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  1. If you thought LM's website was slow on release date, imagine FS2020. It is gonna be a feeding frenzy! lol
  2. The only thing I don't like is they made the cabin only accessible in the external view. Now you cant use the wing views because your ears get blasted with exterior engine sounds.
  3. sho69607


    I am gonna wait until they at least at the GE CF6 option.
  4. Yeah what your are describing is exactly what is happening. I'll try out the Lear and see what happens. I don't have p3dv4 installed currently, but I am sure this is probably related to v5 somehow.
  5. I am on p3dv5, the whole bar itself starts flashing, its hard to tell how many times per second but it is very frequent. I tried dragging it to the top of the screen, but the flashing continues. No other programs using the green bar. This appeared specifically in the Falcon 50.
  6. No it is just the screen that shows the autothrottle is enabled. I thought it was a warning at first, but the script is working correctly. The only thing that is displayed above it is the p3d taskbar.
  7. One more thing, it appears the autothrottle red text display at the top keeps flashing at the top of the screen. Is there a way to hide the green text bar? If I right click and try to close the window it wont close.
  8. Glad to hear the technical side of things, thanks!
  9. I Just like the sounds of the Lear, but I don't want to mess up the sounds of course. I guess my main reason is the sounds in the Falcon are really quiet. I don't really hear any avionics noise and the engines are extremely quiet at idle. The Learjet kind of has that "droning" sound from the engines that you don't hear in the Falcon.
  10. Since the Learjet uses the same engines as the Falcon is it possible to use the Learjet soundset for the Falcon 50? Some of the switches probably sound different, but the Falcon uses the same TFE731 engine as the Learjet 35, correct?
  11. Thanks for making this! I have come across one issue though, is there a way to disable the script when using other aircraft? I am using FS2crew with the PMDG 747 and everytime I press "c" for the fs2crew actions it brings up the simconnect autothrottle window. I tried restoring defaults with FSUIPC but the script appears to still be active.
  12. Hi, When I choose any other flaps besides 15 for takeoff, I only see the takeoff data card for Flaps 15. Is there a way to see other flap takeoff speeds?
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