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  1. From what I am seeing all the monitors that go from 1-120hz are close to $1000 or more. Do you really have to spend that kind of money to stop microstuttering?
  2. Yeah I wonder why p3d hits core 0 so much, even in V5. Rarely is it below 100% for me. Maybe my settings are too high?
  3. Yeah I am positive its coming through my headphones. Is a bad sound driver a possibility? That's the only other thing I can think of.
  4. Hello, I keep getting intermitten buzzing sounds in my headphones when running p3d. I believe it is the sound that you get when your cpu is overloaded or you get a BSOD. Not sure of the technical term, but as far as cpu usage goes I have core 0 at 100% and the remaining sitting around 20-30%. Not exactly overloaded, but I am wondering what is causing this noise. For reference it occurred last when using the PMDG T7.
  5. At this point the only model I take seriously in MSFS is the working title CJ4 mod which is absolutely amazing. Would consider the CRJ as it performs way better than in p3d, but it has serious throttle issues that need to be fixed in the meantime. As for this, I have no idea why Captain sim would even consider this.
  6. Yep that did it. Created a backup of my registry and was able to trick the installer into thinking it was FSX. Thanks!
  7. Tried installing this into p3d's folder but I receive the error "you must enter a full path with drive letter or a unc path in the form..." Do I need to have FSX installed on my system for this to install?
  8. The A300 is fantastic IMHO. The FF 767 is okay but has required a number of user mods to make it more accurate and still has quite a few things that need to be corrected by the developer.
  9. Small detail but they seem to always get the PFD colors way off in their airplanes.
  10. Stress test was hitting the 90’s for me. Using P3D was high 70’s-low 80’s. I also live in a warmer climate so I don’t know if that was the contributing factor here or not. That was actually one of the reasons I switched to an AIO.
  11. This is a brand new board and bios is already updated, but thanks I’ll check out this video.
  12. I noticed that a lot of the bios settings in this guide are not in my bios. Is it possible that Gigabyte has a lot of these settings listed under a different name than the ones mentioned in the guide?
  13. Didn't get to that point fortunately. I was in the mid 60's underload. Once I went back to default I am now hitting 80c underload with turbo.
  14. I found the i9-10900k to run hot, even under stock turbo settings. I had a noctua n15 that worked wonders with my last chip, but could not quite handle the 10900k. Temps under load were getting up into the upper 80's. Ended up getting a 240mm AIO and that made a huge difference in terms of cooling. Now I rarely hit the 70's under load.
  15. just recently purchased the i9-10900k and I'm certainly not complaining. Handles everything I throw at it.
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