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  1. Some good pertinent questions, but i don't think that anyone can tell you for sure what are the effects of a long term VR use. The eyes for sure are putted to stress, but even in a monitor that happens.
  2. I'm a young boy with 46, but i just wanna drop a word on you guys that are here with a live over the shoulders with a young a healthy spirit. My respect 🙏
  3. It doenst have to be all of the conditions, i dont recall of searching shoes also in the last days...theres an x on the right corner of every google ad, if you click it, you have an option to stop seeing this ad.
  4. Google ads are shown based on location, personal searches and preferences and the campaigns available for your location, im seeing a advertise of shoes behind your post, good looking ones BTW.
  5. ahahah that argument of dont want to annoy the ones that buy before a sale is always a good one, if all the devs think like that nothing would go on sale, several products in the org that where recently released that are on sale. But as you say, good for him that he is still selling the plane, im gonna wait a little longer.
  6. I was expecting x-aviation put their most know plane that starts with a T and ends with 900 in the sale, but since they didnt do it, i think i will go also with the King Air, but that default FMC
  7. Hello Dave, For start let me thank you for the new features in this version, mainly my suggestion of random approaches, very nice 😉 I didn't tested yet, but i read the manual and i noticed that we also have a random vectoring, what that exactly means? Also the random approaches are completely random? no preferable precision approaches and less random non precision!? Visual based on weather are not contemplated right? Thank you
  8. Thanks didnt know he also twich's , there you go your first positive in avsim 😉
  9. What review are you talking about? im not finding anything in hes youtube channel.
  10. Not for now, they say in " future update or expansion pack " if it's the second, means more money.
  11. Got dam cut down that tree, you almost it it...TG your safe...nice video!
  12. Its all written there, you have issues with the overlays on the +38-122.dsf, just delete that tile and make it again, full or just the overlays. I advice you to get xorganizer, its cheap but a great tool that will help you on the ini order and even find problems in your scenery, among other things.
  13. If you already have a Quest just wait for the Link release to see if you are happy with it, then you decide... This new bet on Quest things just left us all with the feeling of abandoned product for the Rift S, understandably? not to me, i dont own any of it, i was about to get the Rift S, but now im not going to buy any of it from Oculus, thanks to mister Zuckerberg and hes marketing choices, but thats me.
  14. I was about to post the same thing when i saw this...i inquire the dev directly about this, then this information appeared in their faqs, maybe was just a coincidence 🙂 Dave we are counting on you 🙂 any beta help you need you have my email 😉 the program will release this month.
  15. For me misterx nailed again, autogen is awesome, forest looking very good, ground textures depends on the region, some i risk to say that are better that orthos, others not that much, but overall is a very good product that wroth the price asked.No FPS hit for me. In Europe together wit X-Europe buildings never looked so good.
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