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  1. Quoted what got my attention, no overclok the awnser is simple for me i7-8700 FSX!? just confuses me that people still invest in FSX with all the OOM problems, but well is hardware, you can go later to P3D v4 or even better X-Plane 11
  2. dmarques69

    xplane 11 on steam no way

    I think you are overreacting a little bit but ok...yes the "problem" with steam is that you need to go online, in every game, no just flight sims, if their servers are down you cant play anything, but in XP a lot of plugins only work if are online, xenviro, Jar plugins, flight factor you name it, the majority of them have licence online check... so i dont understand whats the big issue!
  3. dmarques69

    AI & ATC

    In X-plane Pilot2atc and world traffic 3 are by far the best options imho , and you can use them working together, there are still issues with WT3(plane separation, ATC cant see the planes in the ground, etc) but the dev is working on this issues and doing a full integration with p2atc. As a side note wt3 requires some "maintenance" to get it working right regarding the issues that still has, but a must have for AI in XP in my opinion. More info the best place to look and questioning regarding wt3 is in
  4. dmarques69

    Sounds to low

    Thank you Dave going to check that!
  5. dmarques69

    Sounds to low

    Yesterday i downloaded several speech packages on W10 for P2ATC and i found some of the voices to low even in 100%, im using it with XP and for example in the latest FF a320 update the cockpit sounds are very high and even reducing the volume of internal cockpit sounds in XP its very hard to hear P2ATC... this dint solve my problem: Anyone has this problem? how to solve?
  6. dmarques69

    X-Vision Cloud Art

    I have a feeling that Yuri is not going to drop xvision in 1.30 😉
  7. Sorry for the invasion, but does this means that we cant use the taxi clearance for now in the arrival airport?
  8. Oh Vulkan Vulkan you are going to make us flight simmers so happy!!
  9. dmarques69

    Aivlasoft EFB or Littlenavmap?

    Aivlasoft EFB is a electronic flight bag and Litlenavmap is a flight planner, regarding the names indeed they have some similar functions, both have moving map, support airacs, sid's and star's, etc... i never used the version AS EFB v2 because im on XP now and unfortunately they dont support it but from version one the first thing i recall is the vertical profiles in the EFB that where pretty useful...but if you are happy with littlenavmap what's your doubt? its free and a awesome tool 😉
  10. Unlighted? it's hard to find mobos nowadays without RGB lights, fireworks, specials christmas trees effects... it's all "gaming" today... talking of that i have asus rog strix z370-e gaming, pretty solid mobo that i recommend, but as lights 🙂
  11. dmarques69

    Caution on CCLeaner

    If thats the case Microsoft is going to have another pile of law suites in their hands, because they cant mark anything as malware and delete it from any computer that is not, i found that one hard to believe, but you know their are the masters of the old good propaganda!
  12. dmarques69

    Caution on CCLeaner

    I stop updating ccleaner for some time now i noticed that where a lot of updates without changing anything on the program core, at least visible changes. Theres also a clean simple alternative... BleachBit Thanks for the info
  13. dmarques69

    Just relax and enjoy P3D

    A great shot is a great shot regarding the simulator, and you have some great ones there 🙂 Did i read right 2 titan xp in SLI? you are the man, that pc must release flames 🔥🔥
  14. Great news for all the simulators, not time for disputes, lets all give hands and sing the kumbaya!!
  15. Well im seeing a lot of people saying that, which i found surprising, not only based in my experience but on the reviews on this processor an others that i personally know... i have a good cooler, maybe not good enough, theres always another factor that we forgot to say, the room temp, i average 25/26c in my office in the current summer, maybe you guys all live in Siberia 😀