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  1. Thanks very much for the help guys! Bryn
  2. I have been given a VR headset for my Android phone; the gifter thought I would be able to get the full VR experience using it with Aerofly. Is this correct, or is the VR option only for the PC version at this stage? (I know the quality would be poor but it would be interesting to get a feel for the experience more cheaply than buying a Rift!) Bryn
  3. Erich, it would be great if you could post a photo showing how you are sitting relative to the wonderful giant screen! I find it difficult to imagine what the overall effect must be like. Bryn
  4. See the Saitek post in Hangar Chat which flagged serious financial problems and precipitate departure of CEO and VP. So I would guess there isn't the cash flow to maintain product inventory levels. The factory switch in China may therefore be a result of the problems, not the root cause (which according to the financial press stemmed from the failure of a non-flightsim product - so not our fault )
  5. "Temporarily out of stock". What is going on??? It has been like this for months. New product coming out but delayed? Any industry rumours? Bryn
  6. I upgraded from the original LD version and now have both LD and HD aircraft in my hangar. It looks as if the 3xINS option is only available on the original LD aircraft. I don't know if you get both LD and HD versions if you buy the new version from scratch, rather than upgrade as I did. You could try asking JustFlight who are very good people to deal with. Perhaps a panel expert here would like to generate a new panel config file to allow the INS to be retrofitted! Now if only there was a way to combine the gorgeous new CLS flight deck textures with the Ready For Pushback systems logic. Bryn
  7. One final thought: sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the aircraft fixes bizarre behaviour. Reinstall "as administrator" of course. Good luck - and do try talking to the developers over at Aerosoft if this doesn't work. Bryn
  8. I sympathise with your problem, but can't suggest any solution. Why not try speaking directly to the developers who are usually present on the dedicated Simcheck subforum at Aerosoft.com Bryn
  9. I have really enjoyed the PSS Airbuses, although they are now a bit dated. Is it worth making the switch to the Wilco buses? What additional or improved features are offered over the PSS ones - other than the ability to run in FSX?Thanks for any advice.Bryn
  10. Back when I built my AMD3600+ to run FS2004 with 4x512KB of RAM I found it would freeze after a certain time. Pulling out 2 of the sticks fixed the problem. It still works fine now with 2x1GB.I recently bought a highly overclocked Q6600 machine and the suppliers declined to fit extra sticks of RAM because of potential instability problems.So, 4 sticks should work but sometimes don't. As George Orwell might have said, 2 sticks good, 4 sticks bad :)--Bryn
  11. Anyone found a use for a digital photoframe as a cockpit component? They seem like a readily available source of very cheap small LCD screens, but perhaps interface and update speed limitations might be a problem.--Bryn
  12. Try this youtube link: It is the first of four long tutorials on flying the RFP. The commentary is in Dutch, but you will pick out enough common words whatever your first language :)--Bryn
  13. JS, I don't have the current PSS777 but I do have a pile of GoFlight hardware including the MCP Pro. AS far as I am aware the MCP Pro will only offer all functions (such as LNAV VNAV) with Project Magenta, PMDG (on payment of a hefty extra charge to PMDG), the PIC737 (no charge) and the LevelD 767 (no charge). It also gives standard FS9 functions with any standard FS9 aircraft.ISTR that PSS usually have a wide range of assignable keys for cockpit functions. They used to allow download of the manual before purchase so you may be able to check. GoFlight have a keystroke software module which allows GoFlight hardware to produce keystrokes - last thing I saw, this maybe did not work with Vista - and I don't know if it works with the MCP Pro. So you *may* be able to command the 777 from the MCP Pro, although of course you wouldn't get any non-FS9-standard communication back from the 777 to the MCP to give readouts or button illumination. Finally, Peter Dowson has a software module which allows 2 way communication with GoFlight - I haven't tried this.Good luck!--Bryn
  14. Very sorry you got hit with such a big charge for being so helpful to the community. How about posting them on youtube instead? There are lots of FS videos there.Thanks again for your excellent contribution.--Bryn
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