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  1. I imagine if anything this is part of the reason there is no sign of 5.2 which going by previous release cycles was imminent
  2. wondered if it coincided with the WU4 beta testing release/sign up?
  3. Just don't feel any excitement around this now as each point release has been underwhelming, and I rely on p3d as the platform of choice. For me v5 has under achieved so far, performance is good but graphically it's ugly
  4. yes same problem and it looks really horrible on nvsurround. I read over at MS somewhere this is a bug specifically where wider resolutions than 16:9 cause this. It was much better during TA but thats a whole other story!
  5. hmmm You do realise MSFS has a landclass based offline mode akin to the FSX/ESP platform? of course for the best experience online is preferred but you can easily align the 2 platforms for a vanilla comparison From an FDE perspective, the legacy airfile system is still pedalled by MS as being intact, therefore an FSX based SSE airfile should theoretically work in MSFS, albeit the complexity of the systems modelled as C++ guages and DLLs will not work as not supported. I say pedalled as the engine modelling has issues which casts doubt on the above, but of course FSX was never perfect when it came to airfile tables and sim physics with errors present which need compensating. I use FSX as a term because LM have done next to nothing improving the FDEs of P3d
  6. I was getting these CTDs and error code, turns out I had set the windows virtual mem to a fixed value some time back, putting this back to system managed and I havent had another CTD after 4 hrs buzzing around London As a side also running the very latest win10 21H1
  7. Is your digital license installed? Have you tried uninstalling the client and then reinstalling? rename the 2020 folder so that you dont have to redownload the 120gb content
  8. No- I purchased through the windows store so 2020 shows up in the xbox app what fixed it perm was to uninstall the "client" and reinstall it- you then just point the launcher to the original content folder (120gb or so) when it asks you where to install
  9. +1, only way to start was to launch from Xbox app
  10. Struggling to understand this really- when I went to 64gb (2*32 @3600) I got more noticeable stutters and a slight reduction in FPS over PG London. Putting back the 4*8 @ 3600 and it went back to smooth. However I do notice that after a while the manipulators go from running green to red with a constant degradation in latency. Perhaps this is the page file building? I returned the RAM as I wasn't happy that I had to drop the CAS latency down from the XMP numbers but I doubt moving down 1 notch would cause stutters The other part I observed was that windows allocates half your system RAM for shared VRAM. So at 64gb sys RAM and a 3090, 56gb becomes the shared value! It's not used though and the 3090 in 5760 Res (nvsurround) would peak at 11gb VRAM Why is windows allocating so much RAM as shared for VGA?
  11. hmmmm, that's interesting because if I read this correctly windows has allocated 16gb of your system RAM to share with the GPU? This leaves 16gb sys RAM and you are already at 17gb what was 2020 reporting in dev mode for RAM usage?
  12. The most I have seen 2020 use is 11gb VRAM but it nearly always clears out to around 8-9gb, this from the dev mode FPS display? perhaps I should be looking somewhere else? I have not been that impressed with my 3090 VGA upgrade and I came from a 1080ti, this was the reason I followed the RAM thread with curiosity. CPU is an i7 9700k @ 5ghz. The main reason I went to a 3090 was for P3D and the DX12 issues, I was also seeing limited by GPU in 2020 regularly. I find P3D is just taking up SSD space these days and seldom used For the record I run an ultra wide resolution of 5760 using NVsurround over 3 HDTVs so the card is pushing a lot of pixels. I most certainly am concerned with the subject matter, or else I wouldn't have shelled out £300 for 2x32gb ! we all strive to squeeze the full potential from our investments. I will follow your work with great interest and thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge. many thanks
  13. When I say lower, its marginal Re BIOS- nope- its running the XMP profile @3600 , I have read before more memory means more work for the CPU
  14. LOL, 3090 owner, I went from 32gb DDR4 3200 to 64gb DDR4 3600...... and got lower FPS over London and 2020 uses exactly the same amount of CPU mem (15/64) and VRAM (8/24) save your money
  15. There is a known bug with latest release where I get a CTD when trying to cache an offline area
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