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  1. soaring_penguin

    Come on, just release it aleady ...

    No? Things worked on are: improved(?) ground handeling, particle system (visually improvement on smoke and contrails), more landmarks and updated airports, and improved performance. Some of those - and then I think especially about ground handling- have started heated discussions on this same forum in the past. So I am curious if at least that last one has improved. I agree that the current version is working very well, but I am curious by nature, and if I can help to find bugs before final release, I ll be happy to. This is then hopefully the last stretch to prepare for Vulcan, which is needed for a better VR experience.
  2. soaring_penguin

    Come on, just release it aleady ...

    Not at all, I am very well aware what beta means and helped LR debug on several occasions in the paste. One time a beta broke my install completely, you will not find any complaint, maybe a warning to others. But to whom who does not realize what a beta is, please wait for the final release.
  3. soaring_penguin

    Come on, just release it aleady ...

    What else?
  4. as the title says, curious what they have up their sleeves this time.
  5. For improved landclass without a huge FPS or memory penalty, I recommend HD mesh: You can also try UHD, but a warning, my system can not handle it properly, in some mountain regions I get a huge penalty (but it can easily compete with ortho scenery for vistas).
  6. soaring_penguin

    Holy smokes!

    I just found it too. It is only not the region I fly in, otherwise they would have my money (I stopped spending money on regions I am not used to).
  7. soaring_penguin

    Multiple Copies

    Do you happen to have a shortcut to the x-plane main folder?
  8. soaring_penguin

    MOH Creek to Quatam River

    those trees are insane for a flightsim. I hope such trees will be default one day.
  9. soaring_penguin

    how to FULLY remove all A1 aircraft

    Which airport ? Some manual downloaded airports have static aircraft as scenery objects. Those will not be removed. This option to remove static AI aircraft is only recent added.
  10. soaring_penguin

    Question on plugins and Scenery

    The add on libraries are one of the strong points, but at the same time one of the weak points of the scenery system in X-Plane. Pro: you only have to have the library in your scenery folder, to get the same objects in multiple sceneries. This means less disk space. And you know how much precious space it can all take. Contra: it is very difficult to keep track of all the available libraries, and even more to keep them all up to date. Otherwise, I believe the add-on system of X-Plane is much easier then in FSX (I have been using that one since MSFS 5.1) as it is only drag and drop, then rearrange the ini file if needed.There is no messing around with registries and so on.
  11. soaring_penguin

    Could we ask for more ?

    hm. password protected. If you don't want anybody to see, then don't link it to the net. Passwords can be hacked, if it is needed to hack the password at all (is the file itself encrypted, or only the access to it?). Of course, if you password protect it, then it is meant not to be touched, whoever managed to get it published, could be liable, except maybe the original author. What I wanted to say a few posts above, part of the article has Austins writing style, excessive use of CAPITALS included. I didn't want to imply he was the mysterious source. Now the waiting game has started again 🙂 .
  12. soaring_penguin

    Could we ask for more ?

    I doubt it, it has Austin's writing style all over it 🙂 .
  13. exactly my thoughts, XP11 is superior to XP10 in almost every aspect, IMO. It should even run more smooth on the same hardware then XP10, there were a lot of improvements to the engine. If you don't want to spent the complete sum on it (not everybody has the same financial backup), check regularly on Steam, from time to time it is on sale there.
  14. Scenery: there is a chance as long it is not using structures only available in xp11. Planes: no, if is made for xp11, then it doesn't work with xp10.
  15. soaring_penguin

    My 1st VR Flight!!!

    And now Linux also has support for VR, I am very tempted. I am looking for a second hand set, maybe as birthday present.