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  1. The heading on the ND is at the top labeled either TRK or HDG per selected option. Jim Erwin
  2. I recalled reading something about the minimum landing fuel. It was the following in the original Tutorial #1 at p. 0.00.20 (31JAN17): "The 747-400 cools its hydraulic pumps using fuel in the main wing tanks and you need to land with around 30,000 lbs (13608 kg) total fuel remaining to avoid overheating these pumps, which is the main reason you need so much extra fuel compared to other aircraft you may be used to. Use more fuel if you have a long-distance alternate or other extenuating circumstances." I couldn't find anything about it in the manuals. Perhaps the author of the tutorial can provide a source for the statement. Jim Erwin
  3. Are you referring to the Captain's side PFD? This is an option you can enable or disable. Apparently it caused problems for some users and PMDG made its availability an option to be selected on the FMC. Jim Erwin
  4. You can access any flight plan loaded in PMDG/FLIGHTPLANS folder, including those created for NGX. Introduction document page 00.00.165. Possibly it was loaded by accident. Jim Erwin
  5. If the TOW and GW are not matching what you believe it should be, then I suppose you need to go into Simbrief and change the aircraft weights according to the FCOM as Pat said. The cargo weight and ZFW are variables. You enter whatever weight you want within the aircraft's limits for each flight. Check the guides provided by Simbrief for the way to enter these variable weights in the drop down menu for each flight. Jim Erwin
  6. Do you want to change the weights for the aircraft or the payload and fuel? I use the profiles for the aircraft without change. I suppose the supplied figures for the aircraft could be changed with information from the manuals. For payload you can either use the number of passengers and cargo weight or just ZFW. You can add extra fuel, contingency, etc but I believe it automatically computes the trip fuel. This is all done when preparing the new flight plan with drop down menus. New aircraft are added through a drop down menu. Scroll down to the type of aircraft. Then you fill in the registration number and so on. Check the user guide and tutorial. It's a great program and you can't beat the price. I have found some slight discrepencies with the projected fuel usage, but nothing radical. I attribute it to the actual weather encountered, the way I fly the aircraft, and to the plan just being projected numbers. Jim Erwin
  7. It is possible that your B-747-400 base package is not up to date. I believe the current version is 3.00.9019. If your 747-400 base is not up to date, then you will need to download the current installer, uninstall the 747-400 base, and run the new installer for the 747-400. Once that is done, then you should be able to install the 747-8. If you have done all of this and it still doesn't work, then I suggest contacting support (which requires a different account from the one you used to purchase). Jim Erwin
  8. You can turn off the option to use the tab key to write in the FMS/CDU in the Simulations section. Jim Erwin
  9. Doug: It's going to take someone with more expertise than I have. I had to reinstall PMDG once when a Dell program wiped them off the registry, but I haven't had to reinstall FSX. Jim Erwin
  10. I have FSX:SE too, but I am having difficulty understanding the issue here. Could you provide a few more details? Is the problem that you can't load saved flights through FSX? The PMDG FMC allows you to load saved panel states and routes, but not the flights themselves. That has to be done through FSX. Jim Erwin
  11. This is a user-to-user forum. For license issues, I suggest you go to PMDG support -- you will need to open a support account and not use the account for purchasing the aircraft. Jim Erwin
  12. I'm not sure what you are trying to do here. In the Operations Center Livery Manager, when you click on the green "add" button with the plus sign, it takes you to your computer where you navigate to wherever you downloaded a third party livery. You can then click on the ptp file and the livery should load. To download a livery supplied by PMDG, you use the Livery Downloader and click on the gray "download" button. Which one of these is giving you trouble? Jim Erwin
  13. I had this exact thing happen. The registry was cleaned by a Dell support program -- at least I think that's the villain. PMDG Support told me to reinstall. there was no need to uninstall because it wasn't in the registry anyway. Works just fine now. You may want to run it by Support in case there's something else going on with your setup. Jim Erwin
  14. If you are new to PMDG, working through the tutorials will help you understand how to use the various features of the aircraft. Jim Erwin
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