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  1. Even though I'm useless at helicopters, this will be something i have to add to my hangar 😁
  2. RocketDuck

    New Toy...

    Yeah, I'm also jumping back and forth between XP11 and P3D v4. Both of them do different things very well, so depending on what I'm in the mood for, that's the sim i choose. A while back I did try to pick a favorite so I didn't have to maintain two sims (very costly), but I gave up and decided to just add addons at a slower rate on each sim and keep both. I'm very happy with my choice 😁 FS9 could be fun to try again, but I lost most of my addons and it would probably mostly be nostalgia that was the driver for it. So it will stay as a fond memory instead.
  3. RocketDuck

    New Toy...

    Could be a fun little project to reinstall FS9 and see how good one can make it look. I remember it as the best SIM I've ever flown, but that is probably just my memory playing games with me 🙄 I would be very surprised if it turns out to be just as good as FSX, P3D or XP.
  4. RocketDuck

    1950 Ryan Navion

    Looks amazing. And then it's free 👍
  5. RocketDuck

    Clearview does P3Dv4

    I'm not sure it's allowed to post links, but if you google FSFX Packages, you should be able to find it 🙂
  6. RocketDuck

    Taxi and Landing Lights

    Thanks for the update, much appreciated. I'm looking forward to seeing the Professional edition 👍
  7. RocketDuck

    Taxi and Landing Lights

    @simbol, thanks for the detailed answer, that actually makes sense 🙂 Guess I just have to live with it for now. BTW your AI light addon really gives the simulator the final touch. Any news on your AI Control if you don't mind me asking?
  8. RocketDuck

    Taxi and Landing Lights

    I've tested with a couple of airplanes now. The one where I first noticed it was with the Flysimware Lear 35, but it's the same with default airplanes also. I have an old freeware scenery (EKAH) from Vidan Design, and part of the apron lights up beautifully by the taxi light where the runways are the same issue. So it appears that it indeed have something to do with the ground textures. If I'm the only one with the issue, it must be something in my installation... so maybe a clean reinstall of P3D is something to consider.... it just take forever...
  9. RocketDuck

    Taxi and Landing Lights

    It's actually mostly on default airports for me, so I would expect it to work. Come to think of it, I might have changed the taxiway/runway textures... I'll try to replace them and see if it helps. Thanks for all the input guys. Appreciate it.
  10. RocketDuck

    Taxi and Landing Lights

    Hi I've tried searhing this, but haven't found an answer I could use. Have anyone else noticed that using dynamic lighting the landing and taxi light hardly iluminates the taxiway? I can see it's working, but I'm really struggling to see where I'm going. I've seen it both with default and 3rd party aircraft and it's only landing and taxi light. The strobes are almost giving me more light 🙂 I'm guessing there most be somewhere to tweak the settings?
  11. RocketDuck

    Ground textures?

    Besides editing the textures manually in photoshop or something similar, I don't think there is much you can do about the ground textures. If you are used to ORBX they can look a bit on the dull side, but I actually think they look more like the real world.... But again all a matter of personal taste. WED is World Editor and is used to edit/build airports. You can use it to build your own with 3rd party models, or you can use the Laminar library and upload it to the gateway for future inclusion in XP. There is bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually not that difficult, and it's a good feeling knowing that you are contributing to populating XP 🙂
  12. I've seen the blog, and kudos to Ben Supnik for sharing the insights, and thank you Paraffin for sharing the links. I don't really know any other developer that is doing that. What I'm missing though is more of a roadmap for the entire XP11 run. But i guess I shouldn't complain, at least we are getting some info from LR 🙂 Has anyone heard something about the results of the blog post from January regarding ATC? I hope they do a complete rewrite of the ATC/AI system, or at least open it up for 3rd party developers to do their magic.. Fingers crossed 🤞
  13. I've already done that, but with 2 small children I'm lucky if i get an hour in the evenings, and by that time I'm nackered and just want to fly. But i agree that WED is kind of addictive once you get the hang of it. And WED can't solve my biggest gripe with XP, which is the AI/ATC.... Maybe just some more voices that are more believable would make it work for now. It doesn't take much to make it better :-)
  14. I think you are right. If I XP11 was the first simulator I tried, I'm sure I would be satisfied. But for us that has been in the game for a long time and tried all the simulators (except AF2), they need to step it up a notch 😉 I still love XP11 though, and will most likely stay with it and end up buying way to many addons.
  15. I actually think there are some fantastic 3rd party aircraft for XP. Right now I'm flying the IXEG 737 whenever I have the time, so what PMDG decide to do doesn't really affect me. On each iteration Flight Factors quality also increase, so in a few years time they will probably be just as good as PMDG. What really bothers me is the lack of "life" in XP. The world and airports just feels so empty, and any progress in that area by LR are painstakingly slow. I think LR should build on their success and publish a roadmap (without dates) stating in which order features will be added or current features fixed. If I knew that they would overhaul AI in the version 11 run, I would probably buy more addons, and if just half the users feel the same way, it would generate revenue for developers and they would be more interested in coming to the platform... Just my 2 cents :-)