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    Android version with VR yet?

    Thanks very much for the help guys! Bryn
  2. I have been given a VR headset for my Android phone; the gifter thought I would be able to get the full VR experience using it with Aerofly. Is this correct, or is the VR option only for the PC version at this stage? (I know the quality would be poor but it would be interesting to get a feel for the experience more cheaply than buying a Rift!) Bryn
  3. Great news, thanks.
  4. Carenado don't list Windows 10 as a compatible operating system for the CJ2. Has anyone successfully run the CJ2 with Win 10? My next PC will be Win 10 as the likely supplier, one of the 2 UK builders specialising in flightsim PCs, says it is becoming almost impossible to get Win 7 and so no longer offers it as an option. I'm attracted by the CJ2 as it looks nice (aaaah!) and there have been far fewer negative comments about it here than on some other recent Carenado bizjets, so I guess they got a lot of things right this time. (Put me right if that is incorrect!). Bryn
  5. I thought it was not possible to attach more than one TH2GO units to one graphic card. If that is possible, I could get up to 24 monitors (just joking!). Maybe I am remembering an earlier restriction which no longer applies. Bryn
  6. No comments? I'd appreciate some advice before I make an expensive mistake on an upcoming order! Bryn
  7. Modern high end video cards often have 4 video outputs (although annoyingly of up to 4 different standards!). If a second similar (or at least not mutually hostile) video card is added would that allow, in theory, up to 8 monitors to be connected? Assume Windows 10 and NVidia cards. Yes, I do know that multiple windows have a way of killing flightsim frame rates, but I'd like to know if there are any fundamental hardware/software limitations. Many thanks Bryn
  8. Erich, it would be great if you could post a photo showing how you are sitting relative to the wonderful giant screen! I find it difficult to imagine what the overall effect must be like. Bryn
  9. See the Saitek post in Hangar Chat which flagged serious financial problems and precipitate departure of CEO and VP. So I would guess there isn't the cash flow to maintain product inventory levels. The factory switch in China may therefore be a result of the problems, not the root cause (which according to the financial press stemmed from the failure of a non-flightsim product - so not our fault )
  10. There have been a number of posts here over the past few months concerning the mysterious widespread unavailability of the popular Saitek Throttle Quadrants. Maybe this is explained by the problems apparently being faced by its parent company Mad Catz which just announced disappointing results. A staff reduction of 37% is forecast, and the CEO and a senior VP have already left. Hang on to your Saitek products guys! Bryn
  11. brynjames

    Captain Sim Sale!

    Interesting Have you ever made a profile for an aircraft? If so, I'd appreciate some tips. I did look at the tool some time ago and decided it looked too difficult! I'd be happy to be persuaded otherwise. Perhaps someone here has already done it? Bryn
  12. Thanks for all your help here. Unfortunately the PC continues to prove to be unreliable, and without all the disks necessary to put it back in first rate condition he is going to return it and wait for something better!
  13. brynjames

    Captain Sim Sale!

    An outside chance, but do any of their Boeings fully integrate with the GoFlight MCP Pro? The old FeelThere 737 used to and was a joy to fly as a result. And while I'm dreaming, I suppose they don't work with the OpenCockpits MCP either??
  14. We have now run Crystal Disk Info, and it shows the disk condition as "Caution" which fits in with your suspicion about the state of the HD. We could, I suppose, clone the entire HD onto a new one. Would Windows would demand its activation code when we started it from the new HD? That activation code is something, along with original Windows disks, that we don't have!
  15. Thanks Martin. System is anti-virus scanned regularly. Unfortunately no System Restore Points had been created. After the last crash, scan disk was run again, and this time instead of freezing at a certain point as it usually does, it just paused for a long time at that point and then completed successfully while reporting no errors! I just don't understand computers We'll try Crystal Disc info, thanks for that suggestion.