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  1. You are referring to the IRS selectors on the overhead panel. The switches I’m referencing are to the left of the Captain’s PFD and right if the FO’s PFD. Not on the overhead.
  2. The switches to the left and right of the PFD’s.... make sure they are all pointing up. 👍
  3. I’ve never had this issue using FSX, so it’s not an animation that was left out or anything.
  4. May want to double check. I thought they weren’t showing at first when I didn’t see the flash when in fact it is as described in the known issue above where they were steady on and will not flash off.
  5. Things like this are always fun when you work at an airline that has been through mergers. Half of our fleet has taxi lights and half does not. Another one is the optional PTT button on the glareshield. About the time you get used to having it you end up in a plane that doesn’t and reach for a button that doesn’t exist. 😅
  6. I agree, it looks like an initial heading is in the FMC and is separated from the first fix by vectors. LNAV would have worked fine too.
  7. I agree it doesn’t look right. For what it’s worth though, when using assigned headings in the real world we will bug the assigned heading but takeoff with no lateral mode selected. At 400’ AGL we then engage HDG SEL. I’m not sure if that would have prevented your situation or not but it isn’t typical to perform the takeoff while in HDG SEL mode.
  8. In addition to this using VS to climb at higher altitudes is never a good idea as it has no low speed protection. There are certain instances that may warrant its use, such as trying to get down to intercept a glide slope if you’re slightly above it.. but generally speaking it is preferred to use other modes than VS for a typical climb or descent. Like with THR, the VS button is one that usually has some dust on it as it is seldomly used. At least that’s how I was trained.
  9. Should’ve been more specific I guess. I meant no speed limit, since that was what the OP was about.
  10. Yeah no limit on the 744 or 748, just expect some vibration if you put them all the way up at higher speeds. The LCF’s can vibrate quite heavily with full speedbrakes, but to my knowledge there isn’t a limit on those either.... not that you ever need them anyway with all the extra drag.
  11. This was 15 years ago when us lowly RJ drivers were considered to be the enemy. It was always enlightening to see how the “professionals” did it. 😅
  12. If I remember right he was trying to prove to the FO that he could get the aircraft all the way onto final by inputting speeds in the FMC and staying in VNAV. It just didn’t work out as he planned. I don’t know, wasn’t my company or an airplane that I had any experience with, but his comment to us was tongue in cheek obviously. He eventually gave up and took over manually.
  13. Kind of a funny story, but I was jumpseating to work years ago in an old 737-500. The Captain was attempting to put every new speed that was assigned into the FMC while on approach for some reason, and the airplane just wasn’t doing what he wanted it to do. It got pretty messy. He finally threw his hands in the air, turned around to myself and the other regional jet guy in the other jumpseat, and said “I give up, you guys want to come give this a try??”
  14. I you need to fly a different speed other than what’s published on an approach or STAR the easiest and most reliable method is to just speed intervene. That’s what it is there for.
  15. Very true. It took a while to get used to this in the 747, coming from a previous airplane that spooled up quickly and we had to monitor and abort for hung starts. Sometimes the 747 can take a while, and with autostart you just sit and watch until it says something is wrong. Definitely a concept that took some getting used to.
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