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  1. It is hard to explain, but the existing external view (S key) looks slightly off. Is there a way to get an external view like with what we have in p3d and FSX? The sim almost looks stretched and distorted (especially when you zoom out) in MSFS.
  2. Hello, I recently replaced the toe brake pots in my CH rudder pedals but I neglected to take a picture before I disconnected the wiring. Now I just have the right brake pedal being recognized, but the left pedal and the rudder axis (Z axis) is not recognized at all. Is there a wiring diagram available anywhere so I can check to make sure I have all the wires connected correctly? I was unable to find anything on Google.
  3. How does this work for some of the medevac LJ35's that frequently cross the pond? I've seen a few that run from CYQX to EINN.
  4. Kind of remains me of all the “detailed” aircraft in xplane that settle for the default fms. Although there are at least some high quality add on aircraft for xplane available.
  5. The 767-400 cockpit is similar to the 777, but it has the older FMS and -300 style overhead panel.
  6. Thanks I'll try that. Have you noticed any FPS drop from using ai traffic?
  7. Is it possible to enter gps coordinates into the fms? So far I have tried both 6115N and 61N015W, but neither seem to be accepted as waypoints.
  8. The sad part is no other quality developers seem to want to tackle the 757/67 project. You have Flight Factor on the Xplane side, but that isn’t without its flaws either.
  9. Okay so does that mean setting Linda to "yes" in the cfg options has no effect then? Because it seems to make not difference whether it is set to yes or no (at least in p3dv5). The only change comes when Linda is taken out of the sim completely like we discussed above.
  10. Anytime I have clouds my fps generally takes a hit. I pay the price and use 8xSSAA because some of the addon aircraft do not have high res instruments and its hard to read. Fortunately I can get away with this with a 2080ti, but this adds a lot of heat and usage by using such high levels of anti aliasing. Even the FSLabs A320 instruments look blurry unless I use some sort of image sharpening and high anti aliasing.
  11. https://my737ng.com/articles/tricking-addons-p3dfsx-steam/ Follow the instructions for installing FSX addons into p3dv2/3 (just make sure your directory path points to p3dv5). Backup your registry before doing this to be safe. You will need to manual add the scenery to your library within p3d as well.
  12. Alright it looks like Linda may be the problem here. Disabling completely seems to work. Perhaps a compatibility issue with Linda itself, then?
  13. Linda starts with p3d, but I automatically close it before loading the dash 8. Same thing happened tonight with the readouts. Altimeter settings,V1 speed, anti ice warnings in non icing conditions, "1000 to go repeated over and over", MDA being called on the ground, etc. seem to be the ones that get missed the most. It's almost like something is not getting read from the SDK or something. Not a deal breaker but it would be nice to get to the bottom of this. No SPAD or similar programs running.
  14. Alright Closed out Linda and set Linda to "No" this time, but the problem continues. Also random warnings about ice when on the ground in 20c weather as well.
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