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  1. Wow... I completely missed that option on this installation. It had the weather at the time according to the WX button so I don't know why it was looking for 13L either.
  2. Hey Dave, Apart from the other problem I am still having that I told you about in PM P2A is doing something strange now that it's never done to me before. I am filing flight plans and picking the runways I want to use but the Ground Controller is giving me what he wants. Example; I planned a flight today out of Chicago Midway (KMDW) and the winds were 200 and 13 knots in the weather briefing so I filed for a 22L departure which matched what Simbrief.com filed for me. This should be the correct runway. When doing Clearance/Delivery I noticed the control told me to expect runway 13L, which is for regional jets only, not big 737's. I re-filed and made double sure the SID departure window read 22L. When I asked for taxi to runway 22L the control gave me instructions for 13L. He really wanted me to go to that runway despite me wanting to go to 22L. This happened on 2 other flights prior to this one I am on right now. I asked for a certain runway for departure and it gave me a different one which went completely against traffic and wind flow direction.
  3. Yeah. That seems the way to go. That is the realistic way. I have no problem changing the FMC in mid flight. Its what they do. I'll give it a shot on my next flight.
  4. No. The push to talk wasn't stuck, the actually comm frequency stayed open. You can't transmit on it anymore and the static soundFX I created played continuously which is how I knew the channel was left open after the AI Controller spoke. I couldn't respond because the AI wasn't letting off the mic. The only way I fixed it was swapping between my standby and active radio. I did one cycle and everything returned to normal.
  5. I am a World Traffic user and route designer. I make Airport Operations files always for my airports. Quite often, on long flights, by the time I get to the destination the weather has changed and the AI are using the flow profile I programmed file the weather scenario at hand. This quite often ends up being the opposite runway I filed with my flight plan. What is the correct method of requesting a different approach runway? The way suggested in the SayIt prompt didn't do anything. The controller just told me to keep descending via the Star but when he handed me over to approach no runway change was given. They still had me landing opposite way of traffic. I then tried changing the Approach type and refiling. While this update the flight plan and the moving map display.. the controller still told me to land on the opposite runway. Is there a way to get the controller to issue you a different runway that I missed in the manual while on an IFR flight?
  6. Yeah Mark, I purchased this just out of support for S&R. Your X-Camera plugin is a must have. I bought that one too. I didn't think I'd use these but I tried it out yesterday and after adjusting my mixer settings to get all the sound balanced I have to say this is a really good idea. It really adds a lot to the immersion. I did have a minor problem that may be P2A related only. Twice on my test flight, I keyed up while an audio file was playing and this seemed to jam my radio open. I fixed it easy enough by flicking back and forth between standby and active comm freq and it unjammed the radio. It would be a neat little feature if a player tries to key up when an audio chatter file is playing and the user gets the squeal of stepping on the other pilot. :)
  7. Hey ya Dave, With World Traffic 3 on the scene finally I've been a busy beaver fixing airport after airport that have the worst or completely missing taxi networks. This is like UNFORGIVABLE to me that so many PAYWARE airports are missing this basic data that's been around since 10.51. I've become an expert at crafting WT3 taxi and gate networks and programming airport operations files. The import function in PIlot2ATC is working like a champ except for two big things that I hope you can add/fix with a future patch. When P2A imports it would be nice if it could read the gate network to replace missing gates in the data if Navigraph missed something but the bigger feature that needs to work during imports is P2A understanding what is a hold point. We have to create holds points for ILS HS zones and runways so AI don't do an incursion on to active runway or block the ILS beams. P2A currently cannot read this data it would seem as it is not putting any hold points down after an import. The black triangle is ALWAYS at the center of the runway/end of the taxi path instead of at the hold point. The taxi network looks solid, usually flawless since a lot of airports were built with satellite alignment maps help the airport dev get everything placed to the real world but hold points are not coming over so we never get crossing instructions from P2A until we are actually already ACROSS the runway. Is this something that can be looked into? I am drooling and pacing impatiently for the day P2A and WT3 talk to each other. This will be a glorious day for X-Plane users.
  8. I can confirm this option works great now. I did my own custom static sounds and they play great.
  9. It's a full release and has been for a long time. The update cycle is often but updating is PAINLESS between versions (most of the time). Get it! Try the 11-day demo. You will be impressed. If not, you are a tough crowd to please. It does everything you should need it to do in an ATC suite. It's powerful, easy to use, voice recognition, proper procedures.. the list goes on and on.
  10. Dave, You get a lot of problem posts and requests for info and how-to's. I wanted to give you a Thank You post. You are hands down one of the best software developers I've ever dealt with. You're kind, courteous and will go out of your way to help out even a single customer. You know all the problems I've had with my personal system and worked closely with me to try and crush them. That Airway one was a tough bugger but you've managed to crush all those problem with your rapid update cycling. Pilot2ATC is hands down the best AI/VOX driven ATC Suite for FSX/P3D or X-Plane (the ONLY real choice for X-Plane imo) in my opinion and I appreciate your efforts and rapid version cycle times. I wouldn't fly without P2A guiding me across the virtual skies! Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to the integration of World Traffic 3.1 for X-Plane with P2A in the future!
  11. No prob! Look forward to the next patch!
  12. Hey Dave, On the ATC Sounds config page, at the bottom, you have the area where you can add radio background static. I assume this is suppose to mix your WAV file of static with the TTS voices coming out of your headset during transmissions? I have your radio-static.wav file loaded but when I do radio check calls the static wav doesn't play with the TTS controller talking to me. I tried with Cerproc, Ivona 2 and Microsoft voices and can't get the static to play. Is this what this feature was designed to do? Did I miss a step? I read through the manual and the instructions look pretty straight forward.
  13. Eh... they'll have hard competition with Pilot2ATC. I used VoxATC for many years but when I switched to X-Plane I needed a solution to the horrible default ATC. Pilot2ATC came along and blew me away. Such a robust and powerful AI ATC suite.
  14. Pilot2ATC is hands down the very best AI ATC software on the market in my opinion, definitely in the Voice Recognition arena for sure! Can't say enough good things about it!
  15. Nimbus Studios. It is an excellent rendition on X-plane.
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