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  1. Unfortunately I cannot say the same...there is something on my system (7800x3D; 4070Ti; 2Tb ssd; 64Gb Ram) that is affected by the online activity of PSXT, independently by the number of active aircraft...a pretty constant decrease of 7-10fps (even with less then 9-10 active). No fps decrease if only static. With FSTL with the double of aircraft I don't have the same problem. Very strange but that is. Fortunately, since few months, having the possibility to change the number of active aircraft with PSXT, gave a little relief. At the moment PSXT represent for me the best solution in term of immersivity; even if I have also experienced some ghosting.
  2. Yes correct. PSXT is free. Instead Real Time Traffic, the source of injected data, is on subscribe basis. I was very skeptical at the beginning and to be honest, despite the continue improvements of the creator, there are some annoying problems sometimes. But mostly due to the problem you reported on subsequent legs and on the perfection of the sequencing of airplanes, is the only option I found more suitable. Did you try to restart the FSTL on the second leg to see if traffic is regenerated? For me sometimes it didn't work but I read some use this as workaround.
  3. Same annoying problem on my system. Unfortunately sometimes even turning off FSTl and then ON again it doesn't have effect. I decided for this reason to use PSXT whitout problems (only a decrease of performance independently by the settings)
  4. Very tempted .. a lot of positive comments recently on FSHUD. Just one question to Users. How it manage big airports traffic for landing and takeoff? In example in EGLL 27L takeoff and 27R landing (or viceversa) as in reality most of the time ? And rising the bar of complexity what about LIRF where usually takeoff are from 25 and landing 16s or 34s, or EHAM? Thanks,
  5. I did'nt know if related or not but exactly in that area I recently (last week on beta) experienced three sudden shutdown of the PC (EHAM-LIML 2 times and EBBR-LIML). All three times few miles before approaching Alps. Strange because in alle three situations I already did the first flight on the opposite direction. And since the start of the year I flown at least 200hours up and down Europe without any single problem. Sudden shutdown without CTD, I believe for high T of CPU (7900x3d and 4070ti)
  6. Hi all, and thanks for alle the efforts each one and most of all the Authors are putting on it. I used for weeks the very first version I was satisfied with. Today I tried the new version (I think the concept demo) and the app says I have FG inactive while on my graphic settings Frame Generation is enabled (4070ti). There is something wrong on my side or the app does not correctly recognize it? Thanks and sorry if this topic was eventually already discussed in the thread
  7. Just to report that I don't have loading issue at all. I agree that the scenery is really heavy (on my system) and I also hope for a further optimization in the future.
  8. Great update. Look forward for the release :) In my opinion Fenix deserves all the credit is possible from the community. From day 1. Even in presence of missing/adjustable things in their product. In all the period they worked on block 2 the A320 was enjoyable and and the support, when needed, was very responsive (at least in my personal experience) Thanks @Aamir
  9. Thanks for the support but unfortunately it doesn't work and I receive the same Error message. At the moment I will stay with Automatic mode. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try soon your parameters You are right....but what it is strange for me is that the attempt I did until a couple of days ago where made with only JustFlght Traffic Fleet installed in the Community, no others AI installed on the entire pc. So I was wondering why, in the same scenario, with a visible superimposable amount of airplanes (maybe more static with FSTL with those settings; PSXT lateral range was 8nm) I was experiencing so such a great difference (57-60fps vs 27-30fps). So now the will to try to customize the paths to see if can reduce this delta. Thanks for support
  11. Hi, just to begin let me say that I'm a huge fan of PSXT and of the great amount of development you are constangly putting on it. Having said that I would like to understand how to better manage models and liveries on my system. 1) The first question that arise is what "automatic" mode for liveries recognize in the sim. Is there the possibility that the software read as AI flying models and related liveries? Or just the AI published by AIG/FSTL/Just Flight? Just to know if fps can be affected by the reading of "heavy" models in "automatic" mode. In fact if I use FSTL with JustFlight Traffic fleet I double the fps in the same identical scenario. Fortunately the "Max Live" mode is helping to better manage the frames awaiting to succed to customize the custom paths 2) I have tried several time to create the custom paths for liveries reading the Manual, modifying the "parameters" and uncheking the "Automatic" mode. Nevertheless I receive as a answer "Error 53: no liveries found" I attach here my values to try to better understand what I'm missing. I inserted the path folders of my MSFS and I followed the published instructions. I also tried with values lfolder0 and lfolder1 but with no success Thanks for the support <?xml version="1.0"?> <parameters> <parameter name="LEARN DESTINATION" value="true" /> <parameter name="COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND" value="true" /> <parameter name="HIGH_PERF_AIRCRAFT" value="false" /> <parameter name="LIGHT_AIRCRAFT" value="false" /> <parameter name="HELICOPTERS" value="false" /> <parameter name="FOLLOW_ME_CAR" value="false" /> <parameter name="CALLSIGN_OBJECTID" value="false" /> <parameter name="SIM_TIME" value="false" /> <parameter name="FLY_OVER" value="false" /> <parameter name="COLLISION_USER_AIR" value="true" /> <parameter name="COLLISION_USER_GND" value="true" /> <parameter name="COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND" value="true" /> <parameter name="LEARN_REAL" value="true" /> <parameter name="LEARN_SOFT" value="true" /> <parameter name="SUPPRESS_STUB" value="true" /> <parameter name="INITIAL_LOAD_ONLY" value="false" /> <parameter name="PARK_SOFT" value="true" /> <parameter name="HINTS" value="false" /> <parameter name="ALWAYS_ON_TOP" value="false" /> <parameter name="LIG_AUTOMATIC" value="false" /> <parameter name="LIG_PRIORITIZE" value="false" /> <parameter name="AFG_AUTOMATIC" value="true" /> <parameter name="NAV_LIGHTS_WHILE_PARKED" value="true" /> <parameter name="AUTO_RANGE" value="true" /> <parameter name="GUID_CHANGES" value="true" /> <parameter name="CUSTOM_PARKING_PERCENTAGE" value="-1" /> <parameter name="LIGHT_SWITCH_CODE" value="8" /> <parameter name="MAIN_WINDOW_X" value="400" /> <parameter name="MAIN_WINDOW_Y" value="20" /> <parameter name="LAST_EPOCH_TIME" value="0" /> <parameter name="SECONDS_DELAY" value="30" /> <parameter name="MATCHING_DEPTH" value="4" /> <parameter name="PARKED_MATCHING_DEPTH" value="4" /> <parameter name="MAX_FIT" value="47" /> <parameter name="LATERAL_RANGE" value="40" /> <parameter name="FLY_OVER_RANGE" value="0" /> <parameter name="AIRPORTS_SCAN_MINUTES" value="0" /> <parameter name="LIVERIES_SCAN_MINUTES" value="0" /> <parameter name="TIME_SHIFT_DAYS" value="0" /> <parameter name="TIME_SHIFT_HOURS" value="0" /> <parameter name="TIME_SHIFT_MINS" value="0" /> <parameter name="PROGRAM_VERSION" value="5.6.1" /> <parameter name="PORT_NUMBER" value="10747" /> <parameter name="DESTINATION_AIRPORT" value="" /> <parameter name="DESTINATION_GATE" value="" /> <parameter name="FLIGHTPLANS_FOLDER" value="" /> <parameter name="PROGRAM_INSTALL_PATH" value="C:\PSXT" /> <parameter name="RT_LICENSE" value="" /> <parameter name="BLOCK_CALLSIGN" value="" /> <parameter name="MSFS_INSTALL_PATH" value="F:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages" /> <parameter name="TIME_SHIFTED" value="false" /> <parameter name="RUNNING" value="false" /> </parameters> <parameter name="lfolder1" value="F:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community\justflight-aircraft-traffic-fleet” /> <parameter name="lfolder2" value="F:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community\aig-aitraffic-oci-beta" />
  12. Great addition, game changer for me at first sight. I will write in the dedicated forum for other possible things
  13. Great, as soon as I can I give it a try. I have a 7800x3D, 64GB RAM and a 4070T and I prefer having parameters on Medium/High to better replicate AI traffic. Let me know if you prefer I write you via a private message but I would like to ask you what you mean in terms of right AI models. With FSTL I use FsTraffic models and are the same I suppose I use with PSXT. But the decrease of performance it is (maybe it was with the new suggested setting) very noticeable. From 60+ to 25 in few seconds, same place, only changing traffic suppliers. Maybe you can help me in fixing something it is not working appropriately. Thanks and as soon as I can (tonight or tomorrow morning) I will install the latest version) PS: it is airport dependent like the static percentage?
  14. I love the immersion PSXT + Real Traffic are able to supply. I would use all the time. The problem for me is related to the fps drop with it. At Heatrow with Fenix and FSTL I have 60+ fps with PSXT+RT 25-30fps and stutters... there is something that for the same number of airplane (even with less), in the same scenario, drastically affect my fps. Edit: specifically 8nm traffic and 12% parking positioning on PSXT
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