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  1. Sam World jetways does not appear to work with any static aircraft at least at KDEN. It works with the plane I am flying but doesn't connect to the static planes. Any ideas how to make it connect to the static planes? Thanks, Alan
  2. No, RealAir is still shut down and will stay that way but, you can update select aircraft from this webpage http://realairsimulations.net/
  3. Got it figured out. In the aircraft config file I found this line Airfile set by William Ortis, copyright April 2009\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 55 Gallon fuel AI Use /////////////////////////////////////Build 2.6\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Don't know where it came from but after I revised the fuel portion back to 160 I got a full tank of fuel. Of coarse I don't get the full payload but now I know why I only had a little fuel. I just need to balance fuel, payload, and range. Might have to load up on fuel along the way.
  4. I've had the Kodiak for a couple of years now and just never noticed this before because I would only use it for very short flights. I started using it to fly in Hawaii and noticed when I load up the fuel for 100% using the fuel and payload section of FSX (acceleration) I only get 737lbs of fuel which is a little more than 1/4 full. I can't get a full tank. I have it installed on the same computer as before. Also, I can only get about a 200 mile range flying about 178mph. Is this normal? Thanks, Alan
  5. We would love to give you a going away gift by purchasing more of your products if you could stay one more week. Best of luck to you. Alan
  6. Lots of other good sales for Thanksgiving. :smile:
  7. Gottfried finally got back to me and he fixed the broken link.
  8. Is Gottfried still available to help on his Blue Sky Photoreal Scenery? I'm unable to download some of his Utah photo scenery areas and he doesn't respond to emails. I just started using some of his Utah areas but can't get the ones I need. Would I be better off to go with Megascenery? Thanks, Alan
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