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  1. If all three have the same issue, and you've flown our aircraft in the past, I'm willing to bet that the common factor and common cause is you in this case, since you've had success before. This is one of the many reasons I don't suggest it. Don't uninstall/reinstall unless someone from support instructs you to do it. It's a waste of time in most cases, to include this one. You've already mentioned all of what you just posted. Help us help you. Answer the questions that people have posted above. We cannot read your mind, or see your system.
  2. Sign your posts. This isn't the place to discuss pricing policy. You would know both of these if you read the rules. Please read them
  3. Any key and then map that command to AP DISCONNECT in the key commands menu. My point was that you should be using the yoke switch in the actual simulator. If you're going to click on something with the mouse, click on that one, and not the bar. The bar is not the correct method.
  4. haha - fair enough
  5. Incorrect. Yoke switch, and then yoke switch once more.
  6. I believe you've had our products for a while now, and have successfully flown with them. As such, the issue is going to be found in something that you have changed on your computer.
  7. haha - fair point. All the same...the Intro is going to give you a much better understanding (more because that wasn't my section to write and someone smarter wrote it :P ).
  8. Yes. The sim is clearly unable to load more assets, which is visible in the screenshot. You've thrown the sim assets, the scenery, and a bunch of other stuff into your sim's "bucket." In the screenshot, the fuselage, and the textures on the stair truck, didn't fit in the bucket so they didn't get loaded. Note the missing tiles on the ground, too. This isn't just a PMDG problem. As I've mentioned before, this is all very clearly explained and in great detail in the Intro Manual. Seeing that the cause of the symptom is generally having too many aftermarket things stuffed into a 32 bit sim... Have a look at the Intro Manual and its suggestions first, though, please. For your own sake (saving time) and my own sanity (that someone might actually read the thing we all spent so much time on to help everyone answer these questions before they have theory...provided they...ya it).
  9. The thing that is "clearly wrong," as you're claiming, is that the update function is behaving properly. It's not getting the correct data and dumping the update because the files did not download properly. If it were to attempt to update the version number, and copy those files into your sim, the result would be that you couldn't try the update again, one, and two, you'd have a corrupted install and have to reinstall using the full installer. This is clearly shown in the update window that pops up, and it's also in the logs (though the latter are not easily found without guidance, but would be the first place we'd point you to). So, sorry for setting it up to compensate for your own AV and connection issues to help you avoid having to wait for an entirely new installer to download, and then have to uninstall reinstall. Perhaps, instead of pointing fingers and claiming things aren't working, it would be better to ask for help understanding why, and determining what's wrong.
  10. SimBrief - free, simple, web-based so you can get to it anywhere, and remarkably powerful. PFPX - purchase, complex, fully-featured to do all kinds of complex routing/planning.
  11. eBay, Aerosoft, etc. Weather radar, no. At least initially - you'll need to download the update from Aerosoft to get it anyway, so the DVD version is largely pointless now. HUD, yes.
  12. haha - I was just about to add this as my own comment as I was reading through your post, and then got to the end and saw you'd already taken care of it. Good idea for a workaround, and thanks for making sure to remind people to clean the file up afterwards!
  13. Turn it off entirely while you update. The downloader downloads to a temporary location before copying everything into your P3D location, and overwriting a bunch of stuff. I can nearly guarantee that Kaspersky is trying to get in the way of something in that process, causing the issue you're seeing.
  14. haha "Kill it! Kill it with fire!"
  15. It's an old rhyme song from nursery school. "His name is my name too" is one of the lines. EDIT: Do not google it to listen to it. It is one of those songs that you cannot unhear.