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  1. That won't work for 4.5 HF3 users. Does anybody else know what happened? Is it down for good? Can somebody contact Matt? https://www.avsim.com/profile/191004-mattdavies/ I wanted to buy the product yesterday and saw the website was down. It would be a shame if it's gone for good due to all the users that paid to have the application available. The least he could do in this matter is to remove the authentication for all buyers.
  2. I wonder how many pilots were paid by developers to make YT videos to help sell their software... Aerosoft did it a lot back in the day when they released the cr*ppy Airbus Extended. Well, I repeat: There's still no Airbus A320 available that matches the FSLabs. And I don't even like the brand, but can't say they made a very good sim. Wish I could say otherwise and force them to lower their prices. I just spent $61 and I'm not happy with the thing. Can't blame me for trying...
  3. That's your opinion. Keep yours and I'll keep mine.
  4. Sorry if it sounded a little "extreme", but it's not. The hype around the release is overrated. I basically gave the guy my very short review taken from my experience in the real bird compared to the models built for FS. I even gave him the landscape for his choice. It's up to him to take it or not. That's what's called "second opinions" and that's why they're here for. No one can force him to buy on or another. Suspect is trying to invalidate a fact-based opinion by calling it "extreme".
  5. The new Fenix A320 is just an "Aerosoft like" plane for MSFS. Looks great, flies like a brick. Let's be honest, people. Most of the first answers in this thread are misleading. Biggest Lie so far: Fenix A320 is better than FSLabs. I'm a "Bus pilot" and that couldn't be furthest from the truth. Besides, it's a huge shot in the dark at this point in time. The thing has barely been released. Lots of errors in procedures, as said before, some fonts are not correct, behaving like a 20 series Learjet on initial climb, FBW doesn't seem right... That's what we could get so far! I bet if we test it to the core we'll find even more flaws. I tested and didn't like it. Looks nice, though, but grandma always said "Beauty is ephemeral". Besides, FSL looks pretty good too. And it simulates to the fidelity of the real plane. You can try pretty much every failure situation or every system function with FSL and it will give you exactly what the real thing would. Just test it with your v5. No FS A320 can be compared to FSL today. Hey, look: I'm not a word not allowed! FSLabs support and after sales support S*CKS. FSL can take much longer to release their version for MSFS, but when they do, it'll probably be bug free. Besides, it'll cost much more than 60 bucks. However, if it comes with the quality of their products for P3D, which is most likely, it will be worth every penny. So you have a choice to make: 1 - Being flustered and spending $61 on an imitation plane that only looks cute for software that is far from physics-enhanced for a flight simulator (MSFS), that if you don't care about realism and don't want to learn anything from the plane your simulating or the flight simulation itself. OR 2 - Enjoy your good Airbus simulator in P3D v5 and save money to buy the good one in a near future, praying to see a good improvement in the MSFS dynamics an physics and don't lose your time and money in the process, that if you really care about learning something while you simulate.
  6. Hm... Actually, I was asking about the update only. I already have the plane but I didn't update it after ver. 3.0. Did FSW incorporate this update to their official product? If so, I'll update it right now!
  7. Hi, guys. I'm late to this amazing launch. Does anyone know how to get it? Is it still available somewhere? Am I too late?
  8. Hi, Charlie! Do you still have the 700 paintkit? Now I'm the one who need it! haha Would really appreciate if you could. My e-mail is luiz@sierraaero.com.br
  9. Hi, Mr. Pieke. 

    My name is Lewis and I was reading about the AP issues with the Carenado's Phenom 300. 
    I was interested in the mod you mentioned. 
    How can I get it? 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. luizwhong


      I see. 

      I don't have GTN installed. I thought it was a mod for the autopilot only. 
      Is there any other tweak or mod?

    3. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      Not that I know of.. sorry! 😉

    4. luizwhong


      No problem, Bert. 
      Thank you for your response! 

      Have nice flights. 😉

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