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  1. dmarques69

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    You meant XP right? or your fingers are telling you the truth 😀
  2. dmarques69

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    Not going to argue that with you, even more if you are a real pilot, but the differences are just so notorious, anyone can see it and feel it, i made one challenge to my self and i landed the PMDG 737 and the Zibo mod 737 in the same weather conditions and in the same aiport, and oh my, its like night and day, the PMDG(great in systems simulation) was not even a challenge to land, is so straight foward, as for the ZIBO, it took me 3 attempts to land, this with a severe cross wind in both. As a side note i was whats can be called a P3D f a n b o y, i have probably more than 1000 hours in P3D, but in terms of flight model once you go with XP you cant go back, even with the lack of so many other things, and no one can say the opposite, is just there to see.
  3. dmarques69

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    You gonna hear many different opinions and arguments, as already mentioned, nothing but try, i have both and like both, but in the last few months i exclusively have been in XP, mainly because of the Flight Factor A320 and now i increased my Airbus fleet with the Toliss A319, both masterpieces, once you get in the flight dynamics of XP is hard to go back to P3D and have the feeling of flying bricks, nevertheless P3D is still on my computer and i still love it, but if one day XP as all the addons options that P3D as, it's going to be my only simulator.
  4. dmarques69

    I'm going to miss you PMDG

    Once you get your hand on the737 zibo and the ultimate you not going to miss PMDG, free of charge 😉
  5. dmarques69

    Are we kids at heart?

    I am, in heart, mind and spirit, and i hope to be as long as i live!
  6. dmarques69

    just tried WED and I'm confused...

    Did you try overlay editor? Way more simple than WED and probably enough for what you need, check here: Quick tut here:
  7. Fs Global Real Weather is what you need!
  8. dmarques69

    Must-haves / essentials for P3Dv4?

    You gonna "hear" a lot of opinions, but some are rather consensual... my opinion: Weather/Sky textures :Active Sky + ASCA MiscTextures, shaders and effects: Envtex + Envshade Camera : Chaseplane Terrain Textures: Orbx Global This is the mandatory base for me.
  9. dmarques69

    Socal Xplane11 and photo scenery magic

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it!
  10. dmarques69

    Pilot license checks

    Roadblock mate! Check this guy being roadblocked in XP 😉
  11. dmarques69

    A pleasant mystery for me

    +1 noticed a performance improvement in 11.20 also... with high settings in heavy airports with lots of AI, orthos , ultra weather xp and the FFa320 i get values of 50fps in average, with GA's in small aiports i go over 100fps 😲 i cant get not even near in P3D in similar environments for example. Very good job from Laminar.
  12. dmarques69

    Moving the installation folder

    Gary im seeing that you a lot of questions with X-plane, although you can ask here of course and you gonna get help since there are a lot of XP users, you maybe wanna check forum, most of your questions are already answered there 😉 As for your question as jh71 already said you just need to move the folder with everything in it, and works like magic, one the goods things that XP as 🙂
  13. dmarques69

    Looks like Steam for P3D - SimStall Announced

    Never had any problem with steam, both with FSX SE and X-plane 10 and 11 that i have in that platform, i even found very usefull the check integrity option to recover any game to default with one click, guess not all have the same experience with it.
  14. dmarques69

    Random lag freezes with high-end system

    Well Its hard to know, but the trend it that the new addons are more ram eaters... if you are planning to change the CPU in a short period dont waste money in 32gb or ram now, because your are going to buy new ram again, and the ram is in gold values now. As for the 4k, the 1080 ti suffers as any GPU, but as a beast she is, can handle it, but those great 60/70 fps of full hd are gone, and yes you can and need to lower AA in 4k.
  15. dmarques69

    Random lag freezes with high-end system

    Tomas from my experience 16GB is enough for P3D depending on your settings and addons, i have 32GB because of X-plane and the orthos that are ram eaters! As for 4k, its great, but it gives you a kick in the balls in terms of performance, and that FSlabs is not an easy boy in that field, keep that in mind 😉