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  1. Great you figured it out! I have mine at 45% with 75° Celsius set as critical temperature and it´s working fine. Been like that for months. Temps are in the 30s to 40s. When running P3D 4.5 it peaks at 79, but only with tons of AI traffic in dense areas with addon airports and dirty weather. This is with a Meshify S2 case with 3 stock fans and an Arctic Liquid Cooler 360. 10850k running at stock speed (turbo at 4.8/4.9ghz; HT off).
  2. You should be able to control the pump speed via FanXpert, which is part of Asus AI Suite III. I‘m not 100% sure, but I think the software came with my Asus Z-490 Rog Strix Board. Anyways, you can download it for free on the ASUS site. FanXpert will let you setup your own fan control profile very quick and easy.
  3. It means there is some unfinished task in the FMC, mostly the wind data on the legs page or something on the perf page isn´t complete. It´s the FMCs way to tell you it needs some attention😉
  4. Same here with Safari, Firefox and Opera...
  5. Unfortunately this doesn´t work for me. Any document or folder I save to ...FSX\PMDG\EFB\EFB Documents Library\CHARTS won´t show up in the EFB document browser. Any Idea what could be the reason for this? I do see the 3 PMDG documents there, though... Best, Arne
  6. The new installer works perfectly! Thanks for all your work!!! Now it´s shopping time
  7. Hi everyone, I just got an answer to my ticket. I was asked to follow the instructions in the readme - file that came with the updated installer. Funny thing is, I stated in the text that came with my ticket that I uninstalled the old version BEFORE I installed the update. And before anyone comes to any conclusions, I also didn´t deactivate my license or anything like that. So, any help (apart from asking me to read the readme) is greatly appreciated... Cheers, Arne
  8. I just submitted a ticket. Will keep you updated. I might fall asleep though, sInce it's almost midnight here
  9. I did a search on avsim, this problem already occurred a couple of times. Tried the solution mentioned in this thread: Didn't work so far
  10. Hey guys, I wanna join the celebrations! BUT: When I paste the activation key after the required update get this message: ERROR: Activation library handle creation failed - (50003,71000,10103) Never had problems with activation of my PMDG products before. I read of at least one more user with the same problem. Anyone else had this message ? Cheers, Arne PS: Yes, I uninstalled the old version before the update...
  11. Downloaded okay. It's asking for the license key. When I paste it I get this message: ERROR: Activation library handle creation failed - (50003,71000,10103) Never had problems with activation of PMDG products before. Is anyone else seeing this message ? Cheers, Arne
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