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  1. It means there is some unfinished task in the FMC, mostly the wind data on the legs page or something on the perf page isn´t complete. It´s the FMCs way to tell you it needs some attention😉
  2. Same here with Safari, Firefox and Opera...
  3. Unfortunately this doesn´t work for me. Any document or folder I save to ...FSX\PMDG\EFB\EFB Documents Library\CHARTS won´t show up in the EFB document browser. Any Idea what could be the reason for this? I do see the 3 PMDG documents there, though... Best, Arne
  4. The new installer works perfectly! Thanks for all your work!!! Now it´s shopping time
  5. Hi everyone, I just got an answer to my ticket. I was asked to follow the instructions in the readme - file that came with the updated installer. Funny thing is, I stated in the text that came with my ticket that I uninstalled the old version BEFORE I installed the update. And before anyone comes to any conclusions, I also didn´t deactivate my license or anything like that. So, any help (apart from asking me to read the readme) is greatly appreciated... Cheers, Arne
  6. I just submitted a ticket. Will keep you updated. I might fall asleep though, sInce it's almost midnight here
  7. I did a search on avsim, this problem already occurred a couple of times. Tried the solution mentioned in this thread: Didn't work so far
  8. Hey guys, I wanna join the celebrations! BUT: When I paste the activation key after the required update get this message: ERROR: Activation library handle creation failed - (50003,71000,10103) Never had problems with activation of my PMDG products before. I read of at least one more user with the same problem. Anyone else had this message ? Cheers, Arne PS: Yes, I uninstalled the old version before the update...
  9. Downloaded okay. It's asking for the license key. When I paste it I get this message: ERROR: Activation library handle creation failed - (50003,71000,10103) Never had problems with activation of PMDG products before. Is anyone else seeing this message ? Cheers, Arne
  10. No problem. Thanks for the reply. I’ve been doing a lot of shorter hops with the NGX lately, so I really can’t tell. The NGX doesn’t show this behaviour at all. There were also a couple of threads about this topic, unfortunately none of them provided a solution. I’ll report back as soon as I make progress in one way or the other...
  11. Hi everybody, I have a persisting problem with both the 777 and the 747v3. When I start at an airport, put in a route, take off and then at some point choose an alternate to divert to, as described in the title, I get a CTD, as soon as I hit "divert now" on the ALTN page. I get something similar with the 747v3 when I type in another destination on the RTE page. The thing that bothers me (on top of the fact that CTDs are of course annoying): It´s not always like that. Sometimes, if I divert soon after takeoff "divert now" works, but on almost every flight that takes longer than approximately an hour, I get these crashes, when trying to divert to another destination. The sim just freezes for 5 seconds and then it shuts down without any further error messages. It used to be like that with FSX, now I´m using FSXSE, situation stays the same. Unfortunately I can´t remember if this also occurs with the NGX. If needed, I will make some test flights... Any help is greatly appreciated! Best regards, Arne
  12. Maybe he's referring to the flap speeds?
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