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    Former USAF F16 Tech, I have a single engine land PPL, Love flying, camping and golf
  1. Im ready to buy one but not until the VS works with the ixeg. From what I understand the rest is working ok now? Rob
  2. Ive been looking forward to this as well and I have this waiting for it!!
  3. Update to my earlier post, Ok just completed test #2 and #3 F22 AT KLFI all scenery sliders maxed. Let it sit on runway for 3hrs, FREE VAS was 1.8G, I then took off and set AP for Hdg 355, 3000ft and 340kts. Test #3 OOM after 45mins
  4. OK, Just finished test flight #1, Fresh 2.1 complete install, stock CFG, Mooney w/G1000, 8K ft@235kts and here are the settings and stats. Let me add that it was SMOOTH the entire flight with no stutters!!! Love it! At start of flight FREE VAS=2.4G End of 2.5hr flight FREE VAS=1.0G klfi to kind 2.5hrs FPS set to Unlimited FXAA=off MSAA=8x Anio=16x 4096x4096res Tess=on LOD=Max Tess=Max Scenery Obj=Dense No Shadows HDR=on Clouds=60+detailed Traffic=0 NI Settings, AA=Super_Cava_64X_4v12 VS=Adaptive and Force On PC Specs WIN7 out of box 2010 No updates I5-2500k OC to 4.5G P67 ExtremeB4 ASRock mobo 8G med speed ram Nvidia 6600TI 2G SSD Hdd Any other info needed?? Going to do the test flight others want at 320kts in the F22 Rob
  5. Please help me understand this, setup vas monitoring thru FSUIPC, start up default flight, it showed just under 2G then dropped to 1.8. I then loaded the ####737 Flew from Langley to KBFI all the way across the USA, VAS NEVER got above 1G What the heck??? 3+ hours no OOM, no high VAS, perfect smooth flight. What am I doing wrong?? Rob
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