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  1. If nothing is working in the sim (in addition to the recurring activation issue), then it's definitely something like AV damaging/preventing things from running properly. What kind of AV are you using?
  2. These camera programs usually modify various files in a way that they need to be reset before the program gets uninstalled (and I don't think they all warn you about that fact). You may want to reinstall it and have a look at the settings to see if it has an option to return your defaults. That, or look in your FSX-SE.cfg location to see if the program left a backup file in there somewhere (I think that's where the cameras.cfg is). Hopefully someone who's better versed in camera apps will chime in. This definitely isn't us though. Our views, such as the overhead, have specific settings in the config files to limit zooming and panning. If it's panning, that means something is forcing it to do so.
  3. This isn't going to be something caused by our code or settings. This will be something related to a camera program that you're using, or hardware with a view assignment that is not calibrated, or sending erroneous commands.
  4. Nope. The updaters aren't live for your OC to get to them yet. We've only tested in house so far. RSR will post when we have them ready to roll.
  5. If you've got it where you like it, then all's well that ends well. All the same, it's not a "maybe" sort of thing. It's an absolute thing: if you're having to mess with the sound to make it sound better, then something is not configured properly. It's kinda like not putting the gear up and thinking "man, my performance isn't right," and simply increasing thrust to compensate for the improper config and calling it a day. You can do that, sure, but I wouldn't call that the best course of action. long as you're happy with it, I guess it's okay.
  6. Granted, this wasn't an overweight landing, but the gear can actually take quite a beating, as this poor Silkway pilot showed us recently:
  7. Don't get too caught up here. If you didn't run the msis, the usual result is that you won't even get an activation window. Things you need to be sure of: FlexNet is not disabled, and is set to manually start. Your antivirus program is excluding your entire FSX:SE directory, and better yet, see if you can add FlexNet to the exclusions list (steps for this are dependent on your AV program, so you will need to look it up online for your specific software) You're running FSX:SE as an administrator. Basically, something is getting in the way of FlexNet and not allowing it to register the fact that you've successfully activated, so it thinks you haven't and continues to ask. This is caused by FlexNet being disabled, AV programs getting in the way of FlexNet working with your system, or Windows getting in the way in a similar manner.
  8. If the 777 ran fine, the NGX should. Are you using any tools like the Estonia Migration Tool, or other registry hacks to get some of your FSX scenery/planes/stuff into P3D?
  9. I'm sure there will be one right before/as the -8 releases, just to get the code base all up to speed for it. The updaters are now running off of the endpoint servers, which should increase speed for everyone, and fix some of the update issues some are having.
  10. You'll need to manually put the flight file in the 777 folder. By default the 777 does not come with any routes, unless you create them. There's a bunch of info about routes at the end of the Intro Manual.
  11. Even when you're on MASTER, the displays can be brought above/below the master level by a certain percentage if the knobs are not in the center position. Double check that each knob is in the center by middle clicking on it (pressing the mousewheel in). I know I've done that a few times.
  12. Not sure. This would point more to the sim environment than PMDG code, no? This would re-iterate the above (particularly with the "this plane and others" bit). As I mentioned earlier, NTDLL errors are incredibly vague. It's like saying someone has a fever. All kinds of things can cause a fever. Solving the underlying cause needs to be done a many different ways. Your case may be different from others, but again, I point back to NTDLL error causes being numerous and wide-ranging.
  13. Not sure where you were told "net-logon" needs to be checked, but they should've directed you to FlexNet not being disabled. Additionally, ensure that you've followed the directions in the README file (filename: "FSXSE Users Read This," immediately next to the installer). They're also here:
  14. We don't run a 24/7 support operation, and it's also the weekend (you sent the message you're referring to at 0929 on a Sat morning - 0629 for Ryan). I don't think it's entirely reasonable to expect instantaneous replies all the time, particularly on the weekend. We still log in over the weekend to provide support (this post, case in point), but let's be a little realistic here. I provided a link to a guide that goes through common CTD issues. As I mentioned in the last post, a fault in NTDLL.dll is not caused by us. It's usually a graphics or core OS issue. Google it. You'll see thousands of other thread entirely unrelated to our products. I'll copy the data out of it for you, however, for your convenience: NTDLL.dll – The following is a quote from Microsoft Techs - “Heap metadata can become corrupted and it has been identified by Microsoft as one of the most common causes of application failures. When an application crash shows the faulting module as ntdll.dll along with the Memory Access Violation (0xc0000005), then Windows places the application on a watch list and, if the application crashes at least four times or more in an hour, the fault tolerant heap service will configure the application to use the fault tolerant heap service in the future” (Source - Chapter 10, Memory Management, Windows Internals, Part 2: Covering Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 by Mark E. Russinovich, David A Solomon, and Alex Ionescu). The service is part of the Security Center service so you need to make sure this service is turned on. If the ntdll.dll is placed on the watch list, this information will be shown in the Event Viewer (Admin Events). See also Increase Heap Limitation in the Actions to Take to Prevent Crashes section of this guide. Several possibilities for the NTDLL.dll error are as follows: Most likely cause is outdated or corrupted hardware drivers. Run a driver update program as discussed in previous section. Use the System File Checker (SFC \scannow) to look for corrupt or missing system files. See previous section for details on running this program. Recently update video card drivers? Reinstall or install the previous version. System overheating. Check (not common but it can cause this crash). Wrong timings/voltages set for your installed RAM. Use the utility, CPU-Z, to check or look inside the BIOS (NOTE: With newer Mother Boards and Memory Simms, this issue is not as common as it was with earlier systems but it can still happen). CPU voltage too high or too low (only if you manually adjusted this in the BIOS). You might be able to fix by returning your BIOS to Optimized Defaults or lowering your overclock by one point from say, 4.4GHz to 4.3GHz. Remove the UIAutomationcore.dll from the main FSX folder, if installed (applies to FSX users only). A known fix (could be the wrong version placed in the FSX folder). Check your dll.xml for duplicate entries or entries where the software was removed but the entry in the dll.xml still exists. Fix. Disable User Access Controls (UAC) (see the section above for more information). Update hardware drivers for your computer (especially on new computer systems or if the Windows OS has been reinstalled or upgraded) (see Driver Update information in this guide). Disable MyTrafficX, v5.4c or MyTraffic6a in the Scenery Library to see if this program is the cause of the ntdll.dll error. It is believed to be caused by an AI scheduling programming error. For MyTrafficX go back to the 5.4b version or make sure no external AI program schedule is activated (i.e., the 2012 or 2013 Schedules on the developers website). The default schedule appears to be okay for most. Check the developers support forums for updated information and possible bug fixes. For MyTraffic6, some have fixed it by renaming the MyTrafficmil.bgl to MyTrafficmil.orig. Some have seen this error when changing to payware aircraft after using another payware or default aircraft. How add-ons interact with your computer is entirely dependent on how they're built. If we call on your graphics card to render something and your driver is damaged, or outdated, it won't be able to render it and boom. Someone else may be using FSX-internal processes, or simpler methods.
  15. Again, I'd argue that your hardware may not be properly configured in this case. That or you don't have the operational experience to determine "real" and are simply going off of un-tuned audio recordings (cell phone or consumer-grade camera YouTube clips).