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  1. I decided before posting a ticket to try again after I got off work tonight. Seems it is now working. I'll still post a ticket for research purposes if you wish though. Let me know. -Rick Schaefer
  2. Wed Nov 28th, 21:00. I am attempting to get a new livery for my T7 but it seems that the operations center is not working. From what I can see it is not connecting to the server to update. I see "Connecting to Online server for updates..." for about 10 secs and then the normal menus come up. Choosing to install a livery just shows the "Downloading livery data....Connecting..." screen and that is where it freezes. I have to CTL-ALT-DEL and kill the process. After about 30 seconds it is telling me that TLS 1.2 is disabled for my system which it is not. Both the FSX and P3Dv4 options do not work. Testing my TLS 1.2 connection shows that it is fully functional and working. Photo Example Screenshot -Rick Schaefer
  3. BigRick

    VoxATC, P3d v4.3, and AI traffic

    Hello Jay. Thanx for the tips. I'll answer them as you posted them: 1) I had already enabled debugging via the advanced options and it shows no problems. 2) My setup is MSI Z87 motherboard with I7-4770K CPU, Nvidia 780TI, 16 gig Razor memory. More than adequate. 3) Joystick is my Saitek proflight system and the callup is set via the VoxATC program. I run FSUIPC too but those keys are left blank I'm going to do some more research and see if I can figure out what's going on. Thanx for the suggestions -Rick
  4. BigRick

    VoxATC, P3d v4.3, and AI traffic

    No ideas from anyone, I guess. Well, until the author decides to come out of hiding and give some support and an update to fix a lot of the bugs that the software currently has, VoxATC is going on the shelf. I have been in Flight Sim for 15 years and have never seen such a complete lack of support for the people that paid money for this program. I'm am very disillusioned with it. -Rick
  5. Since tech support from the author of the program is doesn't exist, I turn to the community for help. I am running the above setup. VoxATC indexer and all runs fine. Loads in P3D v4.3 fine and does all the initial checks and even tells me to tune xxx.xx to get ATIS. But, there is no keyboard or joystick interaction with the VoxATC window. The Joystick assignment program shows that the buttons are assigned and recognized but the actual program while in-sim will not respond at all. If I turn off the AI traffic or there is none around it seems to interact. Has anyone else had problems with the new version of P3D and VoxATC? It's been almost a year since 7.41 has been released and none of the bugs have been fixed. I'm in the market for an alternative if this stuff cannot be fixed. Any clues folks? Thanx. -Rick
  6. Anyone know what would trigger this error: ATSO exception Target position not valid at com.intworkings.voxatc.ProcedureSegmentBase.TargetPositionValid(Position posIn, Double heading) at com.intworkings.voxatc.IntcSegment.GetNextPosition(Position posIn) at com.intworkings.voxatc.Procedure.GetNextSetAltitude(ProcedureSegment psIn, Position posIn, String& altMode) at com.intworkings.voxatc.ProcedureAirspaceRoute.RationalizeAltitude(ProcedureSegment ps, Position startPos, Position posIn) at com.intworkings.voxatc.ProcedureAirspaceRoute.GetFirstPPosition() at com.intworkings.voxatc.ProcedureAirspaceRoute..ctor(Position posIn, Procedure proc1In, Procedure proc2In, Aerodrome adIn, Double cruiseAlt) at com.intworkings.voxatc.AirspaceRouter.GetArrival(Procedure transition, Procedure proc, Position posIn) at com.intworkings.voxatc.ASSEnroute.GetArrivalProcedure() at com.intworkings.voxatc.ASSEnroute..ctor(AircraftStrip asp) at com.intworkings.voxatc.ASSEnrouteHandover.MessageEnd() at com.intworkings.voxatc.RadioMessageImpl.Dispatch(RTOperator op) at com.intworkings.voxatc.ATSO.HandleIncoming() at com.intworkings.voxatc.ATSO.Run() at com.intworkings.voxatc.ATSOARTCC.Run() at com.intworkings.voxatc.ATSOWorker.ActiveRun() P3dV4 and PMDG 737. Seems to be in the Tokyo Ctr area. Thanx -Rick
  7. ok. It makes the software almost completely unusable. I have to keep the comms window open when I'm on approach or I'll miss all the commands. :-) Thanx for the info. -Rick
  8. Has anyone experienced the new 64bit voices cutting off before completing the sentence? I've only noticed this in the pilot side of the voices, not the ATC. It will say, like, "turn heading", "descend and maintain" but never finish the sentence. Ideas? -Rick
  9. BigRick

    P3dv4 AND FSX

    I figured that. I just didn't know if they could run side by side on the same computer. Thanx for the response! -Rick
  10. BigRick

    P3dv4 AND FSX

    Afternoon everyone! I was wondering if anyone has tried to run VoxATC for both FSX and P3dv4 at the same time? I use FSX for aircraft that is not available yet for P3Dv4. Just wondering. -Rick
  11. BigRick

    "Seat the cabin please"

    <sigh> Gotta love hard-coding. Thanx for the info. -Rick
  12. Good morning Bryan. I was wondering if there was a way for me to disable the F/O from announcing to the cabin crew to take their seats on the runway entry checklist? I always say "seat the cabin please" as we approach the rwy. F/O toggles the seatbelt sign like is supposed to be done but also makes the pa announcement when I call for the rwy entry. Any ideas? Thanx! -Rick
  13. BigRick

    Loss of fonts in panels

    Only difference was adding P3Dv4 to my system. What is the name of the font that the panel uses? I'll see if that has somehow become corrupted or lost. Thanx. BTW, graphics drivers are the most current Nvidia ones.... -Rick
  14. BigRick

    Loss of fonts in panels

    word not allowed. Try this one:
  15. Morning Bryan. Got a small problem that just started happening all of a sudden. I've lost all the fonts in the FS2Crew panels for the MD-11. Looks like this: I tried uninstalling FS2C and reinstalling and no go. Any clue? Thanx! -Rick