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  1. I am more interested for a review of XP on the Steam Deck. You weren’t expecting one, mSparks??
  2. except maybe for msparks, I don't think there are so many here to play this mine is bigger/better game.
  3. In the mean time, Jamstro takes another handfull of his popcorn and enjoys the show (which he is feeding with bits and pieces oh so skillfully). Please ignore him, he is trolling. And he is now joining Greazer on my ignore list. (and yes, I know he has a big love for X-Plane, only he has a bigger love for trolling).
  4. I agree with jcomm. Seems you found an invalid download, and the site here (AVSIM) is in no way affiliated with Laminar Research.
  5. And Jamstro comes up (again) with something completely unrelated (cloud gaming is the future) to spoil the thread, and to involve the other sim again in an indirect way. Please refrain swallowing the bait, guys.
  6. What I think you see is different teams working in their corner of X-Plane (11) and showing off what they think is worth it. So what you see is then always against a background of XP-11 and the featured project. In the end all the puzzle pieces need to be put together. And probably that is the reason for all those complaints, they are not there yet. Putting it all together without losing performance will be a long battle.
  7. For trees and roads and buildings you need an overlay, those will need to point to the correct libraries to get the new features, like the new 3d trees. I guess it will take a while before all 3rd party libraries will incorporate the new vegetation system, and as a workaround most will replace by pointing to the default vegetation.
  8. And now for something completely different: They claim no shortcuts were taken with X-Planes FM, this is truly a tribute to the latest modelling!
  9. what graphic cards are you using? I found one time a guy who had a discrete video card, but by mistake X-Plane was using his integrated motherboard video.
  10. Because you expect this to be the same people? But hey, everyone is different and expectations will be different too.
  11. That’s just a guestimation of someone who is very much in the loop. seriously, nobody outside LR knows, but release notes are out, minimal specs are out. The announcement can drop tomorrow or next Christmas 🙂
  12. I agree with you, and I do watch MSFS screenshots and vids from time to time, but not in a topic called xp 12 sneak peek clouds please 😉 . That's why I suggested to make a different topic out of it, so you can have your way with mSparks 😉 ...
  13. Noel, maybe start another thread? and really, i am on Linux and not interested. To remind you, the subject of this thread is about thé new clouds in XP12. That’s why I return when somebody posts a reply . Not to read too long an update why MSFS scenery is so much better, everyone (except maybe mSparks) knows that already.
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