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  1. It's being written in C# by another guy as we speak 🙂
  2. Hi all, In the latest update of PTA (2.63), I introduced a bug with the "Water Surface Tuning" tweak. This is due to LM changing some of the code within one of the shaders. When I purchased PTA & the source code, there was an immediate problem - it was written in Delphi (an age old programming language that I am absolutely not fluent in) & the source code was annotated in Russian. Up until this update, only minor changes have had to be made to PTA in order to make it compatible with the latest versions of P3D. So, please bear with me whilst I painstakingly translate all of the annotations and then figure out how to fix the broken tweak. I've been super busy over the past week so yesterday evening was only the first real chance I had to sit down and look at it, hence the post now. Patience is all I ask, I will figure it out in the end 🙂 Thanks, I appreciate the support.
  3. It's most likely a permissions issue. How are you running it as administrator?
  4. @Schlotterknie Glad you found a workaround although your attitude leaves a lot to be desired. I'm working on a fix as we speak.
  5. MattDavies

    Another 2.63 bug maybe

    I'll see if I can reproduce this.
  6. Not yet. I still haven't figured out the actual problem.
  7. I'll take a look into this & see if I can reproduce. Thanks for pointing it out!
  8. Personally, I find that due to the way HDR has dynamic control of the ambient aesthetics, you can't get it consistently looking nice. It will look really incredible in certain areas then terrible in others whereas with HDR off, you can work from a nice looking preset with some neutral realistic sky textures & I personally like that approach better. Each to their own though 🙂
  9. It's been reported and responded to in basically every thread over the last 2 days 🙂
  10. That's now because you're not using the original shaders. Reinstall the client module only of P3D, then run PTA again (as administrator) and it'll work.
  11. I run PTA with the IVAO MTL and have no issues with lights. We don't modify Aircraft lights so I'm not entirely sure why they're blaming PTA.
  12. Yeah you can, although if your PTA preset for 4.3 has the water tweak, you'll need to disable it until a fix is released.
  13. Running PTA as administrator will usually fix that.
  14. MattDavies

    Moon lighting in V4.4

    Possible, yeah. PTA is, in the background, having a huge overhaul (completely rewritten with a new UI/UX/features). Although you wont see any new features in the intermittent updates to bring compatibility to the latest versions of Prepar3D, we're working to add all the feature suggestions from users to the bigger update.
  15. Yeah it will still work - it's just 1 tweak that became broken as a result of the 4.4 update. I'll fix it when I get a chance. I've not really had time to properly look at what they've done to be fair, it's been very sudden.