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  1. the only add-on used here was orbx global 🙂
  2. Still Haven't found how to fix this Any idea ?
  3. Don't know if it is because of vector but I installed it today and did the exact same flight as yesterday and here's what I noticed Yesterday my Vram was around 4,4gb and today after vector installation I have 3,3gb ( vector was the only change I made, same flight plan, condition and settings ) In vector setting I just unchecked tertiary thing, traffic on secondary and tunnel entry P3D setting almost max out except autogen vegetation on very dense, water details medium and EA on high Got a smooth 25 fps everywhere, with a GTX 1080 and ryzen 1700x
  4. Hi, Does anybody know how to fix this ? This is V5 but had this issus on v4 too and don't know how to solve it thanks
  5. looks awesome 😄 How do you do to have such a large screen without distortion ? I have 3 screens and left and right look a bit stretch
  6. Hey Does anyone had success with Ezca camera in v5 ? If I "click" on the caméra in main ezca panel everything good but as soon as I use my yoke command to switch view it switch to view that doesnt even exist, change my zoom setting,... Same when I switch catégories it goes outside view and then switch between outside and tower but never go back on the inside view Any idea ? SOLVED HERE'S THE SOLUTION IN CASE I had to delete every view key assignement in p3d AND ezca and then remap them Thanks
  7. I'll try but I never touched this so don t think it will change something, lets hope 🙂
  8. Hi, I have the problem too, i didn't notice it before but now that i see it i can't get it out of my mind, I did a fresh clean install of v5 ( dont have v4 anymore) everything is perfect except those blurry ground I did not tweaked anything in the .CFG, just installed v5, orbx and active sky, here's an exemple at EDCG from orbx My sliders are almost all to the max and no water what i change there i can't see any difference
  9. Anyone try ? Don t care about clouds as I won t use them from rex4 but could be nice for water and runway
  10. Great thank you, took me 5 minutes and it works like a charm 😄 The only problem I see and maybe you could help is that even If I enable the cold and dark cockpit on the turbine duke config, each time I try to start a flight it is not cold and dark, any idea ?
  11. hey, Would you please help me to do that ? I've just uninstall V4 to have all the space for a brand new clean V5 :) Dont really want to reinstall v4 :D
  12. Hey guys, Like a lot of us I am still waiting a bit for addon compatibility before buying V5 So maybe we could do a list of the one who already work or will work soon For now with p3d v4.5 I use : Orbx : which is already good for v5 I think Activesky for real time weather : doesn't work yet REX skyforce : should work from what i saw on internet but they are working on something REX environment force : Do we still need it ? EZCA camera : no news yet but hope it works reality XP : still in progress but should work soon I guess Spadnext for saitek product, some say everything working fine AIG for AI traffic : Don't know Regarding plane I only have carenado PC12 and realair turbine duke, which I guess should not be a problem Thanks 😄
  13. Hi, I have a small problem with AS for p3dv4 Under the conditions tab, I type in for exemple KSGU to get info and runways in use etc. It says runways in use is 16. St George does not have this runways according to sky vector, only runway 1 and 19. Also noticed this at other airport. I have a navigraph sub and active sky is updated to airac 2004. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Hey, just bought this plane too, how did you update it ? I have a navigraph sub but in the navigraph fms data manager I do not see the carenado phenom
  15. well so why drop the link to installer for free (and for all their aircrafts) and remove the part where you have to register (I bought the piston duke years ago, and you needed to put the key) ? This is stupid. I think they simply did not update there license as they don't care anymore Even If I had bought the turbine duke when It was available there is nothing in the new installer to prove that, except that we have to put name and email
  16. that was before, if you download the installer and try it you'll see that you don't need to register anymore, it doesn't ask you for a registration key like it was the case before. I'll try to de install and re install again
  17. Yes tried all of this, it must be a missing folder or what because I've used the same installer that I used first time, and this problem happens with all of turbine duke livery, (don't have this problem with piston duke) I pick the installer that is on the realair website (those are now free to use)
  18. Yes I got this with all outside view, don't know what's went wrong during the reinstall
  19. P3d v4,5 Never had this problem before reinstall, and everything else working great
  20. Hey, Maybe some of you could help, First time I installed the turbine duke everything was fine, recently I had to reinstall it for a gps problem, but no when in outside view, a big part of the aircraft is invisible, tried to delete the shaders folder but nothing change. Any clue ? Thanks
  21. thanks, i'll check that this week 🙂
  22. Thank you all, i'll try this next flight 😄
  23. Hi all, thanks for the reply, I tried for the ILS, first attempt failed, and the problem was that I hit the APR too late so the plane did not catched the glide, tried again and hit it sooner and everything worked. So I get it for the ILS, have now to try with the RNAV (in case airport doesnt have ILS) but still the same question, for the rnav lpv approach should I leave the CDI in GPS mode and hit apr for the plane to follow the path or should I switch to vloc ? If yes what frequency should i put in NAV ? Thanks
  24. Well, tried the ILS today and the plane did not follow the glide slope so I must miss something with the ILS too
  25. Hello everyone, I'm coming to you because I'm still struggling with my approach. Let's say a flight to Santa Barbara KSBA, rwy 07, RNAV or ILS I flight with the GNS 530 from RXP and the realair Turbine duke, flight plan load, take off, following the gps (cdi on gps, autopilot NAV), everything good till there. Then I'd like to learn the 2 approach (ILS and RNAV), so for the RNAV : In my gns530 I chose the RNAV 07 approach via GAVIOTA and hit load, CDI still on GPS, near GAVIOTA, I select activate approach, once I see the yellow glide slope I hit the APR on autopilot, the plane follow the approach but he does not descent 😞 What should I put in NAV1 and 2 frequency or what course for my plane to follow the glide slope ? Do I have to switch the CDI from GPS to VLOC ? If yes which frequency to follow ? If I use the ILS frequency, it is an ILS approach instead of RNAV ? and I don't won't cause not every airports have ILS. Now The ILS approach : I load my ILS approach on the gps (CDI still on GPS), put the frequency of ils in nav 1 and the course on HSI, right before the first approach point on gps I activate the approach, near my Initial fix I switch the cdi to VLOC, hit the APR and as soon as I intercept the lock, the glide slope show up and the autopilot should switch from NAV to APR and follow the descent path ? Am I right ? Sorry if this is stupid question but After reading a lot of thing on approach I still can't make it work correctly and that's not cool when Everything goes well till you miss the runway because the plane does not go down 😞 Thank you in advance for your help
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