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  1. I use to preach this ideology of No More than 30 FPS until MSFS came out and my modern hardware could run the sim at full screen on an ultra wide monitor with high settings at 60 FPS or more depending on location. I have played around with frame locking and all that jazz, I have since the FSX days but MSFS does not need this if you have high end hardware. Its like setting up a buffet table for a fat hungry man but only letting him have a plate with a single cracker on it. The SIM wants mmmmmmore! And 30 FPS on a 3440 x 1440p is very noticeable on frame skipping when panning the view around vs. 60 fps. Its not so bad on 1080p but ultra wide it is very jarring to the eyes when looking around. Sure its smmmmoooooth if you just look straight ahead but I look around a lot so I abandoned frame locking. I guess I will fiddle with % settings for the monster airports. Set them down at like 10% instead of 35% and pull the lateral range in more. I don't like to go lower than 20 because I love seeing the AI on the TCAS display. Thanks for the help and suggestions. Great program. Don't think I will be switchign back to any other AI solution. PFSX and Real Traffic give the best results possible in MSFS.
  2. Impressive. I am usnig AIG traffic only and what lower resolution are you referring to? I already run my scaling at 75 percent.
  3. That would be great to have that as another limiting option! Thanks for looking into it! I have a 9900k running at 5ghz with a 3080OC and 32gig of RAM and I am running on mostly High settings with all my LOD sliders at 100. I can't go any lower than that without the sim looking unpleasing to the eye. The only two setings I have on ultra are Clouds and Pre-Caching. Even with that iniBuilds EGLL runs only at 40 FPS with PSX off. When I turn it on and it spawns in 35% parked traffic + live traffic my FPS is 15-20. Unusable at that point. I'd love to know what settings you are using to not have a problem at places like EGLL. That is good to know that it ignores drawing ground traffic at not important airports for the flight though I assume LIVE ground traffic will still be at airports around me regardless of destination?
  4. If you don't have performance problems I highly suggest spawning in at LFPG, LFPO, EGLL or EGKK and watch what happens. My high end system catches on fire. What we really need besides a lateral range and pecentage based reduction is the ability to define how many aircraft PSX can inject total. FSUPIC use to have a function on P3D that you could type in a hard number value (say 75 in this example) and it would only ever allow 75 total aircraft around the player's plane, on the ground or in the air. It would also be nice if PSX had the option to only inject traffic at our departure and destination airport plus enroute traffic in the air. There are several places in the world where I have to turn PSX off when arriving or departing because there are TWO massive airports next to each other. KDFW vs KDAL, EGLL vs EGKK, LFPG vs LFPO are some great examples of where PSX is not usable because it allows far to many aircraft to spawn into the sim. And KLAX is out of the question as there are 6 major airports within a 20 mile range of it and KJFK with KEWR and KLGA right next to it makes PSX unsable in New York as well. All the real traffic just melts the CPU. This is where a hard cap option would be nice to have but I am not sure if MSFS SimConnect is sophisticated enough to allow this option. I am going to assume no because FSUIPIC version 7 still does not have the AI limiter option that it had on P3D still for MSFS2020. Any plans to further let us limit the amount of real traffic around us like this so that unsable scenarios can become usable?
  5. I have no other programs running that access voice recognition routines in Wnidows. And no I didn't know you could you keep FO off but still request they help you out.
  6. I get the jam at random moments. My last one was going from ground to tower. She just couldn't make the change over at PacSim's KCLE tower for some reason so I had to takeoff with my FO blaring in my ear repeatedly that she was switching to the tower but she never did. Once I got far enough away from the airport I turned off VoxATC and kicked it back on and she was fine the rest of the flight. If only flight simulation wasn't so complex we might one day have bug free utilities, airports and planes, right? :D
  7. Will do. One other bug I have noticed is with the first officer feature. They will sometimes get stuck operating the radio and won't ever switch and you can't turn them off to take control. I have to disable VoxATC and re-enable. Is this a known issue and is there anyway other than you doing all the talking to stop the FO from getting jammed in radio switching? It is not realistic for me to have to operate the radio and fly the plane as the PIC in my airline flights. Need my FO to do her job!
  8. Thanks for the replies. You would think with many of these airports having been released on P3Dv3 and updated in v4 and v5 that they would have the tightest error free AFCAD taxi network possible but no. I opened up GMMN today and was just cross-eyed at some of the mistakes in there. Sadly it doesn't look like VoxATC has any parking space spawn check routines to stop planes from spawning in MARS type parking areas where 3 spaces share one gate. This made for some really ugly traffic at Casablanca because their gates handle either two Class C or 1 Class D or greater aircraft but VoxATC spawns all 3 at the gate. I uinstalled Traffic global and I am attempting to install AIG but its OIC installer is being very annoying and installs are stalling out specially on the bigger airlines like American and Delta. I can't get them to install because the installer just stops downloading the planes. Any way around this stalling out behavior in the AI Manager? I am hoping I can get a grasp also on ADE editing. I am an expert in WED on X-Plane 11. In fact I rose to fame over there by pushing Developers to start working on Taxi networks in their products so AI in XP11 can work. I got so good at it developers started hiring me to do all their airport logic work. Hopefully I can take that experience and apply it to editing these 3rd party airports that quite frankly we shouldn't have to be editing at all for the price they charge on some of these.
  9. I have not used P3D since v3. I have been buzzing around XP11 now for a while but someone talked me into giving P3Dv5 a try and I have to say I am enjoying it so now I fly both sims. I use Pilot2ATC on XP11 but I have liked VoxATC on P3D in the past and I have been using the demo to see how the new version is. Below are some of my observations of problems I have seen while trying out the demo. Those of you who have been using VoxATC for a while now may know the fixes and work arounds. I have done some reading up in here as it has been a while since I've been the AVSIM forums but the answers are scattered. I'd like fresher responses then some of the old stuff in here if possible. Thanks everyone for your comments, help and possible solutions. Airports are overly packed even with 70 percent setting - I have Traffic Global installed for my AI aircraft which VoxATC seems to be using just fine but I find it likes to stuff airports full, a little too full. I did do some tweaking around in the VAsettings.xml file for parked aircraft but can't seem to find a nice middle ground. Setting the parked aircraft value to 2 was too low at many airports and I tried setting it to 15 but that seems to have all the gates stuffed full again. What are people doing around the VoxATC verse to get realistic traffic levels? VoxATC just can't handle that much traffic. It generates all kinds of stuck craft and traffic jams I have noticed. Stuttering Pushbacks - VoxATC has done this FOREVER. I read it is 'KNOWN BUG'. A known bug for years and not addressed? Did it ever push planes back smoothly for anyone? I remember it always being janky on this. If I do just normal Traffic Global they push super smooth. Traffic Jams - This is partially coming from the massive amount of traffic I think. P3D/VoxATC can only talk so fast. I have seen some pretty gnarly back ups. LativVFR KMIA was hilarious when I finally got underway. There was a 32 plane back up for runway 8R. It appeared a 747 was in the A lane and the others in the B and I think the 747 was blocking the flow but ATC wasn't moving him. I have seen other crazed taxing even at smaller airports like LIPZ. I did some quick AFCAD checks (can't believe I remembered how to use that program still) and I think they 'look' fine in the AFCAD so I don't know why traffic is having such a hard time smoothly flowing around. Any tips on what to look for in an AFCAD that might be causing VoxATC to go dumb on taxi instructions? AI getting stuck waiting for me at parking - I have notice that the collision avoidance scan range of VoxATC AI is a bit to large I think. I have seen many times traffic jams form on the Ramp because planes push and then get stuck in the push because they think my plane is in their way. Is there any way to tone down or even turn OFF player collision avoidance so planes won't pile up while I spend 15-30 minutes prepping the plane? KLAX is a great example of planes getting stuck because of the narrow alleyways. Fatal Errors even with updated Indexes - This is random and I don't know what triggers it. I will tune into ATIS, get the data then tune to the next channel and sometimes VoxATC will throw up the FATAL ERROR message but the program keeps on trucking. The only thing I have figured out thus far is liveries that use quotes in their name is a BIG no no for VoxATC. It cannot recognize the plane if someone uses quotes such as A320 Allegiant "Make A Wish" as a livery name. What are some tips for reducing or eliminating Fatal Errors and forced restarts of the VoxATC interface? That's about it. When it works, its amazing. When it doesn't it just makes me sigh and drink more beer. Some of this is borderline deal breaking for me. VoxATC is the only ATC solution that spawns its own traffic to control which is one of the reasons I like it. The other solutions seem to only monitor the built in P3D traffic system which in the case of Traffic Global is not good because even setting traffic at 100% in the options in P3D generates only a small amount of traffic with Traffic Global (known issue). I'd like to keep VoxATC but I may have to switch over to Pilot2ATC for P3D. Its solid has given me very little trouble it is just not capable of handling the ground traffic part apart from being aware of where the planes are and making ME hold short for them. Thanks!
  10. Wow... I completely missed that option on this installation. It had the weather at the time according to the WX button so I don't know why it was looking for 13L either.
  11. Hey Dave, Apart from the other problem I am still having that I told you about in PM P2A is doing something strange now that it's never done to me before. I am filing flight plans and picking the runways I want to use but the Ground Controller is giving me what he wants. Example; I planned a flight today out of Chicago Midway (KMDW) and the winds were 200 and 13 knots in the weather briefing so I filed for a 22L departure which matched what Simbrief.com filed for me. This should be the correct runway. When doing Clearance/Delivery I noticed the control told me to expect runway 13L, which is for regional jets only, not big 737's. I re-filed and made double sure the SID departure window read 22L. When I asked for taxi to runway 22L the control gave me instructions for 13L. He really wanted me to go to that runway despite me wanting to go to 22L. This happened on 2 other flights prior to this one I am on right now. I asked for a certain runway for departure and it gave me a different one which went completely against traffic and wind flow direction.
  12. Yeah. That seems the way to go. That is the realistic way. I have no problem changing the FMC in mid flight. Its what they do. I'll give it a shot on my next flight.
  13. No. The push to talk wasn't stuck, the actually comm frequency stayed open. You can't transmit on it anymore and the static soundFX I created played continuously which is how I knew the channel was left open after the AI Controller spoke. I couldn't respond because the AI wasn't letting off the mic. The only way I fixed it was swapping between my standby and active radio. I did one cycle and everything returned to normal.
  14. I am a World Traffic user and route designer. I make Airport Operations files always for my airports. Quite often, on long flights, by the time I get to the destination the weather has changed and the AI are using the flow profile I programmed file the weather scenario at hand. This quite often ends up being the opposite runway I filed with my flight plan. What is the correct method of requesting a different approach runway? The way suggested in the SayIt prompt didn't do anything. The controller just told me to keep descending via the Star but when he handed me over to approach no runway change was given. They still had me landing opposite way of traffic. I then tried changing the Approach type and refiling. While this update the flight plan and the moving map display.. the controller still told me to land on the opposite runway. Is there a way to get the controller to issue you a different runway that I missed in the manual while on an IFR flight?
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