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  1. Some "certain peopleTM" even go into forums of a product they don't even own to stir up trouble (not only an avsim symptom). How childish is that? Didn't YOU say?
  2. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/76419-xmidictrl-a-midi-controller-plugin-for-x-plane/
  3. ??? In EVERY thread? Some people seem triggered when you point out BS 😉.
  4. No. Never ... Was there EVER ANYONE writing such things? ... Oohh ... yes ... now I remember, there were "certain people"TM doing so. They possibly even made an "Austin puppet" and tried some weird voodoo stuff with it 🤣. But how can that be? The harder they tried, the more X-Plane refused to die and even grew bigger. Maybe they should try the other way round and wish X-Plane all the best 😁.
  5. Congratulations for the invention/introduction of a new kind 👍 .
  6. Oohhh ... I don't believe them (LR). That CAN'T be true !!! Only trust the statistics that you have manipulated yourself ... 🤣
  7. As I understand it, snow is placed on ground, independent if it is default textures or orthos. That's the advantage of the "X-Plane way" producing snow, namely not by replacing default or ortho textures by snow textures, but simply placing snow (whatever technique) on top of "everything" - e.g. buildings, cars, ... (but not on their roofs, windscreens, ... depending on the angle of the surface). With this plugin, snow is created based on snow coverage data by NOAA, not from METAR. With or without the plugin, snow is generated and builds up slowly if the weather is set to precipitation and below 0°C (either manually or real weather). Above 0°C snow and ice will melt.
  8. It can be done, and already was done - however not in MSFS 2020 😉.
  9. The reason MIGHT 😉 be that the orthos (which of course aren't default XP) were made in summer 🤷‍♂️.
  10. As I understand it, it works everywhere where you have orthophotos - independent if it is in cities or outside. Again 😉 as I understand it - no. Only if the orthos were completely uniform in a large area and/or in the distance (what the they aren't) it might happen.
  11. One reason MIGHT 😄 be that there currently isn't snow in Innsbruck (apart from the top of the hills): https://www.innsbruck.info/webcam/?frontentry=https%3A%2F%2Finnsbruck.panomax.com. Another reason might be that the NOAA data for that region is "sparse".
  12. Usually I don't fly with real weather, but today I did. It was raining and after some time I noticed something like soiling. It's not at the windows, but at the wings. Has anyone else noticed that already?
  13. When facts don't help anymore ... don't you know the principle of repeating stuff often enough and people will believe it eventually (some perpetual doubters aside) 😜? Apart from that and to summarize the (meanwhile) last 4.5 pages ... not aimed specifically at you but in general. I'm really LMAO ... these last 4.5 pages were generated only because I made an iconic ... ironic post about how Asobo is planning to generate pebbles with AI. As if pebbles are important enough for a flightsim to generate them by AI. For simulation of e.g. rheological behaviour in a river - ok. But hey ... some guys are taking this all too serious. Do they really believe there aren't more important things for a flight simulator than ... PEBBLES? C'mon ... I give you an example which is indeed even less important than generating pebbles by AI in a flightsim: creating the postage stamps in the offices of the (default) airports by AI 😆.
  14. Aaahhhh !!! ... That's the fly in the ointment !! It's so unfair ... "XP is shown with addons to look as good as MSFS by default". Because THAT'S what's important in a flight simulator - that it looks good. Finally I understood ... So, should XP users also be forced to show why it flies so much better? BTW, do you know Bill Gates's following quote? See here: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/bill_gates_382270 The water transparency will be fixed in XP 12.1.0 (i.e. in few weeks). When will the off by a wide margin water transparency in MSFS (see my video further above) be fixed? Apart from the planes flying through water ... However, your response is a perfect example for: "your" molehill is thousand times bigger than "my" mountain 😆. A well known tactics (also from cunning politicians) to distract from the real big problems.
  15. So, with this extreme exceptional situation you want to prove what? I understand what you want to say, but instead do a video flying and landing with a wing hanging into the water and post again.
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