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  1. A pity im not a Heli guy, because Sergio analysis are always spot on, and my opinion on him as nothing to do we both Portuguese 😁
  2. Honest opinion, it doesn't look so good to me, or maybe im spoiled with the MSFS photogrammetry.
  3. As been a while since the first announcement, almost 2 years i think, hope will be soon and that they wont stop here, these guys cant do bad planes.
  4. I was about to ask if it works with FSLTL, bummer. Thanks for the details.
  5. Looks very good, but as im sceptical by nature i need to see it perform, and needs to perform very well to take me out of pilot2atc.
  6. Was my CPU for a long time with a 1080ti, great CPU, it will perform well with a 3060 ti but not as good as last gen CPU you will not get the the max you could get from the GPU. Upgrade when you can.
  7. Sorry to wake up this again but another future pico 4 future owner, just ordered mine after seeing Mark review in the video below, lets hope 4070ti will be enough to feed the baby
  8. Its works the same from what i heard, only difference is lack of depth perception, exactly like in real live.
  9. From what ive been experiencing i agree that things are getting worst in terms of ground or object texture loading times, what i found also, is that depends a lot on where you fly and when you fly, i guess Asobo servers are overwhelmed specially at peak hours. I disabled photogrammetry, things got a little better...don't know if this is what you referring to, but this issue is real, at least for me.
  10. Yes precisely, 3 years not mature yet and with a lot of bugs...and you think 2024 is going to release all grown up? i don't think so...although i agree with you, i don't believe they are going to make a new product, engine as to be the same, so with all the pros and cons of course...but they are saying a new FS, so as to be a little more than a upgrade and not just missions that is basically what we see in that all spectacular hyped trailer.
  11. It would be nonsense stop buying or even playing MSFS 2020 when 2024 is out, if it is a new simulator as they announce it will need some good months or years to mature, to have bugs solved and to have fully compatible addons, even they saying the 2020 ones are going to work in the 2024.
  12. I was thinking exactly the same. As for the weather implementation love it, this guys are good. Top 3 of all time tools for flight simulation.
  13. Looks promising, but for me as to be very good to replace pilot2ATC that i love, even with is robotic speech.
  14. Landing rates are a thing from the past, now we measure MSFS loading times 🙂 i had a good loading time first time i installed the game, started to add addons and never more, even if i remove all of them using the addon linker...i always have the freeze in the 50% more or less no matter what...averaging a 3/4 minutes of total loading with the specs below.
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