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  1. While a bit off topic for flight sim but on topic for Disney legal. There was a couple selling Mickey ears like you'd find in the Disney parks. Typically fan created merch is fine but they were using the Disney branding and character names as well as selling them to guests inside the parks. They got c&d'd after almost a year since they got much larger. They ignored the c&d and kept selling. Got sent another one and ignored it. Got sent a full on lawsuit. They still kept selling. One day while the man was in the park, he was pulled to the side by security, and was trespassed from all Disney parks property in the US. His wife got the same letter the next day. The couple still think they're right somehow but everyone else knows the mouse will win. Point is, Disney legal is something you do not mess with. No matter how much you may dance around the property, once you start marking money off of it you need to dissociate all Disney branding and be as annoyingly obvious you are not selling real Disney licensed IP. The second I saw it simply called "TIE Fighter" and they were charging for it, I knew it was over. I almost bought it to have something I knew would have been available for only one day. This would've been a fun prank if it were free but the idiots tried to profit. I doubt refunds occurred unless the users that bought it will lose access to it. Disney wants it gone and doesn't care what CS has to do to make it right for the users that bought it, as mean as it sounds.
  2. I can almost guarantee they got a cease and desist and it ended there. Disney doesn't chase after small cases like this. Now if CS kept selling? They would go full court summons on them. But even then, that's usually months after the person infringing ignores the c&d. I have absolutely no idea at all why Captain Sim thought they could remotely get away with this. If it were free? Maybe. Paid? No way.
  3. Two very different communities. Over there you have the young people complaining and over here you have the old people complaining. There's a nice middle ground with browsing both honestly.
  4. Heh, they're being edgy over on the official forums too: Just stirring the pot I guess.
  5. Do you have an Asus motherboard by chance? Could be this: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1038250/
  6. Sorry, I wasn't debating you. Just commenting on that specific review you shared. MSFS runs fine for me as well.
  7. "Don't expect good performance unless you own a recent PC with a high end GPU". Uh...Ya? It's like they built a sim for future hardware. That's not a issue with the game, it's a issue with your PC. Although it could still use optimization and especially DX12. Remember when Crysis came out? It was still a good game but it was tough to run back then.
  8. No one knows yet however there is carrier functionality in the SDK documentation.
  9. If you bought it from within FS: Profile (tab at the top of the screen)>Content Manager>Search for the addon you want gone>Click the checkbox next to it>Click Delete at the bottom of the screen. It's now gone. You can reinstall it by selecting it again and hitting "Install Selected".
  10. Yes but a pain to make happen as of right now. If the plane uses the old gauge system from FSX, then you'll be gauge-less as well.
  11. You have to be signed into a MS account in order to purchase programs. Just having W10 isn't enough. This will apply to the Steam version as well.
  12. Refund and repurchase would be the correct way to go about it.
  13. New Nvidia driver adds FS to the control panel. Exe is locked away because it's not needed to be touched. Where are the cfg's if I want to tweak them? Here: DRIVELETTERHERE:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-2314696840-3529547494-3859088855-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache Where do I put addons at? DRIVELETTERHERE:\Wherever you put FS during the launcher setup portion of the install\Community
  14. Sceneries will also go into the Community folder but I haven't messed with that.
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