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  1. I had noticed afew threads over the years looking back about the same issue. Cheers for that, I'll do the same should anything change my end or I get a solution from Matt. Simo.
  2. Hi Zaurislj25, Hmm.... okay so it's not just me then, I'd thought maybe it was my end but with your similar experience you must be right and it's on their end. I've sent Matt a PM about it incase he was unaware of the issue, finger's crossed the registration server & download can be fixed at some stage soon. Cheers for the reply mate, Simo.
  3. Hi All, I've been using PTA for years now, this has never happened to me before till yesterday. I opened up PTA v268 as normal and received the activation box, checked my key and it was right, so clicked activate and received the PTA activation Failed box with the current message " ERROR: activation failed: Server error". I've tried everything from disabling my antivirus/firewall, to Run as Admin, triple checked my key again & even made a new PTA folder with fresh install with no luck. I did notice the SimTweaks website down yesterday and now it's back up however once logged in I click on the download v268 and the page takes me too: <Error> <Code>UserProjectAccountProblem</Code> <Message>The project to be billed is associated with a delinquent billing account.</Message> <Details>The billing account for the owning project is disabled in state delinquent</Details> </Error> Any help or advice would be much appreciated, Happy Flying, Simo. <Details>The billing account for the owning project is disabled
  4. Hi Ethan, Cheers for your comment, seems odd since i havnt changed any settings within my system eg: softwares, drivers, etc. however im in contact with Chaseplane at the moment discussing possible issues or bugs. Hopefully giving them feedbac and vis-versa we can fix the issue. Simon:)
  5. Hi fellow members, I'm having some trouble since recent update (0.1.672) Alpha exp 1.5. Since this update my chaseplane keeps crashing unexpectedly within 2 to 3 mins of P3D loading flight. Doesnt matter whether i proceed to do preflight checks or just have the aircraft sitting there without doing anything. I've tried changing all different settings within chaseplane & also restarting it as the un-experimental mode, however it just seems chaseplane seems to jeep crashing. I've also tried finding the error log file on my system numerous times and can't find it. Any help would be much appreciated or to hear from others with similar issues. Many thanks, Simon :)
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