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  1. I’ll pass on submitting a ticket and dealing with your horrible support staff. Yep, 4 year old thread. You’d think the issue would be fixed by now, you know in a patch.
  2. Same issue. Lost an 11 hour flight last night because of this. It happened on final approach
  3. JA806A

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    All I really care about seeing now that the -8 is out is the NG3 which they apparently are already working on..
  4. JA806A

    Nvidia Settings

    Thank you you have no idea how much this helped. My sim was a mess before.
  5. Lol I think some of you forgot Robert did say this: “[Disclaimer: Release is expected- but not guaranteed...stay tuned”
  6. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Whether it’s released today or next Friday at least we know it’s finished and an 8i is coming our way.
  7. Just make the jump to 4.3. I didn’t want to upgrade either but the performance is much much better.
  8. JA806A

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    I found using the nvidia inspector was the problem. I never could run the latest drivers without this happening now it’s fine
  9. JA806A

    Do you use triple buffering?

    Yes. It seems to improve the shimmers and flickers. I haven’t really noticed a negative performance issue in the sim or on the card and I’m running a 1060 3gb at 50fps Vsync
  10. Thanks Robert. I guess I'm updating to 4.3 now, was avoiding it.
  11. Dear god. That is an obscene amount of money
  12. That’s an awesome screenshot
  13. JA806A

    Exciting times?

    hehe It's always amusing to watch the lot of you scramble to find clues in mere screen shots.
  14. JA806A

    Exciting times?

    I'm hoping it's the updates we were told about.