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  1. Same for me, i cannot open any doors, as well as cabine light seems not working
  2. Up, Just bought a new wireless headset, and I dont know if it is the Last update or new headset but I cant hear atc on it, all the sound came from the speaker, I tried to set the headset as défault communication device but that dont change anything Am I missing something ? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I am trying to configure my streamdeck with flighttracker Does Anybody know the event id code for the thing in blue please (increase light, and fuel ? 🙂 Cant find it anywhere Thank you 🙂
  4. Clean windows Install did the job too 🙂
  5. Just decide to do a clean install of windows, ill let you know If it fix the problem
  6. I did try to uninstall and reinstall mfs via windows store but that change nothing
  7. word not allowed, spending all that money for the sim and not even able to launch it anymore since Last update that's crazy
  8. tried that too, still stuck, reboot, reinstall, i dont know what to do next
  9. I just tried to uninstall and reinstall it via microsoft store but same problem, I am desesperate as I dont want to make a clean windows Install again 😞
  10. Hi all, This morning i tried to launch MFS without success, I didn't change anything, everything is up to date in windows and in microsoft store Any idea please ? 😞 here's the first image, i usually get this when there is update, it send me to store to make the first update then launch the sim but this time i had the second message right after clicking yes thank you in advance
  11. Hi all, Just received my thrustmaster tca for the a320, and now i was wondering if there is any possibilities out there to use the mcdu on an Ipad ? thank you in advance
  12. I tried to let the native resolution in driver Nvidia control panel, In sim doesn't matter if I am In windowed mode or full screen I am able to change the resolution within the graphics settings, I tried 3840x1080 but that very ugly 😕 Looking to sell my 3070 for a 3080 as I can't afford a 3090 for now,
  13. Thank you all for the answer, 😮 thank you very much for taking time for such a long text, I did follow everything, updated my bios, install amd driver, clean windows install, remove geforce experience,... And now I can reach between 28 and 32 fps where I was 22 yesterday which I guess isn't bad at all for that resolution with a 3070, I really like my 49" monitors so I'll wait and save money for a 3090 but at least for now is flyable and enjoyable 😄 The only point I find weird is no matter the resolution, I do not really see a difference, I've tried to make a custom resolution of 3440x1440 in Nvidia CP and put this resolution in sim as well but I barely gain 5fps, same with 3840x1080, is that normal ? Thank you very much everyone I appreciate
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