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  1. tonymerry

    No Co-Pilot flows

    I have installed Fs2Crew for the latest Airbus pro series (64 bit) using voice control. The co-pilot will read out the checklists but does not carry out his flows. It just sticks at "B.Start>Proc". I am using the latest update of P3Dv4 and as I only purchased Fs2crew in August this year I assume this is the latest version of the program. I can't find the version number.! I shall be grateful for advice on sorting the problem. Tony Merry
  2. tonymerry

    Asky Cloud Art Settings

    I am having trouble finding a set of Cloud Art settings that closely resemble the usual gloomy British skies. My current sets from all the hundreds of possible combinations are:- Instinctive 1/Mirror/Delicate. Suggestions from other users will be most welcome, as my current sets still don't seem right. Tony Merry
  3. tonymerry

    Cannot install a livery in Majestic Dash 8

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Yes, sorry about using the term "script" I was putting the wording as per Ron's instructions into the cfg file. Having spent the last 3 months setting everything up into P3Dv4, and having tried all the various suggestions without success, I am not going to reboot,or reinstall P3D, at this time, for the sake of one livery. I have a contact who is a P.C wizard, so will invoke his expertise at some point. Thanks again Tony Merry
  4. tonymerry

    Cannot install a livery in Majestic Dash 8

    Thanks Jim I'll try that. Regards Tony
  5. Being not too clever with pc's, I am having trouble installing the > new purple livery for the Majestic Dash 8. I had Ron Atwood's excellent livery > installed in my FSX set up without any problems, but having invested > in a new p.c I have transferred to running P3Dv4 in W10. i Have downloaded > the file for P3Dv4 and put the script into the c:\Program > Files\Lockheed > Martin\Prepar3Dv$\simobjects\airplanes\mjc8q400\aircraft.cfg location, > but when I try to save it, I get a message"You do not have permission > to open this file, see the owner of the file or an administrator to > obtain permission". I am sure that out there are people a lot more competent with > p.c's and would be most grateful if someone could suggest a solution to > the problem, as I love the purple livery. Why Majestic haven't updated > the Flybe livery I do not know. > Thanks in anticipation.. Tony Merry
  6. tonymerry

    Majestic Dash 8 take off config alarm

    Hi Skiff Which wheel? Regards Tony Merry
  7. tonymerry

    Majestic Dash 8 take off config alarm

    Hi Crosswind Thanks for the reply. So how does one set the IAS for the climb speed in the autopilot? There must be some adjuster somewhere. Regards Tony Merry
  8. tonymerry

    Majestic Dash 8 take off config alarm

    Thanks for all the advice. The points re the flight/taxi switch and the nosewheel steering I didn't know. Have solved the problem re the alarm at last. The props were not going fully to max although this was difficult to see. Recalibrating the controls has solved this one. Another question. Where is the speed control dial? I can set the IAS via my "Goflight" autopilot but can't see a knob anywhere on the MCU. Thanks again everybody Tony Merry
  9. tonymerry

    Majestic Dash 8 take off config alarm

    Hi Dick I start from the cold & dark panel state. Trim is in the white band, anti skid on, the warning panel is all black. Yes the T/O warning does trigger an alarm, but I still can't find a missing procedure to trigger the alarm. Mystified! Regards Tony Merry
  10. I am having a problem with the Dash 8 in P3Dv4, in that whatever I do, the take off configuration alarm cannot be silenced. I am using exactly the same checklists I used in the fsx version & never had this problem. I have gone over every item many times i.e. black warning panel, flaps 5 , nosewheel steering off, take off speeds set etc etc. but still the darn thing bleeps. Is this a bug in P3Dv4 or can anyone suggest a cure. Thanks as always. Tony Merry
  11. tonymerry

    Majestic Dash 8 in P3Dv4

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions. Have followed the advice and now controls are working fine. Just one puzzle remains, there is no response from control movement in the "Control Panel" i.e. the numbers do not change as I move the controls. Yes I have the panel loaded when the Dash 8 is loaded. Still all is working so perhaps it will have to remain a mystery. Thanks again all. Tony Merry
  12. tonymerry

    Majestic Dash 8 in P3Dv4

    I have a problem with the Majestic Dash 8 in P3Dv4. It worked fine in fsx so I invested in the version for P3Dv4. The problem is that this sim doesn't recognise my Thrustmaster hotas controls. They do not appear in the "Control panel". The controls work fine in all the other aircraft i.e. the PMDG 737 etc. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the Dash 8 a couple of times without success. There seems to be no link between this aircraft & the controls. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Tony Merry
  13. tonymerry

    Voice control gets start sequence wrong

    Thanks naked chef. I removed mixture controls and all is now well. It is still a bit of a mystery however, as exactly the same set up worked fine in fsx with windows 7. tonymerry
  14. I have fs2crew for the PMDG737ngx in P3Dv4. I am using "reboot checklists 1". All is fine up to the point of "Start engine 2" . The copilot says "Starter cutout" straight away, which is incorrect! He then starts the engine and again says "Starter cutout". At this point he waits for the "Flaps" command and turns off the APU. So there is no way he can then start engine 1, which I have to do manually. Can anyone suggest what has happened to cause this, I never had any problems in FSX with this excellent program. Tonymerry
  15. tonymerry

    Get Rid of Snow & Rain Spray

    Newbie question, how do I locate the FSX cfg file to do the alterations? Tonym