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  1. I know but as I have a complete home cockpit I am trying to not use mouse as much as I can, that why it would be great to have the tablet on my ipad
  2. Hey, did not buy it yet but I was wondering, is there a way to put the plane tablet on a real iPad ? 😀
  3. So i found the solution (at least for me) In case it can help. The only thing i changed was to limit the fps at 30 with the nvidia panel, that was the problem, as soon as i desable this, the fps was back to à smooth 45fps 🙂 simple as that 🙂
  4. well i had absolutely no fps drop before update and now it is unplayable, tried different settings and same result. dont now what to do execpt reinstall everything
  5. Hey, Quick question for those using popout screen on msfs20. I used to pop out mfd and pfd without any performance impact, but since the last update, if i popout an instrument i have a massive fps drop which make the game unplayable. Is this a knowed issue and is there any solution ? Makes me mad as i just finished my homecockpit and cant even enjoy it anymore. Ps: tried dx12 and 11 nothing changed and i have a high end pc Thanks
  6. Yes i tried on 2 tablet and 2 Phone same result, setup the exact ip i see on server :(
  7. Anyone else have problem with it ? Works great on the same computer where the sim running but when i try on my ipad it doesnt work, Main sim computer has internet from ethernet cable not wifi and ipad from wifi, can it be the cause ? thanks
  8. Same problem here, no update available in microsoft store 😞
  9. Same problem here, start around 60fps and drop at 5 after 2 or 3 hours flight, go back to normal as soon as i touch the ground weird
  10. Yeah unfortunatly the mod is broken with this update, Really hope that the author will do something, we did not have any update for this mod since march so i hope he still care about it 😞
  11. Ok so just try it quickly For me it seems to be a massive improvement in FPS and smoothness which is really good 😄 Only problems I saw for now are : - TBM improvement mod not working - Working title G1000/3000 seems broken, got only black screen on garmin now - Longitude middle screen is completely black, so don't know if it is because of the mod or WT g3000 problem At least it force me to go back to the C152 and enjoy low altitude and VFR flight 😄 😄
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