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  1. A really awesome mod. Thanks for all your work and the time involved, Bill. ☺️
  2. Late reply, sorry for that, Paul. :blush: XPUIPC is freely available here and the VRiSim is the software to run your M-Panel, so it's also free and comes via the VRInsight download section. As for the Non-MSFS option within, that's just a checkmark to make sure that VRiSim isn't looking for the fsx or fs9.exe, so it will happily connect to the XPUIPC module to then run as if it was connected to one of the MS sims. If you leave this option off, it will just complain that the sim is not running, so that's where you disable this check and therefore are able to connect to anything delivering the correct data. In our X-Plane world, that's the XPUIPC module 'impersonating' FSUIPC. While we're at it, once you have this X-Plane module installed, you can connect all sorts of 'MS only' tools to the sim unless they would need very specific data. Might come in handy at times. :smile:
  3. Works for me and allows for displaying and altering the values. XPUIPC (free) and VRiSim (also free) needed of course. You have to tick the the 'for Non-MSFS' option and should be ready to go with almost all features working. The flap switch might need an extra assignment though but the gear, radios and AP work out of the box.
  4. Thanks for the hu regarding that episode, Claus. Will try to consume it in the near future. Sounds interesting.
  5. Nice one. Thanks for posting a workaround for others to find. :smile:
  6. This one actually looks and performs so good in their videos that I have to work hard to avoid any hyped attitude towards it. The last time I was so excited about a release was when Majestic previewed their decent work of the Q400, albeit on a different platform. It didn't fail to impress in the final version so I'm hoping the same for the IXEG folks. Still, seems like patience is virtue, eh?
  7. I'd be looking forward to a conclusive approach on ATC and AI traffic being able to run with X-Plane. Not an easy task but the market is ready. Well, I am.
  8. Makes sense, in my eyes. Once it hopefully runs less buggy, your avionics update will surely be appreciated. :smile:
  9. Excellent point re: multi platforms and their user bases, Nick. However, I think Dave just pointed out that the RC-4 plugin is dependant on.. well RC-4 and therefore bound to a specific OS.
  10. Talking about this one. The startup and engine idle sounds are working although it might be that especially the idle operation has a hard time 'countering' that loud cockpit/avionics ventilation. But this also was the case with the original sound set for me. To check for possible error sources regarding missing sounds, one could check the sound folder (SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800NGX\sound) which should come up with some 98 items and also make sure to have the right sound.cfg in place. The package contained two, one for the actual sound replacement in the PMDG 737-800NGX folder and another one for all other variants stating: "alias=PMDG 737-800NGX\sound"
  11. Adding to what vortex said, DX10 really is a treat for the old FSX and Steve's Fixer makes it pretty easy to lets say upgrade. Once you are running DX10, you cannot use ENB anymore but I think there are other post-processing methods to allow for that sort of adjustment. So you don't lose much while gaining the DX10 benefits and still staying compatible to most, if not all, the FSX software out there. Means no extra costs and legal concerns. The only initial downside might be the highly recommended reading of the guides to smoothly transition. Since vortex pointed out those already, you should be safe. :smile:
  12. Sounds more like you should take a look at DX10 in general and Steve's Fixer specifically. As for ENB settings under DX9, REX' Natural ENBPlus looked great. You can find it in their forums. I think you need to be registered though.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but once you enable HDR, you cannot enhance or override AA settings via Nvidia Inspector but have to deal with the ingame ones only. So anything exceeding the 4x(or even 8x)SSAA+FXAA scope isn't available by design. The background being the deferred rendering approach. The X-Plane devs alone could enable additional modes. I would opt for TXAA since it's way more efficient than the 'brute force' SSAA while delivering very nice results.
  14. Can you check if you have 'advanced animations' enabled in the FSX options? I think it's on that 'aircraft' tab.
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