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  1. 79GB for the first update? ordering a data center ...
  2. Half refresh rate is not working indeed, to put the sim at 30 FPS's you only have 2 valid options, first your monitor or TV supports natively 30hz or second you lock the frames in nvidia inspector or using any other external tool, the internal FPS lock is a mess.
  3. I quit, tried all things included in this site and nothing... https://www.gosunoob.com/guides/change-live-weather-problems-in-flight-simulator-2020/ Hoping for a fix.
  4. @jothanon @steve310002 did you guys read the full post? But thank you anyway
  5. One of the few things i didn't tried, but im going to try.
  6. PANC for example also as mesh problems inside the airport, we need to report this problems.
  7. I also read that, but for me is always, dont understand why 😞
  8. Tried everything i found on the internet and nothing.. -Run the simulator as administrator -Disable multi player option -Using the live weather mode -Reset the panels layout - Online option ON Running out of ideas...im i the only one having this problem???
  9. You dont need to point Riva Tuner to any specific game or app, you just put the frame limiter on and the value you want.
  10. That's an interesting combo of settings, i can try that. Thanks
  11. I did, even the Nvidia Inspector frame rate limiter works well in MSFS, but limiting the frames at 30 FPS produces a different result than using the half refresh rate(although the final FPS value is the same), at least in my system, limiting the frames doenst give me a fluid result, but with 1/2 Vsync it does...as been like that in P3D, X-Plane, and now MSFS is going to be the same, if i can enable it, why im not surprised!
  12. For that you need to disable V-sync in game, but i want the opposite, to lock at 30 fp's with half refresh rate, because using the frame rate limiter is a stutter feast.
  13. I already saw some people talking about this but its not working for me, no matter what it doesn't lock at 30fps's with the proper settings, works in any other game however... im i the only one?
  14. Hey Guys, just searched but didnt find one! The only i know is compatible from the start is Simtoolkitpro, from the dev words, didn't tested yet.
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