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  1. kand

    Network PC for As4

    I run AS4 & ASCA over a network, in total 3 PCs make up my sim. I did this originally because I used to see stutter in the sim, offloading to another PC cured that for me, I suspect that SSDs and the latest hardware probably eliminate this issue but for me, if you have a spare PC then you may aswell use it for a feature that has been provided as a benefit. I also run the EFB, traffic injection and flight planner on the networked PC
  2. kand

    New GPU VRAM not used

    long shot There isn't any BIOS setting sharing system memory as VRAM? Or some on-board VGA activated
  3. Just rename the asca.exe, it won't load in future
  4. kand

    Screen tearing after Win10 update

    Yes, I am seeing this also, never had tearing before and it's been driving me mad Latest drivers 1080ti win10 1809
  5. kand

    If/How much the simulation is realistic ?!?

    It all depends on the airfile, I have had around 15hrs total in the real 777-200 simulator at Heathrow engineering, a 777 is sensitive in roll and less so in pitch. A well known fsim 777LR, although slightly different model is sluggish in roll/pitch and takes a good turn/pull of the control wheel to get much reaction. My first touch on the real 777 had me overcontrolling it terribly due to my fsim experience! and that being a GA PPL also! On takeoff I over rotated and almost had a tailstrike! When it came to the systems, I knew it like the back of my hand
  6. kand

    If/How much the simulation is realistic ?!?

    I went from sim pilot to PPL with the old UK rating of IMC To learn the systems and procedures yes most definitely, to gain stick and rudder skills, not really although its a good start, the sim has some quirky flaws in terms of aerodynamics eg cross controls in the sim dont really play out as they would in real life. Also fsim pilots tend to focus on instruments and have poor lookout when transitioning to GA
  7. kand

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    Why all this talk of turning Hyperthreading off in BIOS? why not just run the affinity mask to block the threads from running on the logical cores and only allow P3d to use the physical cores? best of both worlds then when it comes to your other applications which may benefit
  8. Can the cloud textures benefit from PBR? Its probably all that interests me really as I seldom look at the airplane from spot view
  9. kand

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Irrespective of this, it could be the overclock which is causing the instability. As an example, I can get 4.8 out of my old skylane, but if I try to run P3d I get all sorts of CTDs during loading. Backing the overclock off to 4.6 and it all settles down
  10. kand

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    When you view in task manager, the percentage your CPU is running at is converted to the freq Perhaps you meant to say, why is P3d not running at 100%?
  11. kand

    How much RAM do you have for P3D v4

    I upgraded from 16gb to 32gb which made no noticeable difference to the PC or Fsim performance +1 for the VRAM, running high res textures my Video RAM often gets to 9gb
  12. I think the consensus from SteveW was that sims dont see much benefit of spreading out on anything more than 6 threads. I have been pondering the same question for days whether to upgrade my i7 6700k to an i7 9700k, and I have come to a conclusion , bear in mind I have always turned HT off to get the highest clock speed which IMHO is needed most on my P3d rig, generally running p3d on all 4 cores. 8 physical cores must be better than 8 logical cores (4 physical*2 threads), CPU hyperthreading is irrelevant because P3d will move threads to either the next physical core or the next logical depending on your AM if used. HT is a CPU thing, the software is written for multicore. So my basic conclusion is that an i7 9700K at the same clock speed must theoretically perform better than an i7 6700k because it has more dedicated resource, each thread can run on its own physical core as opposed to sharing whats left between 2 logical cores, whether it gives faster FPS will depend on the clock speed but my skylane does 4.7ghz on a closed loop, I have decided that even a step to 5ghz wouldn't bring that much benefit to the main thread speed so I am now skipping this release unless the reviews tell me otherwise. Sim rendering and all that would probably be better so smoothness may improve? Pretty sure someone will have the opposite to say, but this is my take on life and my wallet!
  13. Correct, its a sound pack for AI aircraft, hearing the AI in front spool up and roar off down the runway fills a void
  14. Will PBR help make clouds look better?