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  1. On a similar subject guys, having now installed two 500Gb M.2 drives (1 sata & 1 nvme) on the motherboard, I'm really shocked to discover, that leaves only 3 of the 6 sata ports operational! My bad, as I obviously misunderstood how it worked. I thought i might loose two ports at the most, but three is baaaaaad:-( PCI-E SATA cards? The subject seems to be a minefield, with prices ranging from about £10 to almost infinity! From my extremely limited understanding, the cheap ones do not have their own onboard BIOS, but instead, rely on the motheroard BIOS for control. Is that understanding correct? I did once (many years ago), buy a cheapo one from eBay that worked for about 30 days before dying. What's the score with these wee beasties?
  2. I've also 'obsessed' over the years about this, always being totally convinced that I either over did it, or under did it. Its one of those things where, even touched with the lightest amount of OCD, becomes a total nightmare lol I remember once, re seating the cooler FOUR times before realising this could be a never ending loop lol
  3. I have yes, but without success:-( I like their stuff.
  4. Wow! Thanks Bob. I had absolutely no idea that Windows10 did that with SSD drives. And that's exactly how all the recovery software is acting - as if a 'secure' reformat has been done. We live and learn so thanks Bob
  5. One of the first I tried, as I also use use their free partition software, which is excellent.
  6. Among my current PC problems, is a large amount of data loss (my entire ‘Pictures’ folder containing a life time’s worth of pics! I reformatted an M.2 Sata drive (Samsung 850 EVO), knowing I had backups of all its data. Ha! The backup was on a WD 2Tb HDD which, when plugged in, reports a ‘SMART’ failure and refuses to give up any of its data. I’ve now tried no less than SEVEN free ‘data recovery’ programs, none of which have found more than just an old system folder with nothing in it. Is even worth trying to continue? Lots of research suggests the data is still present, as I’ve not used the drive for anything else, and it was only a ‘quick format’. What are your thoughts ladies and gents?
  7. lol it never even crossed my mind when i posted Scott. Guess it should've;-)
  8. Semtex I can deal with Martin. Its what I use to do in my day job lol.
  9. Anyone know anything about good old fashioned hard drives? Why for example, might the Toshiba 2TB 3.5" 7200rpm with 64mb cache be half the price of the Western Digital Black of the same spec? Its actually a WD Black that's just let me down after about 6 years.
  10. Hi Martin Is the Kryronaut the really thick one? If so, I tried it, and ended up having to soften it in hot water water before it would spread.
  11. i had many issues with the same Saitek panels (before they became Logitech). What I did, was to download a very small program called 'USBDeview' (available in numerous places as 32 and 64 bit downloads. I then physiaclly unplugged ALL USB items accept mouse & keyboard, then used USBDeview to UNINSTALL (not disable) all identifyable entries. Then plugged in each USB item one at a time. Seemed to do the trick for me, but I know many people have had driver issues with these panels. Personally, I would STRONGLY disagree with the suggestion of uninstalling or reinstalling the sim. I don't believe this would help in any way at all, and just add to your woes. Good luck. I know how frustrating this can be. EDIT: Although you say your PC hasn't changed at all, it probably has, due to Windows updates.
  12. Dougal


    OK thanks Henry. Will research the Razors further...
  13. Dougal


    Thanks Henry. Yes, noise is the downside of mechanical switches. I try to get the MX Brown switches, as they're smoother and quieter.. I expect most of the new RGB items can be switched off or down. I'd just rather pay the extra for quality than flashing lights lol
  14. What on earth is going on with new kit and RGB lighting? Had to replace a LOT of PC kit recently. Mostly due to what I now understand was a massive power surge after a power cut. Now my stupidly expensive Asus keyboard has been 'EATEN' by one of the dogs for gods sake! So.... I go online to look for a new mechanical replacement, only to find they're all lit up like christmas trees! Are the children gamers currently driving the market, or has the world gone RGB mad? If anyone has any recommendations for a quality mechanical keyboard (with the least possible amount of RGB), then please fire away? Ta!