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  1. Today it worked, I have no idea why. I'm going to test it the Next few days.
  2. Yeah, I checked it 5 times and it was always correct.
  3. When I'm ligned up with the runway, I try to activate the localizer but I can't. In the FMA LNAV and VNAV are still displayed. ILS Frequency is right, I checked it 5 times.
  4. Other modes are shown on the FMA, but neither LOC nor APP..
  5. It doesn't work anyway. There's nothing shown on the FMA.
  6. FMA. I will always comfirm modes on the FMA. Thanks. I will Test it tomorrow.
  7. I See the localizer and glideslope Bug moving but when I press the buttons, they aren't Green..
  8. Is that then the reason that I can't Presse the Buttons?
  9. I See the localizer moving, but I can't Press on the button. Kind of strange
  10. I'm sure that ILS is avaiable at this airport
  11. I cant even Do an ILS-Approach. Strange..
  12. I know that nur I'm pretty sure that theres ILS because I Landed there already wir other planes.
  13. Yeah thanks. But everytime I'm ready for the landing, the localizer or the approach Button don't habe the Green light...
  14. Hey guys, I tried to do an auto landing with the PMDG 777. But I can't arm the localizer or the approach button. Thanks
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