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  1. kand

    How much RAM do you have for P3D v4

    I upgraded from 16gb to 32gb which made no noticeable difference to the PC or Fsim performance +1 for the VRAM, running high res textures my Video RAM often gets to 9gb
  2. I think the consensus from SteveW was that sims dont see much benefit of spreading out on anything more than 6 threads. I have been pondering the same question for days whether to upgrade my i7 6700k to an i7 9700k, and I have come to a conclusion , bear in mind I have always turned HT off to get the highest clock speed which IMHO is needed most on my P3d rig, generally running p3d on all 4 cores. 8 physical cores must be better than 8 logical cores (4 physical*2 threads), CPU hyperthreading is irrelevant because P3d will move threads to either the next physical core or the next logical depending on your AM if used. HT is a CPU thing, the software is written for multicore. So my basic conclusion is that an i7 9700K at the same clock speed must theoretically perform better than an i7 6700k because it has more dedicated resource, each thread can run on its own physical core as opposed to sharing whats left between 2 logical cores, whether it gives faster FPS will depend on the clock speed but my skylane does 4.7ghz on a closed loop, I have decided that even a step to 5ghz wouldn't bring that much benefit to the main thread speed so I am now skipping this release unless the reviews tell me otherwise. Sim rendering and all that would probably be better so smoothness may improve? Pretty sure someone will have the opposite to say, but this is my take on life and my wallet!
  3. Correct, its a sound pack for AI aircraft, hearing the AI in front spool up and roar off down the runway fills a void
  4. Will PBR help make clouds look better?
  5. Ive given up with Flight1 and UT series now, could have been such a great product, if the developers story is true, then fair enough life is far more more important than a poxy fsim and I truely hope his wife recovers..... but we have all been here before with this product line.... What I find so frustrating is that I agreed to buy a beta version (reduced price but upgrade from UT2) in the knowledge that it would be developed, it was but only to a point (albeit it is usable). Most of our subsequent feedback fell on deaf ears and it took ages for the developer to fix some of the bugs, his participation in the support forum was non existent and this was well before the claims of personal problems (bad back if I recall first off). In the end F1 made a definitive fix list and decreed once addressed the product would be declared finished, which to many of us it wasn't. Well here we are again, there are still some bugs to correct and some really good development ideas, thats even before we talk about a powerpack but the reality is UTL will probably see no more development until the next iteration comes around which is really sad. I have removed it and gone back to BGL based traffic
  6. kand

    Feedback from networked users

    Working fine here, but upgrading the latest release version of windows 10 seems to reset my network permissions. Are you sure your network is all setup, ie you can navigate through to each client PC
  7. kand

    P3D v4.3 pauses every few minutes

    No, all fine here, so must be somewhere else
  8. kand

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    Wow, what a fabulous piece of software. Thanks very much for this, PTA is in the recycle bin for the time being
  9. kand

    REX Environment Force

    They talk about seeing clouds building in front of you..... FSX could do that anyway with dynamic changes to wx as they fade/grow in out, not sure this is anything new just the usual hyper-marketing. To really see clouds building would take some incredible texture resolution, i dont think P3d can handle this level of detail, the skyforce high res textures bring my 1080ti to its knees and thats not even running any heavy aircraft addon. I wont be buying this at launch thats for sure, but the cloud models skyforce brought to the party have made a significant improvement to my wx
  10. The OP asked for the offset (the address for the bytes in AIplayer.DLL) which control the hard coded AI speed. The hard coded AI speeds are contained in AIplayer.DLL, it is not meant to be played with I posted a link to where a modified AIplayer.DLL is available here
  11. Negative, the file is called AI Traffic Timeout and Taxi Speed Patch P3D 4.2 I know the bytes that need to change, I have been meaning to post on Fsdeveloper but havent had time recently
  12. Just search the library, someone posted AIplayer.dll here with the bytes changed
  13. Whats the difference between this and autostar freeware? https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/1658/fsx-autostar-x/
  14. kand

    767 PIC Creator Eric Ernst Dies

    Am truly saddened to hear such heartbreaking news, Eric was a true gentleman and gave so much back to the hobby RIP Eric, godspeed
  15. kand

    Hotfix 2 for REX Skyforce 3D available

    as much as I like the skyforce models and textures, again today whilst on an approach to Wellington using default scenery and AS4 running the wx, P3d dropped from a locked 30 FPS to 5FPS.... because of the weather, clearing all clouds with the FSUIPC hotkey restored order. Was hoping that after this update the textures wouldnt have been so heavy on FPS, I am a home cockpit user so P3d is just rendering the outside world. I dont get this if I use ASCA cloud textures with skyforce models...grrrr