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  1. In DTG Flight simulator: 1. Will the physics be improved. FSX has a very "jaggy" and not so fluent physics. You'll really don't feel like flying - in for example x-plane it feels more "alive" when you fly. 2. Will the weather have some actual influence on flying - in a way so for example some clouds could be dangerous to fly into - so weather planning actually have an effect and not just visual? 3. Will snow/rain look more "disturbing" - in FSX it has no effect at all on your view - in real life it really mess things up if it rains or snows alot. And a big thanx for doing this project!
  2. Scope

    i have no engine animation

    Today i noticed that i haven't got any engine anumation. The outside graphics just showed a flat texture - it's kinda looked like the object with engine was missing - any clue? i use version 1c 737-800
  3. I use FSINN.Today an ATC said my flightplan was set to text-messages only. I looked in FSINN flight plan but i coudnt see anywhere to set this. I use voice so i want to enable that in my FP.
  4. I have the exact same problem. And it also occurs in 32-bit.I also tried the DLL-trick - and it worked once - but the next time i loaded fsx it didn't.So there must be a combatibility issue between those two apps. unfortunately there's no development on fscopilot at the moment and wilco will probably say it is fscopilot that has the problem (although all other add-ons works).If we are a lot of users then we could write a letter together to wilco to make them consider a new patch.I'd be happy to make such a mail - so send me a PM with you e-mail, full name, streetaddress and country. And when we are a reasonable number i'll write them.