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  1. dyl55

    REX EF Final Vertict?

    You have to give full right (right click properties/security, choose your username and edit to allow everything) on your rex folder and it will fix the problem ;)
  2. Oh nice, why didn't I think about that earlier, it seems to work now 😄 thanks
  3. Hi all, I've just seen that I don't have any lights on this aircraft, the only one I have is taxi and panel, If I check outside the plane I can see light spot on the wings but even when I switch on the lights it stays off Any idea ? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I though everything was going well with my gns530 from RXP but I found a problem :) Here's the situation, Yesterday I loaded a fly, took off and then set a "direct to" in the GNS, I pushed the cdi button to switch to GPS mode and then hit the NAV button on my autopilot, right from there my plane started to turn right and kept flying in circle instead of tracking the magenta course on the gps.... So I tried something else, loaded a flight plan in P3D, I poped on the runway and was able to see my flightplan ready in the GNS, from there hitting the nav button work well and the plane follow correctly the GNS So my first guess is that the simulator is following the default GPS of p3d instead of reality XP ??? PS: I use the realsimgear GNS 530 hardware and Saitek multi panel Any clue ?
  5. dyl55

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    yes no problem at all to interact with p3d menu and everything, if I right click on p3d to show some menu, the mini UI disappear and come back as soon as right click menu is gone, but impossible to reduce it or interact, really look like a "stickers"
  6. dyl55

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Doesn't work, looks like mini ui freeze, no mather where I click nothing happen even scrolling through parameter doesn't work
  7. dyl55

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Hi, I still have a problem with the mini UI, it pop up when I load a flight but it looks likes it's only a picture, not matter where I click ou try to scroll, nothing happen and I can't reduce the window any clue ?
  8. dyl55

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Hey, How do you do that ? thanks
  9. Hey, Anyone who use to fly with the alabeo c421 know why everytime I hit the autopilot BC this one is turning on and directly off to activate the NAV ? Pretty annoying Thank you 🙂
  10. So, I tried, In VC I can see the BC(rev) button, same result when I push it, and that was with the Alabeo c421 I tried with the RealAir duke and in this case it works fine, so the problem is definitely not a spad one but more something related with the plane that create a conflict with the saitek panel but no idea what
  11. Well did not think about Trying that, I’ll try right now the VS problem is a separate problem, it do that even when I’m not in APR mode, just everytime I push it
  12. Hi all, dont know if it’s the right section (if not sorry) As I’m learning to fly I’ve started to use Rev on the multi panel and everytime i click it, it turning on and off immediatly to activate the APR instead, VS Also turn off as soon as i click I dont think the problem comes from spadnext cause it looks like everything is well configured, I’ve Check p3d control command but l dont see anything, Maybe something is in conflict when I hit those buttons ? Any advice ? thanks
  13. dyl55

    New twin engine decision

    Thanks all 🙂 I like de c421 so my choice would be now between the c421, pa34 or b58 🙂
  14. Hi all, I use to flight with the real air duke b60 piston, but now I want to offer myself a new plane, I'd like a twin engine similar to the Duke b60, I hesitate between the carenado b58 and the carenado Pa34 seneca v, both are my style of plane Any advices or recommendation ? Thanks
  15. dyl55

    Reality XP update

    yes just saw that forum, would be a better place thanks 🙂