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  1. scandinavian13

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    Patricio, As I've mentioned a few times, I think it is imperative that you sit down and read through the responses here. Granted, it took a bit of a drift for a bit, but the core issue is still discussed. You will trim in literally every aircraft, with any hardware. It's as much of a fact of flying as moving forward to generate lift. People aren't talking about force feedback, where the hardware generates fake forces to simulate the pressure you'd feel in the real plane. We're talking about having to hold your own pressure on the stick. Unless the stick is sitting perfectly vertical, and you do not need to touch it at all to get the plane to do what you're wanting it to do - climb, descend, fly level - you're putting pressure on it. Any touch, at all - that's the pressure we're referring to. This isn't dependent on the plane or the hardware - it's a simple function of aerodynamics. Next time you fly, look at the takeoff trim value and set whatever it is +2. So, if the value is 5.6, set your trim to 7.6. After takeoff, I can guarantee that you will have to hold forward pressure on the stick in order to not stall. Doesn't matter if you're flying with an XBOX controller, or a $1000+ yoke. You can then adjust your trim so that you can eventually just take your hand off the yoke and it'll climb properly without a need to hold the yoke (and therefore put pressure on it). This doesn't matter. You're confusing concepts. See above...
  2. scandinavian13

    pmdg748 News

    The States. Family is from Norway and Denmark, which is where the forum name comes from. I really don't have a solid choice - I just like to watch the game. I only really care about winning when I'm out on the pitch.
  3. scandinavian13

    pmdg748 News

    There really isn't much about a platform NDA that would prevent us from providing updates about one of our own products. If there were some sort of new feature in the platform itself that we were taking advantage of, sure, but it really doesn't affect much else (and those cases are already rare). The actual main reasons. Yes!
  4. scandinavian13

    Infos about a 737 upgrade?

    This was briefly mentioned in the Expo announcement, actually. There was no real detail, but "NG3" was mentioned, so...there's your answer.
  5. scandinavian13

    CPDLC explained

    ha - I'd argue that's worse. Yeah, it's rolled...but...segmented label paper? That'll add up quickly...
  6. scandinavian13

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

  7. scandinavian13

    744 rain effect

    I think he meant 'was' instead of 'has'.
  8. scandinavian13

    737 Freezes Mid Flight

    The NGX is a pretty complex aircraft. The default aircraft really isn't complex at all - no complex model, no complex VC, no FMS to run in the background, simple displays...and so on. Load times in P3D are going to be the sum total of everything that needs to be loaded. Orbx products are extremely heavy, in terms of system load. With the NGX also being pretty demanding, you're going to have freezes if your settings are high enough. Your system needs time to load all of that in. If it can't manage it, it'll hold up the sim until it can.
  9. scandinavian13

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    Jack - the issue isn't the 747 update. The issue is P3D v4.2. This has been acknowledged by LM themselves. The 744 update helped to alleviate the issue, but could not eliminate it (again, because the issue is caused by LM's code, and not ours). Updating your 744 will not cause any issues. It literally cannot...especially if you're not on 4.2.
  10. scandinavian13

    CPDLC explained

    Yeah, I was about to say... Right, but again, your printer is capable of printing only the lines that need to be printed...the type sitting in 99.9999% of homes cannot. Also: again, to be clear, I have - since the beginning of my printing criticism - referred to home printers, utilizing sheet-based (not roll-based) paper. I'm not saying printing is stupid, and nobody does it. I'm saying that - given the differences between what is in planes (roll-based, or screen-based) - the option is wasteful. That's why all of this is being tested on the -8 😉 You all do realize that you're going to print off... A single message. Per page. Right?
  11. scandinavian13

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    Again: P3D and the 747 are different. Updating the 747 won't force you to use 4.2, or anything. Just let the 744 update. You won't have to update P3D. Completely separate topics/discussions/functions. Nope, those will stay, too.
  12. scandinavian13

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

  13. scandinavian13

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    Nope. It'll leave them there, and then offer to repair the liveries after the reinstall (and updates). Not sure what your question is regarding 4.2. The airplane is the airplane. P3D is P3D. Updating will not force you to use a specific P3D version.
  14. scandinavian13

    CPDLC explained

    Right, but that's the point - much like my receipt printer point from earlier. You might waste some real estate laterally, but if we're firing off ACARS messages at a standard printer, it's not going to nearly just add lines and keep on ticking until you tear the roll. It's going to fire off a bunch of individual sheets of paper. You'll note that I specifically referenced the 8.5x11 paper did Matt. Rafael seemed to be referring to dispatch paperwork (again, referencing x11), as I'm not aware of any aircraft printer that fires off a paper size that is pre-cut along the vertical axis. I'm sure you can see my confusion.
  15. scandinavian13

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    I'm not entirely sure it says that it's updated. I'm guessing that if you were to take a look at the lines (or the log file: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\PMDG Operations Center\Updater - the log file in there), it would say that your version is too old and that you need to install via the full installer. That is the reason it keeps repeating: the updater sees your version is too old, ends the process without updating anything. The new version of the OC will make this clearer. So - log in to your account on our website. Download the full installer from your order page. Uninstall the version currently on your machine. Install the newly-downloaded copy. Update using the OC if it recommends that you do so. As long as you keep yourself relatively up to date, you'll be fine. The version you have must be quite a few years out of date if it's not updating.