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  1. Thanks for the detailed answer Joe, the problem is the x56 support... indeed theres a x52 profile in the site but that's about it regarding the Saitek "x family", i believe they dont have support for the x56.
  2. For 1080p your fine with those specs, but 4k can be almost so demanding as VR, almost ;) So when go 4k you gonna realyze you need that GPU udpate, for now your good!
  3. Joe, just curious because i also have a X56, what can offer us that u cant do with FSUIPC? i was convinced that was useful only for modules!?
  4. Curious about this also, hope Dave can tell us something, but i think the ball is in the WT3 dev side!
  5. Known and very discussed issue that as been around since V4, unfortunately it seems that LM didnt fix this yet in 4.2, my fix for 4.1 was to lock frames, and i just notice this with faster planes!
  6. Vague ideia there is, is near (finally) i follow their thread about it on a daily basis, and the first to be delivered is going to be the A318/319 14 days later the A320, when exactly we dont know yet, they are fixing the last bugs. A birth hard to deliver this one :P
  7. i understand that, i tried both and my personal choice goes to fsenhancer, the light is stunning, but yes, using reshade with all the annoying problem of x-plane crashing when you close it. I ended up removing it because i was getting a lot of flickering in the clouds and in certain angles they simple disappear.
  8. Maximus if recall correctly you only need the beta2 files, but I can check later when got home!
  9. Jose(familiar name you have:)) you can put exclusions in the city around the airport also, just import de dsf file to wed, if that doesnt work the only way is using terrain based in OSM data, ive solved a similar problem using simheaven w2xp, try this...
  10. I had to brake my own rule(dont by addons more expensive than the simulator) and i bought the FF a320, and good that i did it, beacause this is a wonderfull bird that we have here...highly recommended for any bus and XP fan. Some shots of it LPPT-LPPR: Boarding at LPPT next to a TAGG buddy This browser feature is a must! Leaving LPPT, lovely Lisbon behind! Cruising somewhere over Portugal. Last days in Portugal the sun as been our friend! Turning to final at LPPR LOC and GS alive, runway in sight Gear down Arrived at LPPR - Porto Thanks for watching!
  11. Really nice, although im a big fan of Ortho4XP i really love HD mesh also, and i use it for some places! Nice work!
  12. Trees are a plague in XP, yes there is a solution, making exclusions with WED or overlay editor! Check this...
  13. FSEnhancer doenst show anything in the drop down plugins menu, is just a sky/clouds/lights modifier! just load some non sky clear weather and check if the clouds are looking different from the default ones. You may also want to look at log.txt in XP main folder to see if you have some error.
  14. Your problem is probably this, I have similar specs and never had that issue, and I use orthos with zl 17/18 and I play in 4k and VR, set your page file half the size of your ram, so 8gb(on ssd)