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  1. I recently bought Aerosoft's EBBR airport for MSFS and after the initial scan, I noticed that all the parking spots were 20m or less, which means no widebody airplanes can park there. I edded the EBBR.xml under the add-on airports folder, to designate some as heavy gates with 40m wingspan, saved it, but upon restart of PSXT, and rescan (I turned off automatic scan of addons in the UI), it creates a whole new EBBR and essentially gets the wingspan again from the scenery files. How do I retain my edits so I can have widebodies show up parked at EBBR?
  2. Last night, I left Learner running overnight to populate my airport files at multiple airports, and checked Real Only in the UI. However, it appeared to only affect the first airport it ran but not the remainder in the list. For example, I had KSFO, KLAX, KORD, KSEA, KLAS... and double checked that I had clicked Real Only in the UI. The program started at KSFO and was using Real Only. But this morning after eight hours of running, it looks like the other airlines had Real Only = 0 in the learner files.
  3. Even with LittleNavMap, the "problem" is that RealTraffic doesn't seem to broadcast the origin and destination of the injected aircraft. I wish it did - it would be great to mouse over the airplanes to see where they're coming from and going to.
  4. I exclusively use AIG models and repaints with PSXT. Any idea why some models such as 787 have wings fully flexed and flaps fully extended at the gate? I would upload a photo but forum doesn't seem to allow that. 😞
  5. Ah that makes sense! I think I'll work on my way and share with the community as well. The benefit of using the parameters.xml is that once that list is generated, it covers all known specials in the world that are unique (that's the part I'm going to work on once I download the source data). That way the user doesn't need to wait for the regcode files for each airline to be compiled, which might take a while.
  6. I discovered a nifty online database of special liveries for many airlines by registration number: https://airportwebcams.net/special-liveries/ Would anyone like it if I compiled it into a single line as required in parameters.xml such as: <parameter name="SPECIALS" value="F-HTAC,N290AY" /> The site I linked to has "specials" that are multiple aircraft, so I'll leave those out, and only include those that are truly unique (as in only one example IRL). Any interest?
  7. I've never had MSFS ATC recognize any PSXT injected aircraft for reasons kiek mentioned.
  8. In dbase.xml I found: <similar types="B772,B773,B77L,B77W" /> <similar types="B788,B789,B78X" /> You're suggesting I combine them into one line, which will work fine for JAL in this specific case of missing repaints for an entire type, but will also impact other airline operators. I think that should be okay, if other airline operators have a matching livery for the type. It's only when something's missing like I explained with JAL. Correct?
  9. AIG has many repaints and models, but it's still missing quite a few major ones. For example, Japan Airlines (JAL) doesn't have any 787-8 or 787-9 repaints at all. I have live matching depth set at "6" in PSXT, and I'm getting random other airlines' 787-9 when looking for a JAL 787-9. Any suggestions on setting this to another number so at least I might get a JAL 777-300ER or similar type that does have an available repaint, so that I don't see random other airline 787s at a Japanese airport when IRL it's a Japan Airlines 787-8 or 787-9? Thanks!
  10. Sure - I don't buy anything from MS Store because I prefer to keep my downloads if possible on another SSD and manage it with AddonsLinker, so the encryption shouldn't be an issue. Yes, I had Addon Airport scan switched off as well.
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