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  1. You have a giant sail at the back end of the aircraft. It will be affected by the wind, so if the wind isn't a perfect headwind, it will pull in the direction of the wind. Additionally, P3D isn't FSX. Be sure your calibration and axes are set properly in P3D. Any time you have a new sim, you will find that Windows assigned axes to all kinds of random devices you have plugged in.
  2. Mike, Make sure to read the Intro Manual. The top of Page 51 will be of interest to you, I'm sure.
  3. Who are you asking to fix it? The forum, or PMDG? If it's the latter, I believe you and I have been over where this type of request needs to go. There's a link in my signature.
  4. Okay. We're going to end this one here. We don't do demos. The risk outweighs the reward. Period. End. I know you all think you have groundbreaking ideas about how to run businesses. If you like your idea that much, you can be the ones to hang your IP out there in the open, for free, to depend solely on the anti-piracy measures of the product itself. Be sure to link me when you do, so I can support you.
  5. Has it, though? You know that people have actually successfully, and fully cracked our software? You must have some shady friends, or I don't know you as well as I thought I did...interesting information you have there. Again: people keep asserting hanging software out there for free will magically increase paying customers more than it would sacrifice sales by essentially handing crackers a free version to hammer on. How, exactly, are you coming by this information? How can you legitimately argue that, if one were to be a cracker, and had an opportunity to crack any software out there, that cracker would go for something behind a pay wall, versus something just hanging out there like proverbial low hanging fruit...? You all are walking dangerously along the line of publicly acknowledging knowing more about this part of the industry than you should. I get what you're saying, in theory, but what you're saying is somewhat the equivalent of telling Tesla: "hey, if anyone could just jump in your car at any time of day, you'd sell more copies! Ignore the fact that people steal your cars sometimes, because people steal cars. Once they're stolen, you might as well just leave one out in front of your dealership unlocked so that people can test drive it before they buy it. Just put a limiting radius in the software to force them to come back to the dealership. Don't worry about people getting in the cars and attempting to disable any of that. Like I said...people steal cars. Why worry about people stealing more, since leaving said car out to be test driven all day will increase sales?!?" Guys...c'mon...use a little bit of logic here...
  6. The link begins at "https" and continues all the way to the end of the letters 'rfMHP70En96v7GxSRMmpqTbf'. For example, a link to google is - the full link begins at the letters https, and continues to the end of .com. An internet provider and internet browser are two different things. I use Verizon as my internet provider, and Google Chrome as my internet browser. The latter is the program that you're using right now to look at this post. What is that program? You may also be running into issues with either (or both) Outlook and your anti-virus program (usually the latter - aftermarket anti-virus programs are complete garbage, honestly).
  7. Simply a business decision: what's the risk versus the reward? Our business decision is no demo.
  8. Give people a working copy of software as something to hammer on to further piracy...? No thanks.
  9. Make sure to re-download our 744 installer, too, in order to be sure that it's the current version that recognizes v4. Sounds like you may have an older installer.
  10. I can imagine. It's entirely frustrating to see things not working for someone. All the same, I'll need more detail about what you're doing. I know I just responded to you in the other thread, but since that's someone else's issue, please just respond here to keep things streamlined. Can you describe, in the greatest amount of detail possible, exactly what you are doing in attempting to re-download your software?
  11. That's the whole point of this procedure. If I were to change it for you, you'd still have to log in and change it, using essentially the same procedure you're using now. What browser are you using to do this? Either you're doing something odd with the link, or your browser is doing something odd. I had to reset my password the other day and it worked, and so far, only two people are reporting issues, so it's not likely to be an issue with the system. That's the whole reason for this change, honestly. Also: it is prudent to troubleshoot to ensure that it isn't something being caused on your end. As only one of two users reporting the issue, it's not likely to be an issue on our end. No matter how robust and easy we make a system, if your computer is the cause of the issue, making our system better isn't going to solve anything... As I asked Paul earlier, can you be more specific about the issue you're having, and the steps that you have taken? I cannot see your computer, and I cannot read your mind, so in order to help you, I need to know exactly what's going on.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Please note that full names - first and last - are required here in the forum. Additionally, the product page provides the min specs. I honestly wouldn't run Flight Sim on a Surface, because of how limited the processors are there (and because they lack GPUs). Moreover, they're going to throttle quite a lot because of cooling.
  13. Honestly, I don't either, but their program has gotten a bit more aggressive in the past year or so. Their "camera shake" function, for example, doesn't move the eyepoint, it actually just batters the plane with different aerodynamic forces to get the whole plane to move, and thus, the eyepoint moves with it. So...with that in mind, I'm not entirely surprised that this ended up being the cause...
  14. Some email services will disable links unless you have us on your contacts list, or you click on a button above the message that says "this is safe" or "I trust this sender." Depends on the service, though. All the same, copy and paste the link into your browser, and it should work from there.
  15. It's also a way to somewhat point out the oddity in the responses here without being overly serious. I find it very odd when people come in here and get upset that they haven't heard from us in a while. Even when we're not ready to provide ALL of the details, and simply a vague "there's more here, but we're not going to get into it just yet," they get upset. Moreover, I find it odd that several people will also demand that the updates be in the style they find to be acceptable. There is a vast difference between expressing disappointment with the information provided, and essentially accusing us of making vaporware. Unicorns don't exist. They're mythical creatures. The extension of this point would be that our software does not, and will not exist. If that was not the intent, then the message should have been refined. That lack of refinement is not my fault, but I do need to ensure that people are engaging with others in the forum factually (actually a rule for the forum here). I'm usually pretty understanding of alternative viewpoints, but when those viewpoints get accusatory without evidence, or specifically ignore the facts at hand, I take issue with them, and will challenge them...usually at the level at which they were presented. The ignorance of facts in discourse is not something I'm willing to abide - here or elsewhere.