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  1. Welcome - I'm only on here occasionally, so if it pops back up, feel free to reach out in our new forum (forum.pmdg.com) and someone should be able to sort you out! (That, or support.pmdg.com works too.)
  2. Usually means your default flight was saved with an aircraft with the MKR audio turned on. If that happens, it doesn't matter if the MKR channel is active or inactive in our plane (the underlying sim plays it).
  3. The underlying sim does not support 8.33 frequency spacing.
  4. When you open the sim and don't intend on flying a PMDG aircraft, what is spinning in the window when you first open the sim?
  5. Not gonna work, for any of that. Old school freeware merges? Sometimes. Complex paid add-ons? Not gonna happen.
  6. PBR is both texture and model-based. Sounds more like your drivers are out of date.
  7. If you're using a CI, then it's dependent on the CI. Keep in mind that, when you're up that high, the more important number is your mach number. The aircraft's reference crossover (to IAS) is lower than FL300, if I'm remembering correctly. For the 747-400, the CI range is 0-9999, so 90 is quite low in the range (though not uncommon).
  8. This was figured out over on our forum. Short version is that the AT MANUAL OVERRIDE setting in the PMDG SETUP menu was configured to let the hardware override the software, and we all know where most people leave their hardware throttles after takeoff until about T/D.
  9. Hardware spikes. Check your hardware brake axis for errant signals.
  10. We agree, and have noted at much in one of our forum threads - we've put in a request to our web host to make it...ya know...logical to use. Hopefully they'll fix it sooner rather than later.
  11. Definitely not a bug. I've been using it for years without issue.
  12. Usually means that you're trying to outsmart the plane - don't Set the plane up as if you would if you were leaving the plane to the relief crew, who will then handle the plane. In other words, don't set the cruise altitude higher than where you are currently. If your initial cruise is FL320, set 32000 in the MCP altitude window. The automation will increase it to the step altitude when it needs to (again, just as the relief crew would). Additionally, ensure that a step is shown on the VNAV page before walking away.
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