in the video. Pratts on 772s do it all the time, particularly on final for some reason (perhaps it's simply most evident there). My old high school is under the approaches to IAD's 1s, so I'd hear it all the time back when IAD had a ton of 777s.
  10. FSX or FSX:Steam Edition?
  11. I don't recall those "2885" stickers in our default UA paint, so it looks like you've installed modded VC textures. If that's the case, it would be a question for whoever modded your VC textures outside of the provisions of the painkit (which should not be done, in accordance with the EULA).
  12. I think you've been around long enough to know that we don't give dates.
  13. Glad to hear you figured it out.
  14. The original price came from the original price on this: a joke, since we usually put the product in the cart and Ops Center in advance of release. In order to discourage someone from attempting to purchase, we use a joke price somewhere around the price of a real plane out there somewhere. For those with a keen eye, you may notice that there are some common features in our 6, and the aircraft in the link. That's our study plane.