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  1. Nope. You just won't have charts in the EFB. I have both. ForeFlight is great for the US. The 748 has longer legs than the planes I usually fly, though, so having the international charts is great.
  2. ...and also remember that those with (and without) type ratings are allowed a hearty eye roll at anyone doing things improperly. I'd cringe if I saw someone yanking throttles around on an old radial - in the sim or otherwise. Most people won't get it, but those who would get it would understand and appreciate a comment to commiserate with. Granted, I'm not going to go over and criticize real world technique on some random guy's sim video (unless he were putting it across as "realistic") in his comments section. I put up a beta preview of the 777 just running through the options on a flight and people still critique random (usually petty) things, and it wasn't even put up as a "SUPREME REALISM HD IMMERSION MAXXX" video as I was just doing a single-take, off the cuff, "here are the customization options" video. All the same...a quick comment over here about something making you cringe isn't exactly out of place (not that you said it was).
  3. This one here? No. This is all, 100% anti-virus being exactly what it's meant to prevent: viruses. In the beginning, these programs would at least say "hey, I think this might be a problem, please advise." Now, they just shut everything down without notification, going as far as deleting things without advising you. That, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what viruses do. ...but they're called anti-virus programs, so it's all okay...right? No...no it is not. EDIT: ...and let me be clear: I'm trained in Security+ and taught it for a few years. I don't take security lightly.
  4. Yet another example of why I tell people to remove their AV software. Seriously...looking at the number of times AV gets in the way versus actually protects people, it's actually quite startling. I know a lot of you might not see it since you only use your machine, and AV programs do so many things now without warning you (which is pretty awful, if you ask me). From my perspective, though, working support, you get to see how often this actually occurs. AV software for home use is - I'll put this very bluntly - garbage. Just use Defender. It's really all you need, and it's free.
  5. If you can manually download/install a livery, then something on your computer is interfering. Not running the OC as an admin, or allowing some other program to restrict its access to the internet are the main causes. It is usually the latter (specifically any AV other than Win Defender, since after-market AV essentially exists to get in the way of life). Given that the updaters are actually separate programs, and are also failing, this, again, points to some other program getting in the way.
  6. If it's not pinned at the top of our General Forum, or mentioned in an actual interview with RSR himself, then it's simply a rumor.
  7. I have nothing against wiki as long as it's properly cited and verified. Regardless of what you're reading, you should verify by reading more than one source - yes, this includes Scientific Study C from Ive League University X. I'd argue that most of the "mainstream" wiki pages get more peer review than a lot of the other stuff people might use as reference. While I don't use it as a specific reference in most discussions, I will often start there to get a good baseline of knowledge, and then use the linked sources for further education and citation. I think it's mainly just a stigma that we picked up in school or university, which usually stems from mistrust due to its lack of formal review, though it could also simply be a bit of intellectual elitism (keeping in mind that a there is a predominant belief that a college professor's "worth" is partially judged by the the works they've published, so seeing people cite resources outside of the "scholarly" realm would be seen somewhere from simply inferior, to a shot in the side). To me, there are a great number of wiki articles out there that are simply superb as they are able to communicate a particular topic to someone who might not otherwise understand it. Consider someone who wants to know what quantum mechanics is all about. A lot of the academic topics about QM are pretty complex (some are actually remarkably detailed yet free - kudos to MIT), but there exists a wiki article that explains it in many different languages, to include Simple English. Again, I won't cite wiki since it usually isn't a primary source (and I prefer primary because it makes my argument a lot stronger) if I'm participating in a serious discussion about something, but I think it gets often gets a bad rap when it usually shouldn't. Side rant over...carry on...
  8. Not sure what you're referring to. He called in from his phone while standing in an airplane at Washington Dulles (KIAD). The visuals were those of the person running the stream.
  9. As the Intro Manual instructs: close the sim between loading different PMDG aircraft/liveries. Please make sure to read the Intro Manual as it has a lot of important information for you. Full names - first and last - in your posts please.
  10. Perfect. Thanks! One of the guys should get to it momentarily. If not, I'll be in the queue later this evening.
  11. Looking at the page, I can definitely say none of the PMDG team spent any amout of time providing information on it. That table is atrocious, too.
  12. Would've been pinned if it were. This is correct. The tech team this time around is very, very, very thorough, as he mentioned. It's actually really impressive.
  13. The support site is mentioned in the Intro Manual, and is linked from our main page under the word "support." It's also linked in my signature for your convenience. Create an account and then submit a ticket. We'll be able to work it from there.
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