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  1. This! I don't know if P3D will be better than the video, but Microsoft are known for making their trailers look a bit too good. I'll probably end up gettin V5 also... I've spend more on bad addons, so spending 60 USD to try a new SIM is a no brainer for me. Just a couple of years ago we were worried if flight simming was dying and now we have 3 new sims on the way. Fantastic times 😁
  2. Hi Michael As a fellow Dane all I can say is, stay home, have a beer and do some flight sim 😉 It's not all bad, we all get to spend some time with our kids 🙂
  3. Went on a business trip in November. I flew with a 747 out and an A380 on the way back (also had a short hop in a 777), so that was kind of fun for an aviation geek like myself 🙂 What i noticed is that the 747 really feels old now and not so big as I would have expected. The A380 on the other hand was just massive. I had a window seat just over the wing.... Those wings are enourmous. It was very stable and comfortable in the air... Probably the best flight I've had for a long time
  4. Haven't noticed that myself, but I'm also rarely flying in clear weather 🙂 Might be a limitation from the sim then?
  5. Have you tried in other areas? Could be a corrupt download or something. It just worked for me so that is the only thing I can come up with.
  6. I mostly have the problem when simracing, but how I've solved it is by making some "socks" for 2 of the wheels. I've made it out of a piece of 1cm foam and duck taped it around the wheels. It's just loose enough to take them off when needed. Kind of difficult to explain, so hope it makes sense
  7. I'm not sure. All the questions I've seen on it has remained unanswered. If there are no changes in the sounds between the old and new bus it should work, but I haven't tried it out yet.
  8. It seems like no one is getting any response from the developer and updates are not coming. They are great sound packs, but don't expect any support. You are on your own if something goes wrong. Other than that they were a most have for the previous AS bus.
  9. Even though I'm useless at helicopters, this will be something i have to add to my hangar 😁
  10. RocketDuck

    New Toy...

    Yeah, I'm also jumping back and forth between XP11 and P3D v4. Both of them do different things very well, so depending on what I'm in the mood for, that's the sim i choose. A while back I did try to pick a favorite so I didn't have to maintain two sims (very costly), but I gave up and decided to just add addons at a slower rate on each sim and keep both. I'm very happy with my choice 😁 FS9 could be fun to try again, but I lost most of my addons and it would probably mostly be nostalgia that was the driver for it. So it will stay as a fond memory instead.
  11. RocketDuck

    New Toy...

    Could be a fun little project to reinstall FS9 and see how good one can make it look. I remember it as the best SIM I've ever flown, but that is probably just my memory playing games with me 🙄 I would be very surprised if it turns out to be just as good as FSX, P3D or XP.
  12. Looks amazing. And then it's free 👍
  13. I'm not sure it's allowed to post links, but if you google FSFX Packages, you should be able to find it 🙂
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