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  1. The number is impressive, but the investment doesn't surprise, the gaming market as become one of the most profitables out there and is the one that moves more money in the world and growing every year https://imgur.com/WWYZ6Ke
  2. If theres a plane departing on the 21 they can start to accumulate in the runway cross, yep unfortunately...but this was something that already happen with the default airport, not MK-Studios or AIG issue, it's MSFS, having high hopes that the FS Live Traffic Liveries product will solve this issues related to MSFS bugs that they are reluctant to solve.
  3. I already saw that in several airports from different devs, we need to report it.
  4. Dont know, bought it but i didn't tried yet, but one thing is for sure, is the best around, because is the only one. BTW i actually like LPFR from Tropicalsim
  5. Waited so long for this one, of course im Portuguese and this is my airport, got myself a Christmas present 🙂 https://orbxdirect.com/product/mkstudios-lppt-msfs
  6. Love the detail "All P3Dv5.3 flyers" 🤣 so the 5.2 are out...well im not in any of them at this time, but i was a avid P3D user, so Merry Christmas to all, even the ones still flying FS2004.
  7. Love Elephants, what a beautiful, smart and gentle animal... and some times we are so cruel to them😡 we don't deserve so many things. Thanks for sharing this, putted a smile in my face and warmed my heart.
  8. There's no hunger that doesn't turn in abundance, all of the sudden we have 4 AI products in the horizon, 2 payed and 2 free, hope they don't follow aerosoft steps, because their product is very weak.
  9. Noticed that you have there one of the notorious "Falcons" from the Portuguese Air Force 😉 already saw that beauty flying more than one time in real live 😍
  10. Really dont understand the purpose of this kind of threads, if thats recurring to you, you need to report to them directly, write in their official forum, and try to understand if there's something in your end that is causing this, because i dont see how can anyone help here, the only thing you can get is others saying that they have a similar issue.... and is not my case, never had issues with the weather since day one.
  11. Simshaker is only dedicated to haptic feedback, so no conflicts with anything view related.
  12. Got dam, i need to buy Christmas presents and they do me this, oh well, less socks for someone.
  13. I use it with simshaker and the sound module, you need both, and the second one is payed, but worth the money...best option is to have a dedicated classic pci-e sound card dedicated to the sound module that feeds the buttkicker, works flawlessly like that.
  14. Indeed, im one of them. I would be still in X-Plane downloading thousands of megabytes for my ortho4xp.
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