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  1. Im ready to buy one but not until the VS works with the ixeg. From what I understand the rest is working ok now? Rob
  2. Ok guys and gals, 53 days till the big event! The SIM is now a 737-300 based on the IXEG 733. Come join us!
  3. Do you want to be part of something special? Important? FUN? and most of all full of flying in a 737-200 Sim using all reall working parts!!? If yes, then join me and fellow other sim enthusiast in World Flight 2016 this coming November 6th through the 12th in South Bend, IN. It is for a great cause and I guarantee you that you will have a blast and hopefully learn more about this awesome hobby. You can fly the whole 7 days, just one afternoon or any combination in between. We will be having workshops as well that will teach Interfacing techniques, wiring, and grounding, programming Arduino, SIOC, and many other options. I have room for a few folks in my home and there are many hotels close by. If interested, please let me know asap and I'll pencil you in but please note, I need solid commitments by September . Also this is a group effort! Team USA #1 is based in Florida and uses an FDS based Full 737-800 so if you are closer to Sarasota Florida please join them in this great cause! I am starting Team USA #2 in South Bend, IN . 5 mins north of KSBN Any questions please feel free to ask and spread the word! Thanks! Rob Link to World Flight About page, http://worldflight.cockpitbuilders.com/aboutwf.html My youtube page showing 732 in action, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0Hn9fKd5f3CfYmYIssGTg
  4. Thanks Guys! I miss the multiple display capabilities of FSX and P3D though.
  5. Thanks for the kind words and yes, it's about having fun! Thank you! I would love to have fellow enthusiasts over for flying fun! My door is always open for people to share this fun hobby! Nothing better than flying this baby on pilotedge with beer and friends Rob
  6. No, it was horribly fast approach till about 50ft AGL then it got normal LOL ATC dumped us into the runway Should have called a missed. Thank you! Thanks!!
  7. Thanks Guys, I have the payware version of Las Vegas for x-plane 10. It actually looked way better on my TV then it does on the projector in this video. Well worth the money. Rob
  8. Had a blast today and tonight on PilotEdge with my kids in my little 737-200 Sim. The approach into Vegas looked pretty darn real if you ask me. I made a comment jokingly on final that the controller dumped me into the approach to high hence the sink rate sink rate on approach LOL Thanks for another great day of flying on PilotEdge with my kids. My daughter was my co-pilot and my son recording. Enjoy the video, lots of cool action and radio chatter. Rob https://youtu.be/dJwXRpJ_9lU
  9. Tint the PFD, ND, and EICAS glass and it will look 10000000 times better. FDS should be doing this. Makes it look real and not like LCD monitors behind plastic. I'd also adjust your zoom on your displays. Way to far out. Other than that, looks fantastic.
  10. I really wish I could enjoy V3 but haven't seen my coupon since V3 was released. Yes i've checked my spam mail, many times,yes i tried contacting them via x-aviation website and their Facebook page. Still no coupon.
  11. A much better visual is in the plans but that is a couple years away as I am in a rental home right now. Not enough height in the basement for anything but TV's right now. I also want an FDS shell eventually so that will play into it as well, Thanks for the kind words. Rob
  12. Thanks :} Yes, display will either be multiple TV's or Projectors eventually.
  13. Finally got a decent video of the 732 Sim in action on PilotEdge. My phone went dead or I would have filmed the Landing. Very busy tonight and very challenging. Good for the brain to calculate my decent vs using a VNAV which I don't have. I highly recommend PilotEdge and they are opening a bunch more area!! Denver, Seattle, Phoenix to name a few. Allot more work to do but it is becoming more and more a joy to fly. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhX_o4b_wmk Rob
  14. ^^^^^what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^ One of the coolest prop planes ever, The Connie!!
  15. Ive been looking forward to this as well and I have this waiting for it!!
  16. Update to my earlier post, Ok just completed test #2 and #3 F22 AT KLFI all scenery sliders maxed. Let it sit on runway for 3hrs, FREE VAS was 1.8G, I then took off and set AP for Hdg 355, 3000ft and 340kts. Test #3 OOM after 45mins
  17. OK, Just finished test flight #1, Fresh 2.1 complete install, stock CFG, Mooney w/G1000, 8K ft@235kts and here are the settings and stats. Let me add that it was SMOOTH the entire flight with no stutters!!! Love it! At start of flight FREE VAS=2.4G End of 2.5hr flight FREE VAS=1.0G klfi to kind 2.5hrs FPS set to Unlimited FXAA=off MSAA=8x Anio=16x 4096x4096res Tess=on LOD=Max Tess=Max Scenery Obj=Dense No Shadows HDR=on Clouds=60+detailed Traffic=0 NI Settings, AA=Super_Cava_64X_4v12 VS=Adaptive and Force On PC Specs WIN7 out of box 2010 No updates I5-2500k OC to 4.5G P67 ExtremeB4 ASRock mobo 8G med speed ram Nvidia 6600TI 2G SSD Hdd Any other info needed?? Going to do the test flight others want at 320kts in the F22 Rob
  18. Please help me understand this, setup vas monitoring thru FSUIPC, start up default flight, it showed just under 2G then dropped to 1.8. I then loaded the ####737 Flew from Langley to KBFI all the way across the USA, VAS NEVER got above 1G What the heck??? 3+ hours no OOM, no high VAS, perfect smooth flight. What am I doing wrong?? Rob
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