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  1. Hi, I love FS2Crew and uses it for all my PMDGs as well as for the FSLabs. I think the 777 version needs a complete rework from the base. I am using 3.5 and nothing really changed or got better than the versions before, so I am quite disappointed! The look is 2014 style, the F/o pushes the WPT button, the ECL does not work well (pops up and shows engine dsp, even I selected force ECL closed), so I gone back to paper, the F/O does not asks to start the APU and the briefings are not what I am used to. There are some other little things. The "soft mute" key should be the same as for the other versions.... Unfortunately, this version of FS2Crew isn't good under the line 😞 I hope, there will be a re-work to have this problems soved.... Greetings from EDDM! Sebastian
  2. Hi all, hi FS2Crew, first, I am happy to have a virtual FO on board. Sometimes he/she make weird things. 1. On multiple legs when starting engines again, sometimes one engine generator will not be connected. No problem after that, when doing it manually. 2. "Gear down" does not work from the second leg on. Doing it manually (and of course setting start switched to CONT) will do no harm for the following flows and flights. 3. When approaching TL, the FO resets the altimeter. That is completely not what I want him to do, because it is set wrong most of the time!! For example, when cleared to an altitude, I set the QNH accordingly. When passing the TL (I think the FO reads it from FMC) the FO resets the altimeter from 30.13 to 29.97 for example. I don't know what QNH he's taking into account, but I don't want him to do that at all! Is there a way to disable that? 4. The command "off" is not good to understand for my FO. Most of the time it will be "alt off", so I use "set and checked", whenever the answer must be "off". 5. Landing checklist respnse to landing flaps "Flaps 30, green light" results in a weird behaviour of setting an enormous high speed on the MCP. The answer "set and checked" will not trigger "Cleared|Landing" however, so you need to do it manually with the arrow key. 6. On icy conditions, when Flaps15 are set after landing, you need to say "Flaps up" on the shutdown checklist, because he did not recognize Flaps 15. 7. What triggers "500ft, stable"? Sometimes the FO is wrong here.. ;) (8.) Would be nice, if the command "clear on the approach" would trigger the FO to say "Checked" ;) (9.) Would be nice to command the FO to set "autobrake 1" or "autobrake off" after landing (as TUI does for example..) Version 1.8, using SOP1 with voice. Thanks and greetings from Germany happyfeet2011
  3. Affirm! But for Cargo it is annoying... 🙂 And it has to do with packs in "HI FLOW" or "ECONOMY" (fuel burn, fuel calculation, climbs etc...) The copilot should just leave his fingers away from this switches as the captain is the boss 🙂
  4. Hi! I would be so happy if my copilot would leave his fingers from the temp selector - wether what selector! Is this possible to adjust?? In any flight phase and on the ground he always thinks he needs to turn the selectors to "auto"...Annoying!🤬 Greetings from South Germany Basti
  5. Hi Sir, can you PM me the configs as well pls? Thx in advance
  6. Hi! Does anyone has a solution for this: https://picload.org/view/dadgpida/2018-2-19_16-28-58-211.jpg.html ? Thx in advance! happyfeet2011
  7. I know the rules and I know how to behave in a community, in reallife as well as virtual....But enough is enough! You can't always stroke someone who made something wrong....So, keep calm and read all the disappointed replies to this topic. We paid money for this software and we can expect to have a GOOD running service. Can't do such things in my reallife job as well.... So, have a nice sunday without flying ;)
  8. sunday or not....Guys, you need to fix this kind of crappy setting to have a valid internet connection to use Chaseplane. Sunday is for the most of the user the only possibility to fly and enjoy the sim....So, get your as*es up and fix it! If this kind of problem happens more often in the future I will change to EZDok - with no way back! So, do something for the trust of your customers and FIX THIS FUC*ING SERVER/MAINTENANCE PROBLEM ASAP...Thx!
  9. Nice to hear that you already working on it and fixed it already! Keep up your excellent work on these high classy simulated and beautiful aircraft addons! greetings from a german fan whos first aircraft was the 737ng for fs9. Now having the whole hangar full off pmdg aircrafts ;) happyfeet2011 8-)
  10. Now, as you tell me that...I use the "744 LONG" panelstate, BUT I customized it a bit: - QNH from in to hPa. Rotaryknob on the MCP and AFDS - VHF1 frequency to 122.8 - weather radar to WX+T - squwak to 2000 - and I set, because I use Ground Operations, the fuel via the CDU (!!!) to around 10.2 tons I will try it with the standard 744 SHORT panelstate next time.... Thx for the tip👌🏻
  11. Hi folks and hi PMDG! I need your help please :) Currently flying in my Queen with the latest update in P3Dv3 and I received this messages the first time on EICAS. I read the FCOM by Boeing and did not find any reasonable explanation for this messages in my fact. 1) I fly with the freighter, so no STAB TANKs are built in at all 2) checked all hydraulic fluids and pressure. Everything is fine.... 3) I cannot quit these messages with the pushbutton on the MCP 4) I configured the aircraft as usual and never had any of these problems before. The only addon I installed today is FS2Crew for the Queen, but according to their statement it isn't related to their addon.. Thanks and keep the good work on, PMDG! happyfeet2011
  12. Hi! As I already said: Every system is configured proberly and as it should be. Flown a lot in the last few days with the Queen and never had any of this problem - even the STAB TANK isn't available at all in the freighter ;) Also my hydraulic system is configured and every thing is technically fine. Thanks for the fast reply. happyfeet2011
  13. Hi FS2Crew-Team and Pilots, since I have installed FS2Crew for the QOTSII I have a Problem with my EICAS-Messages as you see on the photo below. Can‘t quit any of these messages. Currently flying OMDB to VHHH as my first testflight. And YES, everything is configured as it should be. Never had this problem before, but since FS2Crew I installed today ;) 1) Fuel in the Res TANK was 3.9 tons each. Now, with 600kg each the advisory is still there. So, it is definitely a problem with the stab tanks that the freighter does Not has - so no fuel pumps ;) According to Boeing‘s FCOM this message means: Right stab tank qty is 3.6t or less in climb with Right stab Tank Pump on or horizontal Stab Tank qty approx. 0.6t in Cruise with Right Stab Tank Pump Switch on 2) the message HYD_RSVR_PRESS 2 isn‘t even mentioned in the FCOM by Boeing. But: RSVR PRESS - displays when reservoir bleed air pressure is low Here is a picture. Warnings are still active, 40min into the flight... https://ibb.co/jOvttw Thanks for resolving! happyfeet2011
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