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  1. dmarques69

    Strange Autogen Issue

    Old issue with P3D, slow autogen load, try to lock your frames and check the result.
  2. dmarques69

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    From what i know their goal is to make a simulator optimized for VR since is their core business, but i doubt they are going to have success, competing with X-plane and P3D is one Davi against 2 Golias.
  3. Yes, it can! You have inclusive one plugin called Avitab that already as Navigrahp integration, and works with several planes including the Zibo mod!
  4. dmarques69

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    I opened a similar topic some time ago that as some pretty nice suggestions from our fellow members...
  5. Thanks for this Rob, as i suspected definitely doenst worth the investment for someone that already owns a 1080ti, i would love to see the same benchmarks for XP, but i believe the results are going to be similar in terms of fps gains, until Vulkan arrives the new graphics generation is just good for those who want to transform ugly ladies in top models!
  6. dmarques69

    Windows10 Networking???

    Sorry to hear that mate, just make a search on google to try to find any solution, there's a ton of users affected with this upgrade, that's the reason i have win10 updates always paused!
  7. dmarques69

    Windows10 Networking???

    Latest Windows 10 upgrade as been a big pile of sh*t, deleting files and folders...
  8. dmarques69

    And I did make it to LAX...

    Great shots! Zibo is a masterpiece! Ryan check the flightdeck2sim channel, full of great videos from a real 737 pilot, hes also involved in the project...
  9. 200FPS in 1440p??? im reading right??😮 edit :Forget i was seeing the aerofly pics:(
  10. Can you make similar pics with XP to see the performance with your new baby? 😉
  11. Hiflyer do you play X-Plane?
  12. My wife loves VR, but not flying, shes afraid of flying in real live, i tried to put her in the cockpit in cruise altitude, she liked until the plane started to turn 🙂
  13. His problem is not crashing, he just dont see the window, common in P2ATC with more than one monitor... i replied here:
  14. dmarques69

    Pilot2atc app disappearing?

    Hover the mouse cursor over P2ATC on your taskbar right button and choose move, then use the arrow keys.
  15. dmarques69

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    The rule in flight simulators is GPU 6x faster performance = +5 fps