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  1. soaring_penguin

    Nobody Is Forced To Buy TrueEarth.

    Nice lightning but not realistic for rainy UK 😋
  2. soaring_penguin

    X Plane Screen-Resolution

    For X-Plane it is difficult to predict, because with current hardware, the CPU is the bottle neck. Yes you would have overhead for 8xAA, 4K, shadows etc, but LOD and reflections are still CPU limited. Bets are still off for Vulcan. But currently, I don't believe it is worth the extra money, it is better spent on a top of line CPU. Things can change over the course of 2019, if you have the money, go for it.
  3. soaring_penguin

    Loire Valley Castles | freeware

    Yes, I installed this one a few days ago, and it is good.
  4. soaring_penguin

    Removing haze in xplane 11

    Same reason why a photographer is using post effects in Photoshop? Useless discussion. Beauty lays on the eye of the beholder.
  5. As my brother said who just learned to fly an ultralight, it is almost impossible to keep it on the center line during the first lessons (sorry, I couldn't resist). So you would need a jet engine, where there is no torque force applied at all. Try the default Cirrus Vision, and put zero wind. If this one also veers off excessively, then you probably need to recalibrate your joystick. Keeping it on the centerline (especially) with the latest 11.30rc2, is a question of anticipation, and isn't so hard to master. But others can explain the technique better. As with everything, mastering a difficult skill is rewarding. A flight sim adds the difficulty that you can not anticipate the forces by feeling them, the only feedback is visually.
  6. soaring_penguin

    sale at ORBx

    FYI, I just got Monument Valey at almost half the price.
  7. soaring_penguin

    EKMS to EKKV

    This is really good looking scenery, the chopper looks to be perfect to explore it.
  8. soaring_penguin

    Winter in X-Plane

    Thanks. And this is really easy to add, unlike other methods. Just add the season to your custom scenery folder, and rearrange the ini file as instructed.
  9. soaring_penguin

    Winter in X-Plane

    Brownish? Not at my side, but these were shot at dusk, probably the lightning added a bit of orange. In the middle of the day the snow is white.
  10. soaring_penguin

    11.30RC1 Performance

    I am not sure what you understand by high end computer, but what you describe can happen if you run out of VRAM. If you have Texture Quality on Maximum (No Compression) lower it to Maximum. You can monitor the VRAM usage within the nvidia driver (On Linux, on command line, run nvidia-smi -l , I suppose something similar exists for Windows. If it is higher then the actual VRAM onboard, swapping with main memory will happen with stuttering as result. Note for 970 users, the last 0,5GB of VRAM is slower and will cause stutters also.
  11. soaring_penguin

    Winter in X-Plane

    There are several ways to introduce Seasons in X-Plane, I found this one the easiest that can be found on the org: Seasons Winter, Fall and Autumn from madmaxland (there are 6 packages to be downloaded), it is just drag and drop as other scenery files: Annecy, French Alps: Washington State: Mister X Japan Pro in Winter: Merry Christmas! Jan
  12. I had a quick take off from Haneda airport. This is an impressive undertaking, and all for free. I need to make the time to discover this region.
  13. honostly? Laminar should hire this guy full time. What this guy does on his own is unbelievable.
  14. soaring_penguin

    11.30RC1 Performance

    That explains the smoother operation! Seriously, please stay on topic. I also experience much better performance in rural setting, I sustain now easily 40 to 50 FPS, but not so much in highly urbanized settings, unfortunately. I still get around or slightly under the magic 20 FPS in cities. It is much better with ortho and xEurope then with default autogen, so I am happy. I guess compromises still need to be made, unless I get an unexpected funding and go flat out on new hardware. My expectation was that Vulcan could improve this, but after reading the blog entries from Ben, I am not so sure anymore. It appears we have more gains now by cleaning up and preparing the code for Vulcan, then we will have with the new api itself. And any improvement to the engine is welcome, of course.
  15. I use Imgur for that reason.