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  1. I agree about opening the sim up- I dont think it will ever happen though, I just hope the LM improve P3D weather depiction but I am not confident there either Regarding the depiction- I think this has gotten worse in MSFS since the metar update. I often find the world map depicts the wx imagery perfect but the metar blending then destroys the in sim depiction. ASP3D always nails the METAR for me, but try that with volumetric clouds on! EGLL 201320Z AUTO 23019KT 9999 -RA BKN011 OVC019 12/10 Q1002 NOSIG EGLL 201350Z AUTO 23019KT 9999 -RA BKN013 OVC025 12/09 Q1002 NOSIG EGKK 201320Z 23016G27KT 6000 BKN011 11/09 Q1004 EGKK 201350Z 23020G32KT 7000 BKN013 12/09 Q1003 EGWU 201320Z 24019KT 8000 -RA BKN014 BKN018 12/09 Q1002 TEMPO 9999 NSW BKN018 RMK GRN TEMPO WHT EGWU 201350Z 24018KT 5000 -RADZ BKN012 BKN018 12/10 Q1001 TEMPO 8000 -RA BKN018 Anyway, I think the issue with MSFS is the blending, as it looks like EGKK which is 30odd miles SE from LHR has affected the depiction edit Northolt just 5 miles N from LHR was probably the culprit, wonder how HiFi get around this issue? perhaps Damian should offer some consulting work to MS/Asobo
  2. From an old FSX Phil Taylor blog The numbers represent the amount of 'ambient' light at the ends of the day/night blend threshold. Zero is perfect dark, 65535 is full day sun at noon in the summer. But this seems to cancel out how it works!
  3. Day Threshold controls when the lights come on at dusk, the higher the number, the earlier the lights turn on. Night Threshold controls when the lights turn off at dawn, the higher the number the longer they remain on
  4. no longer supported I believe, you will have to get your hex editor out and modify sim1.dll
  5. But unfortunately there seems to be no chance that LM are going to open up anymore potential for the community (what's left of it), they did the same with Triton water, gave a basic implementation and left it locked at that when the capability would give much more if the rendering side was implemented. I had hoped that by 5.3 we would have seen a much prettier wx depiction, all we've really had is some tweaks to the basic 5.1 implementation. We still dont have local wx themes so are stuck with this stupid fs9 global wx rendition, have 4 types of clouds to play with that look like 8bit resolution when up close. No wonder most people have the 3d clouds turned off, they look ugly unless your sat on the ground Really want P3d to be competitive but I think its more a get what your given attitude 😥
  6. This is very difficult to compare as ultimately all simobjects use the same physics, and SIM1.dll has the sliding coefficient of tarmac/concrete set to a low level which results in skidding. Unless PMDG are controlling the FDE externally the only variables can relate to weight and turning radius of the nosewheel, perhaps the damping moment of the suspension also affects the turn? I am fortunate to have around 20hrs on the BA 777 level D sim, slow speed turns were easy but at high weights anything over 10kts could result in side force. One of the most riskiest manoeuvres BA undertook was a 180 turn on the runway at one of the narrow Carribean airports. We demoed this and with differential thrust and braking you can just make the turn but you have to stop with the nose at 45d to the runway and overhanging the grass. Starting from a stand into that turn was very difficult to get right. From the flight deck it feels like you are moving backwards! p3d ground handling is primitive although with the introduction of sloped runways in v5 I imagine there are some changes to contact points. From a physics perspective sim1.dll is the culprit with the ridiculous rolling/sliding/braking friction coefficients. FDE designers have to compensate for the rolling which throws all the thrust values out which in turn breaks the fuel consumption at low levels of thrust, this is why every time a new version of p3d is released, out comes my hex editor! Interestingly MSFS has tried to sort this out, but that is even worse sometimes with the wheels gripping the runway at high speed like they were magnetised to the surface!
  7. Not really, navigraph provide an AIRAC nav database external to the sims built in hard copy, so you end up with mismatched data. FSaerodata updates the native nav database Anyhow at least https://www.aero.sors.fr/navint.html is still alive
  8. prosim 737, and i think the real problem here is that the autopilot is chasing the level and cant keep up. I wonder what it would like with the aircraft trimmed to a stable IAS and AP out
  9. thanks, v constructive advice I bow to your superiority 🤣
  10. No, if you use the sprite based version you get the local area depiction
  11. Yup, and still global wx depiction, cant say I am excited about P3d anymore
  12. Until LM implement local wx themes with EA this addon is just rolling the word not allowed in glitter- yes it may make the atmosphere look better but seeing the same globally repeated cloud structures to the horizon until the next wx injection updates is the deal breaker for me with EA
  13. hey I am a serious simmer also! Have a home cockpit with 3 HDTVs running the visuals with bezel management filling the gaps, yes VR maybe the future for some but not for everyone! The reality is that the platform needs to cater for all, P3d does that job nicely but looks ugly to me now that MSFS has hit the street, but MSFS does not deliver against my needs either- the market has been split the last 18months and it has ruined my sim experience really as I play a game on my home cockpit or fly numbers using my hardware! I hope that all platforms advance, that can only be good for everyone, usually the market dictates but because P3D is propped up by the US military I am sure we will see a v6 at least and it will be a darn sight better than V5 so far.... we can hope !
  14. I saw this last night and it was on a 2nd flight also- at night, landing lights became very blocky and my FPS tanked to 3FPS from 30 locked, the sim became unresponsive also taking ages to close down. In the end I had to kill it via task manager
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