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  1. So im planning to make an AI Traffic of Airphil express since there aren't any available packages out there that I have seen (If you have found some pls. tell me). I already have an AI Flight Plan downloaded and AI Aircraft (The Fruit Stand) with airphil express textures and also TTool. Does anyone know where should I start and if I need any more programs? ^_^
  2. I've completed several missions in FSX and tried completing 747 test flight but I just couldn't seem to get out of the stall at the first test. My first try was full throttle and nose down at 5 degrees, didn't work, I just fell out of the sky. Second try full throttle and nose down 5 degrees trying to bank slightly from left to right, didn't work, same with first try results. Can anyone please help? I'm eager to finish this mission....
  3. Ok, I seem to have found the problem. I think its my GPU since after the black out the scenery shows weird orange, red, violet squares and rectangles.
  4. I have the version. This problem only occured today and first time.
  5. This problem just started this morning. I started FS2004 created a flight in an airport with user defined weather but at the foot of the runway the screen blacked out and went back then FS9 froze, then went back to normal and blacked out again and the whole cycle repeats.... I tried changing airports but only the intervals were longer. Here is my computer specs: (This is my old computer. I have no problems whatsoever in my other new PC) Windows XP Pro SP2 Intel P4 1.6GHz Nvidia GeForce FX5500 (latest drivers) Any help will be greatly appreciated
  6. I purchased it myself online from a flightsim website a long time ago.
  7. Ok so I decided to reinstall my FS2004 and my addon sceneries. I installed Flytampa St Maarten scenery (includes St Barths and Saba) and when I went to TNCM airport the scenery was fine but there is a gray "wall" in runway 9 threshold. Is it a missing texture or I just have to change some FS9 settings?
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