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  1. On another topic: don't try to upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04, 22.04 and 22.10 were working fine, but with this last one several of us, me included, have problems running X-Plane 12 succesfully, with Vulkan devices error messages.
  2. There is a reason why NVIDIA cards are recommended, as far as I know they provide the best Vulkan drivers. You could try experimenting with different drivers for you INTEL GPU, but other then that, I doubt there is a solution.
  3. And I want to add that to a certain degree I agree that the cockpit could be too dark at times, it needs more tweaking. At the other hand the idea how to implement this is imo an improvement over previous models.
  4. Actually Yes, it is important to understand how an effect is reached. Because the solution for your problem would be very different. And you would understand that although the result is the same, the underlying technology is vastly different. to stay in your analogy you can add too much salt or swap sugar by salt. In both cases the meal is ruined, but the cause is different because the recipes are different ( one recipe needs a little salt, the other needs sugar). This not hard to understand neither…
  5. Efis , it is you who has a problem with this implementation. Most of us find it acceptable. Okay, it might need some tweaking from the part of LR. But please stop trying to convince others with pages and pages of dull descriptions. If I didn’t have an issue at first, I certainly don’t like to be convinced that there is one now. Then after pages of dull photographers jargon, you refuse to talk about the different programming techniques being used ? If there is an audience for this, it is LR and their lead programmers. Thank you.
  6. Efis, I would suggest that you open your own topic in the forum to describe your problem, instead of hijacking a positive one. Each and every discussion here is taken over by someone who has to say something negative about xplane. I don’t say there are no issues, but I do have an issue when someone else’s topic is hijacked to repeat the same complaints over and over.
  7. from to OP: Same time same place after restarting . Not sure what this has to do with sunset and night...
  8. You have to install the x-world library. Make sure to follow the installation instructions.
  9. Something is having your GPU for breakfast. It could be the multiple cloud layers, or simply that you cranked your AA too high for your hardware. without more info, we cannot say if what you are seeing is acceptable or not.
  10. one word: ignore list. It makes reading these posts much more enjoyable.
  11. There is always the Apple tax, pocket resources are not infinite... 😉
  12. I suppose that this previous MacBook was also M1? Because I have also an intel MacBook and while it is more than adequate for work, it can’t handle xplane properly. the memory management is completely different I heard when going with a M1.
  13. I am also in the market. One question, would 8GB be enough or do you guys think xplane needs 16GB of memory?
  14. The GPU load is at 99% because it is kept busy. I remember people complaining because this was NOT the case with xp11. But as long as the GPU is able to deliver within the allotted timeframe, there is nothing wrong and fps stays up. It is when the GPU is pushed hard and can’t finish within the allotted timeframe that fps tank. xplane and msfs use different techniques, msfs is more bitmap focused, where xplane is more vectorised. You can not compare the two. I don’t think msfs has trees moving with the wind?
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