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  1. Jetlinker

    2nd flight engine start

    Very true. It took a while to get used to this in the 747, coming from a previous airplane that spooled up quickly and we had to monitor and abort for hung starts. Sometimes the 747 can take a while, and with autostart you just sit and watch until it says something is wrong. Definitely a concept that took some getting used to.
  2. Jetlinker

    No Descent Via VNAV

    It could be sensitive, I’m not entirely sure. I know that the regional I used to work for put the fuel prices at each station on their flight releases. The RJ that I flew did not have a CI though. If I’m doing a make believe flight in which I have no real world paperwork to reference I just come up with my own CI. For longer legs that are on time, I’ll use a lower number. For a short leg or one that is time critical, I’ll use a higher number. At the end of the day it’s a sim anyway. Realism can only go so far...
  3. Jetlinker

    Navigation Display Question.

    In the real world we use PLN only to verify fixes are correct, which is typically done preflight unless there’s a reroute. Once you go into PLN, a STEP button appears on the FMC which you press continuously to progress through all of the fixes in the flight plan, verifying that they fit into the route correctly. Aside from this function that mode is rarely ever used.
  4. Jetlinker

    Navigation Display Question.

    PLN mode depicts up as true north, so that’s why your heading shows 002. I’m having a hard time picturing the rest of what you are describing. The purpose of this feature is to look ahead and review the flight plan as it would appear on a chart or map. It’s not a moving display and isn’t really intended to use as a primary display while in flight.
  5. Hahahaha. Minor wiring issue. Ops check good.
  6. Jetlinker

    No Descent Via VNAV

    As a rule of thumb, if the flight is on time, I would say 035-075 is typically what is used. If the flight is late and time is critical it’ll usually be planned at 600. But again, those are very general.
  7. Jetlinker

    No Descent Via VNAV

    5Y CI’s vary depending on the flight.
  8. Jetlinker

    Confusion over integration of procedures

    I have to agree with Kyle. It’s really just a tool, and you use it when you need to. Where I work we really don’t use the integrated EFB’s in the 747-8 as we have an iPad for charts and ACARS does the performance, but even with these tools we utilize them when we need to. It’s not a part of any flow or procedure necessarily. When we have obtained a weight and balance, and have everything else needed to perform a takeoff calculation, then we will perform that action. When we need to reference a chart, we get on the iPad and pull up the chart... but utilizing things like ACARS or an EFB are not as procedural as say, running a flow or a checklist.
  9. Jetlinker

    Rolling resistance after latest update?

    I see what you did there.
  10. Haven’t done the update yet but I’m glad to hear this was done. In the real airplane I usually start the flare after the “40” callout... but in the sim that has always resulted in excessive floating. Sounds like this will be more true to life.
  11. Jetlinker

    Rolling resistance after latest update?

    This one sounds like more of an elevation difference perhaps?
  12. Jetlinker

    Rolling resistance after latest update?

    Doesn’t seem realistic for an 80% load, but I have noticed with light airplanes the resistance seemed a little high (I haven’t done the update yet though). Typically with a light load and level surface the real airplane will accelerate in idle during taxi. Once it gets to 18 knots or so you would brake back down to a slower speed as to not ride the brakes.
  13. Jetlinker

    GSX // realistic loading of fuel

    Maybe I’m remembering this wrong.. I don’t use GSX half the time, but when you select the fueling option in GSX once the fueler shows up it will ask you to enter the new fuel quantity into the sim, which you can do through the FMC menus. Then the fueler should stick around long enough to simulate loading that amount. I don’t think there is a way to simulate the fuel actually loading into the tanks though... as soon as you enter the new amount the fuel will be dispersed immediately.
  14. Yeah, I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting there lately. I’ve been on med leave for over a year. I do miss it!
  15. This is true. I spent a decade flying E145’s where we had half a dozen or so sets of memory items to a 747 where we have zero. 😅