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  1. Very strange indeed, try to clean all your browser history and temps with ccleaner.
  2. My experience with almost any virtual window in flyinside comes with a fps hit, so i dont use any outside window, for me best solution is using GTN 750 built in VC.
  3. Can you share panel.cfg? thanks
  4. I think the difference is the Asynchronous Timewarp the FI uses and the native VR dont.
  5. In my opinion Mobo is all about stability, OC capability and the features bulit in, theres a lot of marketing around mobos and you can easily get the same results with a middle mobo vs a high tech christmas lights all fancy mobo. I have a Asus middle range mobo with the specs below with no issues. Best advice i can give is look at the reviews on amazon and other sites. Check out this linus video:
  6. A lot of good options out there, but there's one on the top that smashes all the others Active Sky for P3D period! If paired with ASCA you have the best combination you can have today for Flight simulation in terms of weather.
  7. Not exactly true Sir...reactivate windows yes, reinstalling depends...i had a dual experience with mobo changes and windows, one bad in windows 7, after some errors and crashes i decide it to reinstall, and a good one with windows 8 (mobo, cpu and ram change) just reinstalled the new mobo chipset drivers and had it for 2 years with no issues.

    True! Such an important plane in GA all over the world deserved more love in simulation, maybe one day ;)

    Yep, me too! A little disappointed on that point, and it doesn't support the GTN 750, but for the price asked im going to take it, dam i love that plane!

    Great find mate, i was chasing the Grand Caravan for V4! Um abraço ;)
  11. No brainer there, with those specs in 1080p and having no problems with others as to be the plane, just a long shot here, try uninstalling and installing again(the plane) i had one similar problem once with a A2A plane, that for some weird reason had a lot of problems in my first installation, after reinstalling it the problems went away.
  12. First word that that came to my mind was fantastic, second one was jealous Wonderful setup you have there mate, the only thing that i would had made different was using conventional gauges and the GTN 750, but thats my personal taste since im not a big fan of the G1000. Just for curiosity do you have a rough idea on how much did you spent in all that? if you want to share of course! Since you are French can be in euros :) PS: channel subscribed, looking forward to see some flying videos Regards
  13. Serious issue, in my country not only the drones, but one problem that is growing is persons pointing those laser pointers to the pilots in landing or takeoff, LPPT is in the middle of Lisbon city and it's easy to make this kind of stupid action Here's recent's news about the subject: who doens't understand Portuguese and wants to read please use the site below
  14. I have both, Ezdok v2 one week later Chaseplane...after 2 hours of Chaseplane, add/remove programs uninstall Ezdok since then only Chaseplane. Not saying Ezdok is not good, it is very good, but Chaseplane is advice i can give between this 2.