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  1. Sometimes, instead of actively flying, I like to "sit" at an airport and just watch the traffic taxi, land, take off, etc. Oftentimes, the traffic disappears and I notice in PSXT that it's "WAITING FOR MSFS." Any idea why the sudden and seemingly random disconnection?
  2. Not that I'm aware of. I switched over to FSLTL and the same issue happens with that and LittleNavMap too.
  3. Yes, I do that but I don't see any indication what the new models are and what changed 🙂
  4. Doing so now! However whenever I do that, I never figure out which are the new models!
  5. This is frustrating, just as I was about to start a long-haul flight from PANC!
  6. kiek it looks like something wrong with your code looking for a Projects folder that doesn't exist on our machines. Maybe you can look into it please?
  7. I checked the aircraft.cfg files and nothing has changed between SU11 and SU12 (meaning the files themselves were not modified). Both aircraft that have issues and those that do not are using the ATCCOM.AC_MODEL A35K.0.text format.
  8. Having just now updated to Sim Update 12, I am seeing some aircraft show up with strange labels (not all) on Little NavMap. I use 100% AIG aircraft. For example, instead of this: A35K I see ATCCOM.AC_MODEL A35K.0.text Any idea if this is due to how PSXT injects aircraft or how LittleNavMap displays the data, and why this broke with SU12?
  9. I use the CH Products Yoke and for some reason the throttle doesn't work with the left engine. It only controls the right engine. No other planes have this issue. Frustrating!
  10. I was trying to see how I can manually add liveries that can be compatible with MSFS+PSXT without waiting for AIGAIM to update it. Does anyone have any experience doing so?
  11. I use AIGAIM for all my MSFS repaints, but as we know, it takes a while for schedules / new repaints to be updated via AIGAIM. Is it possible to manually install some of these liveries if the model is already installed in my For example: China Airlines A321neo joined the fleet in June 2022, but it's not yet updated in AIGAIM. Can I manually install this livery so that PSXT can show it? China Airlines Airbus A321NEO – Juergen's paint hangar (juergenbaumbusch.de) Thanks!
  12. I often use RealTraffic + PSXT using the pro-version functionality in RealTraffic of picking a time in the past or time-shifting. For example, current real-life time could be October 1, 1200 UTC. But, I set RealTraffic (and MSFS) to look for past traffic as of October 1, 0300 UTC instead. My question is: when the updates are saved to the parked files, does it use the 0300 UTC time (= Sim time) or does it use my computer time (which would be 1200)?
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