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  1. scandinavian13

    How to load fuel?

    Be sure that you follow the tutorial closely. I’m not sure if you’re confusing the fuel value on the PERF INIT page and the value on CDU MENU > FS ACTIONS > FUEL. Please do not skip actually reading the tutorial. The pictures are meant to explain the text. The text isn’t meant to simply back up the pictures. From what I remember, we have a pretty lengthy paragraph in there about loading fuel and passengers, which leads me to believe that you might’ve just breezed through the tutorial. Please go back and review it. It’s incredibly important.
  2. scandinavian13

    WX Radar Question - B747-400

    I'm with you guys, though I'll definitely admit to some bias, for obvious reasons. All the same, when I'm shopping products from other developers, I usually buy it directly from them. The re-seller takes a cut from the price if it's re-sold, so the original dev doesn't get as much from a re-sale. It's also easier to get support if you ordered directly through the source, since your sales info is usually a lot easier for them to access, which helps in the cases Alan and Bertie mentioned. I won't fault anyone for going 3rd party, though. As much as I hated GameStop, I would occasionally go there back in university (when I was relatively broke, between paying for college, food, and the occasional flight lesson) to pick up a used game (which has the even worse dev sales cut of $0) on the cheap. Then again, that market is quite different. Additionally, some devs don't have the resources to stand up their own site/cart/support, so a re-seller/marketplace is the only way to go.
  3. scandinavian13

    PMDG 777-300ER egpws terrain shows all green

    Not at my sim computer, but the Intro Manual (<sim root>\PMDG\777\Flight Manuals folder) describes all of it. Hit CTRL+F and search for "peaks."
  4. scandinavian13

    747-8 Expansion Installation

    I don't think much has changed. The issue is that, before, we were releasing products for a sim that never changed because it wasn't being developed at all. P3D is an actively-developed sim, with frequent updates. In order for us to keep up with the changes, we need to release updates, and change our installers around. It's the name of the game in this market segment. The error message is pretty clear: you need P3D v3 or later. What version of P3D do you have currently installed? If you're sure you're on a later version, re-download your full installers for the 747 from your account and try to install that way. I posted a solution to the last user over a month ago. Did you try my suggestion to the other user first, before throwing an unnecessarily vitriolic post in here? To be honest, that kind of post isn't quite acceptable here.
  5. scandinavian13

    PMDG 777-300ER egpws terrain shows all green

    Likely a livery option. Check the options for terrain in PEAKS mode or not. It's not the EGPWS, btw - it's the terrain database. Separate functions. EGPWS is what yells at you when you get too close to terrain, and calls out when you are approaching the ground in a landing config.
  6. scandinavian13

    Prepar3DV4.3 2D Panel

    A lot of the "simpler" builds are a bunch of monitors arranged in approximate locations of where the panels would be. Not hardware based as much as monitors spread around to take care of being able to look around with your head, instead of mouse+spacebar. As such, having 2D panels to put on those monitors helps them out. They aren't mounting monitors behind hardware bezels and hardware switches like you might be thinking (in which case, you'd only need a few pop ups of the displays).
  7. scandinavian13

    trouble activating 737

    This is a several-month old thread. Activation stuff like this should go straight to support, since other users won't usually be able to help fix (this is a user-to-user support forum). Many people skip the final part of the installer that asks to install directx if they've installed at some point before, but a re-installation of your OS means it's a clean slate. Let all parts of the installer run, just to be sure.
  8. scandinavian13

    PMDG 747-8 cockpit window bugs

    But when I fly 10 times, no ice is detected in all 10 times. Is this not a problem? No, it might not be. It is dependent - much like the bug script - on the weather. Ice requires both freezing temperatures, and water. If you never encountered water on those 10 flights, then you won't run into icing. I haven't had to clean bugs off of my car's windshield for months on my last 10 drives, too. It's cold out, so the bugs have either migrated south or have died off. It'll pick back up when it gets warmer again. Too often, I'd assert that simmers assume something is a bug without actually working through the thought process of why something might be the case. I'd encourage people to try to approach the sim with this kind of mindset.
  9. scandinavian13

    A/T not disconnecting on landing [v4.4]

    I would encourage you to avoid the use of "bug" in the context of something that has not been verified. It's a bit semantic, I know, but people throw that around as if it's an absolute truth, without real evidence in many cases. In this case, I don't see any specific evidence that this is caused specifically by the software, which hasn't changed between 4.3 and 4.4. A bug in the software would mean that it was broken in 4,3 and is broken now in 4.4, which isn't the case. What are your steps to reproduce this?
  10. scandinavian13

    TCAS RA Scenario?

    I would ask that you return to my earlier post and note the lack - in entirety - of an accusation of a violation. I asked you to review the EULA because your reference to "scenario" and "demonstrate" were unclear. Nothing more. If I believed there were an actual issue, I would have stated as much. If anything, it was an extension of trust - in other words, I was unclear on your intent, but trusted you to have a look at the EULA and make that determination on your own. After 36 years in aviation, the concept of clear communication should be par for the course. If your response to a controller were vague, you'd get push back of some sort. That doesn't mean they're kicking off an ATSAP and giving you a phone number.
  11. scandinavian13

    Prepar3DV4.3 2D Panel

    I actually objected to the switch to the VC around a decade ago, but looking back, all of the reasons I listed that I didn't want to ditch the 2D for the VC were all rooted in my resistance to change. Yes, it takes effort to get used to, but the experience is so much better once you do get used to it. I don't say that lightly, either. My rants about how the change to VC would end the world, somewhat sadly, got lost in the AVSIM Server Loss of [whenever that happened a while back]. I hated the idea of getting used to something new. 2D panels pain me to look at now, though.
  12. scandinavian13

    [06OCT18] Livery Painters are a dime a dozen...

    More a matter of me being lazy and not having the interface ready that we need to have ready for you all. (...and by "lazy" I mean a bit behind due to other things that have popped up. Soon enough.)
  13. scandinavian13

    PMDG 737NGX MCP connect with CPFlight 737 MCPEL

    This will be down to whoever wrote the interface. Hardware interfacing is the responsibility of the person who wrote the interface and built the hardware. If it's not available to be referenced/set in the SDK, then that's one thing, and a ticket should be submitted to sort that out to see if it can be added (though I'm sure there's an alternate path that could be used by whoever wrote the interface). Posting here is a bit like me going to BMW because my aftermarket angel eye bulbs aren't working properly.
  14., please.
  15. scandinavian13

    TCAS RA Scenario?

    This....but: Please have a look at the EULA for your product.