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  1. scandinavian13

    FMC Error on certain Runways in PMDG

    As displayed by Navigraph, or the IDENT page on the CDU? You can install your nav data in My Documents, and the Navigraph tool will still say your nav data is up to date, even though the sim will never see or use that data. In other words, it is possible to screw up the nav data install tool, point it to the wrong location, and still have it report the data is up to date (technically, it is). The issue is that the data needs to be in a place the sim expects it to be. I'd honestly delete all of the mappings first, and then have it re-scan. Re-installs just waste extra time in most cases.
  2. scandinavian13

    Suggestions on missing items and initialisation issues

    Right...but I'm willing to bet that the user of that external switch needs to ensure the plane is either powered by battery, or has GPU avail (even if not selected). Hit Q twice - this is a sound bug that has been present in FSX for years. See above. I don't have that manual, but if you're sure that this is the case for the specific install in an NG, please submit this directly to support. This forum is for user-to-user support. If you want dev team attention to anything, it needs to go directly to support, where it is guaranteed to be seen.
  3. scandinavian13

    Not enough "nose heay" during flare ?

    Looking at the quote, he does note "slowly." Which could be a reference to slowly walking it back to idle from 100 to 50, instead of relatively quickly at 50. Different techniques to serve similar purposes. I had a bad habit of chopping throttle when I first started training, which caused a sharp nose drop. I corrected for that closer to the beginning of my flare, but the nose drop was startling to any new instructors I flew with. Over time, I began to just walk it back slowly to avoid any abrupt changes. Cutting it back wholly at 100R? Yeah. That wouldn't be fun. haha - funny how the context and entertainment of a story can change over time. My buddy and I had the same instructor when we were flying Chickenhawks. In order to save a little time one day (and get out to a different destination), he flew out, and I flew back. This was the first time that I'd had anyone in the back seat who was also a pilot (student or otherwise), and I knew he'd be recording it. Flared too early, held it off too long, and plopped down on the runway pretty hard. As I found out later, the camera was being held against the ceiling of the cabin for stability. I hit so hard that his arms dropped a good bit, for a noticeable camera viewpoint change. Back when we were still in high school, I wasn't a fan of it. Given the time that has passed, and the change in skill level, I think it's pretty funny now. ...especially my unfazed flight instructor just popping the window open casually with a "right on [not an instruction, but the surfer-dude, chill "right on" said in an "okay cool" sort of way]...okay, let's bring it back to the ramp - good flights today, guys."
  4. scandinavian13


    Someone provided evidence to support their case, which I acknowledged in a couple posts immediately before this linked post. In this linked post, I specifically state that I'd take it to the team after verifying the supplied evidence.
  5. scandinavian13


    Using FSUIPC? If so, you need to set up a new profile for the new aircraft, I believe.
  6. scandinavian13

    FMC Error on certain Runways in PMDG

    Either you have not set up your nav data install properly, some other program (flight planning tool, perhaps) is providing a bad runway somewhere, or the nav data itself is incorrect (which would be something to report to the provider).
  7. scandinavian13

    Latest update won't install

    OCv2 (coming soonish) will have a more robust notification method to make this clearer (and less frustrating - to be honest, I only know the min versions for our products because I have a cheat sheet of them).
  8. scandinavian13

    Latest update won't install

    Min version is 3.00.9008. As was posted prior to the -8 release, the full installer for the 400 needs to be downloaded, the old 400 needs to be uninstalled, and then reinstalled with the new installer.
  9. scandinavian13


    Gents, Posts need to be signed. Rules need to be observed. include the courtesy of providing evidence of your position when you make an accusation. The burden of proof is on the accuser. People criticizing my stance on this - a commonly accepted maxim of debate - need to take a moment on consider their stance on feelings versus facts. Note that once this was provided, the point was conceded. It's pretty simple. This shouldn't bother anyone.
  10. scandinavian13

    FlyInside Flight Simulator...

    To be honest, we usually don't give out much information about this kind of thing, even in support. This isn't a support request as much as an info request, and as forum regulars know, we don't announce things until there are things to announce. If we haven't posted about it, then we have nothing to say on the matter up to that point. New sims, new airplanes, the weather, sport playoff progress, or otherwise...
  11. The minimum version is 3.00.9008 Sounds like you missed the announcement prior to the release of the -8 that you needed to download the full installer, uninstall, and then reinstall. The update is for after that step occurs.
  12. scandinavian13


    Easter Egg - like the pens and cans, it randomly appears.
  13. Usually means that you have a trim axis on your hardware that you have not set to zero, prior to engaging the autopilot.
  14. scandinavian13

    Can you do Tutorial 1 & 2 without AS2012 ?

    Yeah, that or you can "translate" the concept from AS to REX. I don't use the latter, but I'm sure it has a similar flight planner function. I didn't think we used weather in either of those tutorials, but it's been a while since I've flown them.
  15. Can you be more specific about the timing of this? If it's when you're disengaging the autopilot, it's worth noting that we mention in the Intro Manual (and have for the last few products) that AP disenagement must be done with the AP Disconnect button (on the yoke), and it must be pressed twice (once to disengage, and a second time to confirm that the action was intentional). Do you mean CDU message, or EICAS message?