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  1. No Worries. Remember to click Apply/Save after
  2. Click Plugins at the top within X-Plane menu. Scroll down to NOAA Plugin, then you should see a series of checkboxes.
  3. I tried this,..I started clicking stuff and ended up backing away slowwwwwwwwly LOL. Thanks for the tutorial, now maybe i'd give it another shot.
  4. Did it Help ? Ahh Ok thanks for that. I don't know why they didn't just put it on the Start flight screen where you choose weather and time of day. It can hold it's own. It needs some refinements which are apparently being worked on and I've also pointed out a few other quirks and errors and provided some data to the developers to help. However that said the level d 767 to this day does have a couple bugs (to my knowledge,..could be wrong). But it's worth it to me just as long as they keep working on it. Regards PS. I like it enough to take it across the pond,.. Thank you, Tickets Sent.
  5. Untick Turbulence in the NOAA Weather Settings then click apply/save,..that fixed it for me
  6. The 1 and only thing I don't like do much about the xplane interface it the somewhat lack of details when start a flight. I'd like to choose the starting point instead of having to actually start then choose where to start..kinda like putting the cart before the horse type thing.
  7. Anyone interested in trying smart co-pilot ?
  8. Well, I've had some more time to "poke at it" and see what or how it does and i'm genuinely impressed. It's very good. I can point out quite a few "refinements" but it's actually very good. They're some bugs that need to be fixed yes,..but so far so good. I like it.
  9. Hello again, Took the plunge and bought the 767. Before I go any further does anyone know if the developer can be found on the AVSIM forums ? The X-Plane.org forums are down atm. I must admit the 767 is a very nice aircraft and the best that I've flown in X-Plane, However there are some things I need to point out to the developer regarding the AFDS, the function of the modes and the behavior associated with them under certain circumstances. They're also a few annoyances (in my opinion) of these little helper tidbits the developer added that i'd honestly like to see gone or at least have the option of turning them off. I understand the thought behind it but i'd prefer the option on if i need that help or not because for me it actually takes away from the simulation. I currently putting together a list of bugs and inaccuracies I've found so far so i can send them to the developer.
  10. Ok Guys, After going over both reviews again, and again, and yet again. I'm going to get it,..even though i'm still a little worried I guess. I think i'll be taking her across the pond this time around instead of the regulars. I remember countless crossings with the Lonny Payne 757 then the 767 Pilot in command and the Level D 767,..those were the glory days so to speak lol. Wow i feel old But i did prefer that kind of flying. Thanks to each one of you for your input into this topic. I'm kinda hooked on X-Plane at the moment, it performs and looks soooo much better than P3D, and it's got a different "feel" which is quite refreshing. Do you guys have experience with the 757 as well ? How does it stack up ? Also found this smart co-pilot thing. Anyone try it ? Regards
  11. Would you say it's more of a complexity level of the Airbus X or the Level D 767 ?
  12. Have they changed that weird thing with the air stairs coming to R1 instead of L1 ? Also in watching some videos of the 757 and the 767 they're a few annoyances I've noticed. My intention was to use this A/C for the CTP event on April 2nd.
  13. Thanks Will, I've sen that review already. I wanted some other opinions before I take the plunge. It's almost as expensive as the PMDG stuff so wanted to be sure before I get it.
  14. Hi Guys, I'm thinking of purchasing the FF767-300ER however as I've never really used X-Plane before so i don't know much about it, however i'd like to know how it compares to something like the Level D 767 systems wise. All opinions welcome. Regards
  15. Thanks for posting this .I was beginning to think I need to reinstall everything. I was getting frustrated. Actually I may just reinstall still and try the whole installing everything outside of p3d thing.
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