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  1. Hmm @BiologicalNanobot , If the truesky shaders are fully available in P3D, why would LM say this scene is not possible, any idea why this doesn't stack up?
  2. From the Simul website, I wonder how we create this scene
  3. I followed this guide and have to say for my 777 setup it was the best advice ever
  4. i wouldn't call sea swells on rivers realistic, but each to their own
  5. Enhanced atmospherics works with all ASCA and envtex (cloud textures and models only) but only if volumetric clouds are off. If volumetric clouds are on, ASP3D can only control the truesky shader clouds, it doesnt inject anything of its own other than set the wx scene try loading a flightplan into ASP3D and see if your wx depiction improves
  6. you need to tick enhanced atmospherics for the volumetric cloud slider to work try ticking enhanced atmospherics with volumetric slider OFF as that seems to be the best compromise HIFI also state that you need to load a flightplan into ASP3D for the best immersion and representation
  7. Activesky is great and has been the weather saviour for simmers for years, but the world is moving on and I wouldn't recommend chasing or investing anymore in P3D personally unless you really are happy with what it offers graphically. My experience today of ASP3D and 5.2 EA is not what I was hoping for. P3D is still incapable of rendering local wx areas using the new enhanced atmospherics, instead it renders a global scene in EA which updates as you fly from METAR to METAR melting the scene into the next. The old clouds allow you to approach wx areas as your flight progresses. HiFi have said they are looking at developing for MSFS and I am very interested in that but its some way off for real given the limitations that platform imposes wx wise (no simconnect access to wx)
  8. Thanks, I really hope you get on the beta LM did this with the triton water also, the capabilty of the product exceeded what was offered in P3D, we see the same with Nvidia waterworks, it looks absolutely word not allowed in p3d on ultra, so much so that I run it on low !
  9. envtex is just textures, ASCA is textures and cloud models. Volumetric clouds are in the P3d options menu, world- slider to the left for off, and then increments to the right for low/med/high/ultra above that is the checkbox for EA
  10. The trouble is, LM are providing EA as binaries, preventing the community from using the Simul SDK to improve the platform. Until this changes we are stuck with LMs locked down version of truesky.
  11. ASCA only works with volumetric clouds off. Yes I see it also and it looks pants, EA on and volumetric clouds off give me the best results but it's not exactly great immersion flying around 2D clouds in 2021
  12. @GSalden To be honest, I am being facetious/flippant. I think it looks terrible, hasn't really improved enough for my liking and is a retrograde step. The only benefit now is to turn off truesky clouds and go back to 2D sprites for me until the other sim matures enough
  13. 5.2, full reinstall, ASP3D and EA on, clouds ultra...... Amazing sunrise Broken clouds sat over the OC layer in the UK on a hot summer day
  14. Hmmmm- I cant say I am liking what I see really in those screenshots, some look great whilst others.... sun at 5 degrees above horizon and clearly visible yet the ground is in almost night time mode with little ambient light and dynamic lights illuminating the ground...clouds at dusk with those strange yellow and black illuminations
  15. Given the long wait, all I can hope for is a very good point release which brings v5 to an acceptable and more competitive level. If it doesn't deliver visually then I personally feel this is the end for LM and the sim community because nobody wants to spend 1000s on add on scenery anymore when MSFS natively has this.
  16. I wish MSFS was around when I did my PPL! I had a tough time learning how to fly by reference to the ground, I was so used to flying PC sims and had time in 777 level D's that I was probably too advanced for the PPL stage. I had to park a lot of the stuff I had used for navigating and learn to read the ground/chart and I struggled for some time with this part. FS2000 taught me bad habits, like staring at the gauges but my FI soon drummed that out of me lol. I think sims are a great learning tool for aviation provided the learning path is managed
  17. apologies OP I didnt read it properly! I use Nvsurround and the wide desktop resolution (5840 x 1080) is available in MSFS both in full screen and windowed. Full screen isnt really full screen, its just borderless windowed. Suggest raising a zendesk on this one
  18. Set your zoom level correctly and the stretching will be minimised, the general problem is that default levels of zoom provide too far wide a field of vision compared to the size of the screen, ie the zoom level is too wide and needs to be narrowed
  19. Its in the MSFS SDK- plenty of afterburner variables and supersonic flight is possible using the modern sim physics although its still a learning curve. Its just you keep stating an SST is not possible within MSFS when it is. Whats not possible is the level of systems modelling that Concorde requires natively within the sim. I would love to see a new Concorde simulation, hopefully FSLabs will bring a P3d v5 compatible version soon.
  20. I think this notion has been eliminated now- you can definitely build an airfile that allows more than mach 1, but the afterburner part is not properly modelled (just like the FSX/P3D version)
  21. Simbol has already told us to ignore it in the other thread, scroll down for info
  22. Hes been dropping hints on the facebook group for months that 5.2 is about to release, whether he has inside knowledge or not remains to be seen but eventually his persistence will be proven correct! some people crave attention, else why would anyone need premiered YT instructions on how to update apart from absolute newbies! clickbait I think
  23. I wonder why there is no sign of 5.2 yet, its long overdue compared to previous release intervals? Reading between the lines on simbols "rant" post made me feel a bit depressed really, perhaps 5.2 wont bring the EA fixes v5 so desperately needs to be able to bring the local wx technical depiction back to v4 standards and compete. Or it could be they are making sure it does hence the delay, will have to wait and see I guess. However I didnt get a warm feeling that P3D would be headed in the right direction for my needs and I have a lot invested in a 777 home cockpit. MSFS has been a huge disappointment for my type of setup and needs, irrespective of how wonderful it looks and is. I sometimes wish MS hadn't re-entered the market because I feel the flight sim world has been stuck in this beta rut for 18 months now as a consequence.
  24. I think your PC will struggle with this as 3 separate cameras cause significant FPS issues, have a read of this https://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv5/prepar3d/views/display_and_view_group/display_and_view_group_overview.html
  25. You need to activate nvsurround in the nv control panel, this would be your best choice on performance grounds Once you have NVsurround configured, start p3d and select the wide resolution, p3d will then use the 3 screens. You will have to play around with zoom settings to mitigate the fisheye effect
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