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  1. sorry, I don't see a crash in your Log.txt. another possibility is to make sure you are running the latest win10 driver for your AMD card. I am on Linux and Nvidia, I am not of much help in that area I am afraid.
  2. This win.xpl has 2 problems: 1st it is 32 bit. Since X-Plane 11 is 64 bits, 32 bits plugins do not work anymore 2nd this plugin should be in its own subfolder, not in the plugins folder. Do you remember which plugin you tried to install recently? A Anyway, for solution, delete the win.xpl (also mac.xpl and lin.xpl if there happen to be) from the ./Resources/plugins folder and check if there is a 64 bits versio, of the plugin you were trying out.
  3. Ortho4xp can be scary, I don't know your expertise. If you feel comfortable, by all means, try it, the result can be incredible. SceneryX is only worth it combined with Ortho scenery. I will stay with my recommendation: stay with HD mesh (UHD if your machine can handle it) and SFD Global. Then search on the org for a couple of airports you fly from regulary. Don't go too fast, there is a lot to learn and unlearn from your previous sim.
  4. If you have a recent pc ... I don't have the money to change, my processor is at least 5 years old.
  5. Yeah you could, but as you are beginning your journey in x-plane, I would advise against making things too complicated. I for one like what misterX did with FSD Global, including his trees.
  6. SFD Global comes with very nice and dense forests also. It is a good starting place to spend money to improve your scenery globaly. (everything from this author is excellent, he has many freeware projects, search for misterX on x-plane.org).
  7. with 16GB, I would go for HD mesh. UHD mesh is nice, but takes around 20GB on my rig. HD mesh is much better then default.
  8. Imo, both SFD Global and HD mesh v4 are needed to enjoy the scenery.
  9. With all due respect to your posts, Colonel, but it's a beta ... and the first public beta at that. Add on developers will provide their new version at the end of the beta run. Any fix is a moving target now, for developers it is not a good time to update, unless it is confirmed that there will be no changes. You are free to stay with the stable 11.41, everything continues to work as is there.
  10. He is trolling , leave him and be happy ...
  11. Not sure, this could already be in the pipeline but had to wait for the vulkan improvement. Different people can work on different areas in parallel.
  12. In XP the main thread (program if you like) is running on a single core. If you did not enable threaded optimization, you will see one of your CPU cores to be pushed up to 100%, the others are used for various work like preparing scenery, other stuff running in the background and so on. With threaded optimization in Linux, I now get up to 50% of CPU utilization, it used to be a bit over 25% (1 of the 4 cores running at 100%, the 3 others almost idling).
  13. Frametime: the time needed to calculate one frame. Now you have 2 of those, one is the calculations on the CPU side, one is on the GPU. The slowest will determine the FPS. A fluent system will have the CPU providing enough pre work to the GPU, so the GPU does not have to wait => no stutters. The opposite: the GPU has to wait for the CPU, you will have stutters (OpenGL) or blurries, or both.
  14. Frametime and FPS is the same, just expressed different. Frametime: the time it takes to draw one frame FPS: frames per second => Frametime = 1 / FPS With the current driver, the GPU is mostly waiting for the CPU (single thread, so on a single core). With Vulkan the driver overhead on the CPU side will be less, this is were the most win is expected (by me). And so you can not compare currently X-Plane with Aerofly or Flyinside, we will have to wait for Laminar to make the main bulk of workload to go multi threading also.
  15. Vulkan will release load from the CPU (less driver overhead) but will not reduce the load on the GPU (it still needs to draw the same things). Conclusion: the FPS improvements will stop the moment you were already overtaxing the complete system, especially if you have an older system. There is only so much juice you can get out of a lemon.
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