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  1. Also @TheFlightSimGuy stop being such an word not allowed. I went to Vegas to attend FSExpo and one night had a drink. I have the stomach capacity of a hard boiled egg, one small amount of alcohol absolutely destroys me. That entire trip was paid for by means that are nothing to do with PTA. lol wait, offensive initials not allowed, why am I even having to justify what I do. Let me live my life and you live yours.
  2. Hey all, Dont worry, PTA will continue to be updated for the various versions of P3D. Ive had my surgery (I had bariatric surgery) and now I’m about 6 months out and 200lbs lighter. Ive had to do a lot of traveling recently, mostly for business which you’ll come to see the result of soon 🙂 I appreciate the concern but you need not worry. As long as I am around, so will PTA. We aren’t going anywhere 🙂 Cheers from FL360 on DAL2619 to JFK! It’s crazy bumpy over the rockies! Matt
  3. Start with a new folder. it'll self extract everything it needs to into the same directory.
  4. Extremely off topic! However at the moment I'm so busy I don't have any real time for recording anymore, plus the way YouTube treats everybody these days has put me off the platform. Twitch is nice because of the live environment and a few hours a day of live interaction with the sim community does great things for the mind. Maybe one day I'll find the spark to record again, but probably not any time soon. Thankfully there are plenty of others that make solid content, so you're spoilt for choice.
  5. No blockage - works fine globally.
  6. Hi Michael, Yes that's fine - it'll deactivate the old one. If it doesn't, send us an email via the website and I'll reset your activations for you.
  7. PTA 2.60:
  8. If it was, I wasn't notified about it. It's back up now.
  9. You don't need to reinstall EVERYTHING - just the "Client" part of P3D. In the P3D download you'll find a client.msi, you can just run that once you've uninstalled it and it'll sort your issues. A client reinstall takes literally seconds.
  10. Everybody has different tastes - I included my preset with the download because that's the one I use. It doesn't necessarily mean it's the best - it's all relative to your preferences.
  11. Send me an email with your order info to and I'll help you.
  12. Press "Show" when you paste the code in, make sure there are no spaces or incorrect characters. Delete PTA, reinstall the P3D client module only, re download & run PTA.
  14. Nope - there is nothing from a functionality point of view that's changed except supporting the new version.