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  1. I fought for my 737 yoke, finally got it after months of emails and frustration.. I did see somewhere around June that they were looking for a buyer for the company. I'm not surprised they took your money unfortunately.
  2. Has there been any updates on this? Josh
  3. It'd be great if the "mega thread" only contained files or links lol Josh
  4. I'm with you James, On the weekend we were told to uninstall and re-install the QOTS and 777's for future update purposes.. Do we have to do the again today? Josh
  5. Where can I get it? My CP didn't update to 1.5 :(
  6. Try re igniting this thread and let me know how you go http://www.avsim.com/topic/472146-sop3-flows-very-clean-version/
  7. Will do mate, And thanks for the responses guys, so back to my question it means that the guys at Hifi or Rex the weather developers would have to implement it and not so muchnthe Ac or p3d teams Cheers Josh
  8. Morning all, I've recently jumped on the Xplane wagon after the FF767 was released and I still fly in P3dV3 a lot to but one thing that has really caught me attention is the the way the landing lights react with the in sim clouds. In Xplane flying through clouds the lights reflect off them and look great as you're flying through them on approach, I initially thought I was having monitor issues and than common sense kicked in lol And it's left me wondering why this can't be achieved in P3D with it's volumetric weather and all this new AS16/cloud art and equivalent Hifi products?? Would it be down to the plane developer? Cheers Josh
  9. Why don't you save the assignments or lack there of to a file and just reload them after each install?? Josh
  10. Link doesn't work, did it work with the likes of pmdg??
  11. Nice looks like a good piece of kit, Does P3dv3 take advantage of a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound setup? ?
  12. I've tried doing a bit of research before I purchase a new speaker set up and all the old threads date back to at least 2013, I see the logitech Z906 speakers seem to be the goods but I'm curious to see what everyone else has or is enjoying. . Cheers Josh
  13. Where's the mod found?? Have you got shots of it??
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