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  1. Pre 2020- seldom sit in sim watching generic landclass on long flights with boring weather visuals, either x4 or go and do something else post 2020- likely to be sat entire flight watching the photo scenery and developing weather !
  2. Beta #4 Posted!Changelog:- P3Dv5 Compatibility Updates
  3. There is a trusky SDK for £75, but I have read that LM used binaries so we can't adjust what the sim renders
  4. Just wondering if thats speculation or has it been confirmed? the author of TS is very elusive!!
  5. This happens with Jennasoft EGKK also, its a new p3d v5 thing. An exckude us required
  6. From a post I made elsewhere.... The field of view is inversely proportional to the zoom factor, ie as the physical FOV decreases the zoom level increases and vice versato calculate the zoom (Z), you use (h=screen height, d is distance from your screen)Z= 34/ 2 arctan (h/2d)this breaks down in my case to;Z= 34/ 2 arctan (52/2x130)34/ 2 arctan (52/260) 52/260= 0.234/ 2 arctan (0.2)arctan of 0.2 = 11.312 x 11.31 = 22.6234/22.62= 1.50 zoom level required for my viewing distance of 130cm to render objects in scale.example 2, to calculate a zoom level if you sit 85cm away from a 70 cm screen1) divide your sceen height by your actual viewing distance x 2 eg 70/170 = 0.4112) find the arctan of 0.411 which is 22.3803) multiply by 2 which gives 44.7604) divide 34 by 44.760 gives a zoom level of 0.75you need to zoom out becasue you are not seeing enough of the fsim world through your displays, on this occasion so the preference would be to move your viewing position back to match the zoom level 1To set the default zoom level, you can navigate to the camera.cfg located in the sims app data folder (same place as the fsx/p3d.cfg) and alter the default zoom to match your calculated zoom for each camera you use.I find that the higher zoom means I have lost some of the view in front of the aircraft, therefore I have compensated by pitching the camera down a little by adjusting the pbh value in the camera.cfg alsoNow for the final spanner! I actually dont like zoom 1.50! so I am using 1.30 which looks better because the depth of field is lost the more you zoom in so a compromise was needed!Hope this helps, have fun
  7. Nice but still the weak point with legacy shaders is that the ambient lux levels around dusk is way too low. Twilight is a lot better with true sky enabled, but then you have to put up with all the limitations of its implementation.
  8. The only other thing that comes to mind, have you tried enabling SMB1 client/server in windows features? I think MS disabled this in later builds but I need it enabled on my home cockpit. Clutching at straws perhaps but wouldn't hurt to try turning it on!
  9. I run the new beta on a network, the only thing I had to do was to change the security settings for the v5 folders on the network share. After adding "everyone" and giving full control the new beta connected for me in this config. Not sure this helps you but worth a shot! I also installed the v5 SDK, perhaps unrelated
  10. Ive had 5.01 freeze a couple of times in the "not responding" guise, had to kill it in task manager
  11. quote from LM forum just now Hello,We will be putting out a hotfix this week fixing this issue as well as other improvements. We are currently finalizing and testing everything needed for the fix. Thanks again for your reports and patience while we worked through this issue.Regards,Rob McCarthy
  12. Wx layers? More than 1 cloud base with precipitation If your default flight contains a default wx profile this is highly likely
  13. Yes, some more here also https://www.simforums.com/forums/prepar3d-v5_topic63585&SID=32215-8z4f5edb52ba5ae354937200925926.html Eagerly awaiting a statement from Hifi on this! desperately more like lol
  14. +1, is this a new up to date data set, or payment to create a new installer which recognises the new sim version? I own this product but find the product line frustrating with the multiple versions of what seems to be the same product
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