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  1. The long waited as arrived...
  2. Is the Cessna T310R and looks stunning like all Milviz products...
  3. dmarques69

    Ultra Weather XP?

    Straight answer, no! UWXP does not extend the clouds to the horizon because is not a weather engine it uses XP weather engine or others like FS global that have the same limitation, the only program that can do that is xenviro with all its problems, however the clouds are great and the program works very well, but is just that clouds, textures and datarefs manipulation.
  4. Just received by email... Data Update Notice All systems have been updated to cycle 1812. New Charts Available The Jeppesen charts in the Navigraph Charts product suite have been updated - airport charts as well as enroute charts.
  5. dmarques69

    Train Sim World: Long Island Railroad

    Love trains and of course simulators but unfortunately dovetails cant make a good score imo, i have train simulator 2019(upgrades every year) and the game is very poorly optimized, this one, from what i read is just made from the other's core, and the money grab policy that this guys have is just disgusting imo again, making a cheap short base game and then tons of payed addons, last count i made in the price of all dlc's for TS was more cheaper to buy a real train. Not one cent comes out from my pocket for them.
  6. dmarques69

    Chaseplane worth it?

    I have x-camera(paid version) and i miss chaseplane every day! x-camera is also a great program however.
  7. dmarques69

    Chaseplane worth it?

    How the simple ideas are so many times the greatest, thank you for sharing this one, going to give some use to my pad. As for chaseplane, i wish there was one in XP11!
  8. dmarques69

    P3d replicates my life! Wonderful!

    Your life crashes a lot!? Just kidding. I have similar feelings, love to fly to places where i went or where im going... i worked and lived some years ago in Africa, years later i decided to make that same flight that took me to Africa for the first time in the simulator, i used the same company, the same route, same airports, even the same flight number that i had in the old ticket that was storage in a remote drawer...i felt so nostalgic when i saw myself doing that same flight so many years later, remembering how nervous i was in that day, i almost cry, but it was a good feeling!
  9. dmarques69

    Hi, I'm just learning

    Welcome! You came to right place, all together centuries of flight simming knowledge 🙂
  10. The majority of X-Plane plugins are sold in their site, you have the stores already mentioned and you also have the creators of skymaxx pro, although not everyone likes their products... imo they have some pretty good ones, and some dont sell in the
  11. dmarques69

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Very very good to know, thanks for sharing.
  12. dmarques69

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    That i dont know the answer mate, but in the last dev live session from Laminar, Ben clearly told that this shader change was because of vulkan.
  13. dmarques69

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Is was announced already that was not coming in this update, btw the shaders change in this release is already preparing XP for Vulkan, that is coming probably in the beginning of next year 😉
  14. Before usb 3.1 gen 2 and being your concern performance, i would always answer internal, but this new usb gen announces 10GB way above of the 6GB of sata 3, so i dont know, i never tested an ssd of this...but i would go with the more cheap one.
  15. A mouse with poor DPI can cause frame drops in some cases indeed, i would start to see the latency on your system...
  16. dmarques69

    He says "I need yours breaks OFF"

    That's probably not P2ATC that is sending you that message, what plane are you using? What other plugins do you have installed?
  17. You welcome mate, try to play some other things in VR, any game that as normal locomotion(walking) is good to adapt your brain. Another tip that works is never play with an empty stomach, ginger for example is very good for this kind of sickness.
  18. Its on my wishlist on steam to download later, going to try that today 😉
  19. VR can cause what is called by VR sickness in some users, there are some studies regarding that already, it's not directly related with car, plane or boat sickness is a condition where you are physically still but for your brain you are moving, the good news is that your brain is going to slowly adapt, and you will get what is know as VR legs. I was one of those people that suffered from VR sickness, first time i tried a roaller coaster in VR i felt really bad, i had to lay down for 3 hours until i felt well again, my first run in P3D in VR was good until i did my first barrel roll and i felt some dizziness, was not a good sensation... Go slowly, small periods, dont push it, if you start to feel sick just stop and try again later when you feel better, with time you will get your VR legs.
  20. dmarques69

    Strange Autogen Issue

    Old issue with P3D, slow autogen load, try to lock your frames and check the result.
  21. dmarques69

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    From what i know their goal is to make a simulator optimized for VR since is their core business, but i doubt they are going to have success, competing with X-plane and P3D is one Davi against 2 Golias.
  22. Yes, it can! You have inclusive one plugin called Avitab that already as Navigrahp integration, and works with several planes including the Zibo mod!
  23. dmarques69

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    I opened a similar topic some time ago that as some pretty nice suggestions from our fellow members...
  24. Thanks for this Rob, as i suspected definitely doenst worth the investment for someone that already owns a 1080ti, i would love to see the same benchmarks for XP, but i believe the results are going to be similar in terms of fps gains, until Vulkan arrives the new graphics generation is just good for those who want to transform ugly ladies in top models!