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  1. I hear what you say, but I'm more concerned with how Chaseplane reacts after the crash, than the fact that the sim is crashing. Nor can we compare P3D installations. For example, how many addons do you have installed, and in what manor? Into the root folder, or via an XML file
  2. Kevin, if you're around, this becoming a real nuisance now:-( As I'm sure you know, although its better than FSX, P3D doesn't need much of an excuse to crash, and the more addons I acquire, the more frequently it crashes:-( After every P3D crash (or forced restart), I then have to uninstall and reinstall Chaseplane before it'll launch correctly again. If you're able to shed any light on this I'd be very grateful. Cheers
  3. I Haven't - its still happening:-(
  4. Running P3Dv4.2. Any time when P3D crashes to desktop or freezes, I then have to remove and reinstall ChasePlane before it'll work again. Obviously, this isn't a daily experience, but frustrating none the less when it happens. CP does appear to attempt to launch after a P3D crash, but then hangs for a moment and closes. I have CP installed on separate drive to P3D, along with all my other addon apps.
  5. Faulty Ground Textures

    OK thanks Devin, that makes sense. Finally 'bit the bullet' and bought Ultimate Traffic Live now!
  6. Faulty Ground Textures

    You're right. I've now identified it. Its MyTraffic6 in my case. There MAYBE a way to fix it, as I've heard that some are using MT6 with P3Dv4.2 I've been installing MT6a using the XML method, and as soon as I add the scenery portion of the addon, it hides many taxi ways and textures. There's probably a way of installing without this happening, but i don't yet know how...
  7. Faulty Ground Textures

    Not much feedback on this, but it seems its definitely UTX thats the problem. Its happening at every airfield in Europe & North America, and when I uninstall both areas of UTX, the issue is gone. I guess UTX is either not fully compatible with P3Dv4.2 or it's a layering issue. Think I'll try reinstalling UTX and playing around with scenery order....
  8. P3Dv4.2 Anyone know what might be causing the loss many taxiways etc? I thought it was ORBX, but after uninstalling all orbx nothing changes. I also have UTX installed.
  9. Hi Bob and thanks for the info. How bizarre! I have just today acquired that very same stick, but only the stick without the throttle. I had it given for free by a friend:-) He had that HOTAS but managed to err.... 'break' the throttle in an angry moment of his space sim:-) I'm delighted with the 'feel' of it so far. Now, if I can just find a 'twin' throttle hotas unit from a broken Saitek X56 lol, I'm laughin
  10. Hi guys I have posted this elsewhere (SoH), but I very much value your opinions, so will post it here too… Due to space constraints and other issues, I no longer have the available space for my much loved yoke, pedals and multiple Saitek throttle quadrants:-((( This means I’m looking seriously at flight sticks. More specifically, HOTAS units. I’ve already done a hefty amount of research, and would dearly LOVE to buy the Thrustmaster Warthog. However, because of an increasing disability, using rudder pedals is now also becoming difficult for me. This means that ideally, I need a flight stick with yaw control which sadly, the TM does not have. The only other real option appears to be the Saitek X56. Trouble is, I’ve watched too damn many horror stories on YouTube about both the X55 and the X56. Also, having felt the strength of the spring in a TM stick, I’m concerned its way too stiff for general flight simming, but is instead aimed squarely at the A10 etc in DCSWorld. I was also concerned that the ‘on-off’ flip switches on the TM would not work correctly in P3D, but have since been told that’s not an issue, especially when using FSUIPC. Becoming disabled, and now on a low fixed income, this is going to be a major purchase for me, so any relevant info, advice or recommendations from you guys and gals would be SERIOUSLY appreciated. Cheers!
  11. Night Time Performance:-(

    ok thanks
  12. Night Time Performance:-(

    Incorrect! I'll rephrase my post... Does anyone else notice a very large decrease in performance in P3Dv4.2 when flying at night, compared to daylight flying, REGARDLESS of settings used used (apart from dynamic lighting which is off on all counts)
  13. Night Time Performance:-(

    It seems not to matter what my P3D settings are, the percentage of performance hit is always huge:-( I have UTX lighting. Will try uninstalling UTX to see if that makes a difference. Although even VC cockpit lighting seems to have a big impact.
  14. I've been very happy with my sim performance recently, especially after updating to v4.2 HOWEVER, for the 1st time in ages, I tried a night flight, and the performance drops through the floor:-( If flying the NGX or something similar, my frames can even drop into single figures, making it simply unusable. Even with dynamic lighting off! Anyone else getting this with 4.2?
  15. Just bought the FSL A320

    Indeed. Fair point and thanks for the link