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  1. I tried this,..I started clicking stuff and ended up backing away slowwwwwwwwly LOL. Thanks for the tutorial, now maybe i'd give it another shot.
  2. Hello, I'm not sure of the protocol here for these things or what you'd need for that matter as i'm a complete novice about painting, but would somebody here be interested in painting this 737-7BC BBJ for me please ? It'd be for the PMDG NGX 737-700 W Did a search at airliners.net and got these: http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?regsearch=9H-BBJ But if you need others or better or better quality for that matter i'll get them to you. Regards
  3. It's available for aircraft equipped for Fail Operational Autolands
  4. Hi, I'm NEW to the PMDG and the FS2 Crew. I installed both of those addons onto my computer and I'm not quite sure how to get the Company Operations, or the Cabin Announcements to work. May you explain what the Company Operations is? I was watching on some of the Youtube videos and a lot of them have the passenger backgrounds and the Flight Crew saying "Welcome to Anchorage where the local time is 10:00" etc... How do I get those to work? Like I said, I'm very new to the F...

  5. Do you have windows 7 ultimate ?
  6. Hi everyone,I just wanted to give my thoughts on the new FS2Crew for the iFly 737NG. In my honest and professional opinion as a current 737 Captain this version of FS2Crew is very good, you have many options to choose from, and many different scenarios are modeled. Flaps 15 landing (for abnormal situations), 3 variations for Bleeds off takeoffs, External Air/Power Starts, through flights, Even small details like the F/O Checking the center tank fuel quantity. (Both center tank fuel pump switches must be OFF for takeoff if center tank fuel is less than 2300 kilograms), but, he's not limited to that one scenario, there are many others regarding fuel system procedures. The only things missing from the iFly version are having the F/O doing failure flows, and being able to do "circuits and bumps". Being part of the Beta team I can say that alot of work has gone into the iFly version to make it as realistic as possible. There's really nothing else you can add it's a complete Flight Crew experience.RegardsDamien WeekesCaptain 737 BBJ
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