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Found 12 results

  1. BeechPapa

    FLCH Trap?

    In the year or so that I’ve owned the NGX, with hundreds of hours on it, I never crashed it. I might have had some scary go-arounds, and some spine-compressing landings, but the safety systems always prevented major disasters. Yesterday, I’m ashamed to admit, I crashed the 777. The incident unfolded in almost the exact same way as the Asiana 214 disaster –I was on short final for a visual approach, AT switches were both armed, AT on, yet the plane continued to lose airspeed on approach, to the point that it stalled right before the runway. In a panic, I finally noticed airspeed dropping, but it was too late to get the engines spooled up again and the plane hit the water at speeds freakishly similar to the Asiana flight. According to my research, some pilots believe the Asiana disaster might have been caused by the behavior of the FLCH mode, what some pilots apparently refer to as the “flight level change trap”. http://www.aviationweek.com/Article.aspx?id=/article-xml/AW_07_22_2013_p25-597816.xml My incident is described almost word for word in this article. I was in FLCH mode when I crashed, and had selected 0 feet in the altitude window. The plane began to idle at 500ft or so, and with gear extended and flaps coming down, it diminished very quickly. Nothing I could do would make the AT ‘wake up’. Disengaging AP (which I thought would disengage FLCH) didn’t do anything to wake up the throttles. Despite the fact that AT was on, the plane continue to idle at 118kts at 400 feet, dropping quickly. The flight envelope protection systems never kicked on either. It’s as though FLCH completely disables flight envelope protection. I am not one to believe strongly in automated systems (see avatar) and don’t particularly think a pilot should rely on them to save the plane, yet I am a bit frustrated that flight envelope protection didn’t activate. To be honest, the 777’s systems can seem spooky sometimes. I am still having issues trying to understand how all these fly-by-wire systems interact and where the line between manual and automatic is truly drawn. I read that airlines are working on the FLCH trap in training now, and I really wish I could get some of that training too. Has anyone ran across this FLCH issue or have an idea of what Boeing’s goal was with the FLCH mode from a theoretical standpoint? And what could I have done differently? Should FLCH never be used during approaches?
  2. First, let me congratulate the team on this work-of-art production in the shape of an FS addon. Simply fantastic! Still, there are some tiny glitches I'm quite certain you're aware of, I'd just like to list the ones in this thread I've found/experienced so far - note that I haven't completed a full flight yet, so more might follow. 1. The already reported sudden 'jerk' upon heading select (dedicated thread here)2. MTOW showing 79.2 kg in the FMS for the 738, according to the FCOM weights (provided those are modeled) it should read 70.5. It is showing the 739's max taxi weight.3. Can't arm LNAV on the ground although everything is set up accordingly (dedicated thread here) Ryan, please if you could add these to your issue tracking thread. Thanks, Robert Posch
  3. I've completed several missions in FSX and tried completing 747 test flight but I just couldn't seem to get out of the stall at the first test. My first try was full throttle and nose down at 5 degrees, didn't work, I just fell out of the sky. Second try full throttle and nose down 5 degrees trying to bank slightly from left to right, didn't work, same with first try results. Can anyone please help? I'm eager to finish this mission....
  4. Hello ! I habe a big problem flying the plane. While getting to the cruising alt the plane gets into stall. This happens in about FL320. Suddenly the plane will not rise and "hangs" in the air... I contacted carenado, without effort. I reinstalled the plane. I made a short video https://youtu.be/RkUr_4VaUQ8 I hope anyone can help me. Thanks! Thorsten
  5. All of the default planes and even most addon ones incorporate the default stall warning principle which warns you when you are stalling. 'Hey, that's the idea, CoolP!' No, it's not. I want that horn sounding when I'm close to a stall. Not sure where the 'legal' value is pointed at (I guess it's some 5+ kts above), but planes like the DA20 Katana or the A2A ones do it right. You can fly the horn (does on say that?), instead of getting a 'beeeeeep' when it's too late and your landing was rendered a severe impact. :o So is there a free mod available? Asking because, if I set a different stall value in the aircraft.cfg, the sim not only alters the warning but also the actual stall speed. sigh Le video re: nice stall warnings. Skip to 06:40. Or 13:55 (landing). Disclaimers (I picked that phrase because it sounds important). No, I don't plan to stall airliners. Although.. Yes, me is aware that stall warning systems consist of different setups, tones and principles. The point being that nearly all planes in FSX (except those mentioned) warn 'at' as opposed to having a warning value being above the actual stall speed.
  6. I purchased PMDG777 a few days ago, It is amazing and I love it very much. At the beginning everything is OK, but after sever normal flights, something strange happens. Every time after taking off (altitude above 100ft), the airplane falls in stall-status immediately. and the stall-speed displayed on the PFD is over 170kt, even when fuel < 10% payload = 0%(flaps = 5).I have tried to solve this issue, reinstall FSX (DULUX + _ACCEELERATION), only PMDG777 are installed, but the issue still remains.So I have to refer to support forum.Any advice or help are appreciated. Thanks :huh:
  7. Hi all, I'm wondering why AI aircraft will sometimes make some huge mistake, such as diving into the ocean, or landing almost 100 nmi from the airport. These rarely happen though, and I'm more concerned about what does happen a lot, such as AI landing short of the runway. I see this mostly at airports on the ocean, but also at some inland ones, such as KMEM and KPDX. I'd say about a sixth of the FedEx AI land a few miles short at KMEM. Also, what's with the AI using full flaps while cruising? Another thing is how they'll start their descent at around 20 nmi sometomes, which means a steep descent. A very steep descent. Thanks,
  8. You should somewhere be able to access the vital information to fly the plane, such as checklists. A landing checklist with stall speeds would be great because it would allow me to fly a real slow approach and touchdown. Also some planes in real life allow you to reverse the thrust in flight such as the c17a and 747 to shorten the landing distance. Also please please make the fuel burn and then you will be able to have fun setting the right amount. A final point would be great if you could allow the flying.between the two liveries of London and Paris.. I also get fed up of making my own missions in my head. There is for example many night flight between London and the East Midlands cargo- Royal Mail operate this route as well as many other firms. It would be great if the maps were bigger. I'm using the ipad5 so surely if you were to push the 64bit processor it could do more.
  9. I googled to no avail. Does anyone know? Thank you.
  10. Someone please help. I have tried a re install of PMDG 777-200LR, but I cannot climb above FL220 without getting stick shaker and low airspeed warnings, which do not terminate . The acft will never exceed 230 KIAS. This problem is limiting me to destinations up to 7 to 8 hrs form T/O. This is happening on all liveries and all ULH flights such as KLAX, YSSY (this one is UAE414 to YSSY). On one point I was doing +500FPM at 10,000FT and it would stall / stick shaker unless I descended into the sea. :excl: The print screens are too big for here but it is on photobucket: http://s848.photobucket.com/user/Alex_Speer/media/Untitled2_zps731d632c.png.html http://s848.photobucket.com/user/Alex_Speer/media/Untitled_zps18cf858a.png.html http://s848.photobucket.com/user/Alex_Speer/media/Untitled2_zpse9231809.png.html http://s848.photobucket.com/user/Alex_Speer/media/Untitled5_zps3b7a8b56.png.html http://s848.photobucket.com/user/Alex_Speer/media/Untitled4_zpsbb4a633c.png.html Thanks for your help. Alex Speer :mellow:
  11. lodestar

    ATC Help

    Some time ago i have seen the short version of this, it was a intro for spin recovery training. Today, i found full version here, this has made my day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMYGHGNZ47I&noredirect=1 I'm sure that was not so funny for the pilot, but still...
  12. Hello, girls and guys! A few years ago I was flying a flight from Tampere to London Heathrow with a Ryanair Boeing 737-800. After the usual strange policies with Ryanair, and the crews inability to really check what tickets the passenger is holding, my friends ended up boarding the wrong plane to Riga and I ended up in London alone! (Bet they were shocked when their plane closed doors and announced it was heading to Riga). But my question was, I was sitting as a passenger close to the aisle. A few people were drunk, as always, and unfortunately, a lot of children were aboard. But when we were in take off, our plane began to gain speed, but at rotation, we lifted once, only to slam the ground again quite hard after 3-4 seconds, then yet again, the plane made a second takeoff. The drunks raised a glass because of that. My question, is this normal policy or procedure? I don't travel with western airplanes a lot, but it hasn't happened on other flights and I know something was obviously wrong. Was this a stall or some sort or Ryanair operation? Why did the plane simply slam down to the ground again and initiated second take off? Also, during landing the touchdown was really hard, and it hurted my belly. Plane also was braking really hard and violently turned to the left to exit the runway. This was very unsual as well as I've flown with well over 100 flights. I know that the route Tampere-Stansted is flown by student pilots in learning once in a while with an instructor, so I forgive them in that case. But is the actions mentioned above normal?
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